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In Topic: What was the last movie you watched?

Today, 01:02 AM

In Topic: New computer build - Homeoffice + ET

Yesterday, 02:54 AM

Would have maybe looked for cheaper RAM or better perfs for such a price. Plus, I see mentionned "optimized for X99 platforms".. So, make sure that your mobo lists it as compatible on its site. Otherwise there's also this for about the same price and color: https://www.amazon.c.../dp/B01EI5Z2T6/


Also, maybe a single SSD+an HDD (1 or 2T), instead of 2 SSD's. https://www.amazon.c...&rnid=187137031



Aside this, in the whole, that should be a nice and solid rig. Congratz and don't forget to post some pics once built. :)

In Topic: The anti-ageing compound: Scientists create a chemical that can restore hair...

23 March 2017 - 11:22 AM

in seeing the title I thought it was a spambot advertising.. lol



flag Dfighter\posting disabled\banned.. bb df :P

In Topic: ET on windows 10 pro

18 March 2017 - 07:57 AM

All my drivers are ok. I even check if my laptop was recognizing my intel card as the default graphic card.

I thought me too.. But the update prolly corrupted\damaged some files.. And apparently it seems to not be a coincidence. You use Intel HD graphic for display and you get this issue. Might affect most Intel products and their files.

In Topic: ET on windows 10 pro

18 March 2017 - 07:11 AM

So far the only thing I had noticed after the update was that the driver of my dedicated Intel network card was messed up even though my connection was still working. I have had to re-intall all this (driver+software) to get its feature for advanced users and its driver working properly again.



So maybe try to open some of the panels utilities (Nvidia\AMD, Intel, Realtek, so on). That's how I located the issue after have noticed a fishy behaviour on my connection. The Intel network utility didn't want to open itself despite that driver+software were still displayed as installed. Or just re-install some of the essential drivers like graphic, network, sound driver.. And preferably with the latest drivers version released.