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  1. Sasirou


    Welcome both u and your bf see u in game
  2. Wondering where are u now :3 ? 

    1. pkMongoMogli


      when i go work, i dont have energy for et xD
      I'm also playing something new with a friend

  3. Thanks dear Nigh7chuu Aid Mobarak
  4. How the hell i missed this important discussion. Anyway this post bring a lot on new ideas, opinions, views, propositions call it what u want :3 they all respected. if u made a swift review of all the comments u will feel a duel between two sides : 1- Adren users ( i am one of them ) and 2- Not adren users 1- Medics lovers 2- other class's lovers in all ways its a healthy discussion . Lets start : - This discussion started with FG42 and adren but in a certain moments the wind took it to : '' let's move adren from all the servers'' and how it gives an advantage etc. its a point of view ofc respected. but i think its matter of taste and style of playing and there is various type of FA servers to respond to those needs jay 1 2 3 silent nq ..... . so for me hell no for removing adren : - And again the wind took the discussion to medics and number of medic packets ( i told u its a healthy discussion ) for maah : 1- limiting number of medics : i disagree simply cuz we have already enough solo players and the limitation will cause also the limitation of team players on the medic class and then who will revive us, u will need to be lucky to have 2 medics post be occupied by a teamplay pp ( the 2 is just an example of number of medic class that we can fix ). plus, we all know players that loves to play only engineer or only sniper its again a matter of taste and style of playing. the last thing we will have fights on that post why somone plays all the time medic and others waiting him to switch it wil be similar to panzar lover's but with medic class it will be more violente be sure of it. 2- Limiting the number of packets : i think it is the other side of the coin the bad one why ? cuz when we will limit : the solo player are already greedy will become more and the teamplay pp will be transformed to solo players cuz packets are limited. the change in their comportements will not be immediate but in the long term i think that what will happen - Now lets go back to our main discussion the FG42, for this one i agree certainly it give an advantage combined with adren but common DD i know your generosity but in this one u was so greedy 2 two is too few as an adren user i use 1 the first second after spawn and an other one in the last meters of my way before meeting the first enemy and an other one after killing him and an other one to meet the next enemy :3 so 4 or 5 will just right. In the end 3 or 2 extra adren will not give me a super advantage over other pp. but guys to use FG42 needs skills at least for mah. one thing i want to be sure everyone reads is that change is good and its the origin of improuvements but we need to make the right changes to not screw it all
  5. Sasirou


    hello and welcome
  6. Here some propositions : 1- Castle Attack beta5.0 2- Missile beta4 3- Jailbus beta2 4- mountainpass 5- and man Baserace i miss that map Arigato
  7. Looong looong time no see :D hope u are doing well buddy take care 

    1. kouklos


      Hello Sasi i am happy to talk again with you....i wish all good for you friend!!! 😃😃😃

  8. Happy Birthday Sunshine

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