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  1. keep in mind that a medic starts off with a slight bit more health then other classes also im not quite sure on exact numbers or % but some one on adren when you hit your only doing like half damage or so(correct me on the # if im wrong) so a skilled medic with all the extras is very hard to kill for most people.
  2. Happy Birthday mate! enjoy your day
  3. meh -21 degrease i need me some Bernie mittens

    Joe Biden Lol GIF by NowThis


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    2. Vindstot


      Here was -10. That was cold af

      Why cant this cold weather end? :(

    3. RedBaird


      @Sisje An "ice week" sounds very bad.  Do you really mean, 'snow week' or a week where Icicles are hanging off of everything, including elevated power-lines on poles?  Too much weight on those lines may bring them down, cutting of the juice for some who use 'electric heating'.  🥶 🔥 🔦

    4. Sisje


         @RedBaird a week were the max temperature won't come over 0 degrees C, it is not really that happens in Belgium.. Snow is also predicted 

  4. D..X


    i know you will have lots of candles happy b-day
  5. D..X

    Tonka come back 😧

  6. i saw this yesterday on fb as well amazing and entertaining yeah our bots need lessons from these guys all they do is get stuck on walls
  7. hello ty for the support and glad you enjoy our servers just follow the link and post your transaction # hear when your done https://fearless-assassins.com/donate/make-donation/
  8. D..X

    ET NQ #1 server wont get in

    follow this “Hunk_AllocateTempMemory” message appears after getting kicked from an ET server. The “Hunk_AllocateTempMemory” error means that your ET game has not allocated enough memory for a map. There are custom maps which require more RAM memory, than the default allocated memory for your game. You can change it by typing this in your console (press the ~ key): /com_hunkmegs 128 Then reconnect ET (type /reconnect in console) Note: you also can type a higher value instead of 128, but not more than 50% of your total RAM memory that you have in your computer. also @
  9. well deserved and long time coming your commitment to our community is nothing but great thanks for your years of help and your patients, hard work dont go unnoticed i know you will make us proud congratz!
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