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  1. this apply to any type of donation weather it be a private slot, vip or cash donation We reserve ourselves the "right" to reject donations from people that might be doing it only to abuse features we provide to donors. We also reserve ourselves the right to remove any privileges in case people repeatedly disobey server rules. Fearless Assassins is a volunteer based community and each donation is used to pay server, website and forum cost. Donations are non refundable under any circumstances since you are donating on your own free will.
  2. @Shana may know
  3. you can not reapply until your 16
  4. thanks looking into it
  5. People often say laughter is the best medicine, but they neglect to mention that an overdose can cause one’s ass to fall off.

    1. Pabbatt Blue

      Pabbatt Blue

      if I'm trying to lose weight do you suggest this?

    2. Hulk


      Ops i reacted with laughter... it just fell off 😶

    3. Vindstot


      So if that happend, is laughing more a medicine for that?

  6. got reminded of this song on discord last week by someone lol good ol 90s tunes and then this happened ...
  7. welcome to hell i mean congratz
  8. impressive indeed thanks for sharing
  9. you can send the demo to someone and have them upload it on your behalf as well
  10. you made it welcome
  11. 2 mins of my life ill never get back all kidding a side the pictures are fabulous

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