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  1. ill correct you on that we most certainly do see quite a lot of rookies and beginners i mean google free pc games you will find ET keyword is free as long as its free we will have new player.
  2. Allow me to introduce you all to our new insurgency/ET additions to our Recruiting/management team New co leader @Carbonautics New staff @major stalvern(hmm @dont work for his name) https://fearless-assassins.com/profile/23579-major-stalvern/ New recruiter @ViP3r* thank you guys for all your hard work and being the longest guys here holding our insurgency/doi side together thanks for being on servers and discord daily and helping were needed big ty to carbonautics without him im sure insurgency would have died off he has basically
  3. sorry to hear that mate sounds like you guys had a special bond those are some nice words hang in there if you need something we are here.
  4. D..X


    and thats probably is why your pc is broken i think he means ALT+ enter key
  5. We apreciate the heads up no worries mate family first I wish your wife the best for her recovey stay strong and good luck
  6. stumbled across this on youtube today =F|A=ThunderCunt kicking ass 10 years ago @thundercunt
  7. if you could please post the transaction # that be great ty for your donation
  8. no obviously you're not clear if your clear on it why you asking everyone else for an answer again your asking when an answer was given again asking others to clear it up when it has been done and at the end of the day its our job to pass on rules and how things go thanks
  9. what tips said is how it is not sure why your questioning it he gave you a clear answer and referred you to the wiki so honestly this topic is not necessary this just makes it look like you dont take tipsy word the wiki was even edited to make the rule more clear i dont get what your trying to accomplish if he is correct why make a stink? you made a pm about it apparently his answer was not good enough you need to waste more people's time
  10. we also need your transaction number please and ty
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