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  1. lol another mute if your muted its for good reason the crap that flies out of your mouth on a regular basis your lucky your not permanently muted enjoy
  2. @RCNoodle tell bootycalls and the others to come by and say hello
  3. heya noodle long time bud known all those peeps for ever good to know your still around
  4. every little amount counts many people donate small amounts in the end it all helps ty much for your donation
  5. 20% of atm if you own the original Insurgency
  6. D..X

    Get DOI for 4$

    Anyone thinking about trying out DOI now the time for a limited time you can buy it here for 4$ cant beat that price for a quality game check it out https://newworldinteractive.com/day-of-infamy-only-4-dollars/
  7. its the same but the bots come in bigger and longer waves witch makes it more of a challenge
  8. we have gone ahead and added a new Insurgency server =F|A= #4 COOP 35 ANGRY BOTS [MEDICS] the difrrence between server 2 and server 4 is there are medic classes as well as engineer classes medics can obviously revive team mates and engies can construct walls and jammers and is a little more challenging then server 2 please be sure to check it out and let us know what you think
  9. Just a quick update on some changes to DOI 3 pvp server. seeing the pvp server was not attracting any people and DOI 1 has been filling up and doing well we have decided to convert the pvp to a replica of DOI 1 the only difference between the 2 are DOI 1 remains a euro server and DOI 3 will be a US server. this is so when DOI 1 is full witch happens often we have another server with the same settings they can go play on without having to wait and it should also to appeal to our US/Canadian friends with that said please feel free to check out the new server and if you have any issues or feed back please let us know thanks and enjoy here are the updated servers below
  10. pretty air support the 2nd one i think hes missing something
  11. been a bit so here we go 40$ sent transaction:4779-8503-3902-8788
  12. good to see you Linus welcome
  13. aww did i hurt someones feelings

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