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  1. Barn!e

    3 word story

    and they went
  2. This thread is hilarious thanks for cheering me up
  3. ET uses 0 but im sure RTCW had it 1 so maps like TC-Base or Adlernest to me look better with 1 while Oasis and Fueldump looks better 0..I am so fussy I made a config to change it back and forth lol..
  4. Is your router port forwarded for ET? Clean ETMain of PK3's from maps only if its more than 30 odd maps in there. There is a PK3 cleaner in the downloads section. try /com_ignorecrash 1 and cl_packetdup 1 Do you set your memory in the target file path as per the playing ET guide? Also make sure you are running the game as administrator. Also if windows 10 task master details tab. right click et.exe and change affinity to just 1 core. If that doesnt fix it call your ISP
  5. Can we take out the duplicates and have this list as next campaign on Jay3 please
  6. Barn!e

    fa_italy CP

    Can we have the sounds back too? Truck repaired etc.. is gone. The sky was glitching as well near the obj tower looking back at MG point, just FYI. Also for some reason on jay3 you have to download UJE and FA version but only FA version in rotation?
  7. I agree it was poison off all day and the game play was much more fun for the majority on Jay3. All the troller knifers came on and soon realised that poison was off and started to whine. However I am torn. I can aim so I want to play a game of skill, when there are 3+ players on other team using knife as main weapon then it gets boring fast. It also encourages camping on both sides as no one will go near obj as there waits the knife nabs. On the other hand if you are a medic and you just killed 4 players...a knife to get the adrened up medic that comes for revenge is a great weapon. I guess im saying the people that lead with knife take no responsibility for destroying the game play element and coming across as trolls, saying its part of game blah blah. l do tend to leave when there is 3+ knifers its just no longer skill but random knifing like amateur hour. So I would remove it.
  8. No mate I had the RS3 swapped it for A4 Avant TDi S Line Quattro Black Edition..
  9. Barn!e


    I have the zip if you want? ETGold273.zip
  10. cg_packetdup to 0 [tells the client to send a duplicate of every packet] (I have it 0, some people say you might lose the odd packet but it depends on your OS settings) Put hunkmegs soundmegs and zonemegs in your target shortcut. Where you have the game icon to start the game, usually desktop. Right click it and select properties, then edit the target file with +set. similar to mine below; ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\et.exe" +set com_ignorecrash 1; +set com_hunkmegs 256: +set com_soundmegs 64; +set com_zonemegs 64) r_overBrightBits I dont like this setting mine is 0. I heard it might be a potential lag cause in the past. Not sure if its fixed in 2.6b but I have had it 0 for a long time. my r_mapoverbrightbits is 3 r_displayrefresh ? I would add it and set it to your monitor Hz. r_displayrefresh 75 for eg. [ Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display\Screen Resolution\advanced settings\monitor (on Windows 7] r_textureMode "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST" This is also a personal pref. If you want to try it maybe change to r_texturemode gl_linear_mipmap_linear it gives more detail at further range In Nvidia control panel turn threaded optimisation off and under power prefer maximum performance. Anisotrpic filtering to 16x and vertical sync off. create a profile in nvidia control panel 3G settings for et.exe is the easiest way. Download Rinput from Ann!bal and run that each time you start the game. I also go into the task manager and change the affinity of et.exe to 1 core only. usually 3 or 4 if dual core set it core 2 only. I also recommend getting Nvidiainspector as this will fix some of the driver settings for this 20 yr old OpenGL game .. xD
  11. r_ignorehwgamma 0 for sand and snow maps or you will go blind...well I did
  12. B1 Jay3 down fellas

    1. Vindstot


      server was restarted (among others) and now works

    2. Barn!e
  13. Also add +set com_ignorecrash 1 to the startup line of ET as mentioned and repeated below. it makes sure the game ignores the word unsafe that gets spammed all over etconfig.cfg.. et.exe"; + set com_hunkMegs "156"; + set com_zoneMegs "128"; + set com_soundMegs "64"

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