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  1. tweaked slightly supplydepot2, 0, 64, fa_italy_b3_fixed, 0, 64, sp_delivery_te, 0, 64, venice_ne4, 12, 64, braundorf_final, 0, 64, capuzzo, 18, 64, adlernest_desert01, 0, 64, goldrush, 18, 64, caen2, 0, 64, baserace_b3c, 12, 40, frostbite, 0, 64, supply_pro, 0, 64, school, 12, 64, pirates, 0, 64, goldrush-gals, 6, 64, bremen_final, 0, 64, oasis, 18, 64, sos_secret_weapon, 0, 64, raid_final, 6, 64, fueldump_revenge, 12, 64, adlernest, 0, 64, et_mor_pro, 12, 30, erdenberg_b3, 0, 30, kerkyra, 12, 64, sw_el_kef, 0, 18, v2base_te, 0, 18, snatch3, 0, 30, northpole, 12, 64,
  2. I thought it was v2 factory
  3. Thanks thats useful for anyone else that cant connect.
  4. Current rotation any xmas requests? supplydepot2, 0, 64, fa_italy_b3_fixed, 0, 64, sp_delivery_te, 0, 64, venice_ne4, 6, 64, xlabs1, 0, 24, goldrush, 12, 64, snatch3, 8, 64, braundorf_final, 0, 64, capuzzo, 8, 64, caen2, 0, 64, supply_pro, 0, 64, pacman_v2, 6, 18, baserace_b3c, 6, 30, frostbite, 0, 64, school, 6, 64, pirates, 0, 64, goldrush-gals, 0, 64, bremen_final, 0, 64, oasis, 18, 64, sos_secret_weapon, 0, 64, raid_final, 8, 64, v2base_te, 0, 64, kerkyra, 6, 64, adlernest, 0, 64, et_mor_pro, 0, 24,
  5. Hi, the new vsays on jay3 below. We are updating this sound pack around xmas but if you want binds, details below. hi1 { sound/fa/hi0.wav "Good Evening.Infidel.!" sound/fa/hi1.wav "Hi.!" sound/fa/hi2.wav "Allo Allo.." sound/fa/hi3.wav "Gangstas, whats up guys!" sound/fa/hi4.wav "Greetings loved ones!" sound/fa/hi5.wav "Helloooo Baby!" sound/fa/hi6.wav "Hello Darling!" sound/fa/hi7.wav "Hello everybody!" sound/fa/hi8.wav "wwaazzuupp!" sound/fa/hi9.wav "Hey, whats up sexy!" } bye1 { sound/fa/bye1.wav "Adios amigos.!" sound/fa/bye2.wav "Time to say goodbye.!" sound/fa/bye3.wav "Time for another meeting.!" sound/fa/bye4.wav "Goodbye my lovers..!" sound/fa/bye5.wav "Good night ladies.!" sound/fa/bye7.wav "Ciao all.!" sound/fa/bye8.wav "Say goodnight.." sound/fa/bye9.wav "OK Bye Bye.!" } bong { sound/fa/bong.wav "Time for a bong..!!" sound/fa/bong1.wav "Check it out...." } weed { sound/fa/weed1.wav "were smoking dog shit.." sound/fa/weed2.wav "Ohh yeah drugs.." sound/fa/weed3.wav "The dopest dope.." sound/fa/weed4.wav "Some of that sticky icky.." sound/fa/weed5.wav "Weed is from the earth.." } beer { sound/fa/beer.wav "BURP..!!" sound/fa/beer1.wav "Im gonna drink a lot of Beer.." sound/fa/beer2.wav "Dont get drunk.." sound/fa/beer3.wav "Hey..join the party.!" sound/fa/beer4.wav "Ahhhh..!!" } nak { sound/fa/nak.wav "You ever, seen a grown man naked?" sound/fa/nak1.wav "Hey you like to see homos naked.." } horny { sound/fa/horny1.wav "Ohh, me so horny.." sound/fa/horny3.wav "Me love you long time.." sound/fa/horny4.wav "Me so horny.." sound/fa/horny5.wav "What do we get for 10 dollars?" sound/fa/horny.wav "I have an appetite for sex.." } whod { sound/fa/whod.wav "Who died and made you Einstein?" sound/fa/whod1.wav "Who died and made you king..." } lit { sound/fa/likeit.wav "I like it, I love it.." sound/fa/likeit1.wav "I love the smell of Napalm.." sound/fa/likeit3.wav "Its kinda kinky.." } loveu { sound/fa/loveyou.wav "I Love You..!" } cry { sound/fa/cry.wav "Oh no he's gonna cry.!" sound/fa/cry1.wav "Wah Wah Wah..!!" } whine { sound/fa/cry2.wav "Just go home and cry to Daddy.." sound/fa/cry3.wav "Go ahead and run.." sound/fa/cry4.wav "Stop Whining..!!" } balls { sound/fa/balls.wav "Your balls are showing.!" sound/fa/balls2.wav "I like you, you have balls.." } lesbo { sound/fa/lesbo1.wav "I am so Lesbian right now.!" } pussy { sound/fa/pussy1.wav "Better to live like a tiger..." } lucky { sound/fa/lucky.wav "Lucky.!!" sound/fa/lucky1.wav "You lucky bastard!" } bit { sound/fa/bit.wav "Oh b*** b*** b***..!" sound/fa/bit2.wav "b***..!!" sound/fa/bit3.wav "Wheres my sandwich, b*** boy?" sound/fa/bit4.wav "Ahaha, yeah slap my ass..." } die { sound/fa/die1.wav "Lord Jesus I dont wanna die..!" sound/fa/die2.wav "I was just bull shittin..." } win { sound/fa/w1.wav "How dare you lie in bed..." sound/fa/w2.wav "What do you think youre doin..." sound/fa/w3.wav "Not afraid of a load of poofs?" sound/fa/w4.wav "standing round drinking tea?" } juice { sound/fa/juice1.wav "Everywhere I look all I see is juice!" sound/fa/juice2.wav "Orange Juice" sound/fa/juice3.wav "Apple Juice" sound/fa/juice4.wav "Cabbage Juice" sound/fa/juice5.wav "My dog ate all the Juice..!" } bor { sound/fa/borf.wav "Uzbekistan..f*** You..." sound/fa/borh.wav "Happy times.." sound/fa/born.wav "My name a Borat.." sound/fa/bors.wav "Dont look at me like that.." } a { sound/fa/a1.wav "Silence.! I kill you..!!" sound/fa/a2.wav "Silence..! I kill you.!" sound/fa/a3.wav "I Kill you...!" sound/fa/a4.wav "Knock Knock..!!" } scar { sound/fa/scar1.wav "All I have in this world.." sound/fa/scar2.wav "Who do you think you are f***in with?" } darth { sound/fa/darth1.wav "You dont know the power..." sound/fa/darth2.wav "Dont fail me again..!" sound/fa/darth3.wav "I am your father.!" } jok { sound/fa/jok1.wav "Its all part of the plan..!!" sound/fa/jok2.wav "Well hello beautiful" sound/fa/jok3.wav "Starting tonight people will die.." sound/fa/jok4.wav "A little fight in you..." sound/fa/jok5.wav "Why so serious?" } bane { sound/fa/bane.wav "Calm down doctor.." sound/fa/bane2.wav "Do you feel in charge?" } mon { sound/fa/mon1.wav "Look you stupid bastard.." sound/fa/mon2.wav "And now for something.." sound/fa/mon3.wav "Bless this hand grenade.." sound/fa/mon4.wav "Stop that its silly..!" sound/fa/mon5.wav "Are there any women here today?" } Org { sound/fa/org.wav "Yes Yes Yes.." sound/fa/org2.wav "Yes Yes Yes Yes.." sound/fa/orga.wav "Ohhhhhh.." sound/fa/orgb.wav "Ohhhhhhh..." sound/fa/orgc.wav "Ohhhh Yeah.." } don { sound/fa/donuts.wav "f*** you Donuts are awesome..!!" sound/fa/donuts1.wav "Sir, Im gonna have to ask you.." } tra { sound/fa/tra.wav "Just take it all baby..." sound/fa/tra1.wav "Who locked the f***ing door huh.." sound/fa/tra2.wav "Youre getting some kind of sick.." } help { sound/fa/help1.wav "Hello..Can I get some help?" sound/fa/help3.wav "Wont you please, please, help me.!" } team { sound/fa/team1.wav "Move your fat tub of lard ass.." sound/fa/team2.wav "^1*&%^%*! ^0:x" sound/fa/team3.wav "How do I get out of this.." sound/fa/wa5.wav "Where did you find these peckerwoods..!" } obj { sound/fa/obj1.wav "This is a complete waste of time..!" sound/fa/obj2.wav "Dont waste my motherf***in time...!!" } fir { sound/fa/firing.wav "Keep firing..!! Assholes?" } at { sound/fa/at1.wav "Alright lads, lets get on with it!" sound/fa/at2.wav "Move Your Ass..!!" sound/fa/at6.wav "Lets rock..." } char { sound/fa/charge1.wav "Charge...!!!" sound/fa/charge2.wav "Charge..!!!" sound/fa/charge3.wav "Ahhhahhhahhaahhh" } int { sound/fa/i1.wav "Security breach.!" sound/fa/i2.wav "Intruder alert..!!" } nice { sound/fa/nice.wav "Woah..Nice shot..!" sound/fa/nice1.wav "Nice shootin son..." sound/fa/nice2.wav "Thats good shootin..!" } run { sound/fa/run.wav "Run Forest.!" sound/fa/run1.wav "Are you scared?" } wewon { sound/fa/objwon.wav "I fought the good fight.." sound/fa/objwon1.wav "f*** Yeah..!!" sound/fa/wedidit.wav "Alright, we f***in did it!" sound/fa/wejedi.wav "We are Jedi.." sound/fa/wewon.wav "Thats f***ing team work.." } blo { sound/fa/blo1.wav "Do you realise what you have done?" sound/fa/blo2.wav "You ruined my record man..!" sound/fa/blo3.wav "You slimy scumbag...." } bacr { sound/fa/back1.wav "ButtMan.!" sound/fa/back2.wav "Even though my Anus was broken.." sound/fa/back3.wav "Hold on a minute, while I.." sound/fa/back4.wav "OK, bend over.!" sound/fa/back5.wav "Stop touching me.!" } gay { sound/fa/gay.wav "Alright....Gay.!" sound/fa/gay1.wav "Do you find it hard.." } baz { sound/fa/baz.wav "f*** this, Im gettin the Bazooka!" } wtf { sound/fa/wtf.wav "What the f***..!!" sound/fa/wtf2.wav "What the f***..!!" } ouch { sound/fa/ouch.wav "Ouch Charlie..oww" sound/fa/ouch3.wav "Thank you for coming..." sound/fa/ouch4.wav "Haha you cant kill a Hindu..!" sound/fa/ouch5.wav "What the hell happened to my feet?" } rev { sound/fa/r.wav "You f*** around with me?" sound/fa/r1.wav "Im gonna kick your ass.!" sound/fa/r3.wav "Now you scum, its my turn..!!" sound/fa/r5.wav "Im gonna bup bup the shit out of you!" sound/fa/r6.wav "Wipe that smile off your face.." sound/fa/r7.wav "You motherf***ers, ok..alright.!" sound/fa/huntyou.wav "Ill hunt you down and kill ya..!" } whoyou { sound/fa/whoyou.wav "Who the f*** is this a**h****?" sound/fa/whoyou1.wav "Come on now, who do you think you are?" } mess { sound/fa/mess.wav "Dont f*** with me fellas." sound/fa/mess1.wav "I may be small, I may be sweet.." sound/fa/mess2.wav "What are you lookin at butthead.!" } stfu { sound/fa/stfu3.wav "Shut the f*** up.!" sound/fa/stfu4.wav "Ahhahahaha Shut up.!" sound/fa/stfu5.wav "Shut up! Shut up shut up.!" sound/fa/stfu6.wav "Shut your big yapper.." sound/fa/stfu7.wav "Shut the f*** up..!!" } beep { sound/fa/beep.wav "Woop woop.!" sound/fa/beep1.wav "WootWoot" sound/fa/beep2.wav "Nenene" sound/fa/beep3.wav "Nonnon..." } fail { sound/fa/fail.wav "You dont have any friends.." sound/fa/fail1.wav "It never fails to surprise me.." sound/fa/fail2.wav "Why dont you go back outside.." sound/fa/fail3.wav "Bzzz..Wrong.! try again dumbass.!" } hell { sound/fa/hell.wav "This is chaos, we dont ka frikin boom here" sound/fa/hell2.wav "Now you see, evil will always triumph.." } idiot { sound/fa/idiot.wav "Are you a f***ing moron?" sound/fa/idiot1.wav "You stupid f***ing c**t.!" sound/fa/idiot2.wav "Stupid f***ing idiot...." sound/fa/idiot3.wav "If I only had a brain.." } img { sound/fa/img1.wav "Im the bad guy?" sound/fa/img2.wav "Im a chemical super freak.." sound/fa/img3.wav "Im a lead farmer motherf***er..!!" sound/fa/img4.wav "Dont act like youre not impressed..!!" sound/fa/img5.wav "Big Bad Wolf....!!" sound/fa/mine3.wav "You gonna do something?" } man { sound/fa/man1.wav "Whos the man huh? Whos the man.!" sound/fa/man2.wav "In your pants in your pants.." sound/fa/man.wav "Oh yeah baby, whos the man.!" sound/fa/man3.wav "babababa mmm mau mau" } wank { sound/fa/wank.wav "Scuse me while I whip this out.!" sound/fa/wank1.wav "Jizz in my pants.." sound/fa/wank2.wav "Stand back its wanking time.!" } suckit { sound/fa/suckit.wav "Well lets not start sucking each others dicks.." sound/fa/suckit1.wav "You guys aint gonna start sucking are ya?" } whosaid { sound/fa/whosaid.wav "Who the f*** said that!" } mine { sound/fa/mine.wav "Mine? Mine? Mine?" sound/fa/mine2.wav "Hes my b***..." } laugh { sound/fa/laughA.wav "Hahahaha" sound/fa/laughB.wav "Hahahaha" sound/fa/laughC.wav "Hahahaha" sound/fa/laughD.wav "Hahahaha" sound/fa/laughE.wav "Hahahaha" sound/fa/laughF.wav "Hahahaha" sound/fa/laughG.wav "Hahahaha" sound/fa/laughH.wav "Hahahaha" } jokerl { sound/fa/jokerl.wav "Hehehehe" sound/fa/jokerl2.wav "Hehehehe" } laugh2 { sound/fa/laugh.wav "Hahahaha" sound/fa/laugh1.wav "Herhehhe" sound/fa/laugh3.wav "Hehehe lol" sound/fa/laugh4.wav "Muahaha" sound/fa/laugh5.wav "Nehahaha" } muha { sound/fa/muhaha.wav "Hahahaha" sound/fa/muhaha2.wav "hehe hehe" } boobs { sound/fa/boobs.wav "Attention, chick with big boobs.." sound/fa/boobs2.wav "Oh yeah shake it madam, capital knockers" sound/fa/boobs3.wav "Hello, have you got big tits?" } fum { sound/fa/fu.wav "f*** you f*** you.!" sound/fa/fu3.wav "f*** you.!" sound/fa/fu4.wav "f*** you very much.!" } jack { sound/fa/insult1.wav "Oi, Fish Face.!" sound/fa/insult3.wav "You smell funny.!" sound/fa/insult5.wav "Stupid Mongrel.!" } camp { sound/fa/camp1.wav "Awight, come out or I blast you out.!" sound/fa/camp2.wav "Come out come.." sound/fa/camp6.wav "I will not move my ass." } how { sound/fa/how.wav "Ahh, how the hell did you do that?" sound/fa/how2.wav "Youve gotta be kidding me.." } story { sound/fa/story.wav "Thats an awesome f***ing story kid!" } crim { sound/fa/crim.wav "Thomas, Thomas keep the gun on him.." } 500 { sound/fa/500.wav "You want 500 dolla?" } insult { sound/fa/insult0.wav "How would you like to suck my balls.!" sound/fa/insult4.wav "You miserable piece of **** brain.." sound/fa/good1.wav "Youre f***ing weird.!" } little { sound/fa/little.wav "Uhh you little bastard.!" sound/fa/little1.wav "Im 10 yrs old, but Ill beat your ass.!" } omg { sound/fa/omg.wav "Ohhh my god.!" } threat { sound/fa/threaten.wav "Are you threatening me?" } isuck { sound/fa/isuck.wav "Holy crap...I Suck.!" sound/fa/cani.wav "Please can I finish, OK Im finished" } whydont { sound/fa/whydontya.wav "Why dont you go f*** a sheep.." } master { sound/fa/master.wav "Now I am the master.!" } soz { sound/fa/mine5.wav "Oh Im sorry did I break your concentration!" } youdie { sound/fa/youdie.wav "If I ever see you here again.." } blah { sound/fa/blah.wav "Blah blah" } letme { sound/fa/letme.wav "You let me down son!" } damnit { sound/fa/damnit.wav "f***ing idiot f***ing idiot.." sound/fa/damnit1.wav "Ohh damn it, to hell with this.!" } kickass { sound/fa/kickass.wav "We came we saw we kicked its ass" } big { sound/fa/big.wav "Youre gonna need a bigger gun baby!" sound/fa/big1.wav "My guns bigger than yours!" } fu2 { sound/fa/fu2.wav "f*** you, who the f*** are you?" sound/fa/fu6.wav "Hey f*** you man.!" sound/fa/baska3.wav "f*** you all you little asses.." } foff { sound/fa/f***off.wav "f*** off you big tosser" sound/fa/montyfoff.wav "How shall we f*** off oh Lord.?" } kansas { sound/fa/kansas.wav "Youre not in Kansas any more." } likeyou { sound/fa/likeyou.wav "Hell I like you, you can come over..." sound/fa/good.wav "Youre a f***ing legend man.!" } loser { sound/fa/loser.wav "Haha Man you are one pathetic loser!" sound/fa/loser1.wav "You were good kid real good.." } rubber { sound/fa/rubber.wav "Rubber Biscuit.!" } dislike { sound/fa/social.wav "You dont have what they call the social skills.!" sound/fa/bitch6.wav "Does this mean were not friends any more?" sound/fa/bitch7.wav "Pardon my French, but youre an a**h****." } sheen { sound/fa/sheen.wav "I am on a drug its called Charlie Sheen!" } wa { sound/fa/wa1.wav "John Wayne was a fag..The hell he was.!" sound/fa/wa4.wav "Youre gonna get accidentally shot.!" sound/fa/wa6.wav "Have you ever been to Nacogdoches?" sound/fa/wa7.wav "Im not worried about your butt.!" sound/fa/wa8.wav "You do and it will be the biggest mistake.." } iron { sound/fa/iron2.wav "The world is sick and we are the doctors" sound/fa/iron3.wav "See you in Valhalla.!" } never { sound/fa/never.wav "Oh dear, how sad, never mind!" } readydie { sound/fa/readydie.wav "Are you ready to die friend?" } ugly { sound/fa/ugly.wav "Youre ugly, and your momma dresses you funny.!" } wreckin { sound/fa/wreckin.wav "I came in like a wreckin ball!" } carly { sound/fa/carly1.wav "And now youre in my way" sound/fa/carly2.wav "Where you think youre going baby?" sound/fa/carly3.wav "heres my number, so call me maybe.!" sound/fa/carly4.wav "And all the other boys try to chase me.!" } timber { sound/fa/timber.wav "Whats someone like you.." } boston { sound/fa/boston.wav "More than a feeling.!" } tush { sound/fa/tush.wav "Lord take me down town.." } limpb { sound/fa/limpb.wav "Just one of those days..." sound/fa/limpb2.wav "Youre best bet is to stay away.." sound/fa/limpb3.wav "I feel like shit.." sound/fa/limpb4.wav "Right now Im dangerous.." sound/fa/limpb5.wav "Just might break your f***ing face.." sound/fa/limpb6.wav "So come and get it.." } thicke { sound/fa/thicke.wav "But your an animal...." sound/fa/thicke2.wav "I know you want it.." } gf { sound/fa/gf.wav "Shes just a girl and shes on fire." sound/fa/gf1.wav "This girl is on fire.." } bruno { sound/fa/bruno.wav "Ah yeah yeah.." } rih { sound/fa/rih.wav "Im friends with a monster.." sound/fa/rih1.wav "If you dare come a little closer.." } mickey { sound/fa/mickey.wav "Hey mickey youre so pretty.." } jump { sound/fa/jump.wav "Babababa" } gaga { sound/fa/gaga1.wav "I live for the applause" sound/fa/gaga2.wav "Im on the edge of glory.." } doctor { sound/fa/doctor.wav "Call me a doctor.." } scream { sound/fa/scream1.wav "Bring the action.!" sound/fa/scream2.wav "I wanna scream and shout.." } roar { sound/fa/roar1.wav "I am a champion.." sound/fa/roar2.wav "Youre gonna hear me roar!" } dirty { sound/fa/dirty.wav "I like it when you do that.." sound/fa/dirty1.wav "I like it when you talk dirty.." sound/fa/dirty2.wav "I wanna do some dirty things.." } wakeme { sound/fa/wakeme.wav "So wake me up.." } faith { sound/fa/faith.wav "God is a DJ.." sound/fa/faith1.wav "Faithless.." } dolla { sound/fa/dolla.wav "I need a dolla.." } aua { sound/fa/aua.wav "AUA!" } whathell { sound/fa/whathell.wav "Woah what the hell!" } banda { sound/fa/banda.wav "Dime que me quieres.." } tragedy { sound/fa/tragedy.wav "Its tragedy!" } bigbang { sound/fa/bigbang.wav "The big big bang.." } bb { sound/fa/bb.wav "This boy is a bottom." sound/fa/bb1.wav "Take it.." sound/fa/bb2.wav "Hes just a boy.." } blackout { sound/fa/blackout.wav "I wont black out!" } daler { sound/fa/daler.wav "dadada" sound/fa/daler1.wav "yayaya" } af { sound/fa/af1.wav "Ohh ar who gives a f***.!" sound/fa/af2.wav "Babies on fire.." sound/fa/af3.wav "Motherf***in techno beat.." } fink { sound/fa/fink.wav "I fink youre freaky.." sound/fa/fink1.wav "get this party jumping.." sound/fa/fink2.wav "hold up wait a minute jesus christ.." sound/fa/fink3.wav "Jump motherf***er jump.." } hot { sound/fa/hot.wav "Looking for some hot stuff.." sound/fa/hot1.wav "I need some hot stuff.." } glee { sound/fa/glee.wav "When you see my face.." } feeling { sound/fa/feeling.wav "I go a feeling.." } getlucky { sound/fa/getlucky.wav "Im up all night to get lucky" } vagina { sound/fa/vagina.wav "Swimming around in a vagina.." } blameit { sound/fa/blameit.wav "Blame it on the goose.." sound/fa/blameit1.wav "Blame it on the vodka.." } clothes { sound/fa/clothes.wav "Quick hit thats your game.." sound/fa/clothes1.wav "We dont have to take out clothes off.." } limpm { sound/fa/limpm.wav "You think youre special, you do.." } limpn { sound/fa/limpn.wav "I did it all for the nookie.." } limpr { sound/fa/limpr.wav "Alright partner keep on rollin!" sound/fa/limpr1.wav "Back up back up.." } mack { sound/fa/mack.wav "Awesome..!!" sound/fa/mack1.wav "Im gonna pop some tags..." } memories { sound/fa/memories.wav "All the crazy shit.." } pea { sound/fa/pea.wav "Are you brave enough?" sound/fa/pea1.wav "I wanna see your peacock.." } posse { sound/fa/posse.wav "Posse...I need you.!" } q { sound/fa/q.wav "Dont stop me now, cause im having..." sound/fa/q1.wav "Dont stop me now..." sound/fa/q2.wav "Im gonna gogogo theres no stoppin me" sound/fa/q3.wav "Dont stop me now.." } bbac { sound/fa/bbac.wav "OMG..Becky look at her butt.." sound/fa/bbac1.wav "I like bug butts and I cannot lie.." sound/fa/bbac2.wav "Ohh baby I wanna get with ya.." } sugar { sound/fa/sugar.wav "I said a hip hop.." } funky { sound/fa/funky.wav "Play that funky music white boy.." } fox { sound/fa/fox.wav "What does the fox say?" sound/fa/fox1.wav "papapapa pow" } bright { sound/fa/bright.wav "Always look on the bright side.." } disco { sound/fa/disco.wav "You and me baby.." } dontgo { sound/fa/dontgo.wav "Dont go..." } fire { sound/fa/fire1.wav "Im a firestarter.." } girls { sound/fa/girls.wav "Girls they wanna have fun.." sound/fa/girls1.wav "Want you to make me feel.." sound/fa/girls2.wav "She f***ing hates me.." } gyfo { sound/fa/gyfo.wav "Get your freak on.." } lady { sound/fa/lady.wav "Come my lady, come come my lady.." } ohlala { sound/fa/ohlala.wav "ohlalala" sound/fa/ohlala1.wav "Oh la la" } pain { sound/fa/pain.wav "Cypress.." sound/fa/pain2.wav "Hits from the bong.." sound/fa/pain3.wav "Coming out the slums..." } sexy { sound/fa/sexy2.wav "Sexy b***..." } spec { sound/fa/spec.wav "Youre going home in a f***ing ambulance" sound/fa/spec1.wav "The Specials" } trek { sound/fa/trek.wav "Ahh, we come in peace, shoot to kill.." } mad { sound/fa/mad.wav "Night boat to Cairo" sound/fa/mad1.wav "Madness" sound/fa/mad2.wav "Swan Lake" } unbel { sound/fa/unbel.wav "Youre unbelievable.." } yeye { sound/fa/yeye.wav "Yeyeye" } woo { sound/fa/woo.wav "WoooHooo!" } loveit { sound/fa/loveit.wav "I dont care, I love it" } Jungle { sound/fa/jungle.wav "Grand Master Flash!" sound/fa/jungle1.wav "Dont push me cause.." sound/fa/jungle2.wav "Its like a jungle.." } fall { sound/fa/fall.wav "Are you ever not going to fall for that?" } goaway { sound/fa/goaway.wav "Go away..!!" } shesaid { sound/fa/shesaid.wav "Thats what she said!" } yousuck { sound/fa/yousuck.wav "You suck.!" sound/fa/yousuck2.wav "You guys suck.!" } engis { sound/fa/engis.wav "More Engineers please!" } ninja { sound/fa/ninja.wav "A ninja knows no fear.!" } youb { sound/fa/youb.wav "You Bastards.!" } halle { sound/fa/hallelu.wav "Hallellua!" } case { sound/fa/case.wav "Lets go special case.." } dedo { sound/fa/dedo.wav "dedededo hahaha" } hardfair { sound/fa/hard.wav "I am hard but I am fair!" } soldier { sound/fa/soldier.wav "Choosing your battle.." } nein { sound/fa/nein.wav "Nein Nein Nein.!" } woops { sound/fa/woops.wav "Woops, clumsy clumsy hippos" sound/fa/woops1.wav "Woops, that was not medicine.." } lag { sound/fa/lager.wav "Im a lagger I lack control" sound/fa/lager1.wav "Lag Lag Lag Lag.." } suckdicks { sound/fa/suckd.wav "Do you suck dicks?" } feell { sound/fa/punk.wav "You gotta ask yourself a question..." } badb { sound/fa/badb.wav "Bad boys bad boys what ya gonna do?" } kkk { sound/fa/kkk.wav "Stand up and be counted.." } boss { sound/fa/boss.wav "He so bad, they call him boss.." } tubes { sound/fa/tubes.wav "The Internet is tubes.!" } douche { sound/fa/douche.wav "You are a douche bag.." } faggot { sound/fa/faggot.wav "Faggot shit.!" sound/fa/faggot1.wav "f***ing faggot.!" } english { sound/fa/eng.wav "Speak english or mute.." sound/fa/eng2.wav "English Mofo do you speak it?" sound/fa/eng3.wav "Maybe if you wrote it in f***ing english.." sound/fa/eng4.wav "English in main chat please.!" } hitgirl { sound/fa/hitgirl1.wav "LaLaLaLa" } bbc { sound/fa/bbc.wav "The BBC would like to announce.." } shutfa { sound/fa/shutup.wav "Shut Up..!" sound/fa/shutup1.wav "You shut your mouth.." sound/fa/shutup2.wav "Shut Up..!!" } teams { sound/fa/teams.wav "Teams Please.!" }
  6. RC4 final View File no sprite sound pack Submitter Barn!e Submitted 11/13/19 Category Soundpacks  
  7. Will check them out, they have omnibot ways? Xmas maps supplydepot2, 0, 64, fa_italy_b3_fixed, 0, 64, teuthonia_final, 12, 64, sp_delivery_te, 0, 64, venice_ne4, 12, 64, UJE_goldrush, 12, 64, snatch3, 6, 64, xlabs1, 0, 24, UJE_christmas, 18, 64, braundorf_final, 0, 64, adlernest, 0, 64, oasis, 18, 64, caen2, 0, 64, supply_pro, 0, 64, frostbite, 0, 64, pirates, 0, 64, loderunner_v1, 18, 64, sos_secret_weapon, 0, 64, pacman_v2, 0, 24, school, 6, 64, goldrush-gals, 0, 64, bremen_final, 0, 64, UJE_temple_xmas, 12, 64, voilegarde_b3, 0, 24, wolfsrudel3_final, 6, 64, stalingrad, 6, 64, UJE_oasis_xmas, 0, 64, raid_final, 6, 64, UJE_baserace_christmas, 0, 64, v2base_te, 6, 64, invertedgoldrush_b1, 6, 64,
  8. Barn!e

    RC4 final

    Version 1.0.0


    no sprite sound pack
  9. intoxicate the world
  10. Here you go not sure they work but worth a try. The Alienz TC Base has some waypoints from back in the day again will be 0.66 version probably. raiders_goals.zip
  11. fa_goldrush_b2, 30, 64, supplydepot2, 0, 64, teuthonia_final, 22, 64, sp_delivery_te, 0, 64, venice_ne4, 0, 64, snatch3, 0, 64, battery, 0, 64, et_beach, 0, 64, capuzzo, 22, 64, braundorf_final, 0, 64, adlernest, 0, 64, caen2, 0, 64, et_mor2_night_final, 0, 64, frostbite, 0, 64, pirates, 0, 64, mlb_daybreak, 22, 64, sos_secret_weapon, 0, 64, subway, 22, 64, school, 0, 64, goldrush-gals, 0, 64, bremen_final, 0, 64, railgun, 22, 64, fa_temple_b1, 22, 64, wolfsrudel3_final, 0, 64, warbell, 0, 64, oasis, 22, 64, raid_final, 0, 64, baserace_desert, 22, 64, v2base_te, 0, 64, Some changes to reflect voting and feedback
  12. Jay3 rehash! View File louder Submitter Barn!e Submitted 10/25/19 Category Soundpacks  

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