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  1. Real question, what about goat-cheese and honey pizza ?
  2. The thing is we should not think only about what we like or dislike but what's currently the best for the server. I think for panzer only Baserace is too long. If you don't like panza only you'll have to wait 25/30 minutes, I'm often seeing people leaving during baserace (I don't know if we have data about it) and not that many players asking for it. Classic baserace is a well known map, not difficult to learn and we can keep it for when the server is full (increase the minimum of player for the map to show). We can think of two 5minutes map of Panza only too, to have more "fun" break in the rotation.
  3. Since there is less people in Beg1 recently I think it's a good idea to add more small maps to the rotation. About baserace, what do you think about removing the panza only ? For me the map is nice for panza only but it's too long, would be a better idea to add purefrag for 10 minutes with panza only, even if there is no objectif on this one.
  4. Would be a good idea to have a classic version of baserace, with buildings and weapons, and to find a new map for panza only.
  5. Wow really cool ! Is it a "vacation house" or you moved to Slovenia ? I'm sure you will love eating in the garden during summer, it seems lovely ! (for someone living in the city its really cool to have a garden ahah !) Have fun Nancy !
  6. Bienvenido amigo Welcome to the forum !
  7. Welcome back Thor+ !
  8. I've been really busy recently ... As you can see in the picture ...
  9. Hey Asasasa Welcome to the forum
  10. Let's say 20 for an other 10 years !
  11. Happy birthday Rendel ! And thank you everyone
  12. Hey Narco ! Nice to see your introduction here, welcome to the forum. We know each other for ... 10 years something, great friend But he's lying, he's not that easy to kill (well, for the others ... not for me ) See you in Beg1
  13. I can't say no to food. Even if you put pineapple on a pizza I would probably eat it. Annnnnnnnnnnnnd now I'm hungry. Good job guys !
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