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  1. Hey Narco ! Nice to see your introduction here, welcome to the forum. We know each other for ... 10 years something, great friend But he's lying, he's not that easy to kill (well, for the others ... not for me ) See you in Beg1
  2. I can't say no to food. Even if you put pineapple on a pizza I would probably eat it. Annnnnnnnnnnnnd now I'm hungry. Good job guys !
  3. Toutes mes félicitations chef ! 

    Bienvenue dans la famille 🤗

    1. Chef<3


      Merci Gharib 🥳 

    2. DeKing


      Je dirais même plus, Félicitations et Bienvenue !! 😄 😘

  4. Bonjour Olivier ! Content de te voir sur le forum, bienvenue, et on se voit bientôt sur jay3. Ton nom ingame c'est Igor ? Et si tu as des questions ou besoin d'aide n'hésite pas Hello Olivier ! Nice to see you in the forum and welcome, see you soon in Jay3. Is your name ingame Igor ? And if you have any questions or need help feel free to ask
  5. Chef<3

    ET Server Suggestion Beginners #1 - Jay3 Call vote option

    Hmm I don't know, we have to vote to reminds people they can vote. When I vote I often see people vote too (honestly not that much people, but some are using it). And everytime someone complain about a map I remind him that he can vote during warmup. But maybe we should remind people during warmup that they can vote ? One question for you @Barn!e, how does the vote system works ? There is a message saying "multiple vote will not take into account" or something like this. Is it for a certain amount of time ? Can we vote up and next time down ? Mayb
  6. Chef<3

    ET Server Suggestion Beginners #1 - Jay3 Call vote option

    Democracy ? Hell no ! More seriously, instead of a next map vote available for every player, could it be a command for admins ? I know !cancelvote exist but is there a !startvote or the ability to call of vote only if you have a certain admin level ?
  7. Could it be possible to add a normal baserace too ? (An other version without panza only)
  8. Hello Lucas ! Welcome in the forum
  9. Chef<3


    Hello and welcome =D
  10. Chef<3

    ET BEGINNERS #1 Jay 3 Poison Knife

    I really don't like when people are just throwing knife all the game, it's random, it's annoying and don't require much skill most of the time ahah. (Plus it's not the correct way to use knife, you are suppose to knife people in the back ! Ninja's style) But it's part of the game too, I don't think it's a good idea to remove it. Maybe lower the number of knife you can throw before asking for ammo can be a good solution. But a complete removal in jaymod ? Not a good idea in my point of view.
  11. Congratz guys And thank you for all the work
  12. I hope you added a crazy amount of mayonnaise with it ! (For the healty part, of course ...)
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