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  • Enemy Territory Full Version By daredevil

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    Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (also referred to as simply Enemy Territory, ET, or W:ET) is a free and open source multiplayer first-person shooter video game.   System requirements 600 MHz CPU 128 MB RAM 32 MB OpenGL graphics card 56.6k Modem/LAN   Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a downloadable, free-to-play multiplayer game in which players wage war as Axis or Allies in team-based combat. It's a team game; you will win or fall along with your comrades. The only way to complete the objectives that lead to victory is by cooperation, with each player covering their teammates and using their class special abilities in concert with the others.   Featuring multiplayer support for up to 32 players, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is the ultimate test of communication and teamwork on the battlefield. Players join the fray as one of five distinct character classes each with unique combat abilities. The Covert Ops can steal the uniforms of fallen enemies and perform covert reconnaissance behind enemy lines, while Engineers can plant and diffuse land mines as well as construct battlefield structures including bridges, guard towers and forward operations bases in the midst of combat to gain advantages for their team. Medics provide health and revive fallen teammates, as Field Ops use their binoculars to mark enemy positions for a Soldier's mortar barrage. Each Axis or Allies team can divide itself into smaller fire teams for quick and easy communication using an intuitive messaging system and dynamic command map of the entire battlefield.   No longer does winning a single battle win the war. In Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory multiple objective-based scenarios are linked together over the course of three maps to form a campaign where teams struggle for successive victories. Throughout a campaign, players gain experience in categories like battle sense and light weapons as well as their class specific abilities, each of which persist and accumulate over the course of the campaign. As players reach higher levels in each of the seven categories they are awarded with enhanced abilities as well as battlefield promotions that are represented as ranks on each players helmet. The 28 enhanced abilities range from higher ammunition capacity and faster power-bar recharge times, to the ability to see land mines, revive fallen teammates at full health or use a machinegun instead of a pistol as your secondary weapon.   In addition to objective and campaign modes, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory introduces a team-based Last-Man-Standing game mode, where squad-mates cooperate to ensure their team has the last surviving man on the battlefield. Additionally, Splash Damage has created a new terrain foliage system that allows players to hide or take a sniper position in the cover of long grass or snowy mountaintops. With numerous game modes, epic campaigns, persistent character progression and an arsenal of overwhelming firepower including land mines, mortars, mobile MG-42s and a silenced sniper rifle, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory will have players battling in the trenches for hours.   Download the game, install it and fire up ET.exe and join server. You can open the console using "~" key and directly connect to server using:   \connect jay1.clan-fa.com   You can also find our other community servers here:   Fearless Assassins Gaming Community Enemy Territory Servers
  • Enemy Territory Auto pk3 cleaner By daredevil

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    Enemy Territory Auto pk3 cleaner cleans up extra non stock or custom pk3 from your etmain and mod folders.   Fixed some old links added normal servers menu to etmain added auto clean *.tmp files   3 Steps:   1-> Download 2-> Double Click 3-> Install   (if you've changed ET folder!! on step 2 hit browse to the right ET folder)   It removes any file with name start or have:   ~~.pk3 (used for customized menu) **.tmp (un-finished download pk3, better delete if ET crash) **.pid (resets configuration to default settings if ET crash)   Run this file to keep your ET installation clean. Less pk3 you have installed, more faster your ET will start.   How to use video tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JICj4erGXqY&hd=1
  • ET DemoView Edition By SunLight

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    ET DemoView Edition by SunLight   This is an alternative ET version with some extra features for demo reviewing.   I made it at first because on Linux I couldn't use image-et to rewind demos, later I compiled it for Windows too, because I liked the new features, and I wanted to use it instead of image-et, which is a great tool but more movie-making oriented   The main purpose of this modified version is to check possible cheaters demos, but you might like such features as demo unlagging, movement graph, watching demos from other players p.o.v., attacker view, even for reasons other than cheater busting.   Changelog: 1.0 - added sdl sound support for Linux, no need for et-sdl-sound anymore - disabled alt + enter on Linux, it was annoying for me, sorry... (you can still set r_fullscreen 1 and /vid_restart) - blocked /connect command, this game version is only for demo review! - demo unlagger, to see real players aim without delay - improved r_shownormals with new modes, to check for wallhackers more easily - 'real view' of player aim without screenshakes (can be enabled or disabled) - you can toggle shownormals, real aim view, and player names with your keyboard - demo seek/rewind (beta! there could be bugs, but it's mostly working) - demos are now sorted in alphabetical order in et main menu   1.1 - added a command to show player names - you can watch demos from another player's point of view (beta) - attacker view, to automatically follow all players who attack the player who recorded the demo - added a 'movement graph' to check for warp in player movement   1.2 - bug fixes and new seek algorithm (fixes warmup bug, and it's faster) - added more infos in the hud - custom fov and zoom - pause / timescale 0 support - 2 alternative timescales   1.3 - fixed skipping when watching 'laggy' demos - added a new key bind ('A') for automatic unlag and shownormals, based on the player you are currently watching - fixed a bug in the hud with low resolution r_mode   1.4 - Alternative demo auto-unlagger. It interpolates players in a way similar to antilag. You can still use the old (manual) one - Fixed Silent mod crash when watching demos from other players point of view - Improved player names visuals, now you can also see only team mates or enemies - Fixed Goldrush and Adlernest map bug, when watching in slow motion - Player body in r_shownormals 6 or 7 now looks like r_showtris - Linux version has less dependencies see readme.htm inside the zip for more infos
  • Host File to block ET Redirect master list issue By daredevil

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    Download and Run the batch file as Administrator on your PC. It will add entries to your host file and Firewall so that it auto blocks your PC from joining clan, abusing master list servers. Please ask for support if you are still having issue.    Steps -  1. Download the files. 2. Save it anywhere on your PC. 3. Right Click on it and Run as Admin. See below screenshot.  
  • ET Masterlist hacking and redirect fix for players By daredevil

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    ET (Enemy territory) has been messed up lately with master list redirect and hacking issues. In order to stop it, please download the ET.exe and replace your current one. Patch is for all ET players playing from Windows OS.
    Steps -  1. Download the 2 file ET.exe and ETPRO.exe.  2. Replace the ET.exe with the downloaded ET.exe. 3. Use ET.exe to play on all mods except ETPro. For playing on ETPro mod, use ETPRO.exe.   Please share this file to all your friends and ask them to patch their ET with this one. Please report on forums for any issues, if any.   Note - New patch will also stop players redirecting from fake ET redirect servers. It's about time we focus towards good gaming experience for all new ET players.  Note 2 - If any new issues, we might try to fix that as well or revert back or provide complete new patch. So please subscribe to this file download. If file gets updated you will get notification, so you can stay up to date.   IMP Note - Please don't download the file from other sites or source, as some may try to inject virus/trojans and spread the copy of it. I take full responsibility of this file on our website and 100% guarantee it doesn't have any back-doors. So my humble request - please be careful i.e. from where you download the files and what servers you play on.    Update - 10th Oct 2018 - zip file updated to block redirect on default ET.exe itself. If you are using ET.exe from download to play you don't need anything else. If you are using ETPRO.exe or default 2.6b Installation ET.exe - Please download generic_redirect_fix.zip and put both .dll next to your ET.exe installation. Instructions are available in Read Me.txt of the zip file.   PS Long live ET where we have made some life long best friends. ET for next 50 years till it becomes legacy like super Mario

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