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  1. Hi nub! Where you been?


    I need to !rename you to =F|A=Novice but never see you ingame any more :(

  2. I think there should be steps around the other side of the guns (towards the road where the tank comes from) leading up to the ledges by the guns. They would need to be protected by an axis door to not make it too easy, which undercover covies could open - good for teamwork
  3. Me too, bet you can't spell his surname though! xDDD
  4. Chuckun


    Who dafuq is this guy?
  5. Your router is being screwy here which means every hop after that is getting messed up results too - check for firmware updates first of all, and if that doesn't fix it, try disabling router firewalls and other 'extra features' etc temporarily to see if that helps.
  6. Make sure threaded optimisation is switched off. No such thing as too good just need to turn some things off for older games and programs
  7. I won't be entering, it wouldn't be fair to the other contestants.
  8. Chuckun

    I am back

    Welcome back buddy!
  9. Happy birthday @AnG3L! Party time!
  10. Donated $26.15 to top up @rambozo37 & his nephew's donation up to $50 Thanks again to you both - and of course everyone else for your donations too!
  11. I love this post so much. Literally my favourite thing I've read in a while. It is so heart warming when kids can be this selfless and keen to help. He will grow up to be a great guy! Make sure you give him a big thank you from all of us! What a great kid!
  12. Sorry, I stole one so make it three!
  13. It's for all. But also won't cause issues for etpro. Basically people have been exploiting the built-in redirect system to redirect you to other servers. This et.exe removes that possibility making sure you only ever join the server you intend to.

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