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  1. Thank you - I'm so keen to try this new version now
  2. Wow that's crazy! Snow is fun but wouldn't like to have that level of snow at my home it would be a pain in the ass!
  3. This is awesome! One of the many things I love about this community is seeing glimpses of all the different seasons, lifestyles and hobbies you guys all enjoy, and these kinda snow pics are just amazing to me since here in mainland UK we don't really get much snow at all.
  4. Congrats buddy, well deserved! Thanks for all your efforts.
  5. Add your ET folder to Norton exclusion list, it might fix it. It may be tampering with our customisations!
  6. I also always struggled with Jay1 but it's because of latency and FPS differences, not server settings. Base settings are the same on both as DD mentioned. I used to have a setting toggle for Jay1 vs Jay2&3 which would change FPS and maxpackets (and possible rate as well?) but that was years ago I don't have it any more as I don't play jaymod much, so you'd need to see what settings suit you and create a vstr toggle in your config.
  7. All merged now mate, old account is back in action for you
  8. Thank you guys this looks great, and I am sure with the roof access being more balanced we'll see much happier teams on this one! Can't wait to play it! Going on HC very soon
  9. Welcome back Slayer! Good to hear you got a rig sorted, can't wait to kick your ass!
  10. You guys can always check out Silent #1 if HC becomes repetitive Thing is, most of the HC players are old time players like me who have played every map 100000000 times and pick what we find are still the best ones. And majority wins so the same maps are played often. But that's only possible if the majority vote for it, so it's fair game really. When I okay Silent #1 I notice there are more selections made based on more varied maps being available, so it may be fun for you guys to try that server from time to time
  11. Custom mods mate, all carbon fibre
  12. It's the best one, man. It's the bike all the badboys want.
  13. Did you do cl_maxpackets 100 and other suggestions that were made here?

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