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  1. Welcome back dude! Glad life is going good for you!
  2. Oh I wish. We still need a sniper server - there are no good ones left!
  3. Looking good nicely done!
  4. Joy, more ways to be interrupted and annoyed lol Glad I don't use Chrome.
  5. Opera is a fantastic browser - I only don't use it because of some of the ff extensions I use not being available on opera.
  6. Suggestions for new topics to add to the creepiness: 1. What are you wearing right now? 2. What are your geo coordinates right now? 3. What are you smelling like right now? 4. What is your social security number right now? 5. What is your PIN number right now?
  7. I remember someone posted this here at that time, loved it then and I still love it now.
  8. The affinity products are fantastic for the price. Serif have always been good. Again I tried their Page Plus system a few years ago to see if I could knock out templates faster than by hand, to make things cheaper for my clients, but nope, it was heavy, bloated, and glitchy. Faster by hand lol. BUT the affinity suite is awesome so far for graphic / photo work.
  9. Yes typing in a text editor like notepad is classed has hand-coding. I would simply never use things like Dreamweaver or any of these types of 'builders' as a programmer because they are just terrible - if you're a novice and not looking to improve more than necessary then they are absolutely a great idea but for us guys who started with nothing more than text-editors, we prefer to hand-code rather than let a program do what it thinks is the right way
  10. I remember reading up on this before - sounds scary but it is made to sound a lot more freaky than it is. Still a fun idea though.
  11. Congrats to France! Well deserved.
  12. Meh, call me old fashioned but I am still the guy who does everything from scratch by hand. Never had a good experience using these types of software, always bloated and messy. No thank you!
  13. It's not the mouse, and CPU is powerful so not that, BUT I do think it's some background process because if I kill all, it doesn't happen. So now just need to narrow down which app is causing it. Checked all the obvious and overclocking is not causing it luckily. See above for my current diagnostic it must be some app I have running You must work in IT tech support!
  14. I have done most of the work with menus etc in a very rushed way so if anyone experiences problems please do let me know so I can fix it. (May be worth @tagging me in it to make sure I see)

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