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  1. Chuckun

    Checking In!

    Glad to hear from you mate! I forget how long you've been gone, but I got married to my beautiful girl and recently bought a new sofa which DJ says is the casting couch sofa................ Lol! Hope life is treating you well! We miss you!
  2. Developers obviously lacked my sense of humour lol xD
  3. I need !pants and !slap but don't know if silEnT mod has it?
  4. I am always a sophisticated Pooh Bear.
  5. Interesting... Not going to happen though since it's seemingly not being backed by anyone real?
  6. Is there any reason seawall battery never goes on HC for long? It goes down well on S1 and most oldschoolers enjoy it for nostalgia
  7. My face literally hurts from grinning at this thread. @JohnnyColorado you sir are a genius. I salute you! And everyone who made some to add to this thread, I salute you too!
  8. Great work, thank you so much. All the headaches are well appreciated!
  9. Super Loving Ultimate Teammate SLUT for short
  10. I'm selective with my love. DX puts it around everywhere lmao
  11. I use Spotify, not interested in Google taking money off me so that they can use my music taste to sell my soul to advertisers.
  12. Welcome to the forums! I recognise your name from ingame, and not in a bad way, so you get my very warm welcome Happy gaming!
  13. Yeah any router company that claims to be able to minimise hops through super awesome omg technology is outright lying.
  14. Desperate times such as yours, are the exception. Spending £200+ on a router is just crazy unless you have complex networking requirements. Even then, a £100 router can do everything you need it to if you do have complex requirements.

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