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  1. Hah! That's cool, always better to be cautious with these things
  2. If you're referring to /ma on silent mod, go into settings when on a silent server and you can bind a key to it same as 'T', 'Y' and 'U' for public, team and fireteam chat. I have P for PMs and O for adminchat.
  3. What a bunch of asshats. I hope they enjoy their time inside. (lol)
  4. Yanni. I have no idea how anyone hears Laurel! xD
  5. I miss all my HC regulars. I even miss putting the trolls to sleep. Hopefully I will be back to gaming in a short while.
  6. Welcome Adam! Good to see you joined here too - had many fun games with you on HC! So it's good to have you here. Next up - join the dark side (or I will admin abuse you in-game)
  7. Happy birthday Von Rantala!
  8. I see the same, except I see white background sometimes because I use the dark theme.. Shana is right, its rich formatting which the editor applies when someone copy pasted from the forums. Should simply disable background styles from the WYSIWYG editor IMO
  9. it's about time you made leader xD 


    1. Patrick


      hihi, Chuk never was even Staff - he was born yellow :)))))

    2. Chuckun


      @*Kiba* thank you! :D


      And @Patrick I was born red it was just never realised til now! 😛

  10. Welcome back! So good to see more old names coming back to ET!

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