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  1. Funny how they collect all this data about cyber crime to the point where they know what's coming and yet do absolutely nothing about it. But hey who cares as long as it's not their money being stolen.
  2. hey u still playin ? :D

    after almost  7 years i was download again the game and try play hardcore server. That was so funny that my brain thinking to join back  ET xd

  3. And this is why I will never be an 'early adopter' of anything
  4. Fake news noone likes DJ
  5. I remember my shitty ISP-issued Zyxel router kept getting it's DNS settings tampered with remotely. Unfortunately there was no way to switch this off as the ISPs firmware forced remote admin to allow them to gain access. Was really bad, and I kindly told them where to shove their services.
  6. I'm curious if you get the same problem in other browsers? Or just chrome?
  7. Ok your time setting is fine.. other than that I only know of two things. 1) your security software is scanning SSL connections - try disabling your security software temporarily to see if it stops the problem - if it does, go into your security softwares settings and look for that SSL scanning option and disable it. 2) Parental controls - some softwares or routers with parental controls will try displaying a 'blocked' page when certain pages get blocked. This hidden redirect from an SSL connection will flag a security error in Chrome - in this case the only option is to disable parental controls, or simply don't visit those sites.
  8. Sounds stupid but make sure the time and date on your pc is set correctly
  9. I've always been interested in doing this as a bit of a future retirement fund since I don't trust UK pensions any more. It would be good to invest and set up a second bank account for it so any profits I make can be for the future but I have no idea what I'm doing so I never got involved with it as I would fear losing money
  10. I don't disagree with you but I tend to avoid the issue of what I want personally. I am just going by what I see tbh. Every time those quirky maps are voted they kill the server, even if they are good maps.. I desperately want seawall battery back but even that was a server killer on HC.. people seem to only wanna play etpro maps there
  11. I don't see these working for HC. Same reason falcon and other weird jay maps kills the server
  12. Wow long time no see! Not sure when you went inactive as I've had a few inactive periods myself, but I remember you from back in 2008 or so.. Great to see you back! I'm sure one of my fellow staff+ dudes will fix you up - I'm on my phone right now so a bit tricky! But good to hear from you!
  13. Remove falcon ASAP (kills server big time, was playing @ 12v12 and now down to 5v5 purely from map loading) And replace with fuel dump since ppl keep asking for it (or warbell)

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