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  1. Wait who dis? Have you been hiding in Rainier's pocket?
  2. This better not be fake news!!! Good to hear from you!
  3. These are all biased opinions anyway. I never feel there is too much arty unless someone bad is Taking with it - but that's a whole other issue. Beach is a well enjoyed map on HC. Noone complains and it's always a good match whoever wins / loses. Radar is great but team balance is critical. If admins are doing their job no issue there.
  4. Easier said than done I know, but try not to pay any attention. By all means let them know you're new and you're just getting the hang of it - but in reality we all started in the same situation, and you'll improve over time so whatever they say is pretty much irrelevant. Happy gaming! It's good to have you with us!
  5. Tell your boss it's his fault, if he opened the office 4 hours later then you would be 1 hour early.
  6. It may be possible also for one admin from each server who is sure they have all map files in current rotation for their home server, to post a zip file of all their PK3 files (named jay1.zip for example) so that others can ensure they have all the maps for that server... But this all depends how quickly the host can sort themselves our and get it fixed.
  7. As suggested, the map Erdenberg T1 on HC has no waypoints. Could someone with the knowledge please make some? Thank you!
  8. Whatever has the most ammo at the time xD
  9. Congrats guys! And even though I don't play Insurgency, I'd like to say a big thank you for all your efforts.
  10. Agree with Ed, the problem can be resolved by removing server-killer maps
  11. This article ignores the fact that managed hosting also has a LOT of restrictions. Managed hosting usually prevents the use of many custom or alternative features, because they don't want to deal with the problems it could cause if you messed it up. So they lock down some things and won't install certain features. They 'manage' with scripts and programs which are only designed to work within the constraints of their default setup. Unmanaged means you can do whatever you want but need the skills to do it.
  12. No map rotation. HC has been strong and popular for years now with its config. Changing it would be crazy. If people vote the same maps that's because the majority want those maps so majority wins. If majority don't want to play a map they will disconnect and you'll be playing against bots.

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