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  1. Fearless-Assassins Discord major update Discord discovery What is Discord discovery ? Discord discovery is a place that allows you to search or discover servers. To access Server Discovery, press the Compass icon at the bottom of the server list (on the left side bar) You can search for new communities by browsing by categories, or by directly searching with the search bar! To see : https://support.discord.com/hc/fr/articles/360023968311-Server-Discovery What is the impact for us ? Discord allows us to advertise our community in the same way as social networks. This addition to the catalog will allow us to be more visible and bring more people into the community. However, more visibility also means more risk of spam. I advise you to see our publication on this subject here : https://fearless-assassins.com/forums/topic/123446-discord-security-advice/ New discord logo The first impression of a server is extremely important. It is this first impression that will encourage or dissuade a user to join the server. The logo of a discord server being the first thing a user sees, it is important to have a modern logo. That's why we are going to make a test with a new logo ! I reused the logo posted by @ScoOfi. Many thanks to him Discord Banner update To follow the logo change, we will also use a new banner that is visible at the top of the server or in the invitation links Role logo To differentiate members from non-members, the roles now have logos ! Server Boosting Server Boosts is a Discord feature to unlock some fresh new and improved collective perks for community server. I am currently thinking on a system to better reward members who boost the discord server Also, don't forget that you get free boosts when you have nitro! I am looking to any suggestion or feedback that could help us in improving our discord server
  2. rest in peace @Barn!e
  3. Discord security advice Since server raiding and scam links are increasing, we are also increasing the security into our Discord server Terminology ‘Raid’ ‘Raider’ - A raid is where a large number of users will join a server with the express intention of causing issues for the server. A raider is an account engaging in this activity. 'Self-bot' - A self bot is an account that’s being controlled via custom code or tools. This is against Discord’s TOS. In the context of raids and moderation, these accounts are automated to spam, bypass filters or engage in other annoying activities. 'Phishing scam link' - Phishing scam link is a fraudulent ("spoofed") message/link sent by an attacker to trick a human victim into revealing sensitive information to the attacker or to deploy malicious software on the victim's infrastructure like ransomware. How do detect malicious links ? First of all, never click on links that are send from people that are untrusted ! The most obvious way to find out if a link is a fraudulent link is to look at why the link was sent to you : Someone sends you a link, do I know this person ? If someone sends you a link that you didn't ask for, why is that person sending it to you ? If someone offers you free items (giveaway/lottery) by clicking on the link, what does this person gain by giving you this items ? Why would an "official" discord account advertise by message and not by mail? A person will never send you a gift without a reason, especially if you don't know them It is also important to check the url, and especially the domain name ! If a so-called official link from discord is sent to you, check that the link is from discord.com Check carefully the domain name. In general, characters are exchanged or are added (exemple discord => discorde, dlscord, discorb, ...) Check carefully the extension (suffix) of the domain name. In general, a commercial site will end with .com, if it is something else, be careful (exemple discord.com => discord.net, ...) Exemple of phishing link : How to report malicious links ? Report the user to Staff+ members so that they ban the member from the discord server Please always take a screenshot when doing the report Report by private message Report by contact-us if nobody answer Report the user to discord by using the report button (optional) Report the link to Google without clicking on it so that when people go there, they get a warning page : https://safebrowsing.google.com/safebrowsing/report_phish/ What to do if I click on a malicious link ? Change your Discord password If attacker already changed your password Try to change your password with the forgotten password feature Open a ticket into Discord support : https://support.discord.com Open a contact-us so that we can block the stolen account It's important to report your account to us with our contact-us because your account is trusted by other members. If your account send phishing to other members, there is more chance that they click on it since it's a "friendly" account ! What did Fearles Assassins added to discord to improve your security ? We have added a mandatory verification system for all newcomers. When a user joins the Discord server, the user receives a message with a reCAPTCHA that must be validated. We use for the verification : Cloudflare security Verify browser integrity Verify that the ip is not a known bot Verify that the ip is not a Tor ip Avoid DDOS / website exploit Google reCAPTCHA Verify that the user is not a bot Do not hesitate to ask us questions or to send us suggestions to improve security
  4. Je te souhaite un très bon anniversaire !!!  :) 


    Et encore merci pour tout ;) 

    1. 0siE.


      Anniversaire ensoleillé j'espère.

      En espérant que tu aies eu une bonne journée en ton honneur.




    2. Scarface


      Merci beaucoup !! 


      Excited Happy Birthday GIF

  5. Face Palm No GIF



    1. daredevil


      This rank system gives me laugh sometimes 😄 

    2. Vindstot


      It seems to... work in an interesting way atm :)

  6. You scared me today, with all of those Notifications!  😮 


    I knew that none of my recent posts should get that many 🤣 reactions, so I thought that we had another FUBAR going on! 


    Imagine my relief! 😄 

    1. Scarface


      Haha, sorry for all this notifications 😄


      Cat Reaction GIF

  7. LINK : https://www.splashdamage.com/news/wolfenstein-enemy-territory-livestream/
  8. For my side I use Malwarebytes premium
  9. 3rd lockdown in France 😢

    1. RedBaird
    2. GHARIB


      Prends soin de toi scar

    3. DeKing


      Tu es dans les 16 départements j'imagine 😕 

      Courage, je pense qu'on va tous bientôt y être..

  10. Bonjour scarface


    daredevil ma dit que tu a un probleme pour mettre a jour le fichier existant en francais

  11. I opened an "old topic" and noticed a " Girls are like domain names, the ones I like are already taken. "



    1. Scarface
    2. RedBaird


      BTW, thanks for your very useful work.  📣


      I can be very helpful sometimes! :o at some of what you have found!

  12. Scarface

    Other Among Us

    Yeha among us if nice, on PC (steam)
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