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  1. I run a transport company (all heavy and light trucks), I can help with transporting the goods across Europe and the world as well
  2. My mother and sister work at a local hospital. They have almost no gear at all that could protect them from being infected. Staff is ordering gear privately, I myself ordered them masks, mask filters, etc etc. Considering there is no gear in hospitals, almost none in the market, the prices went awfully high. -.-
  3. I just wonder as I can't find any information, is the transport of goods open to Denmark? I'm sending trucks tomorrow to DK and I wonder if drivers can cross the border..
  4. Oh my! Congrats!!😊😊

    1. RedAngel


      Sorry for the delay - thanks scream, was shocked tbh. Hope all is well with you 😊😊

  5. Creamooo ☺☺

    Long time my dude.

    1. Scream


      Sup babes? :) Been a while :P

    2. audrey


      It has! Alive and well, thank you 😊


      Youu? Is that Adriatic sea in your picture in gallery??

    3. Scream


      Aegean Sea :) it was taken on Crete this summer :)

  6. Unmute me Wazzup! JAYMOD2.2!

    1. GI-JOE


      Post a proper complaint/request or expect nothing :)

  7. Got myself an armtattoo. 6h of constant pain but it was worth it : D

  8. :3

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    2. audrey


      Defo, what is it?


      And come play with me sometimeees.

    3. audrey


      Oh lol nvm, I got you.

    4. Scream


      I will! Soon! :)

  9. Finally!Congrats bud and welcome aboard! :D

    1. Chuckun


      Omg you're alive! :P Thanks bud :)

    2. CSL


      Gratz Mate

    3. ancientmule


      Congrats Chuck...


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