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  1. =F|A=Advertisement Media General

    I´ve just wanted to share the neutral Advertisment media i use as a =F|A= standard.
    The original Video was made by @ScoOfi via placeit.net by envato elements.
    All of the media is royalty free and does not requier mentioning.



  2. Complete pk3 cleaner

    Pk3 cleaner for the users who want to remove all custom pk3's. 



  3. ET DemoView Edition

    ET DemoView Edition by SunLight
    This is an alternative ET version with some extra features for demo reviewing.
    I made it at first because on Linux I couldn't use image-et to rewind demos, later I compiled it for Windows too, because I liked the new features, and I wanted to use it instead of image-et, which is a great tool but more movie-making oriented
    The main purpose of this modified version is to check possible cheaters demos, but you might like such features as demo unlagging, movement graph, watching demos from other players p.o.v., attacker view, even for reasons other than cheater busting.
    - added sdl sound support for Linux, no need for et-sdl-sound anymore
    - disabled alt + enter on Linux, it was annoying for me, sorry...
    (you can still set r_fullscreen 1 and /vid_restart)
    - blocked /connect command, this game version is only for demo review!
    - demo unlagger, to see real players aim without delay
    - improved r_shownormals with new modes, to check for wallhackers more easily
    - 'real view' of player aim without screenshakes (can be enabled or disabled)
    - you can toggle shownormals, real aim view, and player names with your keyboard
    - demo seek/rewind (beta! there could be bugs, but it's mostly working)
    - demos are now sorted in alphabetical order in et main menu
    - added a command to show player names
    - you can watch demos from another player's point of view (beta)
    - attacker view, to automatically follow all players who attack the player who recorded the demo
    - added a 'movement graph' to check for warp in player movement
    - bug fixes and new seek algorithm (fixes warmup bug, and it's faster)
    - added more infos in the hud
    - custom fov and zoom
    - pause / timescale 0 support
    - 2 alternative timescales
    - fixed skipping when watching 'laggy' demos
    - added a new key bind ('A') for automatic unlag and shownormals, based on the player you are currently watching
    - fixed a bug in the hud with low resolution r_mode
    - Alternative demo auto-unlagger. It interpolates players in a way similar to antilag. You can still use the old (manual) one
    - Fixed Silent mod crash when watching demos from other players point of view
    - Improved player names visuals, now you can also see only team mates or enemies
    - Fixed Goldrush and Adlernest map bug, when watching in slow motion
    - Player body in r_shownormals 6 or 7 now looks like r_showtris
    - Linux version has less dependencies
    see readme.htm inside the zip for more infos



  4. HyperDesktop

    HyperDesktop is a special program which allows you easily capture/take a screenshot and upload it on the internet.
    After installing the program, you open the program and it gives you two options:
    - 'Capture' = Take a screenshot (capture) your whole screen (actually the same as PrtSc)
    - 'Capture selected area' = You click and drag your own area that you want to be captured as a screenshot.
    After capturing a screenshot, you are able to edit your screenshots with a pen (practical when you want to point something out or want to emphasize something).
    Then when you're done. Click at 'Ok' and HyperDesktop automatically upload your image onto the internet and you will get a link for your screenshot.



  5. Enemy Territory Auto pk3 cleaner

    Enemy Territory Auto pk3 cleaner cleans up extra non stock or custom pk3 from your etmain and mod folders.
    Fixed some old links
    Added auto clean *.tmp files
    3 Steps:
    1-> Download - Correction version i.e. For standard 2.6b Install use Stock-2.6b-pk3-cleaner-v13.exe and for ETLegacy - use ETLegacy version. 
    2-> Double Click
    3-> Install
    (if you've changed ET folder!! on step 2 hit browse to the right ET folder)
    It removes any file with name start or have:
    ~~.pk3 (used for customized menu)
    **.tmp (un-finished download pk3, better delete if ET crash)
    **.pid (resets configuration to default settings if ET crash)
    Run this file to keep your ET installation clean. Less pk3 you have installed, more faster your ET will start.
    How to use video tutorial:



  6. Enemy Territory (ET) Log Analyzer

    At present Etpub, Jaymod and NQ 1.2.3 server.log file is supported.
    This may help server admins in seeing 200Mb log file when players complain and tell us to check logs.
    You can track down player chat, !admin commands, private message, admin chats, etc.
    You can save the logs in BBCODE format so you can post on forums when needed.
    This is the first software from =F|A= clan for ET Server Admins to see whats going on server.
    If you find any bug feel free to post it here and we will try to fix it in new version. If you guys like to add any new feature feel free to request for it and we will try to add it. Software is made by =F|A= CaldaGSM. A special thanks to him for coding such a nice software and helping server admins.
    Follow up link: http://fearless-assassins.com/forum/topic/1280-et-log-analyzer-for-server-admins/



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