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Welcome to our new RUST Server
Welcome to our new RUST Server
Rust server IP

What is Rust ?
Rust is a multiplayer survival game released in 2013 and published in February 2018.
Spawn with nothing, get resources, survive(eat, drink, hunt, plant), learn (blueprints) and build incredible things !
More of the main game, on Rust, there is many possibilities to mod the game as zombie mod for example !
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In the last few weeks we have made enormous development to show gaming player stats for few servers. For now we are supporting NQ and silEnT mod servers. In the future we plan to give gift cards for xx amount once you have claimed certain amount of awards. We will soon start to give monthly awards to the players who have achieved rank #1 in certain weapons and/or leader-board.  We also soon plan to add dynamic awards based on your game play and those dynamic awards will show up on your stats page. As of now your stats profile photo is generated dynamically based on your last class selection!
To get future updates, follow this topic and to check current updates, please visit below link - 
1. =F|A= HARDCORE XPS                      https://fearless-assassins.com/et_stats/hc/
2. =F|A= SILENT RECRUITING XPS         https://fearless-assassins.com/et_stats/silent1/
3. =F|A= BEGINNERS #2 XPS                 https://fearless-assassins.com/et_stats/b2/
4. =F|A= NoQ #1 XPS                            https://fearless-assassins.com/et_stats/nq1/ 
Soon we will be adding gaming stats for Jaymod, ETL and ETPRO servers.
We also have updated forum so that you can put your player ID in your profile.  How to do it?  Go to stats page and open your profile. For example - =F|A= SleeStak   /   server - =F|A= SILENT RECRUITING XPS - his profile ID is 25.  Now you can grab the ID and put the ID in your forum profile page under Account Settings.  I have attached screenshot on how to do it. So now any user who will click on that ID - will be able to open up your gaming stats profile page for that server.  In future - based on your GUID submission, will be able to auto populate your K/D and other stats. But off course, we have a long way to go their. 
Please share this topic with your gaming friends! If any of you has any feedback, please feel free to share.
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Enemy Territory Auto pk3 cleaner cleans up extra non stock or custom pk3 from your etmain and mod folders.
Fixed some old links
added normal servers menu to etmain
added auto clean *.tmp files
3 Steps:
1-> Download
2-> Double Click
3-> Install
(if you've changed ET folder!! on step 2 hit browse to the right ET folder)
It removes any file with name start or have:
~~.pk3 (used for customized menu)
**.tmp (un-finished download pk3, better delete if ET crash)
**.pid (resets configuration to default settings if ET crash)
Run this file to keep your ET installation clean. Less pk3 you have installed, more faster your ET will start.
How to use video tutorial:
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We are glad you decided to stop by our website and servers. At Fearless Assassins Gaming Community (=F|A=) we strive to bring you the best gaming experience possible. With helpful admins, custom maps and good server regulars your gaming experience should be grand! We love to have fun by playing online games especially W:ET, Call of Duty Series, Counter Strike: Series, Minecraft, Insurgency, DOI, TF2 & Battlefield Series and if you like to do same then join us! Here, you can make worldwide friends while enjoying the game. Anyone from any race and country speaking any language can join our Discord and gaming servers. We have clan members from US, Canada, Europe, Sri Lanka, India, Japan, Australia, Brazil, UK, Austria, Poland, Finland and many other countries. It doesn't matter how much good you are in the game or how much good English you speak. We believe in making new friends from all over the world. If you want to have fun and want to make new friends join up our gaming servers and our VoIP servers any day and at any time. .

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