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  1. As RB said, it's propably just wrong settings for the screen. Here's how you change that, just type your screen values there: set r_mode "-1" set r_customheight "1050" < -- change set r_customwidth "1680" < -- change set r_fullscreen "1" And if you type this in console, do /vid_restart, if you add it in cfg, add in the end just vid_restart
  2. Hello and thanks for the feedback. Without going for the reasons, I suggest you to apply and make things happen. Since you like the server, as you said. I came here few years back and also found my "home" server quite empty and there was a lack of admins presence. So I applied and these days, with the help of the other admins that applied later on and some older too, the server is now daily on top of the popularity. Things dont happend over night, but it takes dedication and observing. Also help from other regulars to become admins and old admins to help out the way. Real life drifts our admins away from gaming and new ones we look constantly, so consider this if you like to start doing some good work around //EDIT: @daredevil is the man who can add maps etc. Tagged you here, so you can maybe do some changes there.
  3. Hello and welcome to the forums and also welcome back to gaming!
  4. RendeL


    Hello and welcome to the forums.
  5. RendeL


    Hello and welcome to the forums.
  6. Happy birthday
  7. A wife is like a hand grenade: remove the ring and your house is gone!
  8. Hockey time!!! 

    1. RedBaird


      🏒 not 🏑 !

  9. RendeL


    Hello and welcome to the forums. P.S. Cant recall any CheepHeep, wonder who's that
  10. It says the email is sent to you, so have you checked junk mail folder also? Other than that, have to wait for leaders for this.
  11. I took a look on your cfg and made some changes. Basicly you had all the cvars that causes lag on. Shadows, flares, tracers and especially if you play on nq, the aurashadows atleast for me, is the issue. Put it in your etmain folder and then do /exec peru.cfg and see if it helped. If not, then I suggest to try your other pc, as the one you use is really outdated and weak. peru.cfg
  12. Hello...Happyslaw... and welcome to our forums Now I am also happy that you introduced yourself already. Take a look around, we have lots of stuff here that you may like. I quess I need to setup the Got club now, as I promised Remind me, if I forget (yes Im old and tired and stuff to do before I can really focus here) //EDIT: I forgot your donation, thank you for that! You should post your transaction id number in this topic to get your reward:

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