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  1. Are you using et legacy? I just ran into same issue, and some defined buttons on mouse and keyboard stopped working all the sudden ingame. I do also use logitech shit, but I dont think that is the problem, but I strongly think it is ET:L Disconnect/reconnect fixed it for me...this time.
  2. Congrats mate, you really deserved this :)


  3. I think allies forgot something on supplydepot
  4. *****!!!

    1. P3swan


      I think i know that word kinda well and i bet this is also related to ice hockey. V****! xD

  5. Didn't read all said here, but how about redirect to hc when this would get full? And keep it like 16 slots or so, even less in start? That could eliminate the risk of hc getting less ppl.
  6. Something similar to cybergames server back in the days and I'd be interested. We had a talk in my old clan, that nitmod could be brought closest to etpro with settings and I started to build one. Unfortunately I have erased almost all of my old files, would've been worth to try it out. One thing if possible: vote option for extended time for a map, or cmd for admins for it (vote first - execute cmd if passes) Also I think Cheep said it well: that raters need nubs to get their rate
  7. @daredevil Tram siege: Assault (if this was what he ment):
  8. This is also what I am afraid of. I am still using Vista 64b and since the support is stopped, many programs doesn't work on it. I have never read a single line about ET:L until yday and got already chills from it right from the start. However I am gonna give it a try and install new on another drive, can always go back to old if it doesn't work like I want to.
  9. I'd like to hear about the cfg stuff, since it is not recommend to use ET cfg with ET:L...If someone has a cfg to share, I'd want to try it. Been thinking to install legacy, but that cfg stuff is something I dont have much time to rebuild now.