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  1. Yes. ETL is more stable, but if 2.60b works for you ok, then there is no need. About the server cfg, you have a default cfg in your etmain folder and for silent mod here is the cvar list for it: https://mygamingtalk.com/wiki/index.php/Silent_Mod_Server_Cvar#g_ssDirectory I mean you should be able to setup your own server.cfg for localhost too. I think I did it once, gave up with local server after issues, but if someone has other info, pls correct me. Also your own cfg can be the bottleneck for maps visibility here if you have any server cvars in it (g_ or sv_ sett
  2. With localhost it should work by /map mapname and it should load. That is if you have that map in your etmain folder. But yes the cfg part then is another story. ETL has support for omnibots too, tried it and works ok as long as you keep bot numbers low, for me 10+ already caused some issues.
  3. Maybe ET just limits the maps and that's why all isn't there. For example for the server, it is not healthy to have too many maps available for voting. If you select a map and play it, does the list change after that? I have only used the hosting for few maps at a time, just for the map testing purposes, so I can't really tell how it actually is, but just quessing.
  4. Donated 57$. A big thx to @rambozo37 for this gift in return of mine ID: 9KC833811W0072203
  5. 12th anniversary today 🥰

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    2. Muri


      And more to come. Congrats!

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    4. DeKing


      Congratulations ;) 

  6. Thx for the answer! Now I have even more Q: How do you turn off the signature stuff? I have this radeon gpu and this doesn't either have a working driver, or it has driver, but not the settings doesn't work, the CCC doesn't open at all and just gives error. Would give it a last try if I could get the CCC working, so I could adjust the fan and settings more with the OC program. For gt210 on nvidia support site, there was no driver/control panel for win10, but regular 210 had. Couldn't be sure it works for the gt version,so...as for the gt710, there is everyth
  7. So I have this old PC that is a teenager already and I am running out of gpu's (heat/fps issues, cleaned, put in new paste, increased fan speed, doesn't help) and figured I'd buy a new. I haven't really keep myself updated with the new HW nor done reading and I have already forgot some stuff since I assembled this pc... Now I already ordered one gpu (geforce gt210), but the webshop from my ISP (no posting fees and price was 40€) that was selling it and after looking at the nvidia driver for it to download it ready to wait for install, it turned out that there is no driver available
  8. RendeL

    ET BEGINNERS #2 Improve shooting skills?

    You improve by shooting, mostly. The default mouse sensitivity is quite high, so try to decrease that first and get used to it. It must feel very slow in the beginning, but soon you realize your aim isn't all over the screen when you track the enemy, which makes it more steady and soon more accurate. I'd stick with the sensitivity you try for few days to really get used to it and then you can tell what way you need it to go. Also some setting do eat your fps ( set drawfps 1 to see the fps) or cause lags when set wrong and also some setting gives you more steady aim. It's a long list to try exp
  9. Hello and welcome to the forums
  10. Hello and welcome to the forums
  11. RendeL


    What I do when shooting is to move towards where I shoot as crouched, it kinda keeps my aim/recoil more steady when I get hit. I dont think there is other ways to "prevent" the knockback. My dot: set cg_crosshairColor "cyan" set cg_crosshairAlpha "1.0" set cg_crosshairColorAlt "cyan" set cg_crosshairSize "50" set cg_drawCrosshair "5"
  12. So I am having this terrible backpain and I am off from work atleast this week and I wont be much available here either as I am taking very strong pills and just trying to recover. Sorry for the ppl trying to reach me it already took long for me to reply.

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      Well, being an old fart is like that.


      Get better, Rendel! We're lost without your guidance!

    3. CheepHeep


      Get well soon man. Make sure you're keeping your back muscles active by stretching etc and keep a good posture. Need rendel back In top shape asap :)

    4. XeRoiX


      Did things go terribly wrong after trying to do the Flying Frog Yoga position like @K3rmit? 😄 

      Any who, Get well soon man! 

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