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  1. Are you sure you're talking about b2, the silent server or jay2, the jaymod?
  2. I tested it when I thought about the b2 maps before. It is on my list to be added on next round. Looks like it's popular new map.
  3. Ok your old account is now restored and merged. Welcome back It is up to DD whether you keep old lvl, as here are many things different since your last visit.
  4. I was wondering if some sort of minimizer could be made for this or does atl+tab do it?
  5. I sent you a pm about it, lets start from there. @daredevil tagging you also on this to check out.
  6. Hello and welcome to the forums.
  7. RendeL

    Class cfg

    Well I use this, some weapons codes are not right, I think engi rifle would need to change as this is made for silent. Atleast works for me, just tested on jay2.
  8. RendeL

    Class cfg

    Try to remove the "cmd" from that cfg.
  9. Yes sorry I remembered it wrong. Do as @Mufasa said and it will work Thx for the help for old memory!
  10. Yes well you just add in the target line +connect "ip.ip.ip.ip.ip:port and should be fine. In case you dont know how, right click on et quicklaunch and select properties and the ip/port you add after the installation path. A space must be left beetween or it wont work. Here's example of mine: "D:\Wolfenstein - Enemy territory\etl.exe" +connect "b2.clan-fa.com:27960"
  11. @daredevil might be able to help with this. I quess you have tried each setting up a different port when going to server? Like 27960,27961,27962...
  12. There was issues before with couple of AV programs and when I used Vista, my ET didn't work properly. With Win7 pro I didn't install those at all and all is fine. I have 3 ET installed, both 2.60b and ETL and one is from memory stick. AVG and Avast, both free versions were the issue. Are you using those maybe? Another I could think of, is that uninstall leaves folders and maybe registry marks behind. Try using for example CC cleaner after uninstall and then make a fresh install. Other than these, I raise my hands.

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