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  1. I can see how this is turning into b2 to hc type of topic. The discussion is about kr, not removing weapons or adding/decreasing damage. B2 is a beginners server, ment for beginners and for fun, hence the settings. We have other servers for more "serious" gaming with the settings asked and more. Discussion is about if removing or changing the kr would maybe courage ppl to actually play some objectives as a team instead of fragging the shit out of newbies and emptying the server. Also I am not sure if we're affort on trial and fail with some changes, as player wise, as y
  2. Hello and tervetuloa forumille
  3. RendeL


    Hello and welcome to the forums
  4. This is sadly true. It's not M!dnight who just comes and stacks, just to frag without caring at all the teams. The kr, from my behalf it could go, as it is a beginners server after all and now some guys just come there to frag. I mean I have seen a guy with 80+ kr in the past, who didn't cheat, but mortared and got feed ammo by his mate. M!dnight shouldn't have !putteam command, or then someone else than me have given it to him. Will check this. Anyways atm we are somewhat with lack of active admins out there and help would be needed. That's why some of you
  5. RendeL


    Hello and welcome to the forums
  6. I see you have some double cvars there with r settings and those might mismatch. I removed the r_settings, so try this cfg if it works better, exec it by typing /exec oli.cfg If it wont help, you can always use your old cfg //EDIT: erm cant seem to upload the cfg here, will send as pm test.zip
  7. RendeL


    Also windows button + D puts you straight on your desktop. If you use ETL, then alt + tab
  8. Hello and welcome to the forums
  9. RendeL


    Are you running the game as administrator? Check this:
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