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  1. Ok so I'd remove: mlb_temple - lags alot till inside the temple Goldrush_gals - still allies struggle Italy_fp2 - too hard for allies Add: eagles_2ways - big map, with many obj FA_goldrush - better for allies FA_Italy - better for allies
  2. Got finaly the win 7 :) Bye bye Vista, wont be missing you :D

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Scarface06


      Why did you take Windows 7 ? In 3 mouth is no longer supported

    3. RendeL


      I will update pc next year, but wanted to be able to work with this till then.

    4. Xernicus


      7 will be fine through 2020. After that, I wouldn't use it... but I know of many people running legacy systems that haven't fallen victim to any attacks.

      New machine won't run 7 though and if you got a license for 10, it could've been transferred... not a big deal though, there's always a use for a spare license even if it's for a VM. 

  3. Yeah looked that after I posted Quess I need to learn how to use google....
  4. Guys and girls, please collect here some new maps and admins can also ask regulars what maps they'd like to see. Also a list of maps that should be replaced would be nice. Maybe keep the lists on about 5 maps max and we'll see if @daredevil would add/remove what we suggest. Will add my list later on.
  5. I am about to update old Vista to Win 7 and been looking for license key from ebay. Now I never have bought anything from there, but I was adviced to look for the feedback and items sold from the seller. I have couple possible good sellers looked for now. Yet I hesitate this, even tho it is less that 10€ that it costs. Any advice from ppl who have bought there, or even better does anyone have a genuine license key available? And no, I am not going to use any crack for activating the license. I want the real deal, not any trojans.
  6. I have no more ideas for you, but maybe someone else has then. For me it sounds like your silent key has changed to a fresh since you played before.
  7. Just make sure it is located in your silent folder. If it is, you could try to save it on your desktop, then delete silent folder and join server and load all the files needed from there, then add the silent.dat back in your fresh silent folder.
  8. You need a silent.dat file in your silent folder. Etkey does not save your xp on silent servers.
  9. Ok so here couple pics. I am happy how it is finished Still need to change couple of doors and paint the rest. Next summer maybe build deck there for some bbq...
  10. Thanks! Anyways all finished and ready now, will post pics when I upload to my pc. Have to say, the change from old is huge now that it is ready...well so be my loan also
  11. RendeL

    the return of vehx

    Congrats on your future and welcome back, man
  12. I read about permissions, but after a quite big prize (150 - 250 e) tag was put on a minor notification (doesn't require approval) to the building supervisors, I thought like everyone else: f*** it All the houses around ours have similar roof profile and also they have made also the boards, without asking permissions or notifications. Just if the total change of colour would become in question, then it'd require notification. This isn't the case for us. Dont think any company will calculate the strengths required on a old house, they just put new wood on top of the old. They even just build new roof on top of old, like one of our neighbour has. On new buildings all has to be right on spot tho, but since so many structural failures I have seen past few years, I think noone really inspects stuff they supposed to with good care. Good example is a big daycare building here, that was ready in 2014. Last summer they found "bad air conditions" inside and they had to close the whole building. City and the contractor fought about who is responsible to fix the failures and they finaly after a year got to a agreement. The building costed over 3 million e and to fix it costed almost 1 m more...now the city is planning to build 4 new school buildings within the next 4 years....boy do I feel happy to pay the taxes! P.S. RB is starting to freak me out with his profiling skills

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