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  1. No it is not. On all our servers sk is allowed. And it should stay that way, trying to control it only cause more issues and arguments. Been there, done that, in the end noone was happy.
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums
  3. Hello and welcome to the forums.
  4. Hello and welcome to the forums. I started playing horizon zero dawn and I just love it. Atm lvl 35, doing the hunting test on Baguan's camp to be able to enter the volcano and Meridian town, so still long way to go ahead. The wideness of this "world" has really suprised me, as there is a lot to investigate.
  5. I use only spotify premium on my mobile and listen it daily when I am at work. Many hours a day. I love the playlists and it is simple to use. YT I use on my pc, as I love to watch the music videos. Just the impatience I have when new music is released and there is no video, now that sucks. Or music without a video even after months/years. Also annoyed about the YT cookies shit and privacy popup, even tho it's just one click, but I find it very useless. Thanks EU for this, too!
  6. I'll start this then. map: goldrush/goldrush-gals issue/suggestion: if bots could take more routes and patrol wider area that just the main routes. for axis this is easy to defend, so maybe allies bots could take these different paths (from spawn #1 through truck barrier #2 and 1 and to tank barrier#1 and 2, just as an example). and once bank is breached, maybe both sides could use all the ways in the bank: couple of axis through the alley on back of the back to the bank and allies from courtyard to the back of the bank on 2 sides, mg and near axis spawn. On GA map allies could go also on top of the bank to get the gold. GR is a great map, so bots could make themselfs more usefull
  7. I was wondering if among our regulars are also ppl that can and like to make waypoints. Any help would be highly appreciated as atm I am bugging two guys about issues I have seen and that needs fixing...it can be overwhelming at some point, as damn, do I see issues with bots! Also maybe this topic would be good for suggestions and ofcourse issues to be fixed and requests for waypoints on those maps that doesn't have any. Anyone who does/fixes these files can upload those to our download section: https://fearless-assassins.com/files/category/22-waypoints/ Give simple info on what to fix and ofc for what map: map: issue/suggestion:
  8. Oh man, that looks great! Any hints what kind of gaming gear this will require, as the looks of the surface and modeling, not any toaster will run this smoothly?
  9. If it is pineapple pizzas, after 0.5 seconds that delivery guy will be squeezed in that box with those pizzas!
  10. Hello and welcome to the forums
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