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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
  2. Win10 for 20€ is a fairly good purchase imo. Now only need to install it.

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    2. RendeL


      I bought this win7 from the same place, may have to do a phone verification, but the authentication was succesfull. So it is then a official copy. The disk comes from China in about 2-3 weeks, but I dl the win from the windows site, install it from usb stick and copy/paste the key from email.

    3. RendeL


      Aaaaand houston we have a problem... my gpu driver is not supporting win10 :D

    4. RedBaird


      After my ERRORs on the forums today, I am reluctant to even think about your new problem, let alone offer ANY kind of advice!

  3. Update to this. We go on as it is for now, something just came up and we can't do the excluded maps list atm. Thx for the suggestions tho, will do this when it is possible.
  4. Removed: Minas Password Reactor Added: 1944_huertgen Return to radar Ghetto td: excluded maps, will remove battery, radar, railgun //EDIT: just noticed that we need couple of large maps to play for 32+ ppl. I made the excluded maps list and atm reasonable maps for 32+/full server are just 5-6. I need links to maps also and no sniper maps. That list is not final yet, as we need to have maps more balanced to serve the now very busy server b2 has become. So yeah a bigger overhauling is need after all. Excluded maps here, I have tested and used common sense on what map would be good to what player count. Even if some maps are big, then there is small places and if 32+ ppl are on that same area, it is a chaos and possible lags, based on the tests/gameplay. This wont be the final list, as need to add/remove some maps, first goes daybreak, but you get the point what I and DD need to do here other than just test/add/remove maps:
  5. Rendel, what does mean-  Smirre? :) Always wanna to ask you 

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    2. captnconcrete


      so if we ever get to met in rl .. we downin one of these vodka s.

    3. RendeL


      Yes definitely!

      And Ellen is also right, originally girls in my class came up with that nick and it is idd from a cartoon series. I just prefer the vodka story as my lastname is almost that :D

    4. Ellen


      Popular nickname, because I had it too. Only I gave it to myself and dropped it when I was like 6. 😎☺️

  6. Thanks for the suggestions! I will put on my map testing pants during the weekend and add some new ones. Also will then look on the excluded maps depending which to add first. @Ellen I try to keep the new maps within just couple at a time, because adding too many maps that ppl do not know and they might leave for it.
  7. Hello and welcome to the forums.
  8. I need couple of maps, need to replace lotr maps as ppl dont seem to like those. I'll take a look at that ghetto, there is normal version too. And will send DD pm to exclude the small maps from full server once I get new maps.
  9. It is user interface as cvar. Those cvars are not ment to be used by ui and I'm sure et tries to read it and gets error. It's like 2 cvars in one (ui_+r_) //EDIT: Correct to that after looking at the cvar list from our site, I found those setting do exist ( HERE ), but never seen such before. Maybe old relic cvars from rtcw? Dunno, but also looking at my own cfg, I have none UI settings there. Yeah anyways I'd still remove those "double" cvars to see if it works then. And you can put vid_restart in the of your cfg, so it exec when you exec your cfg.
  10. RendeL

    Happy birthday !

    Happy birthday!
  11. You need set r_mode -1, not seta ui_r_mode "-1" Just remove all ui from there, those mess up your cfg
  12. Hello and welcome to the forums

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