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  1. /ignore *playernamehere* and a lot is not to be seen :) In a perfect world things would be like you say, but the internet is a very very bad place...a pm to admins is one solution and ignoring (also from mind) is another...
  2. http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/
  3. Everybody concerned about their xp/lvl should save their etkey (+silent.dat if they play silent) on their pc and a good trick is to zip them both (also cfg if you have that) and sent it to your email. There you can easily get the xp/lvl back and takes only a minute.
  4. Where are you? 👀

    1. Daniëlle


      Super busy with school. Will be back in a few weeks!😁

    2. RendeL


      Great! Good luck with the school stuff :)

    3. Anton Chigurh

      Anton Chigurh

      We almost wanted to start a search party for you

  5. Good luck with it, it is exiting to start learning and trying things, but once you get into it, it becomes more easy and I'm sure you develope something nice :)
  6. The stability is up to your connection. A 100/100Mb is good. And yes your pc needs to be online if ppl like to reach to it. Renting the server, you can do what you like and all admin levels/commands are available. Personally I recommend to rent (used to do that in the past too for years) a server and start learning with that.
  7. It's just that Berlusconi has bought a premium account on pornhub
  8. Are you using et legacy? I just ran into same issue, and some defined buttons on mouse and keyboard stopped working all the sudden ingame. I do also use logitech shit, but I dont think that is the problem, but I strongly think it is ET:L Disconnect/reconnect fixed it for me...this time.
  9. Congrats mate, you really deserved this :)


    1. Anton Chigurh

      Anton Chigurh

      Thank you man


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