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    @Leader @Co-Leader @ET Member @ET Trial @Event Organizer @Staff Let's have some fun tomorrow
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    Ah yes, Summer is upon us, at last! The silky smooth sands, the breeze of the wind, and the heat of the sun. What can be better than this trifecta? =F|A= SUMMER GAMEDAY 2019!! Join us for a weekend on the sands, battling it out in the scorching blaze of the ball of fire! Who's ready?! Set your dates and mark your calendars for the 22nd & 23rd of June. You are welcome to enjoy all of this on our servers! We'll be hosting the following games: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Time: 11AM to Midnight GMT+0 Date: Saturday, 22nd June Server Name: =F|A= Beginners #2 Server IP: b2.clan-fa.com:27960 Discord server IP: https://link.fearless-assassins.com/discord Insurgency Time: 11AM to Midnight GMT+0 Date: Saturday, 22nd June Server Name: =F|A= #4 COOP 35 ANGRY BOTS (MEDICS) Server IP: ins4.clan-fa.com:27022 Discord server IP: https://link.fearless-assassins.com/discord Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Time: 11AM to Midnight GMT+0 Date: Saturday, 22nd June Server Name: =F|A= Beginners 24/7 Server IP: Discord server IP: https://link.fearless-assassins.com/discord Day Of Infamy Time: 11AM to Midnight GMT+0 Date: Sunday, 23rd June Server Name: =F|A= Recruiting COOP #3 Server IP: doi3.clan-fa.com:27034 Discord server IP: https://link.fearless-assassins.com/discord PS. BIG shoutout to all the event organisers who helped organise this gameday. Special thanks to @chaos the golden dragon who has made a valiant effort to get this gameday kick started and his buddy KimoForce for dedicating his time to creating our INS, DOI and COD4 posters!
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    Haven't donated in a while. Heres $15 to make my total 800. Long live FA! Transaction ID:7YN40811P4544380M
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    I was actually planning to add one I worked on it few days back for some kids! You might be in luck. Stick around.
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    I missed ET and all you fine folks Have had some unpleasant news in real life that I was tending to (divorce) Every new beginning comes from another beginnings end. Verily with hardness comes ease Keep my happiness in your prayers, trying to smile and fake it till I make it Looking forward to fragging with everyone again
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    That error every time I visit the page! Need to fix the webserver! Time to find root cause and report it to apache and php team!
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    Traded in my old XF for this XF-S black edition .. test drive day And pickup day cleaned and polished
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    Hey there, it's Zero from Jay1. Just wanted to drop by the site! I've started playing back in 05? when NQ was the bomb. I stopped playing around the time I got in high school and regretted not coming back to it. There's something about this game that keeps me wanting to come back. I used to be in a few clans back in the days, most notably --AA-- and =GP=. Maybe you've heard of them! I had a lot of names during, but Zero was the one I used the most. I knew B!0s when he was here, who introduced me to the server. He used to call me Taco lol. I just started back a few weeks ago, and I love how ET is still alive and well here! Anyways, see ya next game! /vsay ftmortar Oh, and here is a pic of my ever lasting engraving of Wolfenstein.
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    Hello everyone! Max Power here. Have been playing on your HC ET server recently and regularly, and am enjoying it. I last played on FA servers somewhere around 2010 and before that was running my own clan's farm {*CS*} (you have to be old to remember this). Started playing ET around 2006 and was a regular in [Testicul's] Classic Maps with [PlusUltra]. Some of my running mates were Normandy, Kr0niK, XD40, Murd3r, S!lver, B00Nutz, and semo. Again, probably have to be an old timer like me to know some of those names, but if you happen to, then you know my history. Now days, I run an IT operation for a large Enterprise by day and for ET am running a bare config, crappy laptop, and no mousepad... Soon, i'll blow the dust of the rig and actually see if I can see a decent frame rate again! Have enjoyed my time back on Hardcore. A lot of good players there that reminds me of some of the ringers from yesteryear. No one as good as Cheep Heep though. Probably the best player to ever touch ET, and it isn't really even close. OK, thanks for having me here, i'll see myself out now.
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    $20. Silent servers are running better than ever.Thanks! ID: 61J72270HA9818716
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    Little 20$ from me to. Cheers!! #8F925040HP499892S
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    I made a video last year to promote the gameday. I didnt have enough time this year to make a new one but I though I would share it again to give an idea of what is upcoming (Note that the infos in the video are obviously wrong those were the 2018 details)
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    to make sure
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    Hiya guys, I'm TechN9NE from the -TWC| clan and this is me
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    sw_oasis_b3, 0, 64, italyfp2, 0, 52, supplydepot2, 0, 64, sp_delivery_te, 0, 40, et_mor2_night_final, 0, 44, goldrush-gals, 0, 64, venice_ne4, 0, 64, caen2, 0, 44, teuthonia_final, 0, 64, et_beach, 0, 52, fueldump, 0, 40, adlernest, 0, 36, snatch3, 0, 40, capuzzo, 0, 64, warbell, 0, 52, bremen_final, 0, 42, braundorf_final, 0, 36, sw_cathedral_b7, 0, 40, haunted_mansion, 0, 64, UJE_00, 0, 64, mlb_temple, 18, 52, Fata_Morgana, 0, 40, pirates, 0, 40, frostbite, 0, 36, baserace, 0, 40, Tower_b27j, 0, 32, raid_final, 0, 32, missile_b3, 0, 32, radar, 0, 64,
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    The hc.clan-fa.com bot count is set to 12 where bots join/part to make sure each team has at least 6 players. I suggest this be lowered to 6 (3v3). I view HC as a more competitive pub, something akin to the stopwatch servers. The bots don't add much to the game other than the occasional revive or plant/defuse, but I do think it's better than nothing. I also see bots as a cheap trick to get players into the server from the master list, as they're likely looking for a server with players. Unfortunately they join to find out it has bots, so I'm not sure whether this strategy works. The HC server has a popular brand name. For a lot of players that's the only place they play. I don't think the bots are necessary to get players into the server anymore. None of the maps on HC are very appropriate for 1v1, unless there's some sort of gentleman's agreement. 2v2 could maybe work (not likely), but most of the maps feature in 3v3 tournaments so that seems like the most appropriate number. Personally, I would play 1v1 and 2v2 with random people if the maps were automatically adjusted but this doesn't really make sense for a pub where people come and go all the time. I think 3v3 is the right number. There's still likely going to be a gentleman's agreement to not use panzer, mines, or rnade at 3v3, and more than likely almost nobody will be that honorable. But adding more bots doesn't fix this problem. I think casual randoms/regulars would be happy to do 3v3 and the traffic will naturally grow from that. I think players tend to leave when there are so many bots. F|A offers other servers loaded with bots for people who want to practice that way.
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    So those who you played - on Beginners #2 event ... yesterday.. how did you like TDM? Would you guys like to play it on silent #1 or hardcore for maps like baserace, fragmaze, etc? For those who don't know TDM - it's team death match mode. To make your team win - you frag like fearless gangster and you do objectives to score bonus points. Which ever team - scores highest point first - team wins. Either time limit hits or score point is reached - map ends. After map end - you vote for another map during intermission, same like map voting. Looking for some feedback!
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    I had tried to reduce it in past and it didn't help. When we where running bots in past, many clans where against it, to be honest. But as cheep mentioned, it gives something to shoot at. Now a days majority runs it including those who complained for it. We have ETPro - which is hard to make it popular not because people don't like it or don't want to play on it. Sadly no one is willing to join it first and camp on it. The reason i picked 6 is because considering 2-3 routes in any maps - on each route you will have 2-3 omni's to shoot at. That gives enough chance to get server going. All the pro's who say they dislike bots are the first to leave when when player count goes down because they feel they have no one to shoot at and have to hunt in map to empty their clips. The another example of why bigger good maps are disliked. Most of them want to spawn, get in combat - then either kill or die. If they have to move even 5 sec, omg this map sucks. So that's why if you see majority of maps that are voted are small or med size at max with close combat options. I have tried to find balance and on trial and error, 6 worked out best. So i stick to it. I started with 2 vs 2 and went up to 8 vs 8. Eventually 6 vs 6 was good enough. Basically it should be 6 vs 5 but people on hardcore are majority mature and if i call for balance team many are ready to move. So 6 vs 6. I am open to change and can try again 5 vs 5. We can see how it goes. I will wait for other people feedback before making change. I am not opposed to changes as long as changes are good for server.
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    Some ss. Had few more, but messed those by pressing wrong key
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    I remember dreaming about this all ready back in 2008. And nothing brings me more joy than this, so this is the first official announcement about it. Without any further I'll let the video do the talking. For the latest news follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/n2g_et2/ If anybody want to help us with this project, let me know and leave me a PM I will invite you to our developer team
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    Donation from me. $30 USD ID: 4WM63403GT323504A
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    New maps tomorrow for jay2!
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    Some new options added in default editor.
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    Cams to be repaired, water pump etc... cam belt. Timing set up is terrible operation, 3-4 times harder than regular v8 with cambelt and 32valve.
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    track leading to
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    One of my car , my favorite
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    making you feel
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    Problem i see with this is, at the beginning when players are coming in, the bots give those players something to shoot at. When the server starts filling up the bots disappear anyway. Also from my own experience, the players that do join first aren't ETPro players so these bots will satisfy these players until real people come online. As a compromise however, perhaps we could try lowering it to 5v5 having each bot play one of the classes. Thoughts?
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    Everybody knows that the higher the Kill/Death ratio (K/D) the better the player. Right? Not exactly. A better measurement for killing power is overall damage and accuracy. Even this measure has problems, as there are a lot of pathological cases that can inflate stats. So let's remember the fundamentals to ground ourselves, as it often seems like a pub is just chaos. An objective is to be guarded or attacked. By default the offense loses, meaning it is the offense's responsibility to make a move whereas the defense can hang back and camp. If there were no weapons the game would be reduced to a race and some shit show of never-ending planting/defusing and likely a lot of pushing. With weapons you can now remove the enemy from the map to make way for the objective. Already from this we know that killing AFK's in spawn are not worth as much as killing enemies on the objective. The same applies to wasting resources attacking/defending anything that's not related to the objective. Players can be removed from the map, but they come back at regular intervals. This creates "waves" of enemies, where the wave is strongest at the respawn time and gradually weakens as the players flow out of the spawn. Kills on enemies just after their respawn are worth more than on enemies who are about to respawn. A kill on an enemy about to respawn is not worthless, as it still forces them back to a respawn point and removes their map pressure. If you know their respawn time you can purposely wait until after their respawn to kill them for maximum effect. Skilled players will "push out" when their respawn is approaching to deal damage to the next enemy wave before resetting. Remember, the kills themselves are only valuable insofar as they help you achieve the objective. If you don't gain an objective or map control, the kill is worthless. You don't necessarily have to kill an enemy. If they run away then your job is essentially done and you can shift your focus to better targets. Don't mindlessly chase people. Likewise you can always provide damage assistance even if you don't expect to get the kill. The extra damage makes the enemy less likely to land hits on your teammate, and also you have a more clear shot since you're likely not taking damage while shooting. Just as a kill on an enemy about to respawn is not worth much, a kill on an enemy who gets full revived is worth even less because they get to keep their map pressure. When a player is revived they get a shield, providing a barrier for the medic. Sometimes players will burn all of their ammo trying to get at the medic. Don't fall for this. There is a similar trick to proning inside gibs. With experience you can know the extents of the hitboxes. Until then, you're likely being tricked into a reload death. Not all players are equal. A kill on a low skill player is not worth the same as a kill on a high skill player. Unfortunately this leads to successful strategies like letting the low skill players charge in first and allow the high skill players to clean up. Unfortunately for the same reason it's not always to your advantage to spend resources on low skill players. It's especially frustrating when they bleed you when you don't comply. Weapon switch leaves a player vulnerable for a time, so a high skill might decide you are not worth the risk. Here are some tips: Die in a better spot. Don't lure your medic into a meat grinder. Die inside choke points that block enemy movements, like doorways. Be sure to crouch while fighting so that your medic can get in some shots. Crouch aiming might be too difficult for you. That's ok, you can still be useful, especially if you're a laggy son-of-a-b***. Do your death charge while maintaining presence of mind: wait until you have backup, don't block your backup's line of sight, move around so that the enemy have to use more resources to kill you, and try to take down medics. When requesting ammo or meds, don't stare at the person. You'll likely notice that they are focused on a choke point. You should instead also focus on that choke point while requesting resources so that at least someone is watching. When you shoot or get shot at it gives your teammates information about the map. This might be asking a lot, but don't bleed your high skill teammates. Instead, treat them as your cash cow. Feed them ammo and meds, revive them ASAP, and help shoot along side them without getting in their way. It's important to both help contribute damage and take some of the pressure off them by luring enemy attention. The best part is that when you die you'll notice that a high skill player has you revived in no time. So now you know the complications with reducing player quality down to a number. It's situational. If you think it's kills per death, would you say someone with 5:1 did better than 50:40? If it's damage, is someone who abuses artillery or panzer really that skilled? If it's accuracy is someone with 100% accuracy but only 30 shots skilled? How do revives factor into your model? None of these stats, as tracked by ET, are weighted by the enemy's quality. So don't worry about racking up deaths as long as you're getting work done on the objective.
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    This one was removed in may - you sure you can play it? If you can confirm you had played it recently - then i need to find from where that map is coming. #May 2019 #password2, 0, 40, #mml_minastirith_fp3, 34, 64, #kerkyra, 0, 40, #praetoria_m2, 0, 64, #Tower_b27j, 0, 32, #Fata_Morgana, 0, 40, @HOTSPUR @THE BEAST @Letdown @captnconcrete @Mad Doc @Jiren Based on all the feedback - sw_oasis_b3, 0, 64, italyfp2, 0, 52, supplydepot2, 0, 64, sp_delivery_te, 0, 40, et_mor2_night_final, 0, 44, goldrush-gals, 0, 64, teuthonia_final, 0, 64, et_beach, 0, 52, adlernest, 0, 36, snatch3, 0, 40, capuzzo, 0, 64, frost2_final, 0, 32, bremen_final, 0, 42, braundorf_final, 0, 36, fa_italy_b3, 0, 64, sw_cathedral_b7, 0, 40, haunted_mansion, 0, 64, wolfsrudel3_final, 0, 32, UJE_00, 16, 64, pirates, 0, 40, frostbite, 0, 36, baserace, 0, 40, raid_final, 0, 32, school, 0 ,32, radar, 0, 64, et_ice,0, 32, xposed_ndt, 0, 32, Looking at the votes for Italy - Italy 2x is intentional. I have also added task to replace map voting votes - on first of every month - auto going forward. So this way we can see every month - votes - rather then avg of many months. Normally i used to do it manually, got time, so made it all auto so if i forget it doesn't become from a month to two month or 45 days. Please report feedback - if I missed any of your maps for try out or even adding, suggest here. I got room for 3 more maps.
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    diamond of the
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    AMD FirePro M4170 has a bus speed of 800-900mhz max The cfg you downloaded has a resolution of 1600x1024 that is benchmarked very low fps output for that card at that resolution for certain games ET is not listed on the charts You will need to change the resolution in the config to your display or equal native resolution below or around 1366x768 to get what your looking for from that card how ever if the cfg is to remain unchanged it would be best to create a shortcut of et.exe and send it to the desktop and edit the properties to overwrite any configuration setting from a .cfg adding this to the properties target of the shortcut .ink file default paths with commands "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\et.exe" +exec Sonofdoc.cfg +r_customwidth "1366" +r_customheight "768" +set r_mode "-1" +vid_restart You should run the .cfg command first then set customs aspect ratio and mode and vid_restart last to make it take effect if you want to add a server ip address and connect to the server that was previously connected to with low fps put it after the .cfg with +connect then space with url or ip and then the custom aspect ratio you can edit the shortcut much easier then looking through files if the fps is unchanged you may have to cvar_restart;exec etconfig;vid_restart and reset your name then restart the game with the shortcut because sometimes ET will bug with cvar changes
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    with my friends
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    Hi I want to introduce myself, some members may remember me and some have no clue who i am, to all those who dont know me, I've been playing ET since the game was introduced, I've been inactive for some time because of availability of networks around my area, I'm a 55 year young retired man with a wonderful family and lots of friends, I was born in Brooklyn New York and am now living in Kentucky, if there is anyone who needs help let me know I'll do my best to help out. *Rail*
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    Up Mount Everest
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    or video picture
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    or die horribly
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    but cant use
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    in the explosion
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    is capable of
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