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    Howdy! I'm coming today with 2 things I've noticed recently and they started bothering me and I would like to suggest to change them on Beg#2. First thing, which is a big problem for me and for the rest of the regulars who play more than 1h a day, is same maps are getting voted every time. I mean not all the time but we can assume that every 10 times there will be Goldrush voted, or Italy, or Venice, or Delivery or... We have so many interesting maps there but we play just 8 of them, or 10. I know these maps are the best known from the long list of playable maps but in my opinion we should try to make or even force other players to play them. I don't think no one, even the newcomers will resign from playing on our server just because we're playing for example Cathedral, not the Venice all over again. Is there any way to somehow block the maps from showing on the list till... let's say 15 or maybe 20 maps? That would solve the issue I think. And what do you think? Second thing I would like to suggest is could we add a banner that could be showed on every screen before autoshuffle reminding about no teamswitching after shuffle? Something like the green one which is shown after !teams1 cmd. I know Kermit and Rendel they've got their own binds reminding about that but the issue is with newcomers, after autoshuffle they have to be moved back to even the teams. I'm not saying it's hard to do or I got bored, that's the job I agreed to have, but it might make our time...more comfortable? I also know there is one which is shown on the chat from time to time but a lot of people doesn't care about the main chat. Someone told me this was proposed some time ago but there was no echo so I'm letting myself to call the regulars from beg#2 (if I forgot about someone sorry ) : @Night Train @Palace @PHNTM @Ellen @THORGAL @Xeilon @Orangutan @Hesis @Ins4ne @Komodo @Bekantan @lem0n91 @ExCaL @Basalisk @RendeL @Cross Marian @K3rmit
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    Things are pretty tight but managed to give a little love 5$ ID#8H1738VF961592B
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    Just donated $50 USD (f*** the AUD > USD Conversion though) Transaction ID: 9CN04369SD228363G
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    I've played with FA for the last few years and really enjoy Playing a relaxing game of ET with all of you. Quite a few people have asked about me and so I wanted to Introduce myself. This is Code-Red, I live in Pasadena Texas, Just an old guy who likes to play ET.
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    0 = 320x240 1 = 400x300 2 = 512x384 3 = 640x480 4 = 800x600 5 = 960x720 6 = 1024x768 7 = 1152x864 8 = 1280x1024 9 = 1600x1200 10 = 2048x1536 11 = 856x480 (wide) -1 = custom This is all of them. If the resolution you want to play at is not on the list, use r_mode -1 and r_customheight and r_customwidth.
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    i live 2 blocks from this .. the falls. this is also in my state but im about 400 miles from it.
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    hello everyone, this little post to introduce me, so my name is Fred (player name W$M) , I live in France, I play on ET for about 6 years and regularly on the server F|A for 1.5 years . I take this message to congratulate and thank all the team F | A and especially its leaders who allow us to play on a very good server with a great atmosphere. See you soon on the server :):)
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    For map related changes, let's just use map topics so easy to follow up for any issues. Trick jump above the door has been blocked -
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    Meh... waiting for maintenance @ work. Glad that I get paid for waiting and chillin tho
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    Whole warm up i can reduce to 30 sec. .. actually no - shuffle logic depends on it. I will see if i can minimize warm up time to bit less on hardcore. I think it's set to 35 sec so people can get enough time to change class after auto shuffle which happens every 2 maps. Tony is admin and he goes on and off. He spends his electric bill on joining server so that all can enjoy. It should be other way around i.e. thanking him.
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    I started to play on BEGS #2 lately. I like the fact we can vote maps. I do agree with @notellenPage it gets boring to play same maps over and over. If we can put a delay of 8-10 maps that would be great. The other thing, there's a to big choice of maps for voting. We have to scroll down to get to the end of the list. Most of the time at the end of the list there's very interesting maps but my guess is not allot of players don't bother to scroll down and just vote quickly. Not talking about the fact we have 5-6 players who vote for same maps and 10 one vote for other maps. So maybe reduce the list, make the list random and a delay for voted maps would be nice. Not sure putting a map cycle would be the best idea. The server seems to get good numbers lately so a drastic change like that might not be well received. Its always great as a player to have choices. Just restrain them and no one will see the difference
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    You probably just need to run your game as an administrator. Follow the steps from this link. It will help you. If you get any further problems, let us know
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    We put on some xmas stuff, but it's too early yet. Ppl might get bored for having those for weeks. But soon
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    Hey =F|A=mily I want to show you my YouTube Channel. "Playing with ViP3r*" In future i want to stream (Twitch.YouTube. i do not know). At the moment i can not stream. My Internet upload is not the best. Now i record/capture some gameplay of myself (=F|A= Members and Server regulars). My Videos have not the best quality. But i try other recording app to get better quality for the Videos. Hope you enjoy the Videos. I also support the =F|A=mily. like... subscribe... activate the "bell" Playing with ViP3r* !!! Channel is under construction!!!
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    happy thanksgiving .. this is thanks giving music at my house!!!!
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    I cant see how it could possibly be your PC not being NQ compat, new one on me but i'll go and see if i can duplicate the issue. Sounds to me more along the lines of having both server and local sounds on, hence the "echo".....i will report back if i'm able to duplicate the issue and help find a solution for you.
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    Its Yokasteliya, Yoka in short. My main obsession has been Insurgency and those of you who play co-op, might have seen me around. Am from Finland, my gamename translates roughly to bedwetter, thats supposed to be funny! I try to act my age, which is extremely adult 48, but I fail sometimes.
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    @daredevil IM IN! i used the different port in the ip did you happen to reboot the server? i just tried 27960 port and it worked as well also tested the jay1 button join also worked.
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    New rotation sometime next week - 3 maps will keep on changing every week when i get time. Possibly Mondays. et_mor2_night_final,0,64, supplydepot2,0,64, caen2,0,40, fueldump,0,64, sp_delivery_te,0,40, pirates,0,64, capuzzo,12,64, tankbuster,12,40, et_beach,0,64, fa_italy_b3,0,64, warbell,0,64, fa_bremen_final,0,64, 2tanks, 20, 64, adlernest,0,40, etdo1,26,64, bba0-beta2,26,64, transmitter,12,36, teuthonia_final,0,44, braundorf_final,0,32, river_port,0,64, sw_oasis_b3,0,36, fa_temple,30,54, etdo6,36,64, haunted_mansion,0,45, goldrush-gals,0,64, library_b3,0,30, subway,0,64, mlb_daybreak,0,38, cortex_who,16,36, UJE_xmas_factory,0,32,
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    Sometimes I like to recreate old projects to see how my techniques have changed and improved over the years. In cases like this, there's something distinctly magical about the process. Made in Affinity Photo. Original:
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    If possible please add: UJE - I keep repeating myself for you to kindly add this map (my all time favourite) TC base - for Phantom (plus an old favourite of mine} Please don't add fata morgana; the worst map ever; most players quit the server if voted for and this map is as bad as Fragmaze. If possible please delete: Any Gold Rush, keeping just one version (too many times GR is played) I am happy with the list we currently have but I am not happy with the voting system. too many maps are being overplayed again and again such as GR/ITALY/Oasis/Venice (all good maps but tired of playing these same maps every night without fail. We have so many good maps on the list but for some reason they are not getting voted for. I bet some players have never even played some of these maps on the list such as Cathedral. Is there any chance a map that has just been played cannot be voted for again for a longer period of time than we currently have? Just a suggestion if it is at all possible. Thanks for all involved in these changes Dare Devil/Rendel etc, Regards; Basa
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    I've got a few Christmas maps I can add, just been busy dealing with some stuff recently so haven't had a chance to get round to it. Next time the server empties I'll get a new rotation up. As for skin packs, maybe? It's up to @daredevil. If I do add some it'll only be lite packs that only change a few things, nothing excessive.
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    few people been asking for xmas maps. do we do skins on jay2 i cant remember. im looking forward too this .. if u need me to post up some maps .. let me know. also would like to see this up for few weeks.thanks
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    You're right about the RTCW, but the ET is identical. RTCW MP40 100 ms 14 damage 400 spread THOMPSON 120 ms 18 damage 600 spread STEN 110 ms 14 damage 200 spread ET MP40 150 ms 18 damage 400 spread THOMPSON 150 ms 18 damage 400 spread STEN 150 ms 14 damage 200 spread
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    I think it was something with my drivers. I rolled back my nvidia drivers and it seems to have worked. Thank you for your help everyone.
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    Here's an overall view of the falls, we have a whole Amish community that comes down from the west in the summer and gathers at the falls for about a week, some of them are pretty cool to talk to, but most have no interest in you.
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    Hellooo mate ! Nice to see you here too https://fearless-assassins.com/forum/184-applications-join-us/
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