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    It's been a long time and I haven't shared any new updates since a while. Sometimes, I feel it's just 2008 and we just started our community but when I see the calendar, it's 2018. When we started while back it was just me, Rainier, Joe, FEM, yoyo and medic. Rest others followed over the period of time. Medic was the one who pursued me big time, to add COD4 servers when COD4 was at peak. Then we become super popular in COD4 in top 5 and over the period of time, server activity declined. My this year goal is to make COD4 popular again slowly with new server settings and bring some oldies back for fun. I still can't believe Anique, you are still around. Even V!per came back from FAG days. I still can't believe almost 10 years have passed by. 10 years is a long time. I was single, working, running community during free time and enjoying my free life. It used to be really fun time and it still is. But let's be honest, oldies are like your first love in life. You never forget them no matter what. I just wish Rainier, Joe, Medic and others would get active again. I kinda miss them sometimes. I am glad yoyo is still around and kicking, irrespective to our personal differences while back. But hey it's all history and I look forward each day towards rising sun! I never for even once thought I will get to see 2018 with =F|A=. I had some rough time in my life during 2010-2013 and lot's of people helped me out. It would really hurt when I have to say, sorry guys, we are closing our community because of less donations, less peeps, less server activity. I get it, whatever comes in existence has to expire. But then every year, I say to myself, God no not this year, one year more. I would hate to see not talking to all of you. We will be soon looking to promote some of our new members to help out oldies like me and fill in the shoes so that they can continue legacy of =F|A=. Does that mean, I am going inactive? No not at all. I will be around and kicking. In fact, I have started advertising about our website on COC, COR, COD4, ET, Insurgency and DOI forums to get more new players to our community. This community has given me so much, that I can't forget. For once, I wish, I can go on lunch with all the members but alas, we humans are dreamers and that's what keep us alive. We are nothing but emotional animals, looking for some love from our friends and family. In this case =F|A= has been my first baby, friends and family! I for one, thank you to all of you for being so nice to me over all the years. From members to staff, I am lucky enough to find friends who came out for rescue when I needed the help most. I will see you all tomorrow. Have a nice weekend ladies & gentleman!
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    I decided to take a look at this beautiful new blog environment and submit the first blog on this new website. What better than answering the question "why are you in the clan?". When I talk to people, this clan can be one of the subjects of conversation. A common reflex: "Why are you in a gaming clan? You don't seem like a nerd?". Because that is what many people think. That we are nerds because we are in this clan. In this blog I will give you one reason why being in a gaming clan was a good idea for me. When I get time I might write other blogs, with other answers. My reason why I am still in a gaming clan is very particular. Indeed, it all started with gaming. I played the game enemy territory and had lots of fun with my real life friends. During my exams I went looking for other servers to take a short break. I ended up on nq2, where I played with some regulars who wanted to play objective-based, balanced games. We decided to join FA, first purely to be able to use !put to even the teams. We moved to nq3 and things shifted from gaming to talking. We all joked together late evenings during what we called "specparties". We became friends. When I had difficult times in my life, I had the luxury to have two friend groups to help me trough. When my real life friends grew tired of my nagging, my friends on the server were there for me. To give sense to my existence during those difficult times and to thank this second group of friends, I started helping out a lot on the forums. I was the one making gameday posts, I made some tutorials and so on. Years later here I am, a leader of a gaming clan. Unplanned and never desired. The lesson I learned from this experience and I want others to learn from it is this: you can never give too much to people who earned your respect. You will get back what you gave a thousandfold. Not only literally because these people will give you what you gave them, but also because you start feeling better about yourself when you help people. I decided to repeat the engagement I made online in my real life by doing volunteer work. As a result I now understand a lot more about the world and the people in it, my languages have improved and I get respect from people who know what I'm doing. Be ambitious in everything you do in your life. When you lived your life, it will always be incomplete but at least you can say you took everything there was to take. To me (and of course this is personal), the time I spend gaming is better spent being part of a clan made up of beautiful, motivated people. That way you can help out and when you need it, eventually you will get something back.
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    Welcome our new staff member @Spyderwebber for COD4 team. We have slowly started working on our COD4 servers and with everyone's help, we are going to make it popular again like they where back in the old days. If anyone is experience with COD4 modding, drop me a message and we can figure something out for one of our servers. Thank you
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    My little dad and I at my wedding day, last september. Now, he has gone at 61. My chest wants to explode ! He's living by me, for ever. Your beloved son, Baba
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    Went to Himachal Pradesh, by train on monday night . I wanted to visit "Kinnaur" & "Siachin Pass" (Indo-china border), but well I figured both places are at highly remote area and I'm way too unplanned for it. So decided to stay around Delhousie & kangra, got fixed a guide though who will take me "Siachin Pass" in july. Booyah!
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    Welcome to our new updated website. While I am still working behind the scenes, work will continue for few weeks to couple of months. Just a quick important update - If you can't login - then please use your Display Name or Email ID to login. Your old username will not work. Old Display Name = New Login name and Display name as well. Please be patient while I keep updating pending things. Any questions, feel free to ask. Big thank you to @Chuckun, @Shana and @RedAngel - who helped big time during the upgrade. Also super thanks to our donors, staff, members and regulars for sticking around with us since 2008! Donors one more thanks! Bill's are not easy on us and you peeps definitely make it easy for me. Glimpse from 2008! PS Tracker - RIP - 2008 - 2018. We will create new section on forums to replace our old tracker. PS2 Old awards, we will try to get it back and if not we will re-work on awards from scratch.
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    My brother's daughter and second child. She took the /Talk to the hand position when I held her ._.
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    Photos of me from the District Championship football game (Messy Hair): One from Deer Season: Sorry peeps! None of those post-workout photos I post on Discord
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    Donated $25 for Gameday. I was too lazy to check through the screenshots for pink names. Confirmation number: 4NU99096T19985008
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    I will be honest, clan work does take a toll a bit on your life if you don't have free time. After having kid, I can only do clan work from 11 PM to 4 AM. Plenty of times, I have done that and I believe that's the routine for me now. Then I crash hard on Sunday night because no energy left. Sometimes I get frustrated as well when things don't work, I can't find solution, with some kids fighting over simple argument, etc.. I ask myself what's the point in spending time on this? But then I still end up trying for it and when it works, oh lord, that happiness spreads around. I believe all clan admins/owners/staff etc go through it and once they get to know it's worth it, they never give up and try their best. Another major reason, =F|A= has survived so long is because of donors and helpers. Both goes side by side. Imagine if you have to pay 5K/year for peoples fun? Every 5 year, I could score new car from it. No one would and that's realistic behavior but then no one minds spending 50-100$ bucks on ticket, fund activities/year. That's why i stress on donations sometimes when I see few players donating more to meet the year goal while everyone should chip in rather then just few. On the other hand =F|A= is lucky enough to have regulars/friends/members/staff who have helped and worked like crazy when required. We all work as a team. When one goes inactive, someone steps up and covers their spot. So the helping side also worked out pretty good. All in all, I have learned a lot from the people. Many have become life long friend.
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    Hello FA, I just wanted to say I have a lot of fun playing with you guys on the ET Hardcore server. Thanks for helping keeping ET alive. See you on the server...
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    With my new love <3 btw. hola peeps!
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    I recently noticed that their are few players who are stepping up their donation amount to cover up cost while they don't have to if all would donate just 20-50$. Even if 200 players would donate 20$-50$/year we would reach our goal in no time. Please don't put burden of your fun on other human beings. You don't get to smoke a cigarette for free, you don't get food or movie tickets for free and servers are not free either. From servers to website hosting, we pay for everything including add-ons. I would really, appreciate if community has in whole would donate 20-50$ minimum to achieve the goal rather then few same players. Some day they will say, I don't want to pay for others fun and then you would be forced to play on non AC enabled servers in ET. I repeat, we are the only one community in ET who run AC on jaymod, silent, ETPro and NoQ servers. I have seen lot's of communities, going offline because regulars/members decide not to donate thinking if game is free, servers would be too. That's not the case. Servers and websites are never free and never will be. Even a simple beer cost 5$ appx in bar. Movie tickets are 10-20$ now a days for just 3 hrs. Here you get to play every day and get to talk with other players/members, on regular basis and yet lot of players hesitate or ignore to donate. Even 50$/player donation would keep our servers alive for years to come. 20-50$/year is not much to ask and if at least 70% would donate we would hit our whole year goal in just 1st month of every year. Thank you for your co-operation and continuous support. If you have donated, please post here and let us know - CLICK ME. PS To our current donors, your support is greatly appreciated.
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    the bathtub surfer and the greek goddesses
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    I just got some money for my birthday thats coming up in 3 days and thought I'd just even up my total donations to $500. Heres another $50! Confirmation Number: 5A7449618R424272D
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    30.00$ sent for our lovely new forums happy Easter all Receipt Number: 3281-8122-1677-4291
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    Hi All, Sad news. Just got the email from gs.com. Seems like we are being forcefully moved to new IP. I have contacted their CEO. I don't foresee any change in their stance. Those jack asses, never run any community and are tossing people out for no valid reason. Even level 1 data-center tech can move the IP to new machine. I don't see what's the issue is with this. They are just being lazy employees. Just giving heads up. If we have to change the IP, I would move the server location from Chicago to NY/NJ. That would lower the ping of Euro members big time as well lower the ping for Asian members. West coast members would see increase in their ping by 20-40. That would put everyone around 100 ping appx. East coast members ping will reduce to 20 from 50. Sorry for the trouble, my hands are tied but i have request their CEO to look into this. Thank you
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    An international gaming clan... What's that? Instead of with friends, you play with virtual strangers with whom you can't communicate? No no no no no. Instead of friends you already have, you play with people you have not yet met. Those guys are flesh and blood just like you and when you wanna meet them, guess what? You can! In this blog entry I'll tell you the story of how this gaming clan made me meet with total strangers, delivered me a bright yellow "F|A Clan Co-Leader" T-shirt and made me invite a guy in my home who used to kill me several times a day on the server. First there's Hamburg. How do you set up a real life meeting? It's simple. You make a topic on the forums, make a poll about the meeting place and date, someone books a hotel and... You meet there. Or do you now? Our good friend Raziel was the one booking the hotel, you see. And this nice mister had disappeared from our good earth. So we ended up looking for a new hotel for Destiny and Guardian and I ended up at the strangest camping site I have ever encountered (there was no grass for the tents, but stones). Once we all found a place to sleep, Kowalski was ready to show us the city of Hamburg. We ate some weird fish burgers at the port, took some pictures for the rest of the clan and ate ice cream, bathing in the sun. It was all really fun. My only complaint was that DJ, Destiny, Kowalski nor Guardian were pretty girls but eh... You can't have everything! DJ bought us cookies and this is also where DJ told me I was promoted to co-leader! Quite strange hearing about clan stuff from a real life DJ :p. As if that ain't enough for the strangeness, I received a yellow "F|A Clan Co-Leader" T-shirt in my letterbox a few days later. How often do you get those from your other friends, huh?! At night we went for drinks. We took some extra beers to the port and stayed there talking until 4 am. What do gamers talk about? Yeah, sure. Games. Clan gossip. But also politics (it's allowed on those meetings!), life, girls,... The advantage about having no girls in the company is... You can talk about them. When Guardian and Destiny went home I stayed a little longer to visit the Schanzenviertel with Kowalski. It's a really cool "slum" (see picture). Last year I returned him the favor and showed him Ghent. I have a feeling we may meet again. Eh, I can't tell you everything in one blog entry so you'll have to hear about the other international encounter in the next part
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    I live on plains , but I'm near to himalyas , so when I feel like hiking I go to different locations , mostly lower parts of himalyas. I love to walk too ,but wow cycling could be a good idea too . I'm planning soon to go to upper part which mostly remain covered with ice 12 months , possibly in june . In lower pics it don't look much hard to climb, but I got exhaust badly trying to reach up. and bicycling could be a bad idea here, rocks keep falling , plus road too narrow
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    Hi guys My name is Martijn and I am 30 years old living and born in The Netherlands im 1.82 cm and around 73 kilo ( around 155 pounds ) I joined F|A about 7,5 years ago and even after all this time still enjoy myself a lot by visiting the servers mainly jay3 ( beginners 1 ) and forum and lately also a lot in jay1 I use to work in the salary administration but last years I worked more as operator becides im now home for some time due some health issue I like to play in jay3 the most simply because the server contains fast shooting and adreline / double jump I like fast gaming a lot more then most other mods Since about a year I am newsreporter in F|A I do this with a lot of pleasure and try to help as many people I can I do this also by recruiting and guiding my recruits in the process so they have a good chance of getting into the clan if you have any questions feel free to ask hope you have a better picture of me then before this introduction Also a picture of me a good friend and his cousin im the guy in the middle
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    Beauty and the beast (by beast i mean me)
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    My humble contribution 2R739198HM484231W
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    Yea well this me :3 posting first time.... With request from @yoyo Yea yea I look like a noob :3
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    How Smiley Became The Next World Famous Artist It was an incredibly dark and gloomy evening, much like winter, at least that's how smiley described it to me as he casually stared outside the window of his bedroom, focusing on the dark clouds above drifting along, attempting to create different shapes and objects out of them with his imagination. Smiley, being a growing teen never lacked in that area, he could often lose himself in his thoughts as if he could mentally transport himself to another world or dimension. Hours would go by, even days (maybe years) and he'd still be senselessly sitting there just day dreaming. You have maybe seen him online throughout the wee hours of the morning. Now you know why. *COCKADOODLEDOOO* One of Smiley's fantasies was to be with me (Cheep). Too frequently would he start dreaming of me and soon his inner voice had to tell him to snap out of it and to bring him back to the real world. "damn" smiley muttered under his breath as he looked at the time. It was 4am and smiley was wide awake and....hungry. With nothing else to do, Smiley got up and made himself a chicke--- *ahem* cheese sandwich. He snatched a bottle of cold water from the fridge and headed back to his room. It was dark and silent in the house. The rest of his family had gone to sleep long ago and so Smiley was tiptoeing his way back avoiding the squeaky floorboards that plagued the corridor leading to his mini mancave. Pretty sure if anybody was watching him, it would look like he was dancing. In fact, you'd have to be quite flexible to pull off some of the maneuvers that he was making. Finally! After about 15 hours, he made it, completing his daily exercise of silently dancing his way back to his room. It definitely got his heart beating and allowed the adrenaline to flow through his body. One could say that he was training to be a ninja. He was pretty good at keeping quiet. Anyway, he got back to his chair and shuffled his way closer to his desk where his poor excuse of a computer was. His monitor went idle and his screensaver had appeared, a lovely chicken in a bathing suit. How appropriate. He moved his mouse to "wake up" his PC. He named his PC, Cheep Jnr. After me of course. *sigh* what can i say. The kids obsessed. He hops on to discord and proceeds to message his favourite person and ultimately true love. CheepHeep. You see, he has been working on a couple of maps for the past few weeks and is in need of a server to test it on. So he tried to set up his own one and test it with me but....he failed. I could not connect and so he started crying. It took all of my strength to calm him down but eventually the pacifier that I so kindly bought and posted to him did the trick, he popped into his mouth and viola. I know. Im so great. After he had calmed down, he was thinking of a way to get it tested, and so he went to ask DD for assistance but he had no reply for a few seconds, minutes maybe centuries. He started getting a little panicked and frustrated as he really wanted to wrap this project of his up that he had been working on day and night. And this is where it began. I was concerned about his health as he had been focusing on his project for ages but.... It was I that had unlocked the inner artistry that was laying dormant within Smileys soul. Only my words, my inspiration and my encouragement that could lead Smiley to greatness and to tap into his ultimate self. He then fell in love with me....but we will skip the details on that part. At first he was clueless, lost like a stray puppy. It was only because of me that the ideas started sprouting out of him. With my guidance he could conquer the world with his art. You will soon see! He was doubting his skills at first but upon further encouragement as you can see above, he started to believe himself and so he attempted to draw. I almost broke down into tears when i first saw his drawings. It was amazing i tell you! As i sat there patiently waiting for his masterpiece, I started to wonder if I had just discovered the next Picasso but my trail of thought was cut off by the sound of Smiley saying he was done! WHAT? 2 Minutes!? and he was finished. Wow. Such speed. Definitely an artist in the making. When I first laid eyes on his initial self portrait, i was stunned. The amount of detail and work he put into it. He had managed, somehow by gods will, to create a years work of art into 2 minutes. World Class! What puzzled me was the text, but it soon became clear that he was trying to tell me something. Remember i told you he fell in love with me? Yep...this is him confessing! And so just to make him happy, i told him to draw us together playing ET. Of course he drew me with a big head because of the amount of brains i had. The truth is though, is that i was in a human costume and im just sitting in the head area. Hence, the size. I wasn't completely satisfied with his work though. So i had told him to make it more detailed. Add a bit of life to it! I also told him, i like being on the left side so he drew it again and placed me on the left side this time. Oh boy oh boy! The moment i have been waiting for. I will now reveal to you the ultimate masterpiece. The best selling piece of art. Pricing at 100000000000000000000000000000000000 USD, it has been labelled as a the worlds first most priceless piece of work. An artifact that will travel down the generations to symbolise the capacity of the humans capability in this day and age. I now present to you the final masterpiece: Now now. Keep those mouths closed. You are going to get drool all over your keyboards. *sigh* who knew we were in the midst of a celebrity. FA has been put on the map for good. You make us proud smiley. You really do and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work. THE END.
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    Hi I play on Silent1 and Hardcore servers as RatSpit. I have been providing comic relief to those who can aim for several months now. Several F|A have suggested that I should join forum, thank you for the invite folks. My name is Eric I am 53. ET is really the only gaming I do, started playing ET with my brother when it was released, whew what a long strange adventure its been. Things about me...I am a Handyman, the love of my life is "Mo," 5 year old Aussie Shepherd, I enjoy camping and gold prospecting.
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    smile is the greatest thing of life xD
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    pronuub is add new picture say Hello!
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    Jay1 is down for some reason and I am working with gs.com lazy staff to get it fixed asap. Only jay1 and HC are hosted with gs.com so we got to deal with them. Sorry for the trouble. Working on it and will post update asap.
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    Added 3 new maps - let me know how it goes -
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    Sorry I couldn't be more active during the Easter weekend and gameday, so here's my compensation 20$ (5EL43807MV4255135) Thanks again for all.
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    Happy Easter to you all i hope, you guys like our new forum, was hard work for some guys from us, so thank you to all forum is not finish, we work hard to add old stuff (awards, tutorials ... ) in this forum and for the future we try new stuff for our forum. don't be to hard to us, if some dont run like in old forum, we try our best if you want help us, we are happy about every little donation so, have fun in our new forum and happy easter, DJ
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    Hotspur going crazy with this beard
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    Huge -1 to forced maxpackets to 100. I think there's a huge general misunderstandings of what the client-side network settings do. Let me clear up maxpackets for you: For maxpackets in particular... It should be relative to maxfps and upload. For those with low upload speeds or poor bandwidth, a lower value actually improves their connection. Otherwise, it should be equal to 1/2 of their FPS afaik. If everyone's MaxFPS is higher than 200, then and only then should 100 be enforced. General advice: don't focus on anyone's settings besides your own. What's "incorrect" for you might be perfect for someone else. Ping/latency doesn't really mean crap. Someone can be living nextdoor to the datacenter with 10ms ping, and have 64k dialup. They'd have a low ping, but a shitty connection. Yes, latency/ping affects gameplay. But what really matters is stability. If it's stable, they can enjoy their game. If not, then everyone loses. Just enjoy the game. Also, calling other people lamers for their net settings isn't cool. As said above, clientside cvars don't have a "one size fits all" setting. Heck, with that mentality I could complain that you're on Wi-Fi, but I don't. If you seriously want cvar enforcement, we have ETPro servers. The rest are pub aimed at enjoyable gameplay for all. Also: for me, I'm on 1GBPS FTTN. (Fiber) I live halfway across the world from Jay3 where I see you most often. I have 168ms ping there. You call that a bad connection? My connection is faster than yours, and because I'm on Ethernet from my computer to my modem, it's more stable. Does that mean I should enforce my settings on you? No.
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    Ladies and Gentleman with immense happiness and pleasure i want to introduce to you all our new DAY OF INFAMY Server. It is a PvP (Player V Player) server. One more feature it has is , if no one(player) isnt available in opposite team also bots join the game and help you enjoy the game. Let me know any queiries and issues if you guys face. Like to thank Our DOI team and DOI members , JBaullo ( i hope i spelled correct) , Everyone who helped. Lets make this server popular. Thankyou
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    I think i choose the worst time to create new topics to say "hello" because my personal office pc decided to stop running since yesterday and here i am using my partner pc. But it does not prevents stop by and say i am still alive.
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    This is a re-post from the suggestions topic I posted yesterday. Hopefully this will help everyone to give insight on to vote for custom server. A custom server which gives the ability to vote for coop custom maps, will not only make the game interesting but adds more challenges and new tactical approaches to your targets. I saw a post from GoogalaJones on the edition of adding custom maps into the game and there were talks by other members on this matter therefore it is definitely a topic worth discussing. If you look at https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=447820&searchtext=&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=trend&section=readytouseitems&requiredtags[]=Stronghold&requiredtags[]=Entrenchment this alone will give twice the amount of maps available to the vanilla edition of the game. Not only will this give the players new challenges and something new to look forward to, but it also showcases the artistic merits of the community who took the time and effort to build these maps (which in turn reflects on the passion these individuals have for this game). I personally think this is good for the server itself, because people who aren't members of F/A have said that this is an amazing server to be on. To me I would like them to give more reasons to stay on longer or be more active on our servers than other servers. For instance imagine they also find out that F/A is not only known for its community but for more content for the game that other servers do not offer (in this case it's new maps). We might as well change the name of the game from "day of infamy" to "world of infamy" coz this will definitely expand the game's community and the DOI universe.
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    Seems like it all worked out good, so far. Now only prolly one day down time at max i think. I have asked them for downtime time and when the move will happen. But good news is we get to keep our sexy IP and now Euro peeps will have much lower ping like Jay2, HC and silent1. GG
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    My english isn't the best (and you know it ) but i want to say thank you for all that you taught us. And not only in the game/forum but in the relations between players/admins/trools (). You were always there to guide us in our actions. Always there when we need some support irl, we have all high/low moment..... Even after 8 years, your patience always surprise me (how many time you have waste your time with me, like since 2 days xd). You represent the serenity and the a self-abnegation. Big thank you boss for your dedication to FA FAmily will never die..... PS : if you don't understand, post here https://fearless-assassins.com/forum/224-language-learning-translation/
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    Different payment options have been added to store. Soon we will be adding bank transfer and other options so that donation becomes much easier. Apple and Google pay is coming soon as well.
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    Hello! It would be great if your properly introduced yourself to us so we can get to know you a little more, where you play and what motivated you to come join FA. Post a thread here: https://fearless-assassins.com/forum/83-introduce-yourself/ I'm assuming you'd like to join FA for ET. If so, post an application in this section: https://fearless-assassins.com/forum/184-applications-join-us/ Read this and fill out the application form when you're ready: https://fearless-assassins.com/announcement/3-et-how-to-joinapply-for-fearless-assassins-fa-community/ To understand what FA expects and for to have a better chance at getting in, take a peek at these useful tips: https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/89907-tips-for-all-applicants-all-games/ Good luck.
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    Uploaded UJE version of Italy. I also modified some settings for that map. Let me know how it works out.
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    Donation made con number:3JU1231053427492R $20
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    Alright peeps, making this topic to see what you all think about our 2nd DOI server, Coop Commando Please vote in the poll if you prefer to keep it Coop Commando or if you like to see it changed to a custom server, also if you would like to see a custom server let us know anything you might want to see, so we can check it out. Slot amount, maps and so on I personally like to see it change to custom due to the fact that the amount of maps is limited on official servers and it will get boring real quick, the only downside would be not to get ranking points but that's why we still have server #1 Let's make a very awesome server out of DOI #2!
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    This is going to be the same post as the one in the sticky thread. The reason being, that I need two posts to properly set up my profile page. Hi there, I finally got around to registering at the largest ET community there is. My name is Cedric and I'm a mapper (Dingenskirchen, ETL Frostbite, to-be-extended), I create textures and am part of the ET: Legacy team. Admittedly, I'm not a regular at your servers, since the whole time I can dedicate to ET is draining into working on maps, textures or Legacy. The main reason why I registered today, is to stay in contact with the actual players of the game and what they would like to see (or not to see) in Legacy. So if you have anything on your mind, just hit me up or join our Discord. I'm looking forward to be a part of your community. See you around
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    Forward spawn activated. UJE leader sent me updated script for their map. Let me know how it works out. UJE version also includes FPS so no more frames dropping compare to stock fueldump. It also fixes hunk meg issues. Now NQ peeps can play fuel dump without any issue once I added their.
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    We have migrated all the old tutorials to category on forums. Tutorial add-on had caused headache during upgrade of the forums and to avoid further problems, we had decided to remove it all together. All old tutorial link will auto redirect to new URL. Now you can directly submit the tutorials here - https://fearless-assassins.com/forum/26-tutorials/ New topics will need approval, so if you submit any tutorial and if it's not approved, please be patient. Moderation on new topics is enabled in that category, so that we can only approve quality tutorials and not just one line tutorials. Videos are allowed as well. Thank you
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    Have been largely inactive in ET and forums for past yearish?(Honestly can't recall how long its been) I was set inactive on forums. Will be returning to play few days a week. (Side note I got lost trying to get here the wiki still points to old tracker in many places, through great investigation I found the way)
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