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    Every year, at this point in time, we all find multicoloured eggs mysteriously stashed everywhere we look. This isn't the Easter Bunny getting ready for his own holiday...he's setting the groundwork for the battlefield to come! On behalf of all the Fearless Assassins, you are cordially invited to participate in this year's =F|A= Easter Gameday 2019! Make sure to get some frags with Easter eggs! =F|A= Easter Gameday! ENEMY TERRITORY Time: 11AM to Midnight GMT+0 Date: Saturday 20th April Server Name: =F|A= NoQ #1 Server IP: nq1.clan-fa.com:27960 Discord server IP: https://link.fearless-assassins.com/discord CALL OF DUTY 4 : MODERN WARFARE Time: 11AM to Midnight GMT+0 Date: Saturday 20th April Server Name: =F|A= Beginners 24/7 Server IP: cod4.clan-fa.com:28930 Discord server IP: https://link.fearless-assassins.com/discord DAY OF INFAMY Time: 11AM to Midnight GMT+0 Date: Saturday 20th April Server Name: =F|A= Recruiting CooP #3 Server IP: doi3.clan-fa.com:27034 Discord server IP: https://link.fearless-assassins.com/discord INSURGENCY Time: 11AM to Midnight GMT+0 Date: Friday 19th April Server Name: =F|A= #4 COOP 35 ANGRY BOTS (Medic) Server Server IP: Discord server IP: https://link.fearless-assassins.com/discord
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    its time yes just for my boi @Smileyyy
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    Staff removed opinion because couple of opinions where direct bickering to each another over stupid stuff. The fact is - in USA and in Europe as well, many places, hunting is allowed. People eat meat and if someone kills some animal to eat them, they go hey wire. https://www.bookyourhunt.com/hunting-in-europe As long as picture is legal i.e. showing hunt of allowed animals and not endangered species, it's allowed. If picture shows cruelty, it's not allowed even though it might be legal to hunt for that animal. If it's illegal, we report to the police for the respective city, country and get the person arrested for killing endangered species. That being said this topic is not for debate and is only sharing for pics. Thank you.
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    well i guess ill join the picture gallery
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    Me going to have some dance (tango, walz, etc...)
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    In the hands of dad. Queen-Oha, cause she is our queen and she came from Bas-Oha, next to Huy, Belgium. Belgian's pedigree was Q.
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    Sorry if that pic upset some people. I hunt for food it is not a sport for me. I also don't have many pics of me and that one was the first one i came to.
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    Simple steps - Note - Do NOT delete any of the files in your installation. It's just replacing it. 1. Open your ET installation folder. In that put the below files in your etmain folder - pak1.pk3pak2.pk3mp_bin.pk3 cgame_mp_x86.dllui_mp_x86.dllqagame_mp_x86.dll 2. Then replace your ET.exe with this one - ET.exe It should do the job! To confirm - open your ET and then open the console using ~ key. It should say 2.60b
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    I've been registered and part of this family for almost 5 years so I think it's time I do a face reveal or something LMAO I know tipsy's gonna find something to roast me about (yes I am quite the fashionable boy... if that's what you call fashion at least ) Most of y'all look like badasses and AMAZING so I feel kinda left out, but either way I'm starting to feel more comfortable with how I look so here yall go! If you saw pics of how I looked back when I first got into this community, you'd puke. No lie. I was HORRENDOUSSSSSS. Luckily I owe it all to self care, changing how i dressed, taking care of my skin and hair, and my ex-boyfriend who helped me realize that I need to take care of myself. I'm still on a weight loss journey so once I reach my goal I'll show you all some close ups
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    Hi, I just sent you guys 40$ USD this afternoon. First donation in a while.. Transaction Id 21V97749G9308714L
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    Hello my name is Ryan, I'm 24 ! Currently a Bunker member have been for 12 or more years yes I was young when I first started playing my step dad at the time was a Bunker 1 Server Admin , if some of you played on Bunker 1 |>B<|Greenmanalishia was his name. I am a active duty Marine Oorah! I am a Sergeant, I love slaying bodies and gaming with friends! Would love to game with the community and hopefully get some discord chat going while slaying bodies ! HAPPY GAMING -.o ~ SUBGOD ~
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    Hi all, after few years like inactive member, i'm back this year to the battlefied and the forum. Some F│A members like Vindstot, B0unty, MadDoc, MadMax, Hotspur, my sons AGpike1 and killerpunisher, and other member make me back to the family F│A. It will be an honor to carry my F│A flag again. Thx All Cheers
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    That s me visiting Chichén Itzá
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    Me in the 80's surprisingly on Easter!
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    Apparently the day we have all been waiting is happening in the background without our notice, just today there was a post on crossfire about developement of Enemy Territory 2, which noone of us was aware, or only certain people, giving the fact that there's a preview of updated Supply graphics, it definitely looks promising and who knows, maybe this project will actually get to see the light one day. Not really having a lot of infos on the background of team working on it or any other infos, so i can only share of what was posted there. For more infos, visit their instagram profile or ask them over at youtube. Crossfire topic about ET 2 ET2 Announcement Trailer ET2 Instagram profile
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    https://fearless-assassins.com/et_stats/hc/leaderboard/weekly#top_objr @elcabron @Unitrius - Good job guys! I think going forward we will be introducing monthly forum awards. We will be soon starting awards and might start monthly donation pool for some awards! Follow our Announcement section and you might be in for surprise in future.
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    We also white list business proxies. If you can provide the proxy which is used at your work, we can white list it. Other then that all proxies remains banned. I won't allow proxies so cheaters, trouble makers, etc can load up proxies and come back to cheating, harassing, etc. If you are good player, you can play with your IP without harassment. The only reason anyone changes their IP is to cause shit because they can unban themselves easily. PS 2020 is right now. It will be 2021 next year, so good luck. You find new proxy, we catch new proxy and we add in ban list. It's cat and mouse game. Sooner or later we will catch up on it.
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    Dug up an old photo. Me in the 80s
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    Fabri-marker on paper
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    Forget the why.... who are you? really? And stop wasting our time. Lousy interwebs these days.
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    Hello to everyone! I am Old-Owl, I Played Return to Castle Wolfenstein online since 2001, then I played Enemy Territory a lot (2004-2017) by creating an ET Community, Dark-alchemy Community, unfortunately closed after 12 years of great fun. So I took a long pause from ET, till one day I had some nostalgia and so I played a bit in your server. First impression was nice, I got welcomed from your nice admin CheepHeep, so I decided to drop few words here. Just to let you all know me a little bit more. I will return to play here and hope that we get in touch to know each other.
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    my computer is working again, ouf......Was near to be without a computer. Lets see how it goes
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    Dropped a little 20$ this morning, best community that still exists. Thanks for everything<3 ID: 92383515GC706292W
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    8XG98746T2086390P $50 yearly automatic recurring.
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    I had sort of big white hair in the 80s
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    Welp seeing how a pic is worth a thousand words here is a interesting one of Sleestak. For those wondering just who the heck this guy is.
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    Hello I hope this $25.00 buys me a truckload of poison knives Transaction Id: 4510-4716-9029-2451
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    Hope everyone is doing well! First off, thank you for the honored veteran status I knew I would lose the Staff title sooner or later due to the inactivity. I had it a lot longer than necessary I'm sure hehe. I decided to stop by because I had a free Saturday and I was going to see if the Easter weekend event was today. Looks like it is next week so maybe I will stop by if nothing comes up. While I'm here I thought I would at least check in and see who is still around. I have to give a hats off to all the dedicated people here keeping this train going. It's truly incredible what you guys/girls have done here to keep it going for so long. It looks like I celebrated my 10 year anniversary on the forums a few months ago . Anyways, sorry I am not around anymore. I went and got myself married so there's that. Life is going pretty well for me at the moment. Since getting out of college 5 or 6 years ago I don't play games like I used to. I played PUBG a bit when it first came out, but slowly stopped playing that. Went through a period of not playing anything and then Destiny 2 went free to play last fall for the base game... which is now what I mostly play during my down time. For the old folks around here I don't have a lot of contact with some of the older players. I'm still friends with Forsaken if anyone remembers him. I still pester .bb.blackhawk from time to time. I played a few games of Apex with an ex member =F|A=Blade not too long ago, but that's about it So, what is everyone else up to these days?
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    Hello everyone. Sorry that I did not speak but my life affairs caused that I did not have access to computer. I agree that I was not in prison :) I was on training. I did not say goodbye because they are worse than welcome :) Earlier as you know I had a final higher University a lot of exams which immodestly I will say that I passed it successfully :) and many more things about which I do not want to talk to not remember about them :( It's good to be back and it's good that you are :P With the best regards.Pride...
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    It's public server and some times unintentional team kill happens. If you are annoyed with team kills which sometimes player do by mistake - then please visit our silent 1 server. in console type - /connect silent1.clan-fa.com:27960 If it's just harassment from random peep - please call the admin from discord to get the trouble maker fixed. Our discord - http://discord.clan-fa.com Cheers
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    with luxurious mane
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    from the time
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