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    Since everybody is asking me for pics, here are some :
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    Me and my youngest son Tyler, i will be back soon guys I've been working nights zzz bye guys x
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    @CheepHeep Stop spamming and post your pic .
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    First off, Happy New Year, And for this New year the Insurgency Server 4 just got a huge upgrade recently. It's now officially named: =F|A= #4 Bot Carnage |MEDIC|ENG|COOP|CUSTOM| This thread will act as information about how basically everything here will work, for updates on the server or suggestions for the server, please look at this: Workshop Collections: Here are the map/mod collections that this Server uses, (for download with one click). Maps Collection Mods Collection Assets Collection Special Classes: 1. Combat Engineer: Build destructible ammo caches(single-use only), sandbag walls,barbed wire, stairs and IED Jammers. Sandbags, Barbed wires blocks enemies as long as the props hold. Stairs do what 'stairs' do irl. Jammers prevent nearby suicide bombers from detonation their IEDs. Jammer Range: 5000 (Note: IED jammers are activated 1-2 seconds after drop/plant, and 4% of chance of it not working, keeps the game realistic and balanced.) Also the farther the bomber is from the jammer the higher the chance of detonation (higher chance of jammer not working). Combine far distance from Jammer with NOT Headshot-ing the bomber you are doomed. Engineer Build Menu: Assuming you have equipped this class, hold your knife. Then press Crouch+Sprint+Use. Press a number to choose which prop you want to deploy. It takes 1-2 seconds to deploy (1-2 seconds more for jammer to get activated). If you move or get bumped by another player/enemy while deploying, you must start over. You only have Engineer credits per CP (not objective), so spend it wisely. (Resupplying to Engineer's ammo cache is automatic, just hold knife around it for 4-5 seconds to resupply.) 2. Combat Medic: Heal and Revive downed teammates. Hold Crouch+Sprint+Direction keys to drag revive-able bodies or Use key to push them. Any Class can drag or push bodies. For this to work, (Crouch and sprint options must be set to HOLD and NOT toggle.) Hold your paddles(#3) to revive or heal others (heal yourself too). Reviving and Healing are automatic. Med-Kits heals faster than paddles. Med-Kits thrown on ground heal a small area to 45HP, but fully heal a medic if inside the covered area. Once used/thrown on ground, it cannot be retrieved. (Throwing is not dropping). 3. Suicide Bomber(Bots): This bot roams around the map screaming Allahu Akbar. IF you hear him scream, you're probably about to die to his wrath!!!!!! Dying suicide bombers toss their IEDs in random directions at the moment of death, unless they are dropped with a headshot...but there's a catch. Headshots have a 90% chance of preventing an IED from detonating. So even with headshots there’s still a 10% chance IEDs will detonate. Suggestions for Players: Report Technical issues/bugs. Use the Server Feedback Section for bugs. Use the Discord Server (#server-help channel) to report server/map crashes for quicker support. Become a Donator, If you want to Contribute to the continuous development of our servers. You get a VIP tag in-game, and can even get into full servers to play by typing a console command. No more waiting forever to join a great server and have fun!!! You can also get perks on forums(here). Frequent Issues and it's Solutions: Sound is messed up Change Speaker Configuration under Settings, Audio to a different value. Change it back again if needed. If this doesn't work, you can try typing snd_restart in console. Stuck in terrain and cannot move Type !stuck in global chat (Y by default). If this doesn’t work, you can type kill in console and let a medic revive you. Missing textures Type retry in console. You will disconnect/reconnect and the missing textures will load. “Error Vertex File for...” spam fills the console To fix this problem once, open the console and paste: con_filter_text_out "Error Vertex File for" [then press the Enter key] con_filter_enable 2 [and press the Enter key again] To potentially fix the problem permanently, go to your "\insurgency2\insurgency\cfg" directory. Create a file called autoexec.cfg. In the file, paste those 2 con_filter... lines above. Save and close the file. Start the game and those errors should no longer appear. This is just suppressing the errors. This may still help though as your console does not have to render the text spam and thus may save on frame rate and reduce crashing.
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    Thanks for coming everyone! Special thanks to the event organisers that helped out too! Was a pretty successful gameday! The server had people consistently throughout the whole gameday. Activity from start to end of the gameday:
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    Map Of The Year Voting As the year is coming to an end, we want to elect the most loved map of the year again. Since it's 2019 and the decade is about to end, we've chosen to pre-select the most played individual maps and add the winner of the TB Map Contest 2019 to it. As usual, you can win 150 TBP simply by participating and voting for your Map Of The Year 2019 (#TBMOTY19) The voting is going to end with the year, so no more votes will be counted after 2019-12-31 23:59:59 (UTC+1). Please vote for your Map Of The Year 2019 and enjoy the holidays with your friends and family!
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    I got my therapy , I feel better for now , relaxed
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    Hi all fellow gamers Yep, it got to be me that broke an old Spree-record on goldrush and also overall Note: NoSkillButLuck is also the now gone on holiday player duckrogers. One and the same. (Rendel knows the story behind the new player-nick) Anyways... after a brief chat ingame today with notellenpage, I decided to post the background for the current record. The evening before I watched a motivation youtube with Arnold Schwarzenegger of which I always have been a fan motivation wise and training wise. The theme of the motivation youtube is: wake up early and make it happen!!! and low and behold the following day The record was there Cheers and see U all ingame
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    i got abducted by aliens ... now i am one
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    It was a pleasure meeting you there on Nq1... goodjob admins, great gameday!!
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    Great day, I had a great time for my first Gameday! I will be present at the next! Fox.
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    I ride a 14 Harley Davidson Road King CVO. I've owned numerous scoots but since i'm an old dude, i stick with HD now.
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    That video was made in 2013 I think, or 2014, in Poland on Woodstock Festival. One of the greatest concerts I attended and the Festival itself is amazing.
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    Happy New Year! (I miss you all;))
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    Happy Birthday to @Ins4ne and @K3rmit . Hope you'll have a wonderful day and you'll celebrate it on the server . I'll bother ins4ne more than usual today
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    You may ask the player to give it to you if they've had it for a while and are a good sport. Most will if you ask politely. If they don't unfortunately you would have to wait for a bit. You could try other servers of ours too if you really want to use a panzer. Sorry if this is not the answer you were looking for.
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    Hey ! 15$ for me Ref: 7RK891256U893101X Fox.
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    Computer is up and running again! You can see me on HC 24/7 again for those who missed me.
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    yeah he just forgot to mention a few things. At the very beginning allies had 2 more, I guess some went spec or disconnected. I went to check website few minutes. When I came back I checked teams they were even (maybe 2-3min after that screenshot). I looked in console and johnny00 asked for teams... I guess it was uneven. ins4ne joined axis and others.... a bit later some moved like zuen and axis finished a bit stronger. Screenshot shows drama, reality is, it was eventually ok and map was not ruined Harry, seems to me you just don't understand how things work. Also seems to me you just wanna create drama or your plan is just to make B2 look bad. Your impatience is starting to turn against you my friend I think from now on I will record demos and take SS each time I see you on server.
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    @Cross Marian I want your BIG like @Luki and your unlike also
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    Finally I.can play with sound again :))
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    Hmmm it is suppose to be 1920 x 1080 not 1800
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