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    Well well well, how to start. I am not that good at this, so i'll give it a try. I still remember when I started playing on FA servers back in 2009. Jay2 and Jay3 were the places to be for me back then. Within all those years many clans/servers have died... But NOT FA. FA proofed over the years to be the greatest community by far in on ET. They still give me the fun which ET gave me since 2005 when I first booted up ET. I may have been a douch, cheater and a whiner back in 2011/2012, yet this community gave me a second chance. This community learned me to be fair, mature and friendly player. This community brought: friends together. A good atmosphere, amazing long nights of gaming and that after all those years. The F|Amily is still going strong! For that I want to THANK: the founders, admins, donators and regulars for all the fun we still having till this day and I hope in the future. Thank YOU FA for keeping ET public alive. Nefarious Cheat Aka Equalz / Motafied!
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    I am coming back soooon!! A little something for my semi-absence 20 bucks - Transaction ID:3N0725377G0568320
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    Donate and Silver VIP Lets play on this great servers with great ppl. 1R338573YW0182828
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    Bought Silver VIP Will upgrade later to Gold! Is it possible to stay Clan Friend as main group on forums? 0X249815MH450290G
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    I-TH6WE9YLMR95 Platinum VIP Don't hate me because I'm a ho.
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    Find out the true story behind 'Castle Wolfenstein'. Wewelsburg Castle in Germany has a dark, disturbing and important history.
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    New rotation! arta, 0, 64, rochelle_b2, 0, 44, sp_delivery_te, 0, 40, braundorf_final, 0, 36, bremen_final, 0, 42, marketgarden_et_r2, 0, 52, adlernest, 0, 36, supplydepot2, 0, 64, goldrush-gals, 0, 64, praetoria_m2, 0, 64, rtcw_depot2, 0, 52, italyfp2, 0, 52, venice_ne4, 0, 64, 1944_huertgen_final2, 0, 40, codename_lachs, 0, 52, et_beach, 0, 52, haunted_mansion, 0, 64, bucket_v2, 0, 44, frostbite, 0, 36, baserace, 0, 40, warbell, 0, 52, school, 0 ,32, raid_final, 0, 32, flame-guards, 0, 64, sos_secret_weapon, 0, 52, radar_summer, 0, 52, There are 5 maps that I'm not able to add just yet because they're not on the redirect download list and I need DD to add them before I can get those into rotation. They are: warehouse axislab_final mlb_starbase missile_b4 blackmoon_raid_b1 Make sure to vote during warmup and please leave suggestions here of what you'd like to see in the future. Also let myself or Letdown know if there are any problems with maps not loading or maps crashing and we'll look into it ASAP. Hope you guys like this rotation. Have fun. Edit: 2hide has been removed.
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    Here is me in New York (Brooklyn Bridge) back in February of this year. ))
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    Guys, today I realized what I am exactly 6 years in our clan. Ok, ok, technically less - I was kicked in 2013 once, but I never never really left you, my dear mates. I always was and always will be here with you. *(just behind a door - to stab you with my knife, in Delivery Map) :))))))) Many love and fun I wish to all of you, untill we will meet again! Nancy Kerrigan,
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    Hey Guys, Mates and other players I am was very inactive long time because health problems (spontaneous pneumothorax/my lung totally collapsed) and rehabilitation long time. Also yeah i don't play or visit our website/forum a long time and it was very crazy and sick... That's way i sometimes wrote with Angel or Scarface or some other here, which asked me and respect me. But now i would like come back to my family and i want to help other player and your all too naturally <333 So i hope i can be an FA Et Member again and i swear i will be active and helpful if i can With best regards
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    I can't believe ET is still alive, just wanted to say hello, this game brings me many memories
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    Been a busy bee with renovation. Today need to install new door and lock and hopefully next week I have more time again to focus on ET. I heard admins on b2 doing good job and that makes me happy Keep it up guys!
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    Near my house last week. On the site of this event, about 400 balloons.
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    Hi everybody! I'm a regular on the Hardcore server. Last year I rediscovered this game, and I started playing on the =F|A=Servers. So far having a blast! By the way, my name is Federico, Fede for short. I'll see you on the battlefield!
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    Back to server changes + camping tomorrow as website stuff is almost done for today!
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    I love this one much better, I like Yellow...…….
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    7 years playing F|A servers.. good servers..
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    Building Ikea closets without a powered screwdriver... Awtchie my hands
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    Hello, I am Mihkel and I would like to introduce myself and learn more about the people in this forum. ^^ First name: Mihkel Any sort of Nickname?: ehh ingame who? but in real life not that I can remember Age: 16 What country are you from?: Estonia Are you a Parent?: to my knowledge I am not How many siblings do you have?: 3 What's your shoe size?: ehh 41 What do you do for a living?: i don't exactly have a job yet, but I spend most of my time doing tricks with my bmx bike ^^ Greatest Fear?: hmm, tough one, it'll probably have to be Dr.Spreadem. Most Exciting thing you've ever done?: kill Coffin (on ET of course) Most embarrassing thing you've ever done?: (Don't be shy!) I once mistook someone's phone for myn and didn't know about it until I wanted to call someone. First thing you look for in a new friend?: Has to be nice and honest. Farthest you've been from home?: i've never left my house? No actually I believe Turkey. What brought you to the Fearless Assassins servers/forum?: Ehh the fun on the servers + the couple of members advising me to create an account ^^ Cat or Dog?: I have a cat myself but I am going to have to say dog. What are your hobbies?: BMX riding, PC building, running, working out , playing ET obviously, not much more really. I used to play football but due to lack of interest from my friends I stopped. What kind of Sports do you like?: Football and basketball also anything to do with a skate park. What's your favorite color?: Pink How about your favorite type of music?: ehh either rap or something by Turnover. Love those guys. Favorite Song?: Gangstas paradise by Coolio. What's your favorite TV show?: ehh I don't really watch tv but Top Gear. What kind of movies do you like? (Scary, comedy, drama etc): Scary, comedy, action. Favorite Movie?: John Wick 3. Favorite Book?: oh god I literally never read books, ehh something from the Harry Potter franchise? What do you like most about yourself?: My uncontrollable amount of shyness. What do you hate most about yourself?: My uncontrollable amount of shyness. What makes you very happy?: doing something I've been trying to do for ages. What makes you very sad?: losing someone close to me, or getting killed by dr spreadem What's your favorite beverage?: has to be juice. What you're favorite food/snack?: Spaghetti bolognese, snack would have to be chips. Favorite actor/Actress?: Keanu Reeves. Favorite season? Why?: Summer, swimming. Favorite subject in school?: English because it is relatively easy for me. Favorite thing to learn about?: Physics, never fails to amaze. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?: America, wanted to go there since I was 6. What are your top three games of all time?: Enemy Territory, CS GO, CS 1.6 Besides shooters, what is your favorite genre of gaming?: idk if I can count trickjumping type games, but probalby rhythm games. Name one game in your collection you'd be embarrassed to tell your friends about: a friend gifted me pussy 3 on steam. (don't look it up, it's an interesting game to say the least) How many games do you own?: 126 I believe, but I only play ET, cs and osu!mania Do you play console?: No. What platform do you spend most of your gaming on? (PS, Xbox, Steam, Android etc): PC(Steam or ET) What's your favorite internet site (That is not FA ;P): por- I mean instagram.com
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    save ur etkey from ur old ET ( send it to ur email) or maybe do the same with ur hole cfg then u can replace it in ur new et installation on new pc
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    I'll make a 'useful cvars' section on the wiki once I'm finished testing the new Jay2 soundpack.
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    Miss all the 80's music and the goofy music videos ….. still trying to figure this one out
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    As far as I can tell you're not muted at the moment. I saw you do v54 in chat about 30 minutes ago and myself and a few others responded, if you were muted I don't think you could do vsays and you'd show up on our player list as muted. There was someone muted during that map but it wasn't you I sent you a couple PMs about it asking you to type something but if you wrote in general chat then I didn't see anything. Just the v54 about a minute after the messages I sent you. If you were muted then I'd guess that the admin that did it would've responded by now so with all this, I don't think you were muted. It must've been that people were just busy with the game and missed what you said in chat. Jay1 is a chaotic place so it happens from time to time. Hope this helps alleviate any worries
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    where they found
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    Ossis müssen zusammenhalten back to member, pleae read old and new rules in our Wiki, thanks, east germany leader DJ
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    First name: Konstantin Any sort of Nickname?: Konsti Age: 32 What country are you from?: Germany Are you a Parent?: Yes How many siblings do you have?: 1 What's your shoe size?: 12 What do you do for a living?: palliativ nursing and yoga instructor Greatest Fear?: honestly, only the injury or death of my family Most Exciting thing you've ever done?: Being father Most embarrassing thing you've ever done?: (Don't be shy!) Being shy in my youth First thing you look for in a new friend?: He/she is not a chatterbox Farthest you've been from home?: New York City What brought you to the Fearless Assassins servers/forum?: courage, not fear. Cat or Dog?: Tiger and Wombat, but, ok, Dogs What are your hobbies?: My Family, Yoga, gaming What kind of Sports do you like?: Kundalini Yoga / own weight excercise What's your favorite color?: purple How about your favorite type of music?: acoustic/indie rock, hip hop/pop, electro/house/edm Favorite Song?: curently, Shadows from Stefanie Heinzmann What's your favorite TV show?: TV? Netflix, Suits, Star Trek Discovery, OA What kind of movies do you like? (Scary, comedy, drama etc): Drama, Action, Comedy Favorite Movie?: Star Wars Favorite Book?: Books from Paulo Coelho and Hermann Hesse What do you like most about yourself?: Being calm in stressful situations What do you hate most about yourself?: Being too calm in a verbal dispute What makes you very happy?: My daughter What makes you very sad?: Headache What's your favorite beverage?: Orange juice What you're favorite food/snack?: rapunzel choclate Favorite actor/Actress?: Mark Hamill Favorite season? Why?: Autumn, nice colours, nice tempr., nice sun Favorite subject in school?: Biology Favorite thing to learn about?: Unity in diversity If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?: Ireland What are your top three games of all time?: Star Craft Brood War, Half Life 1, Call of Duty 1 Besides shooters, what is your favorite genre of gaming?: real time strategy games Name one game in your collection you'd be embarrassed to tell your friends about: Spore How many games do you own?: 10 !? Do you play console?: No What platform do you spend most of your gaming on? (PS, Xbox, Steam, Android etc): Steam What's your favorite internet site (That is not FA ;P): Ecosia , search and plant trees
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    For TrackBase you should be able to use one of the four join buttons at the top of the server information section. I've only used the ETLegacy button or SL gamelauncher back in the day but I don't see why the others wouldn't work. After you join one of our servers you should get a list of all of our servers on the right side of your screen when you launch ET. So if you check Jay2 on TrackBase to see if people are on you can just launch the game and click the 2nd button down on the right and it'll take you there. We also have redirects that will take you to where you want to go. For example 'jay2.clan-fa.com' redirects to Jay2 and 'hc.clan-fa.com' redirects to Hardcore. Nefarious gave you the server list that I worked on a while ago, it's missing a couple servers that were added since I've been away but the main ones are there. Just check the IP column for the redirect address and put that after /connect. It's up to you which one of these you want to use but the TrackBase buttons would seem like your best option if you want to check who's online before joining. Side note: it seems like the new wiki theme messed up my beautiful table formatting
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    and prepare a
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    Hello guys, Im back! sorry for being inactive for long time, i was really busy... Can i have my level set on silent1 and hardcore please? thank you.
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    Today got an internship offer
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    Video unavailable The uploader has not made this video available in your country. These may work for you
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    Yeah I do enjoy seeing the original maps updated but I guess in this case we will just have to analyze game play as it progresses. When it comes to the movements and pathways, I feel like it would be hard to replicate an older style of play because with the ability to make things more realistic comes the possible desire to want to update the movements and style etc. The play style of ET can be very dynamic and unrealistic (as can be newer games) but I would not want this idea of "upgrade" to end up leading to a change of Enemy Territory style overall. In some of the later videos it actually shows them changing something as small as aiming ability and body physics when firing the guns, those smaller changes may lead to a whole new aiming platform compared to the standard kickback of fire in ET now. Who knows, not knocking the idea of ET2, maybe I am just worried and don't want to expect too much you know?
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    The hades inside
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    I've always preferred the Ozzy version
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    was long enough
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    Was all kinda
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