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  2. @RedBairdhow are you nowadays :D


  3. Welcome to the forum
  4. : You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here. View the full article
  5. Today we announced a hotfix for Update 1.3 to address feedback from players over the Free Weekend. Today's hotfix includes major optimization for co-op AI spawning, changes to address vehicle stuttering, fixes for Steam cloud-related issues and several improvements to the limited time arcade mode ‘Frenzy’. This update is now live, and you can view the full change list below. As always, community feedback helps us improve the game, so we ask anyone experiencing issues after today’s patch to leave constructive feedback on the official forums[forums.focus-home.com] or Steam forums detailing; hardware set-up, in-game settings, videos/images, and where possible, any reproduction steps. Optimization Heavily optimized the coop bot spawn logic to resolve server-side hitches resulting in client-side lag spikes / rubber-banding due to bot spawning. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue resulting in vehicles stuttering wildly and at varying angles when servers undergo a larger amount of stress either due to a high player count, fire support, or the combination of the two. Fixed an issue where XP gain was not being visually communicated to players correctly at the end of a game. XP gain was still being recorded correctly on the stats back-end throughout the duration of this issue however. Steam Cloud Fixed an issue that caused randomized cosmetics presets to get uploaded to the Steam Cloud. Fixed an issue that discarded custom cosmetics presets. Fixed an issue that prevented the user from disabling Steam Cloud synchronization. Frenzy Fixed an issue where Frenzy bot “Flamer” ragdoll fire damage volumes would persist on the ragdoll for longer than the fire particle, this resulted in invisible damaging fire. Fixed an issue where respawning Frenzy bot “Flamer” class bots would respawn and continue to inflict damage to themselves and the surrounding area causing a respawn chain until they changed class. Fixed an issue where Frenzy bots could occasionally spawn with varying effects, such as voice pitch and particles, for classes that were not allocated to them. Fixed an issue where bots were being teleported to their squad leader during the pre-round instead of allowing them to remain in their designated cover positions. Fixed an issue where ready animations were not playing for the QBZ-03 and Alpha AK when equipped with a foregrip and drum magazine combination. Fixed an issue with the AKM where if equipped with a foregrip and drum magazine combination it would play the incorrect reload due to referencing the wrong drum magazine upgrade. Fixed an issue where tracer rounds were not available on the VHS-2 and QBZ-03. Fix an issue where vehicle impact sounds would be triggered on physics corrections instead of impacts. Levels Outskirts Blocked curtains in the room under security side porch adjacent to Insurgent Push Objective A to prevent clipping. Blocked access to a roof in the shantytown that was being exploited. Summit Fixed an issue allowing players to access a point on the mountain which could be exploited on Push Security. Hideout Fixed a potential exploit on Push Security allowing insurgents to see into the Security spawn for objective Alpha. Known Issues [VoIP] - Occasionally certain players may not be audible to others when using VoIP and instead only transmit radio beeps. [Bots] - Bots may occasionally be rendered as invisible in certain edge cases. [Audio] - Weapon audio may occasionally be left looping until the offending weapon is picked up from the ground. We have a potential fix for this and will be deploying it once it has been tested. [SLI] - Nvidia has disabled the SLI profile for Insurgency: Sandstorm temporarily until they further investigate an issue with Unreal Engine 4.22. If SLI is enabled directly in the control panel this will result in geometry strobing on screen. We suggest all users running SLI ensure that this is disabled in the control panel if it has been enabled at that level. View the full article
  6. No response, how sad. I do it all the time, I have a Prius C, Ford F250, and Jeep Cherokee. Couple quick tricks for ya, the vehicle puts your comfort over efficiency so don't leave the AC setting ON when you actually turn it off. It tries to keep it at the ready if you had AC on then turned the fan off. In town I get better MPG driving windows down versus AC, but the highway is a tossup. With the Jeep I've noticed better mileage by far neutral shifting coasting (lowers engine rpm several hundred), but I'm not going to make a habit out of it until I know more about the transmission. Plus its a lot of work... 40v mild hybrids were supposed to be a thing soon, I'd love to ditch the starter and alternator for one of those kits lol
  7. DoubleDragon

    WinMTR issue

    Some routers filter pings such as tracert winmtr ping the * * *'s really don't mean anything from looking at your response times from google and to yahoo it's close by if your connecting after the * * * with low latency if you never had lag before on jay3 and this is new and on going it's possible either the router is expiring or the cables from your home are becoming ineffective or worn out due to weather bugs or animals login to your router check the system logs and event logs for issues like if the status of the RF Parameters show a frequency drop +/- 25-50% then it's the router going out If your unable or unsure of how to check your router then you definitely need to get a technician from your isp to come out and check your service lines and router they can test for breaks/problems outside with out digging with certain devices I do want to say this modem is not made for gaming it's made for small home/office even with max settings it will still have downfalls and that this router is supported up to Windows 7 meaning it's very old and possibly needing a change. Instead of going through a lot of trouble for $20 router that is possibly about to expire try to look for one that is newer even a used one possibly from eBay that isn't old for $20 Cause with a max settings your upstream and downstream is probably chocking on the lines power if it's fiber optic meaning the carriers are feeding more power through the lines these days and old devices will be affected by it. If our can post a screen shot of the routers Status and Logs of the inbound and outbound dBmV RF Frequency to see if there is problems outside id be glad to help
  8. Clear the mines!Madm!ke is here!Welcome to our forum and i am real glad to see you here!
  9. Update: Graduated Mortuary School, still have to take my National Boards to update my licensure, in which I'm still studying for. 
    Next Chapter: I already got accepted into a Uni for Criminology and Criminal Justice for Fall 2019.
    Can't stop, won't stop!


    Grats to all the Grads out there!

  10. Thanks for the support hopefully things get quiet
  11. This is the best and easiest way to download any video from YouTube without any software: Download YouTube Video
  12. Hey welcome to forum man, saw you several times on Silent1, tough target to knock down
  13. Hey, Mike, welcome to our forums Actually we have a NQ server (3) if you are interested
  14. Hello and welcome to the forums.
  15. Hey Mike, welcome to our forums. Good luck with your app
  16. Just did a tiny $5.00, got my own server to pay, along with a holiday to prague in 6 days, so have to be a little cheap. However when I played all those years ago you was one of the most pop pub clans, still are today so well done! Keep up the good work 3UD11095VB7837709
  17. Hey, nice to meet you mike and welcome to the forum!
  18. Blo0dy

    3 word story

    Biggest smile ever!
  19. Hey all, You might recognize me from ET on Silent1 and Hardcore as madm!ke. I started playing somewhere in the mid 2000s to about about 2010 and love the run and gun and kind of quirky nature of the game (really miss the kick from NQ!). During that time, I played mostly on ES servers and was an admin there. Between 2010 and now, I played sporadically for short stints and now am playing all the time again. Super glad there's still a decent player base. I mostly play as engy, as I like completing the objs and blowing people up with mines (lol). Love this game and the F|A servers are a blast! See you on the battlefield!
  20. OW me intestines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      go to another one!

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      im thinking about it

  21. Schmerzen

    WinMTR issue

    I'm sorry to hear that. Glad we were of help. Cheers!
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