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  3. Oooh! You are so right! (In that "big reveal" I always expected James Earl Jones to be under that helmet!)
  4. Well guys i totally screwed up my laptop over the weekend traveling to family events i’m waiting on some parts hopefully fixed by the end of the week. if you don’t see me on ET that’s why. i’m still up on the forums tho :)

  5. Minecraft - a game that is not impressive from the name, graphics, game content is nothing special, unique, but always creates an attraction for many gamers. Perhaps it is because of the diverse, rich gameplay, because the squares look rough when combined together to create extremely interesting and unique things. In addition to the new style of play, players are not constrained to any unique framework, or gameplay to experience. For new players, the most difficult is probably the command system in Minecraft. Because it is a simulation game in the Open World,
  6. There were so many ... De first was The Prince of Maquiavelo Apology of Sócrates of Platón And finally all of Dostoievski specially Crime and Punishment I love classic literature
  7. I think that we used to have something similar every Saturday on Jay#1 a half-decade or so ago. The odd thing is that some people will complain about it! I think that we had a GameDay on Beg#2(?) last year and when a server-regular joined, he said that he did not like it and he left! For me, the charm is in having new 'features' and figuring out how to adapt to them. I am not a hotshot, so I don't care about my score, but only about the " movin' and the groovin' ".
  8. Anyone know how to fix boot loop on a PC? It boots up for 5 seconds, shuts off, and repeats the same process infinitely. I have no clue what could be causing it, I even put a new PSU in.

  9. U alive mate? 

  10. Yesterday
  11. What server are you playing on? Throwing knives varies between game mods. Information about server would be great to clarify.
  12. esc/jaymod/misc/alternate fire: mouse2. If my memory serves me right.
  13. If you do not have IPv6 connectivity on any device without disabling it on the devices, it must be due to your router or your ISP. Does your router have a Graphical User Interface? There you should be able to see whether you have native IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity. If you do not have native IPv6 connectivity anymore (which I assume in your case, as you have none on your multiple devices), this could be because your ISP has disabled native IPv6 support and only assigns you a native IPv4 address anymore. This would be odd because it's usually the other way around (no more IPv4 address
  14. I hope you are allright now. It's nice to have you back, see you on beg#2!
  15. Might be off the servers for a day or two. Was upgrading my prebuilt computer’s graphics card to a GTX 1070, and found out it couldn’t fit in the prebuilt case! My boss gave me a large tower case and 16GB of new ram for free, and so I’m trying to hook everything up in there now. 

  16. final_5fc549d539cae70076c9f95e_508550.mp4
  17. Congratz m8!


  18. yes i come back . I had a problem with my laptop and had to buy a new one. and family problems now I have time to play again
  19. hey , enjoy your stay and nice introduction
  20. sorry if this has been asked a thousand times but trying to sort out throwing knives in et as been playing for 20 years and time to throw some back i think keep trying to use bind commands but dont seem to work any help really appreciated as need all the help i can get as always seem to lose out in gun battles so must be age related response times lol
  21. Anyone here been watching The Undoing with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant?
  22. still havent figured this out.. i have had ipv6 working on this pc for a whole yr now sense i built it .. now it doesnt work.so sad ...messed with everything i could think of.
  23. i couldn't be there but seems that was funny. i will try the next one!
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