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  2. Hello, For the server to be new, I am interested im old player trickjumper
  3. With a beautiful song comes a beautiful video.
  4. /moved from the ET Application forum, where he has already made a post : Apply for ET Welcome to the F|A Forums. Have fun!
  5. Thank you everyone :p
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  7. Bonne nuit! welcome to forums.
  8. Heya Fab, welcome to the forums!
  9. First name: Fab Any sort of Nickname?: wEAD Age: 23 What country are you from?: France Are you a Parent?: None How many siblings do you have?: 6, 2 sister and 4 brother What's your shoe size?: 43 What do you do for a living?: masonry Greatest Fear?: none Most Exciting thing you've ever done?: football Most embarrassing thing you've ever done?: (Don't be shy!) First thing you look for in a new friend?: kindness Farthest you've been from home?: What brought you to the Fearless Assassins servers/forum?: serverlist and friend
  10. On the sixth day of Christmas my true love sent to me: 6 geese a-laying

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  12. Finest


    ill try and get someone to set me up admin on the server and ill keep an eye on it even when im not playing i am usually around
  13. motion is that u..

  14. I think Aniky is trying to beat his friends at the touch typing speed test lmao xD
  15. Thanks! I made some changes - 5:09:18 PM:> g_adrenaline ------------------------- "g_adrenaline" is:"622" default:"0" 1 Spawn with no adrenaline needles, can only get them from ammo packs 2 Ammo packs do not contain adrenaline needles 4 Can only carry one needle at a time 8 Adrenaline does not boost health 16 Adrenaline does not boost stamina 32 Adrenaline causes player's eyes to glow red when used 64 Health packs cannot be picked up while using adrenaline 128 Enables adrenaline for soldiers (1.2.3 and higher) 256 Enables adrenaline for medics (1.2.3 and higher) 512 Enables adrenaline for engineers (1.2.3 and higher) 1024 Enables adrenaline for field ops (1.2.3 and higher) 2048 Enables adrenaline for covert ops (1.2.3 and higher) 4096 While using adrenaline you receive only half the damage (1.2.7 and higher) 2+4+8+32+64+512 = 622
  16. if i remember correctly ammo packs will give you another adren needle
  17. You should only get 1 adrenaline shot to get out of spawn fast. Ammo should never give u stamina shot back. That's messed up and if that's the case, will remove it completely.
  18. After hearing of many ppl complaining about adrenaline shots, I've decided to make this topic. Enabled adrenaline shot completely changed server gameplay, now it's all about extra stamina. If I remember correctly, the update was supposed to be without any big differences compared to the old version, but adrenaline turned this server into something completely different. And the fact that taking ammo-pack gives you another shot makes it unlimited, red eyes everywhere all the time. Shutting it off will bring back good old NQ1.
  19. Maybe it's pasting in a different font? Try copying something you actually typed into the text box into Word so you can see if they're using a different size or font.
  20. Download this free software: https://www.autohotkey.com/ Once downloaded and installed, download the file I attached to this post (clipboard_paste.ahk), and launch it. Once launched, you will be able to "paste as typing" anything from the clipboard by using WIN + CTRL + V (instead of CTRL + V), even in protected fields. So, select some text, do CTRL + C, and then do WIN + CTRL + V and it will type the content from the clipboard. You can try it here on this on this simple field: http://jsfiddle.net/ZjR9P/2/embedded/result/ clipboard_paste.ahk
  21. It doesn't matter much what you do in life so long as you have a good obituary writer.

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      @RedBaird: You must be popular!

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      I will be, when my final work of fiction is read out to the world! :D

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      @GoongalaJones , I now have another search term for Google. :D


  22. Without the use of JavaScript in any form, I don't see how they could possibly monitor your input on-the-fly. Unless they are using HTML5 in which case my knowledge is not yet up-to-date sadly and am still vague on this.
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