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  2. Bumping this, as I will be updating the admins and admin levels. In-case anyone has lost levels, this is the reason, please add your info here(people that have already put, no need to update, in-case you have been promoted please, let me know on discord, to update your levels in-game too). Thanks!!
  3. Never seen the chat so full of people!! Good times for sure!
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  5. Start ET, Esc, Mods, Silent...Load Mod... /seta cl_wwwDownload "1" /seta cl_allowDownload "1" /connect
  6. It says that is loading and I cannot join any map. After a while the sever disconnects for timeout My internet connection is fine btw
  7. Thank you my friend's , same to you and your family , same to all Muslim people all over the place and globe. Wish you a peacefull and joyfull time in this great month! Happy Ramadan. Wishing a blessed Ramadan that will inspire you with courage and strength that will help you to win every challenge of life!
  8. belated best wishes Lizenzierbar Lizenzierbar
  9. There are only three people who can drive tanks and artillery only for two and things like that
  10. .D You got the house clean I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I am very impressed with this game nice to see that you are interested
  11. Thx. I hope there will be a world in which peace and tranquility are ensured in the world, where innocent people and living beings are not killed, persecuted and exploited. My ALLAH relieve the troubles of my brothers and grant them health, well-being, peace and abundance! With the prayer that it will be a peaceful, fertile, healthy and lucrative Ramadan! ''Surely the men who submit (to ALLAH) and the women who submit (to ALLAH) and the believing men and the believing women, the obedient men (devoted to ALLAH with reverence) and the obedient women (devoted to ALLAH w
  12. sorry hell let loose it has to be called
  13. nice to see that you are interested, Hell it loose is the direct competition of post scriptum i think it is the best shooter there is at the moment ,But I also know that it's always a matter of taste if you like to play team play, this is the place for you I just recommend watching a few youtube videos i would like to find a team that wants to build something, it's just my favorite game. I think it's even better than Battelfield because more strategy and team play is required. It's just like Et, just very modern to say so if there is in
  14. A very happy Ramdan Kareem to all muslim friends and to everyone around the world. Have a blessed Month .
  15. When someone asks me, how many teamkills with "construction madness" me and Vice got: @Vice86 @BLAAT @Raziel
  16. love this game this is some older footage of me behind enemy lines I recorded on a i7 3770 and gtx 1070 i get around 120 fps with this setup but performance is still an issue and fps can fluctuate
  17. Damn it i cant play, i have a I-5 2500 too old for this game without videocard
  18. Try look here https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/requirements/hell-let-loose/18333
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