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  3. It looks like you somehow "fell out of the Radar map" by "squeezing between vertices" somehow. FF explosions can apply enough force to do that, sometimes.
  4. I found the solution. It seems that either my settings were lost or the new 'default' of "goto first post" overwrote it after the 'recent Forums Update'. You can click on your profile-name on the upper right of any page, which will invoke a drop-down menu. Click on the Account Settings and you can change a number of things. including "Content View Behavior". I found mine set to "take me to the beginning." I clicked on the line above it, "Take me to contents I have not read" and now it has returned to my "normal behavior".
  5. today happened something more weird. Don't do questions, again
  6. @Buckwild converted my demo into a video and uploaded it to his YT-channel. This shows the "mechanics" of the situation, which had greatly befuddled and amused the players.
  7. Souvlaki Chicken Kebabs & 3 cheese tortellini with alfredo sauce
  8. Set you 12 on HC after I saw that you had been there recently. 😄


    1. Rolan001


      Thanks redbaird 

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  10. uptime on Jay#1 is over 6 days. Talking with Hanky, it may have been some kind of glitch with his ET or with his system. He says that the "screen froze", but he was able to /disconnect and reconnect to fix it. All Okay now.
  11. You don't usually have to do anything mate, but for ref its always quicker to ask or report on FA discord channel. https://discord.com/invite/GpZzpVg Server outage reports though are automatic on FA discord server channel and all server managers get notifications when any of the servers go down.
  12. Baserace doesn't have 1 objective, it's a never ending map of taking home flags. Hydro dam is just 1 set (I think? I never play objective that map) of docs to secure.
  13. DOnt know where to put this but the server just crashed
  14. @Vice86 VID_82871020_211202_562.mp4
  15. 👋 Hi there

  16. This seems to be fixed for me, both now go to the actual post and not the first.
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