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  2. Methinks someone stole my april fools joke (But for real- if this is legit, this holds promise. Unfortunately, I see some sweetfx shaders....)
  3. Agree completely. Looks like others have said what I was going to cover, so I'll leave it at that.
  4. Possibility of sending private messages we could add to lvl 0 so that our guests could communicate with admins or other players. However, the risk of adding pm's from lvl 0 is that new players from other clans may try to quietly recruit our players through private messages. People who got a mute can not get an opportunity to send pm's because they could still be insistent, offend a person or people with whom they argued in the main chat.Not everyone knows about the command !ignore.
  5. Hulk

    3 word story

    or dutch apple
  6. ===edit=== To make it easier for more people to get in on the fun... I use https://imgflip.com/memetemplates to make all my memes. Its simple, fast, and easy.
  7. Vindstot

    3 word story

    the blueberry one
  8. Im not sure if thats a complain or not If not Welcome to our forums
  9. Yesterday
  10. This guy is a great cover artist. I hate the Adele version but this one rocks!!!!! You have to watch this all, It's LOLeriffic!!!!
  11. it is just a game.. who cares if some one talks shit..might want to reevaluate ur life if shit talking in a game bothers u. if some one is really abusing there admin .. maybe send staff a message.
  12. Great you can``t even play a simply game without someone one hacks your pc;(
  13. Omfg No you're just going to make more trouble ,if a players muted he's muted we see enough of their names changed to fkFASERVERS etc
  14. I'm having withdrawals guys, need moar memes plz thx bi
  15. I always wanted the Skyline and then the GTR was my new love until my brother in law got one (white like the pic Tulsa posted). Lovely car and one of the fastest off the line.....now i just wish he would wrap it round a lamppost as he is a knob, he didn't even know what one was till i told him it was my dream car....no imagination of his own.
  16. @Vindstot I'll be honest...that is the damnedest thing i ever did see.
  17. Discord is the way to go bud, ask a level 17+ they are around almost all the time on Discord...
  18. Hi, I was hoping to get same level on j2 server. I tried to play it yesterday but got kicked due to tag. Could some one help me with this?
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