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  1. Hi!
    With all due respect the attitude of the F|A to banish me for no reason was ridiculous. I was talking to a stranger in my private disagreement, I wasn't in the F|A disagreement. EVEREST, who I don't know and had never talked to him in his life, started talking to me and we were talking in private. I just didn't like the conversation and thought he was kidding me, because he told me he was 15 years old, he was a transsexual, he liked men, and he had a boyfriend. I didn't believe he was 15 years old, and most importantly, I'm not gay, I don't have preconceit but I'm not obligated to like or talk to gays. So I told him to suck his boyfriend's cock.
    And what's the problem if we were talking about participating in the private, if he didn't like it, he blocks me in discord and that's it, talk to me more. And if he hadn't blocked me who would have blocked me. Now after blocking me go cry to MIKE SLAYER because I swore to the doll and MIKE SLAYER report me and F|A banish me for it, since everyone knows me and knows that I never swear, I don't offend anyone, I'm everyone's friend, I respect all the rules and I've always been an example. I've been playing on servers for years. See how many referers I have in my Apply. This for me was the ultimate, that's why I never joined the F|A servers again. I always respected the clan and the rules, I wrote to the clan and I have been an excellent member, both on the website, on the servers and on the discord of
    F|A, and I have done everything correctly within the clan. Now on my private discord and my problem. If someone sends you a private msg and curses you or you don't like it, you simply block the person, don't talk anymore and that's it. Solved the problem. It's not a reason to ban!
    The same as if a member of the clan sends me to f*** in private message like MIKE SLAYER did to me. He told me: f*** off Thor! And it offended me. I didn't report him to the F|A to ban MIKE SLAYER because he cursed me, offended me with profanity. So the F|A has to ban MIKE SLAYER if they can't curse in private.
    I don't see a reason to ban, so I just blocked MIKE SLAYER and the problem was fixed. The same would be with EVEREST. He blocked me and the problem was over, we didn't talk anymore, simple as that!
    I'm right or wrong:

  2. daredevil

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    Let's discuss sometime this weekend or before.
  3. What error? Details please.
  4. Last time you didn't had issue when we tested? issue came back?
  5. Can we connect through discord over the weekend? Sorry, weekdays are crazy fk days since last few months and have no energy to help/respond.
  6. We should create a pk3 for all missing sounds.. and update mapscript to call correct sound.
  7. Amazon prime gaming has some free games. https://gaming.amazon.com/home Claim Battlefield 1 and V - if you have amazon prime account.
  8. Discord me and we can do some live testing.
  9. Is this happening recently? OR Just always been an issue?
  10. "credit to: El! for all his help trying to find a solution to this problem. Thanks! " What's the solution? Do u have HLSW tool open?
  11. Last one is cool. We should add it. Which server to add first? NQ? Suggestion? Possible to add text below website or on right corner? Discord: https://discord.clan-fa.com/ @Shana What do you think?
  12. What you plan to run on that one? Just curious.
  13. daredevil

    ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    Will add 5 more maps from this suggestions: et_mor2_night_final,0,64, supplydepot2,0,40, caen2,0,40, fueldump,0,36, sp_delivery_te,0,40, pirates,0,64, et_beach,0,64, fa_italy_b3,0,64, fa_bremen_final,0,64, adlernest,0,40, etdo1,26,64, capuzzo,12,64, fa_oasis_b3,0,64, eagles_2ways_b3, 12, 36, bba0-beta2,14,64, river_port,0,64, venice_ne4,0,64, etdo6,36,64, goldrush-gals,0,64, fa_temple,18, 44, decay_b7,0,40, baserace,0,38, warbell,0,64, castleattack_b5, 34, 64, frostbite, 0, 34, etdo3,30,64,
  14. daredevil

    ET Server Suggestion Beginners #2 - Map suggestions

    @Night Train and @Cracker What's the "laugh smiley" for?? You think he is cracking joke?
  15. daredevil

    ET Server Suggestion Beginners #2 - Map suggestions

    I thought latest is decay 7?
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