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  1. Thanks! I made some changes - 5:09:18 PM:> g_adrenaline ------------------------- "g_adrenaline" is:"622" default:"0" 1 Spawn with no adrenaline needles, can only get them from ammo packs 2 Ammo packs do not contain adrenaline needles 4 Can only carry one needle at a time 8 Adrenaline does not boost health 16 Adrenaline does not boost stamina 32 Adrenaline causes player's eyes to glow red when used 64 Health packs cannot be picked up while using adrenaline 128 Enables adrenaline for soldiers (1.2.3 and higher) 256 Enables adrenaline for medics (1.2.3 and higher) 512 Enables adrenaline for engineers (1.2.3 and higher) 1024 Enables adrenaline for field ops (1.2.3 and higher) 2048 Enables adrenaline for covert ops (1.2.3 and higher) 4096 While using adrenaline you receive only half the damage (1.2.7 and higher) 2+4+8+32+64+512 = 622
  2. You should only get 1 adrenaline shot to get out of spawn fast. Ammo should never give u stamina shot back. That's messed up and if that's the case, will remove it completely.
  3. Added - please let me know if you find any issues or spawn times need changes. [players 0-13] set g_excludedMaps ":oasis:goldrush:battery:fueldump:railgun:warbell:sw_cathedral_b7:missile_b3:et_mor2_night_final:fa_italy_b1:venice_ne4:coast_b1:" [players 14-19] set g_excludedMaps ":oasis:goldrush:battery:fueldump:venice_ne4:" [players 20-*] set g_excludedMaps ":oasis:goldrush:battery:fueldump:dubrovnik_final:axislab_final:" [/players]
  4. pk3 cleaner you need to run 2 times - Once against WET folder installation and another time against - ETLegacy installation folder i.e. C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\ETLegacy Replace xxx with your login username for windows. PS Assuming u are on windows.
  5. Run the pk3 cleaner - See if that resolves the issue. If not - save etkey from etmain and silent.dat from silent folder and re-install the game. What i normally do is - Rename current WET folder to WET_Backup and install new one under WET again. So you can easily copy your old stuff from their. If your default pak0.pk3 is corrupted - you have the problem and only re-install will fix it.
  6. Isn't that's what we do with player count besides map? ex - oasis, 0, 30 - oasis will only get loaded when their are 0 to 30 players. radar - 30.40 - radar will only get loaded when their are 30 to 40 players. Can you please elaborate your suggestion? Thanks!
  7. daredevil


    Big bro has been afk lots of time. He camps to help when he is online.
  8. I believe medic class is limited and other classes are not. So it allows regular players to be medic.
  9. daredevil

    Problem lags

    unselected is ok. No harm in their. You should never set your connection to modem. Ok this makes sense. People think modem as in new age modem but that modem was dial up modems. Can you please share some more lagometer screenshots when you have lag? Do you have wifi interference? OR someone using net on same network?

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