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  1. Yo! Where is your application to join us? 

  2. @The Partisan GR We made it alive when we all worked together. We can do it again! Problem is we need to camp it again and recruit again. We where thinking to try 1.7 again. Are we keeping 1.8 or 1.7? I can help with it. @Shoes mentioned he will be active soon and will also help in camping. @Spyderwebber @Sonofdoc - What u guys say? Let's get it going again?
  3. Most of them available on silent 1 - /connect s1.clan-fa.com:27960 HC peeps can play special delivery 50x time but wouldn't play Daybreak that I can guess.
  4. Bind it in your config. Share your config and give me KEY and what Action you would like to bind.
  5. Fixing! Update fixed! For B#2 @K3rmit Thank you.
  6. That one is really bad map because you can camp outside and slaughter team coming out from door or directly shoot at spawn from the top. That map its tough and gets one side if team goes bad - pretty bad fast. Link to map please? I had added that and people voted out very fast. Problem is any new map we add, players whine like anything - either this or that - i.e. map, choke points, FPS lag, etc. Can remove it for few days. How is Rushers? I can add that for a change.
  7. Q - is why run in loop? You want to know when it crashed and if you run it in loop you will never figure out why it crashed or what caused crash. You can write shell script and run cron job on it every 1 minutes. If process exist - do nothing and if it doesn't - start it. In shell script get the PID of your server and run check on it. I wouldn't suggest to do later as you need to know why it crashed.
  8. From level 2 u should have it on beginners #2. If not please let us know. I would say just join us and then you can use !put directly. By being admin you can help yourself and provide fair play for others as well.
  9. You check back on website and I will add live chat
  10. just want to thank you for what you did, your a stand up guy and i will do my best to help fa any way i can.

  11. Oldies would remember when Xfire was a thing..

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