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  1. FAG clan server for me at least Super Goldrush has entity issue. You can load the map, put on 64 bots on it and check entities. Thats what it was available only NQ server with 24 players max.
  2. One rotation was changed on 1/10/2020 and another day or 2 back and adding some more to it - et_mor2_night_final,0,64, supplydepot2,33,64, caen2,0,40, fueldump,0,64, sp_delivery_te,0,40, pirates,0,64, et_beach,0,64, fa_italy_b3,0,64, fa_bremen_final,0,64, adlernest,0,40, etdo1,26,64, bba0-beta2,26,64, supply_pro, 0, 32, teuthonia_final,0,44, braundorf_final,0,32, river_port,0,64, venice_ne4,0,64, etdo6,36,64, trmfght_beta2, 24, 64, haunted_mansion,0,45, mlb_daybreak,0,38, etdo4,0,40, sw_oasis_b3,0,40, baserace, 6, 32, goldrush-gals,0,64, resurrection, 40, 54, castleattack_b5, 34, 64, school, 0, 40, mml_minastirith_fp3,40,64, I tried to add that ET_Tower - some punks spammed me like a storm to remove it. Updated. If i missed any please let me know.
  3. Is it possible to make changes to flak jacket on Jay1? Explosives (rnades, mines, etc.) are dominating the meta on it and makes it difficult for smg players. Is it possible to change depending on maps? Example would be to let allies have flak jacket on maps like goldrush where they struggle to make progress objectively. Or maybe on bottleneck and small maps let everyone have it.

    1. daredevil


      Yes! Please post in suggestion category which maps u want add it and which one u would like to remove it and i will fix it up. Merry xmas buddy!

    2. CabaL


      Enjoy your christmas boss!

  4. Old topics are 1 or more years old And i always suggest bumping topics if anyone has valid info! In this case, spam section within 6 months appx, all good
  5. You my friend are decade old with us! Damm we saw all seasons together! Merry Xmas and happy holidays! @Nancy Thank you
  6. Merry Xmas dude! 

  7. Welcome back buddy! I hope all is good at your end! 

    1. Hecken


      Hey DD, thanks! You too. 😉

    2. daredevil


      You need to fix your telegram so i can add u back to our love group :D 

    3. Hecken


      I think my previous account got deleted because of inactivity lol, I'll check that out later.

  8. et_mor2_night_final,0,64, supplydepot2,0,64, caen2,0,40, fueldump,0,64, etdo3,0,64, UJE_oasis_xmas,0, 40, sp_delivery_te,0,40, pirates,0,64, capuzzo,12,64, et_beach,0,64, fa_italy_b3,0,64, UJE_amsterdam_xmas,0,40, fa_bremen_final,0,64, UJE_temple_xmas, 12, 34, adlernest,0,40, etdo1,26,64, bba0-beta2,26,64, transmitter,12,36, teuthonia_final,0,44, braundorf_final,0,32, river_port,0,64, venice_ne4,0,64, etdo6,36,64, haunted_mansion,0,45, northpole,0,54, mlb_daybreak,0,38, UJE_xmas_factory,0,32, etdo4,0,40, UJE_goldrush,0,64,
  9. Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas everyone! Stay safe! My best wishes to all loved ones. I hope your good dreams come true! Love from =F|A=mily!
  10. I compared the files and it's the one which we have on server.
  11. That one we had tried before - voted out and had FPS issues. winter baserace?
  12. max game charac error? What was the error or crash to desktop?

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