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  1. Cool, Canadian guy! I asked him to join our site on server and he mentioned MX! is already helping him. Thanks @!MX Welcome to our server and site.
  2. @Dest!Ny - Can you create new profile and try out? I want separate either client or server side issue. If it works with new profile i.e. client and we try to fix the config.
  3. Bug People didn't reported it so far, I guess or i missed it after the report. I miss old tracker which we used to have where we used 1 report per issue. Now all gets clubbed. I am going to work on resolving that so all the issues are handled efficiently. Miss the Tracker option on site which we had.
  4. Part of the IP - so rather then to ban players advertising for that clan - we just censored. Solved the issue. They should have been removed but are not. While I am working on something important, might just remove that.
  5. Post approval enabled for this topic since I can see where it will end up. So only valid post will be approved and approval would be delayed depending on when moderators see it because of long weekend i.e. thanks giving! Once we have admins 24 x 7 - in my opinion, yes we can. Some words like bots, they are their so stupid players who have zero idea about game, can't keep on accusing good players. Also censor makes life easier for admins. I don't want admins to baby sit - rather they should enjoy game. I would rather perfect censor so it covers 70% of cases i.e. 70% less
  6. All - Good recruits make life easier and help everyone. They are like silent warriors who help and make community grow and bring +ve experience. Bad recruits - they teach you valuable life lessons. As my dad always said, find +ve things in -ve people and those -ve people will never bother in your sleep. Thankful to all but more thankful to +ve ones and who gets thing done. Many will come and say, I can do this and that but out of 20, only 1 or 2 will make a difference. It's one thing to say and completely another to get it done and make it cross finish line. To those w
  7. Notifications are fixed. I also optimized back end so it's bit faster. Before was damm slow in between randomly.
  8. The journey wasn't best but it was worth it. For first 1-2 years, it was 8K miles and then I used to fly every alternate week from CA to CT (once a month), Houston to CT (twice a month), Baltimore to CT (every week) and driving from NJ/MA to CT (driving like a truck driver). It was tough but I am glad, we pulled it off. I actually still drive 100 miles to work, one way. After 4-5 years of spending my time and money on flights, wife asked for jewelry. I said, I invested all my money and time in you and now I got none. After 2 weeks of fight eventually she got it. I am not the perso
  9. Elegant theme is enabled back with more options.
  10. Can u pls ask him to send contact us? OR Contact me on hellreturns@gmail.com and I will be able to check for him.
  11. You are download different things in different location. Ping me on Discord. Lets do teamview so i can help you to fix it quickly. For protocol mismatch:
  12. daredevil

    ET Server Suggestion Hardcore map suggestions

    Because not all servers has this. Only few hand pick servers do this. We do map specific and user count specific changes on HC, NQ, etc.
  13. Just play on 'trusted' servers. This is true for websites as well Don't trust free 'movie' websites or some free gambling sites! You will find plenty of virus/trojans which doesn't need admin privilege's. 'Admin privilege's' is one of the checkbox but it's not the only checkbox which user needs to be aware off.
  14. @Robby - Run this pk3 cleaner once:
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