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  1. They are the same since years. I suggest you submit the ones you like. If better i can replace
  2. Their is no change on icons?
  3. @ElEl @Letdown i am going to add access for both of you for jay2 - so u guys can change maps fast. I will work on the access ASAP. I had similar access set up done for jay3 for @Vindstot and @PhoeniXx as they camp jay3 and they can figure out what players want and remove hated maps without me. I am short on time as Dec is closing and office pressure and lay off are increasing.
  4. I have tried to fix the glitch for you. Please let me know if it happens again. Drop me PM ASAP if you notice the issue so i can check whats going on in logs.
  5. Are you saying welcome to someone after almost appx 1 year? Please don’t bump dead/old topics.
  6. Added on Beginners 2 - replaced old one. Also added on Fun #2. Will be adding on other servers as well. Please share any feedback/issues, here.
  7. I have done some back end changes on database side so if you see any issues related to search, topic, post, messages, etc. please let me know ASAP so i can reload from back up. After xx days are gone, we will be in trouble. Thank you
  8. 5000 will also give u lag You need at least 45000
  9. u want original italy? Not smiley one? Just making sure.
  10. What's the size? I personally haven't seen 5 sec difference in slowest vs fastest SSD if - 1. Temp is maintained good. 2. SSD is not full. See here - Save the money! Buy bigger SSD
  11. Sorry to hear that man! I hope time will heal it.
  12. Sorry this week has been messed up at work. I will check this one.
  13. https://amzn.to/2YG4ZMO I saw that on deal if you or anyone needs new mouse!
  14. Aye! Next sound pack update for silent and I will add it up. I like it!
  15. Back to server changes + camping tomorrow as website stuff is almost done for today! 

    1. RedBaird


      "for today" only?  :( 

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