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  1. I found a video with you breaking your wrist! Didn't know you are wrestler, Dink 😄



    1. Hulk


      The crippler Chris Benoit RIP

  2. Thanks for the follow. 

  3. yaku


    Hello Liz! Welcome on Forum and feel free to having fun!
  4. Im currently listening to Meg Myers all the time, she is awesome.
  5. yaku

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

    I really like the current rotation with one exception - Breakout 2. Today I looked and when other maps were played a maximum of 70-80 maps ago on Breakout count stated 985 maps ago. I think this server needs at least one map for fun, that's why I suggest that you put this map in place of Breakout 2:
  6. I hope your recovery is going well! See you soon!

    1. Dink the Clown

      Dink the Clown

      Slowly getting better. Thank you very much for your concern Yaku very much appreciated.   Hope your doing well with your recent promotion of Trial 👍

  7. CONGRATS!!!! buddy I am so happy for ya on your TRIAL promotion sorry wasn't on to celebrate with ya in my own knifing little way lmao

    😎.  One of these days we will have to initiate you with a good ole knife fight poison included.  Take care buddy 



    1. DeKing


      Congratz buddy and good luck for the next step ;) 

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