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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UytD707AWuo love it
  2. Happy Birthday yaku!

  3. Happy Birthday yaku!

  4. yaku


    Hi guys! Unfortunately I have to put my application on indefinitely, because I do not hav emuch time to play as I thought that I will have.If I want to restore it, of course,will inform you about it. Of course I will try to visit the forums as often as I can,now do not allow me to family problems. I think the fair is to inform you of this, in connection with an application I made. See you!
  5. My favourite Iron Maiden's song and this remix fuc*ed up it.
  6. yaku

    hip hop

    From Poland - enjoy!
  7. Hi! Can you add Baserace and Golden Dunk on this server?
  8. yaku


    Hello everybody, nice to meet you
  9. yaku


    Just with friends. Thanks for invited and link to forum about anime!
  10. I do not like, except ETHS. Candice makes me feel good. She is fantastic! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQT782Rz42c
  11. yaku

    50 greatest guitar solos

    Oh, man, that list s*ck. Where is: Megadeth - Tornado of Souls (Marty Friedman), Megadeth - Holy Wars (Dave Mustaine) Pantera - The Sleep (Dimebag Darell) Pantera - Floods (Dimebag Darell) Marty Friedman - Forbidden City? Even John Petrucci is not here...
  12. yaku


    Proffa, hello!
  13. yaku


    Nice to meet you!
  14. yaku


    Yes, it is. Thanks!

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