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Welcome to Fearless Assassins Gaming Community

We are glad you decided to stop by our website and servers. At Fearless Assassins (=F|A=) we strive to bring you the best gaming experience possible. With the help of many dedicated and loyal admins, various servers, custom made maps and friendly server regulars your gaming experience should be memorable! We, at the FA community, share a special bond that resembles that of a family. This maximises the fun experience we endure daily when we play together with games such as Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, The Call of Duty Series, Insurgency, Day of Infamy, Counter Strike Series, Team Fortress 2, Minecraft & The Battlefield Series. Join the FAmily and play with us! You will be guaranteed to make many great friends from all over the globe!

Anyone from any race and country, speaking any language can join our VoIP (Discord) and gaming servers. We have clan members from all over the world so there is always someone around to talk to or play with. We do not care about the fluency of your English or the level of skill you may posses in-game. We only believe in making new friends in order to build and strengthen our community for years to come. If having a good time is your main objective, then you have certainly come to the right place and our welcome to join us any time!

Welcome to our new Co-Leader By rambozo37,

Jan 2022

Approved by our founders


Welcome to our new Co-Leader @Fighter


On behalf of the FA management we want to congratulate you and thank you for all your help especially on Jay3. Helping new guys, keeping the server active, taking care of maps and suggestions, good team work, etc... Your help is very appreciated and you are without a doubt the go to guy for anything related to Jay3.


Your hard work on many levels brought us here today. Well earned promo!



You can ask Co-Leader+ to set you up in servers


Only @daredevil or @RainierWolfcastle can set you up on website




Congratz! :punk



Happy New Year, Thank You Everyone! By RainierWolfcastle,

Dec 2021

Happy New Year!

I want to thank everyone in F|A, and hope that 2022 will offer you success, happiness and everything your heart desires. Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year.

Thank you Players, Guests, and VIPs for visiting our servers and contributing to our community forums!

Thank you Members for joining us and to help to make F|A number 1!

Thank you Recruiting Team and Staff for your zeal and diligence to our members and forums!

Thank you Co-Leaders / Leaders for your amazing devotion and loyalty in helping our clan move towards the future!

Thank you fellow Founders for I still cannot believe how far this has moved with momentum from conception!


Let us welcome 2022 with enthusiasm so that we can continue to provide many more years of gaming culture.


I wish you on behalf of our F|A Community a Happy New Year!


@ET Trial@ET Member@DOI Trial@DOI Member@Insurgency Trial@Insurgency Member@COD Trial@COD Member@Senior Member@Recruiting Team@Staff@Co-Leader@Leader


- Here’s a toast to the future. I wish you great friends and good times, warmest thoughts, and best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year.



=F|A Osie's Birthday By Leatherface,

Dec 2021

Happy bday my friend

2022- Donations - Post in this topic once you donate By von Rantala,

Dec 2021

Thank you for all the people who donated so far, especially, big thanks to anyone who donated more then 100$. My only suggestions or expectation is more donations in the range of 50$ rather then 100$ and above. The only reason, people have to donate more then 100$ is to fill in someone's else place. If we can do find 110 players to donate just 50$, we will reach the goal pretty fast. 


Nothing free survives for longer and hence we run website and servers based on donation. You don't hesitate to spend 10 bucks for a drink or 20 bucks for a movie for 3 hrs, then why hesitate for 50$/year for 365 days fun? You can find cost of our servers on our donation page. It has complete breakdown of cost. At the end of the day, nothing is free in the world - not your internet, not your food and/or website or servers. Someone, somewhere is paying for it and the only reason clan has survived for so long is because of community who fill in the pot. We are the classic case of Unity in Diversity.  


Quote from old clan leader Milli:


Ok peeps, here's the deal.
Take a look at clans that have survived as long as we have and you'll see ONE thing that makes us different. We don't charge for membership! We don't give promotions to those who pay more!
Have a favorite server and want to help keep it going? $5 a month from you will help pay for it! Its not hard to do. I have paypal directly linked to my bank account, and it auto-withdraws once a month. What is $5/month you ask? Its a pack of smokes for those of you who do. Its less than a month subscription to your porn site! It's cutting out a cup of coffee once a day per week a month! Its less than a large popcorn at the movies! Hell, its less than a movie ticket.
Its not hard people. I'm laid off from work and am able to give and help keep the servers alive and kicking. Even one time donations are sweet. Can't do monthly but have $40 you can give now? Great!
We need your help folks. Here's the low down and dirty...we have almost as many NON members donating as we do members. That does NOT speak well of the clan. So please, help out and pitch in!



Thanks to every donor small or big, for keeping the fun possible.


Cost break down - https://fearless-assassins.com/donate/updates/

Donation link: https://fearless-assassins.com/donate/


Thank you once again!

=F|A=´s Christmas Gameday Invitation for everyone! 18/19 December 2021 By Vice86,

Dec 2021

⛄The elves in FA's workshop are busy as can be,⛄
🎅they ´re all preparing Christmas-Gameday for you and me.🎅
🎁Before you´ ll see, the day will come,🎁
🦌and we will be having good old Gameday fun.🦌
❄️Checkout the server on one of those days, ❄️
We guarantee the fun on your stays. 🎄








  • Our picks

    • You want fun, instead of playing objectives, and the next game day or event is too far in the future?
      So come to play every second Sunday from 12 to 15 CET on our F|A Beginners#2 server!!!
      No more hogging zookas, now everyone can have one.
      Want to try your K43 or M1 skills? Come here and get some headshots. 
      Want to start a BBQ? Come and start grilling with our handy flamethrower.
      Something is missing? "Kein Problem", make sure to contact our members and add your suggestion for what to play on the next map!
      Everyone is welcome, so hop on and have some fun!
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    • ⛄The elves in FA's workshop are busy as can be,⛄
      🎅they ´re all preparing Christmas-Gameday for you and me.🎅
      🎁Before you´ ll see, the day will come,🎁
      🦌and we will be having good old Gameday fun.🦌
      ❄️Checkout the server on one of those days, ❄️
      🎄We guarantee the fun on your stays. 🎄
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    • Welcome to our new SCUM server


      What is SCUM
      SCUM is an open-world survival game with unprecedented levels of character customization, control, and progression. Knowledge and skill are your ultimate weapons for long-term survival.
      Initial release date: August 29, 2018
      Developer: Gamepires
      Engine: Unreal Engine 4
      Mode(s): Single-player, multiplayer
      Platform: Microsoft Windows
      Publishers: Gamepires, Devolver Digital
      We are currently looking for active admins to help on this project on many fields
      - Development of the server
      - Creation of events
      - Managing the server
      - Streaming/Advertisement
      - Etc...
      Special thanks goes to @monster for providing this server for the F|A community, building it and making this possible. Also a special thanks to everyone directly or indirectly involved in this project making this happen.
      See you in server!!!
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    • ET Master List - Force Redirect
      It seems like ET master list is being used to force players to redirect to certain servers. Please use below patch if you use 2.6b:
      It will support both 2.6b and ETPRO. 
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      Dear ETPlayers, regulars and members
      The Fearless-Assassins community is proud to present you our new

      FF off
      No Adrenaline
      No double jump
      Original weapons
      Classic maps
      /connect classic.clan-fa.com:27960
      Enjoy Original 6 + 4 classics
      Original 6:
      Extra 4:
      Special Delivery_TE
      Supply Depot
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