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  1. J'aime pas forcément la publicité ni la marque , ni les marges extravagantes du "luxe" Français qui n'en est plus vraiment.
    Mais alors j'ai adoré la créativité, et ces petits piques aux Français sont vraiment bien trouvés 😄 


    The Simpsons | Balenciaga




  2. Hi @endyYy welcome to the forum
  3. Yes, 95% of breaches in cyber security is a consequence of human error. Human factor is the biggest flaw. Social engineering is an art, and you all should be aware of this: be careful of your privacy online. DEFCON LAS VEGAS 2016 demo
  4. Hello and welcome to the forum
  5. Hello and welcome to the forum

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    2. DeKing
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    4. DeKing


      Toute façon quand on parle trop, on finit toujours par bafouiller. :) 


  7. 720620776_tlchargement.png.677188587fa83d80b922e3a26bbf99a7.png

    1. DeKing


      And be Billionaire ! 

  8. agreed! Yes transmitter 12, 64, would be better - at least 6 vs 6
  9. I would like to thank all of you! Really, I appreciate it
  10. are you there?


    1. GHARIB


      Ofc !

      Always here



  11. Dear ET players, Dear Insurgency players, On behalf of Fearless Assassins for our 13th birthday we would like to invite you to celebrate Halloween with us. Halloween Gameday, Saturday October 30th for Enemy Territory , and Sunday October 31th for Insurgency! 12PM - 12AM UTC/GMT Be ready for your worst nightmares! Do you dare to enter this haunted place? Then gather your weapons, get ready to smash some pumpkin heads and move those skeleton bones over to : Enemy Territory Date: Saturday October 30th Time: Starts at 12PM - Ends at 12AM GMT +0 [2 hours break from 5PM to 7PM] Server: =F|A= NOQ1 #1 XPSAVE IP: nq1.clan-fa.com:27960 Join our Discord Enemy Territory Party DISCORD: https://link.fearless-assassins.com/discord CHANNEL: Noquarter ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Insurgency Date: Sunday October 31th Time: Starts at 12PM - Ends at 12AM GMT +0 [2 hours break from 5PM to 7PM] Server: =F|A= Bot FRENZY #2 |Custom|Hardcore| IP: ins2.clan-fa.com:27020 HALLOWEEN GAMEDAY! Join the fun! InShot_20211003_103721068.mp4.f4d6e3836e43bdcd86eab277119f7381.mp4 INS Proposal 5.mp4 INS Proposal 5.mp4 INS Proposal 5.mp4
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