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    Hey, welcome here
  2. Hi @HURMA Welcome here


    Hello welcome here !
  4. Very Good choice DD What was its price ?
  5. Screenshot_20200319_231812.thumb.jpg.38d40bdc2a82563c039d6aa7b8075723.jpg

    1. GHARIB


      It was a promess

  6. Bonjour mon ami comment ça va ? 

    1. notellenPage


      Salut Gharib! Moi ca va tries bien, tries bien. Et toi? Tout va bien?

    2. GHARIB


      Oui tout va bien merci

  7. This is a gift from me: gharib@kali:~# sudo apt-get install sl Output gharib@kali:~# sl
  8. <form> <input type="button" value="click here to say thanks to @bubblehash" onClick="Message()"> </form> <script type="text/javascript"> function Message() { var msg="Thank you @bubblehash"; console.log(msg) alert(msg); } </script>
  9. Humans are becoming not si far from...
  10. 91th death 4500 infected 838 New infected the Last 24h 300 critical. Like said @AnG3L all is closed now here.
  11. Hey Greg ! Welcommmmmme on forum.
  12. Hey @Aft3rmath I will confirm one of @rambozo37 's advice about physical connexion. Firstable, in command prompt as admin , reset your TCP/IP protocol to be sure that there is no problem with all TCP/IP protocol stack : netsh int ipv4 reset same with IPV6 netsh int ipv6 reset 1 . [if your are wifi connected] You ping is unstable, due mostly maybe because of very busy wifi channel . So, if you are Wifi connected, use software to scan free/or less busy channel and force the router to the best channel: https://www.howtogeek.com/197268/how-to-find-the-best-wi-fi-channel-for-your-router-on-any-operating-system/ 2 . [If you are linked by Ethernet cable] - It could be bad ethernet cable (try other cable to check) - Or It could be infected process. Please, follow theses steps: https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039025013-Run-Farbar-Recovery-Scan-Tool-to-gather-logs Copy, and paste the log/report after analysis on PM : (2 files : frst.txt & addition.txt)

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