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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Mine is Wheet on Runescape. Been playing for over 15 years. 😃
  3. Naa , still play on the same one , but yeah start all over aint fun , how u lost ure accou t ?
  4. Hey bro I played osrs back in the days lost my account though u made a new account ? I can play but not rly time to start all over haha. There are some good servers out there though.
  5. Hey guys .. are there osrs pkrs who want to compete in the pk scene. and willing to make fa mark, and recruit people to join fa .. we have little to no active member for what i see i realy wanna chance that, but on my own it wanna be hard one xd .. so u up tho a challance ? @Bow_In_Honor can u pm me when u have time ? And when we no pk we can some bosses etc , and recruiting obv cheerz My ing name = fa holland
  6. RS & OSRS mains: Sakefake OSRS ironman: Sakefake_fer
  7. Just found this club. Actually laughed out loud when I saw it. I had just started an account last year, OSRS - GatorCrusher
  8. Hi guys ive been couple day in our fa cc all by my self maybee if u guys want , is that we soon work on it tho make the cc more actief as it is now , maybe we can make some channels for idk but we need tho work on it xd
  9. Any one who like deep wildy pkn ? Im 119 combat so if u like pkn Let me know :)
  10. Is somebody also playing the Trailblazer League? Maybe we can boss together!
  11. You are doing great, I can only kill him once a trip. I recently upgraded my dragon crossbow to a Armadyl crossbow in order to increase the Attack bonus with +6, increasing range distance with +1 to increase prayer with +1 and ofcourse to use the special attack, which doubles the player's overall accuracy (level + gear accuracy) for that shot. However, i still kill it in 3:00 min on average. I think i need to continue training range.
  12. Hey I recently completed DS2 aswell and started doing Vorkath. I'd say just practice and really get to know his attack styles and pay attention to when he's going to do his acid phase, which is every 14th attack. This is my setup with my stats. If I'm paying attention I can get 2 kills per trip. And also for my prayer I have my quick prayer setup for protect from magic, and eagle eye. I usually only take 2 doses of prayer per kill. I usually average around 2:45 per kill. EDIT: I also equip a holy blessing for extra prayer bonus
  13. This weekend I completed dragon slayer II and i started with Vorkath. Although I can kill him/it, it is just going very slow. What can I do better? EDIT: I replaced one prayer pot with a Slayer staff to decrease the change of misclicking the zombie spawn.
  14. I watch quite a few OSRS Youtube channels. Framed Torvesta C Engineer SirPugger Those are the main ones I keep up with. I also watch Settled's Swampletics series.
  15. Anyone wanna play some Chambers of Xeric? I've only done it once and couldn't complete it, but I had fun anyway. Message me on Discord if you're interested.
  16. Well I would like to know which Youtube Channels you are following concering ORSR. My top 3 favourites are: Settled - Swampletic https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs-w7E2HZWwXmjt9RTvBB_A J1mmy - By Release https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqCg6nlsQdulY4W1-peSjsQ Raikesy - Making 1 gp as a level 3 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHa80dplwApQGt55W4xL2xA

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