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  1. Cant send you PM, I guess your inbox is full

    Wanted to send you the photo

    1. RedBaird


      Yes, I need to keep cleaning it out!  


      (I collect PMs over the years and sometimes have trouble removing them, even though I have copies in my email client). :( 

  2. 03:00 - I need that weapon in PUBG or ET, unlimited bullets !
  3. Never aim to head nor body. You should always aim to throat, you'r bullets will be spread to head & body even if you dont want to.. instead of aiming to head and missing some above target. Anyway, I suffer from bullets lag that usually effects me while vs players only, same as @kYmo said.
  4. can you send new invite for discord ? I want among us tooo
  5. Now, after run as admin I manage to stay in server for 30 sec, but then receive the game integrity error once again
  6. I dont have any lvls there, so its all good But I cant join those servers
  7. Is there any way to create new guid ? So I will install the game once again on my computer and use that source only for ETpro? My main folder will be used for FA's server only
  8. I'm able to join FA's ETpro as well Problem is with other's ETpro servers @snuff, i'm running as admin since 2012
  9. After using this one - getting another error Restriction: Indaquate O/S privelligs
  10. DD's version. @Broham - they used to be in past.. now it isnt show in process section. @Snuffs99 Problem is FA's ETpro are empty Besides, it says the test went without problems, but showed my STOPPED around pbA and pbB
  11. Still same problem, wonder what this pbsrv.exe does
  12. Hey guys, Recently I've been trying to join a public ETpro server (Fa's server I can succefully connect), but getting error that pb kicked me for 2 min by Game Integrity error #20006. Any way to fix it? Puni
  13. I'm playing in both of them - RS3 - The Gods222 OSRS - PinkAxe
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