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  1. Sorry guys, what a dumb I am. I got the cd taped on the back of pc all good now. lol
  2. hmm the windows came with my machine. I could do all windows updates and etc so wonder why its not geniue now. anyway, how can I activate it over phone ? I dont know what my CD key. About the cmd thing, I guess I need my ck key to do those ?
  3. Hey guys. I was trying to upgrade my Win 7 Pro 64 bit to Win 10 Pro (in huge delay, yes.), but for some reason I got error message about my Windows is not Geniue.. Install of win 10 stopped at the very end of it, and now I'm stuck with Win 7 Pro 64bit but not geniue and need to enter a valid CD key. problem is my windows were geniue before.. and the install deleted whole restore points I've made before it. Any help ?
  4. Puni

    Lagging Badly

    Any new information ? Because on PingPlotter I see no packets lost on jay3, but in server alot of red lines today :S
  5. Puni

    Lagging Badly

    Thanks guys. n3g4n, not realy sure what means you'r 1). ?
  6. Puni

    Lagging Badly

    Hey guys, if anyone can help, appriciated. OS: Win 7 premium. RAM: 6 GB DDR3 666MHZ Motherboard: Gigabyte x79-UD5 CPU: i7 3820 3.60Ghz Hard drive (IDE, PATA, SATA, etc): 250 SSD sumsong Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 6450 Wifi: LAN Internet Speed: 100 GB - actually by speed test - 85 GB Do you use router? : No. Your location (country): Israel ET Version: 2.60b Plus some photos of pinglotter, WinMtr and latancey.
  7. Thank you all Appriciate it !
  8. can you post the folder which ET is installed in ?
  9. I would suggest first to use the pk3.cleaner then try to reconnect
  10. Puni

    Visual Studio

    Just noticed I need C. and not C# or C++.. Does VS 2017 can support it (I mean open project in C only and not cpp, cant find it)
  11. Puni

    Visual Studio

    Hmm the VS came with pc I guess, never downloaded it. Just had the file - VS installer 2017.
  12. Hey guys , Started study and teacher want us to open VS at home and train about #C. How I do it ? I dont have #C option in new project..
  13. Hmm nothing I can help.. Beside advise you to edit the post and cut the name binds. Player which will like to use you'r cfg will get the name by mistake, and since you'r rankning session.. well, not very good for you
  14. Going to be inactive since sunday, starting study in Electirc Engineering and will be very much intensive. So see you all when I will be able to play :)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. RedBaird


      I hope that your studies are 'fun', too. :)

    3. Puni


      As long as I heard, depends on you'r own love to math & physics :)

      But in the first 2 years its very intesive and hard, in the last 2 years will be easier

    4. Sparrow


      Come noob, starting to likign to kill you. Good luck mate

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