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  1. Muff I am stalking your profile!!! 

  2. It's a bit hard to understand voice chats saying things that you're not allowed to type. Ultimately, I can't imagine a significant number of conflicts have ever been avoided or reduced because someone said ******* instead of dumbass. The intent is still clearly there in both cases, and that's what will cause the conflict. I could be very mean and disruptive without saying a single censored word, too. There's no enforcement mechanism to the censor such as logging or automatically warning / muting, so I guess I struggle to see the value in keeping the censor... but I also don't care.
  3. I worked hard on this one. I couldn't find a method to smoothly shuffle players. Technically possible to ref move players, which makes the whistle noise, so I don't think you want to do a bunch of at once, or with the !put command where there's actually a buffer so you really don't want to. Then with either of them you have string character limits to worry about too, which is potentially a problem with 40+ players. I would love to see someone figure it out, though.
  4. my father harold and i wish u a lot of good luck, prosperity and good food, no tummy pain, and we send good juju yo way my HOMIE MUF


  5. Mufasa

    ET Server Suggestion Silent1 and Others - !HowFair Cmd

    It seems like you’re confused about what !howfair actually is. All it does it add the KR of each player on a team, then compare it to the other team - so when you say KR is more accurate, you’re arguing for !howfair. Map progression and actual scores will always be the best tool for balancing in the middle of a game, but they can’t be used at the beginning of a round. Looking past howfair is a good starting spot, and soon you’ll get a feel for when things need to be changed.
  6. Anyone wanna play some Chambers of Xeric? I've only done it once and couldn't complete it, but I had fun anyway. Message me on Discord if you're interested.
  7. Mufasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssaaaaaaaaa

  8. What kind of trash-tier player plays on HC to "get better"?
  9. Mufasa


    It's my find. I do not give you permission to be upset on my behalf.
  10. Mufasa you are insane! Xd 😛

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