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  1. supply.pk3 is the standard ETPro version. I've never noticed any problems with it, but supplydepot2 does have an invisible wall near crane controls that players get stuck on. I'm not sure which one is the new one, but afaik there's no reason not to use supply.pk3
  2. No prize, other than bragging rights . I have demos from some of the more-exciting matches, but I'm not sure what to do with them yet. If I don't think of something soon, I'll just post the raw demos.
  3. I'm pleased to announce that after two months and over fifty matches, the =F|A= 1on1 Cup has finished! I would like to extend a huge thank you to anyone who helped with organizing, advertising, or participating in the cup. Congratulations to the winners!
  4. Thorrrrrrrrrr

  5. hi Mufa!


  6. I think he's referring to spam like rnades, panzers, landmines, etc.
  7. @Snatixx vs @Mordecai, again forced to Sunday at 3 PM CST / 22 CET.
  8. Snatix vs Mordecai: Sunday at 3 PM CST / 22 CET
  9. =F|A=Goldrush doesn't work very well for hardcore either. I'm guessing it was designed mostly with the bigger servers in mind, because it adds some serious balance problems on hardcore. Remove: =F|A=Goldrush Add: sw_goldrush_te
  10. Yeah, I meant CDT by Central. So 8 PM for you.
  11. @Dest!Ny vs @Snatixx: Sunday at 21 CET @emaL vs @Mordecai: Sunday at 8 PM Central

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