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  1. I worked hard on this one. I couldn't find a method to smoothly shuffle players. Technically possible to ref move players, which makes the whistle noise, so I don't think you want to do a bunch of at once, or with the !put command where there's actually a buffer so you really don't want to. Then with either of them you have string character limits to worry about too, which is potentially a problem with 40+ players. I would love to see someone figure it out, though.
  2. my father harold and i wish u a lot of good luck, prosperity and good food, no tummy pain, and we send good juju yo way my HOMIE MUF


  3. It seems like you’re confused about what !howfair actually is. All it does it add the KR of each player on a team, then compare it to the other team - so when you say KR is more accurate, you’re arguing for !howfair. Map progression and actual scores will always be the best tool for balancing in the middle of a game, but they can’t be used at the beginning of a round. Looking past howfair is a good starting spot, and soon you’ll get a feel for when things need to be changed.
  4. Anyone wanna play some Chambers of Xeric? I've only done it once and couldn't complete it, but I had fun anyway. Message me on Discord if you're interested.
  5. Mufasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssaaaaaaaaa

  6. What kind of trash-tier player plays on HC to "get better"?
  7. Mufasa


    It's my find. I do not give you permission to be upset on my behalf.
  8. Mufasa you are insane! Xd 😛

  9. I think it would be excellent if we put vsays on Hardcore. Who would complain if I was able to say "that's the way uh huh uh huh I like it" at denesis after he teamkills me with dynamite? No one. Everyone wants this. Cheep wants this. Stryder wants this. Everyone wants this! Make Hardcore great again! #MufasaTrump2020
  10. why you gotta be like that?
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