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  1. Maybe it's pasting in a different font? Try copying something you actually typed into the text box into Word so you can see if they're using a different size or font.
  2. If you message me on Discord, I can help you out.
  3. Dubrovnik: Exclude from 20-* Coast_b1: Exclude from 0-13 Axis Labs: Exclude from 20-* Xposed: I just checked the map again... doesn't fit HC as well as I remembered. Tramfight beta2: Exclude from 0-13
  4. Could probably use some additional feedback because I think these would all be new to HC except Dubrovnik, but I think these have potential: Dubrovnik Coast_b1 Axis Labs Xposed Tramfight beta2
  5. So many people don't understand this. A team of "rambo medics" who don't prioritize objective would win 100% of the time against a team of guys who "sacrifice themselves" to do objective but hardly get any kills.
  6. Honestly, the only good indicator is damage and frags... and there's quite a bit of subjectivity there. PRW could easily be close to 100% for a good player who actually focuses on the objective. Usually though, the good players don't care about objective on public. KR is a useless metric because it's easily to manipulate and it's really biased toward players who play panzer, covy with knife, etc. XP is just about how much someone has played.
  7. I think another thing that would help is if the lower entrance hallways were wider. As it is, a flamethrower or panzer or rnade can basically shoot anywhere and allies have zero chance of winning against them. Wider hallways wouldn't be a universal panacea, but if it was something more like special delivery TE, Allies would at least have something like a 70/30 chance instead of 90/10. Also - not sure if it's possible, but making it so the flag can't be recaptured would help a lot. The flag is constantly being recaptured and it's a complete waste of a spawn that pretty much resets any map control that allies might've had.
  8. 6v6 or even 5v5 is probably reasonable. 6v6/5v5 is reasonable on Snatch too. Logic behind it was that there will always be some specs when it's so few players on the server, so at 13 minimum you would hopefully have close to 6v6. The minimum isn't as important as the maximum to me though. Above 24 players and beach becomes really broken. Maybe one more category for exclusions from 24-*? Could add tc_base, reactor_final, et_ice, et_beach to it.
  9. It is because ET has the option for different menus for each mod. You play on Jaymod? So, you would have to start the game in Jaymod if you want the menu to show up. You need to modify your ET shortcut. Right click the ET shortcut on your desktop. Select properties. Click to the very end of the target box, outside the quotation marks and put +set fs_game jaymod
  10. I think it's a Jaymod bug, actually. Every time I view a Jaymod demo (in normal ET), I get the same bug.
  11. I mostly like Aniky's suggestions. I would make a few modifications: caen2 8-28 et_village 8-28 bremen 8-28 snatch3 13-24 et_beach 13-24
  12. I think it still makes sense with map voting too. No one ever considers the number of players when voting. At least with some of them removed for certain player counts, it'll be more reasonable sometimes.
  13. He's too scared to answer anything tough. Can't even get him to pick a tattoo for his butt!
  14. I had to leave for class

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