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  1. I would love to get a punching bag! I always am frustrated when I have to drive my car for 30 minutes because people just never figured out how to drive their car properly... Edit: punching the bag, is also a great workout! I love boxing I once did that with my laptop.. Smashed it and broke the harddrive that was in it I don't even remember why In general I don't think I get really mad as my opinion is that life sucks, get over it..
  2. Shrooms! Good to see you here buddy
  3. Welcome on the forums! See you on silent1
  4. Time for her to dump his sorry ass, how hard it might be, he's obviously not what you want to settle down with. She deserves better
  5. Y r yellow!

    1. Sisje


      Orange! 😛

    2. Hulk


      Very Halloween!👻

    3. Sisje


      Twinsies for Halloween then Hulk? 💚

  6. I just returned myself I'll be here to help you get to the next level, I do remember recruiting you I hope to see you on silent 1 soon! Glad to have you back.
  7. Welcome! Happy to see another Belgian with a love for Canada! It is absolutely beautiful. Hope you enjoy your stay with us!
  8. People love commenting on things they don't know anything about, the level of selfishness and ignorance of people is really starting to get to me, I can't wait to get away from Belgium and Europe

    1. CheepHeep


      Oof what happened?

    2. Nancy


      Sis, I can recommend far Asia,  its a awesome place indeed - not only by climate, but by people. The late Buddhism is so peaceful and relax: imagine a world where no one use horn (it so quite on the roads) and everyone is so friendly...

      I am talking about Thailand basically: in my life I have only one regret what I came "so late" to Thai :))



    3. Sisje


      Well I'll be moving to Canada soon, it's a lot more stress free from my experience :) and I'll get my gun license so I'll be able to go shooting when I get mad :') (in the range ofcourse, not people xD)

  9. The past 9 weeks have been so wonderful, sadly tomorrow will be a very sad day :(

    1. Xernicus


      What's going on Sis? :(

    2. Sisje


      Flying back to Belgium today after being with my husband for 9 weeks 😥

  10. Try a mint cigarette, they are so gross I was never tempted to even try to start smoking lol! (besides that time I suppose because I wanted a joint but was in a foreign country and that's the "best" I could find xD) Good luck with your adventure!
  11. What an amazing story, you remember the day you got that beauty and gave him the best life possible from that day onwards! I'm sorry for your loss mate. Just heartbreaking
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