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  1. yo aprendo español con Duolingo y es muy dificil pero estoy feliz 'with the progress I've made'

    1. Kat0n


      "como la manzana con mi gato" Duolingo is quite cool tho

  2. 1 year anniversary of my marriage 💖💖💖

    1. Cross Marian
    2. Kat0n



    3. Dark donkey

      Dark donkey

      Hope all the vest in ur life

      Wish u alot of happiness in ur mariage 🖤🙏🙂

  3. Hola!

    1. Sisje


      Mula! ❤️ happy new year! How are you doing?

    2. ancientmule


      Happy 2021 to you and your hubby aswell! ❤️
      We are doing well, kinda hot in here since the summer is with us.
      Everything else is ok, we are healthy and that's the important one!

      take care and all the best! ❤️

      luv ya!

  4. Nothing better than self made pizza for lunch on the first day of the new year, just wish I was a bit better prepared and wouldn't have to improvise haha

    1. CheepHeep



  5. Sisje

    Dream Travel

    Now I'm curious lol, I want to go but mostly for the northern lights and the actual landscapes Other places I want to visit are Italy, Croatia and Estonia in europe, the USA not sure where yet but I heard San Fransisco is nice, and I have a closet ready @Salverius his place in las vegas hehe Also Costa Rica, Bahamas and Jamaica... Probably many more as I'm a massive travel addict I've enjoyed my visit to Crete a lot, Dublin as well and my main travel memory is having a guy follow me in the ladies bathroom after he paid for one drink in the nightclub at the hotel in Corf
  6. Can't wait to move out of this place filled with negative comments and judgement

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Cross Marian

      Cross Marian

      Hope you are not talking about FA, because we all love you here ;) 

    3. Sisje


      Ofcourse not! Just wish my family was as lovely as FA

    4. GHARIB


      Wish you all the best Sis

  7. It's been a while, 25$ Merry xmas 20474335268852330
  8. I want to congratulate our newest staff member: @Nancy formerly known as Patrick Our multilingual long time member has shown us great growth and determination to make this community better. From helping keep our application section clean, guide the applicants and pm them to see if they are still around to being active on gamedays hosting for hours at a time and making sure there is a fun atmosphere. Always happy to help and guide others. His ability to take feedback and improve himself is a nice strength of his as well. Keep following our tips and management will always be here to g
  9. Steam sales, let me know some good deals! also sims 4 for less then 5 euros? yay or nay? (I hate EA but can't say they don't have decent games)

    1. Cross Marian

      Cross Marian

      I highly recommend this if you've never played it before :



    2. Nancy


      i love sims :) can go to work there or have a cat

    3. XeRoiX


      🤯 Steam sales again Sisje?? aye!!!! you're killing me smalls!!


      I've been on a Quake kick recently now....


      Quake 4! Now $4.49 at 70% off. 

      Save 70% on Quake IV on Steam (steampowered.com)


      ^^ I might have to get this 😄


      Also the original Quake collection!! 8 games at $7.49

      Save 70% on QUAKE Collection on Steam (steampowered.com)

      A must for all the orignal gamers out there!


      (I got the collection back on black Friday in November, still working on it! Def worth it!) 


  10. I like you already! Welcome to the forums
  11. Sorry you'll have to leave the country, but I'll happily take your place (not in QC though) as a true hockey fan!
  12. I can only speak highly of all the games they've made, they are all afforable as well! Plus we have a great team of admins on the games, however it seems to have shrunken a fair bit , still love you all
  13. Since @joo really wanted to see a piece of the cake I made last week, here it is chocolate almond cake
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