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  1. If England get anywhere near close to winning I'll eat a damn shoe.
  2. Hi Steely Dan welcome to the forums, hope you stick with us I may have to see what all the fuss is about with this insurgency game soon
  3. It's about time I donated, been playing on these servers for nearly 2 years now. Looks like it went through without any problems and wow you guys are quick with updating groups :P. If there's anything else you need from me just let me know. Here's to more donations in the future now that I've finally finished uni!!
  4. ElEl

    fa_italy CP

    As much as I dislike this map, I thought the placement of the old CP was pretty good. I loved that they made the area more open on the UJE version as it was also easier for allies to double jump through the window to take the CP spawn. I didn't know people were having trouble with fall damage as it can be so easily avoided - especially on jaymod where the spawn protection is like a year long . Anywho if this change does go through what's gonna happen to the old CP location? It seems like that area becomes pointless. Will download the map and play around on it after I wake up and add more feedback.
  5. I think I picked up Insurgency in a bundle of some sorts but it's on a Saturday so I can't make that anyway :P. Will probably be on ET for a couple hours on Sunday though.
  6. I've been playing guitar for about 5 years now I think, nothing beats being able to play a song you love :D. I've got a strat, an acoustic, a 7 string Ibanez and my Schecter babe.. I'm gonna splash out on another one after graduation
  7. Post here with the list of maps from your campaign suggestion then others here can see what maps they'd like or wouldn't from what you've got
  8. Just tested 2tanks and I believe the track switch buildings are supposed to kill you if you jump over them instead of destroying the door but that didn't happen for me. Edit: Can't change to MLB Temple on server, vote passes but map doesn't change.
  9. Happy birthday bud, have a good'n
  10. Ah okay I thought I saw it get played a week or so ago Cheers for removing them
  11. This movie comes out 4 days before my dissertation is due but I have my priorities straight, been waiting for this for too long

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