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  1. Next time something becomes important enough that you absolutely need to sit down and write multiple paragraphs on a situation, make sure you include screenshots or demos. Post a demo or screenshot and I'll try see if there's an explanation so that everyone is on the same page. The most important stats for /scores when you're just taking a quick glance are kills and damage given.
  2. Screenshots. Again, you come to the forums moaning about how this game is unenjoyable yet you do nothing to let us help make it enjoyable. You've provided no screenshots, no demos, no names. What is anyone supposed to do about it? Then don't play here if you're going to keep saying this without doing something constructive.
  3. ElEl

    ET Jay #2 Difficult targets on Jay2

    As Hipkat said it's just for tabbing out and doing stuff in Windows. I'm replying to you right now during a warmup on El Kef. No.
  4. ElEl

    ET Jay #2 Difficult targets on Jay2

    I play at 800x600 at 60hz, a monitor isn't going to make you play better.
  5. ElEl

    ET Jay #2 Difficult targets on Jay2

    Name them. What you're not entitled to is CONSTANTLY bringing stuff like this up on the server every time you die to someone you think is 'hard to hit'. This is the problem I have with you and why I jump on you about this every time you bring it up. Ah yes, I forgot you were an expert at analysing player's skill levels and gameplay. Why do you think that you can just tell they're not doing anything different and dismiss every explanation given to you? I think it takes a massive amount of ego to refuse the idea that these people are just better than you a
  6. ElEl

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    Captn suggested to remove Church and Dubrovnik a few posts ago. Maybe? I don't remember, it feels like decades ago. I hated that map at first and then I grew to really like it. +1 for these maps just cause Captn wants them
  7. ElEl

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    How about Fata Morgana? I have fond memories of it when I first started playing Jay2. Maybe some other CTF maps too to break up the objective maps?
  8. I can't believe it... Mike why did you have to tell him? Do you know how long I've been trying to lie to this guy about the reason he gets killed by us so much? I'll admit it, you've been right this entire time Spectator. Us pro players do all sorts of stuff to our connection to be able to warp around on your screen in particular so that we can kill you easier. The truth is, you're better than every single player on Jay2 so we have to balance it out somehow. We have to resort to effectively cheating just to be able to get a headshot on you. When you spec people and see their bullets not lining
  9. Ok. I've disproven this in my previous post. Yep that's exactly what I did too and I came to the conclusion that neither of the 3 games you were here for was I on the stacked team. Maybe someone else could check as well. You did call me out. I would not have gone to such lengths to disprove this otherwise. I am rightfully pissed at being called a stacker when I do so much to try keep things even. Yes I point out when you're falsely claiming that the teams are unbalanced or are skewed in the favour of the team you're not on.
  10. Here you're referring to the Caen game we played earlier I think. Let's look at the scores from the middle of the game where you started complaining about Allies being the stronger team: As someone who was a high level admin for this clan and someone who literally wrote the admin guide on balancing teams on our wiki this is what I see: Axis have the advantage in kills but not damage given. That's probably because kikuss is playing panzer so take away that and Axis have a strong lead in terms of damage given, ~28k to 22k. Now let's look at the highest fraggers of e
  11. You think about this stuff way too much man, it's just a game.
  12. Rendel's right, ET will only show a certain number of maps in the vote menu and this should apply to the create server menu. I recommend you set up a server for yourself so you can use rcon commands to change maps with bsp file names and make server config changes. You also could just set up a new et installation with only the maps you want to test in the etmain for that installation.
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