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  1. Nope, damage output is the same if you're on adren. The only difference is you take half damage from non-headshots and have unlimited stamina for 10 seconds.
  2. The amount of damage a headshot does is exactly the same whether you're using adrenaline or not.
  3. Yep I rely on the scores but also what people say about the map and what I notice on the server. For Rochelle, I've seen complaints about the map and have noticed people leave. Barnie has also sent me a PM on Discord saying it needs removing. D..X mentioned people leaving when El Kef comes on and I remember the other version had a really high negative score a while back. Raid causes a lot of issues with FPS lag when the truck gets to outside the library. I usually leave a reason when I take maps off but I was far too exhausted when I did the last rotation to do that .
  4. They cancelled karaoke
  5. New rotation, sorry for the delay. supplydepot2, 0, 64, oasis_eu, 0, 64, beerrun_b7a, 0, 52, et_beach, 0, 52, bremen_final, 0, 42, adlernest, 0, 36, caen2, 0, 52, goldrush-gals, 0, 64, bba0-beta2, 12, 64, bergen, 0, 52, warbell, 0, 52, tankbuster, 8, 52, school, 0, 36, praetoria_m2, 14, 64, tc_base, 0, 52, italyfp2, 0, 52, haunted_mansion, 8, 52, frostbite, 0, 36, teuthonia_final, 0, 64, password2, 8, 52, sp_delivery_te, 0, 40, braundorf_final, 0, 36, pirates, 0, 40, purefrag, 8, 40, A couple days ago I went through some maps with @D..X to see what could be added back to the server and what should be removed. I've added quite a lot of new maps but I'm not as active on the server as I used to be, so please keep an eye on the warm up scores and if one of them drops below -5 just shout at me to remove it, either on the server or on Discord. I've missed a lot recently . Removed: Library Capuzzo Axis Lab Rochelle El Kef Raid Decay Purefrag has been added back to the rotation as @captnconcrete mentioned the vote system isn't working properly and a couple of people have requested it. We'll see how it does. The warmup scores for all maps should HOPEFULLY be reset now, I will be keeping an eye on it to check. Jaymod doesn't have this feature unfortunately. All we can do is map rotations. Those are stock campaigns and I don't think they're supposed to be on the vote menu. There's only one map cycle for Jay2 at the moment and that's the one I've just updated . I'm thinking the reason Purefrag couldn't be voted in was because it's not on the map cycle and so the server just doesn't want to load it? It's been in the etmain folder for a long time now and I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't be able to be voted in. Maybe @daredevil knows? I've left mad bunker in there too so see if you can vote that in Cap? Next map that gets removed, I'll replace it with Venice. You're right, another chance isn't bad. Please keep this topic active, I'd like to see more discussion/criticism about the maps so I know what needs removing and adding . If you think a map would be better with a different minimum/maximum number of players then feel free to share that too, I'm not brilliant at that stuff and am open to suggestions . Thanks for the suggestions.
  6. Tomorrow morning I'll add Capuzzo and Pirates to the rotation. I'll add madbunker outside of the rotation so it can be voted in like Purefrag. Then I'll test that Gauntlet map and see if it'll work on the server. Sorry I've not been on top of this stuff lately, I've had far too much to deal with outside of the clan.
  7. Have you ever had commands added to your GUID? Maybe someone added an extra flag accidentally.
  8. sup buddy how goes it . 

    1. ElEl


      Been a rough few weeks, how are things with you pal?

    2. captnconcrete


      same for me .. hopefully i find a job soon. i have this big problem  i cant tolerate stupid.. my biggest flaw.


      well if u need someone to chat with. or vent to .. im always around. take care bud!

  9. Do you have smooth mouse enabled in the in-game settings?
  10. Are you using Windows scaling? That can cause these issues with ET. You can check by going to display settings in Windows and looking at Scale and layout. It should just be at 100%.
  11. Try /seta r_customwidth 1920 /seta r_customheight 1080 /seta r_mode -1 /vid_restart This should let you avoid having to mess with a config. Let me know how it goes
  12. The trouble with Baserace is, when the map comes on half the people leave because they don't like it. The vote scores for it are 70 up and 60 down so it's a pretty divisive map and I'd rather keep maps on that everyone enjoys. I've not been as active lately cause of dealing with personal reasons but if anyone notices any maps that are causing people to leave, please let me know so I can remove them. I appreciate the suggestion though bud, I barely get any so if you've got any more I'd be happy to put them on the server if they're a good fit.
  13. He may not reply cause he's having trouble with his vibrator on vc hahahhaa She's named Sally

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