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  1. @Barn!e Do you have a demo of it bud? I'll see if I can replicate the issue on a test server in the mean time.
  2. So far as I can tell this wouldn't be possible for silEnT servers. I can't find a stomp/goomba.wav in the silent pk3 that plays only when a stomp kill happens. From testing it looks like 3 sounds files play during a stomp kill. 1. pak0.pk3/sound/player/land_hurt.wav - The landing sound i.e. the player's ankles going crunch. If we change this sound to the goomba effect then that sound will play every time a player takes fall damage. 2. pak0.pk3/sound/world/debris1.wav - The actual stomp sound. I'm prety sure this sound file is used in quite a few maps for walls being destroyed so to have the goomba effect play then would be a bit silly . 3. pak0.pk3/sound/player/gib.wav - The death sound. Unfortunately this isn't exclusive to being killed by a stomp - it plays whenever someone goes splat. I'll have a mess around with it when I get a chance but I don't think it'll be possible without affecting other sounds that play during a normal game. This would work for Jaymod because there's a sound file dedicated to the goomba effect, even though it's just the same sound as debris1.wav from pak0. jaymod-2.2.0.pk3/sound/jaymod/goomba.wav. Noquarter already has the same sound file you linked for stomps. nq_v1.2.9_3.pk3/sound/jetpilot/goomba.wav.
  3. Here's the place to post map suggestions for NQ1: Just point out the maps you want to remove and the maps you'd like to see added. Also just a heads up, the formatting on your map list is a bit funky. When you paste stuff in, right click and choose 'Paste as plain text' (Ctrl+Shift+V) and it'll get rid of the formatting from the place you copied it from.
  4. Got a few new map requests so gonna test them out for a week or two and take them out if needed. Halloween rotation will go up around the 1st of October or a couple days after unless people would like it a bit later? Rotation: rochelle_b2, 0, 44, sp_delivery_te, 0, 40, braundorf_final, 0, 36, fueldump_revenge, 0, 64, low_airstrip2, 0, 40, bremen_final, 0, 42, adlernest, 0, 36, supplydepot2, 0, 64, 1944_beach, 0, 40, townsquare_final, 0, 52, praetoria_m2, 0, 64, sw_goldrush_te, 0, 40, italyfp2, 0, 52, codename_lachs, 0, 52, et_beach, 0, 52, frostbite, 0, 36, ga_el_kef, 0, 40, warbell, 0, 52, school, 0 ,32, raid_final, 0, 32, baserace2_b1, 0, 52, flame-guards, 0, 64, breakout2, 0, 52, sos_secret_weapon, 0, 52, axislab_final, 0, 40, chariot, 0, 52, caen2, 0, 40, tankbuster, 0, 52, Changes Out: arta - been hovering around 0 for quite a while, probably more suited for Jay1. bloody_omaha_b2 - is currently at -2 and Barnie has said he gets FPS issues. radar_summer - needs antirush and sitting at -5. marketgarden_et_r2 - think people found it a bit confusing and some just didn't like the both teams attacking thing. -5 mlb_starbase - another map that needed antirush, not sure why else people didn't like it but I thought it was a good map -11 rtcw_depot2 - needs antirush, map can be finished in a minute. -9 In: 1944 Beach Caen2 GA El Kef Low_airstrip2 Tankbuster Townsquare_final Updated: Chariot 1.0.1 to Chariot 1.2.0 - hopefully this fixes Barnie's FPS issues on this map too. Baserace to Baserace2_b1 - As said in above posts, gonna try this out for a bit as people were getting bored of the old version. Goldrush GALS to SW_Goldrush_TE - Requested change. Was gonna replace this with F|A Goldrush but it doesn't have bots on the test server so I don't think it'll have bots on Jay2. Unable to check at the moment. Will swap back for Goldrush GALS if people don't like this version. Please make sure you guys vote during warmup, some of these maps only had 8-10 votes total. I'm always looking for map requests too, just let me know what you'd like to see on the server and I'll see if I can get the maps on. Have fun.
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    Gary Moore's sooo good. I really need to listen to the rest of his stuff just haven't got round to it yet.
  6. Congratz for your promotion ! :) 

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  7. Had this problem again on Jay1 10 minutes ago. If anyone else wants to fix this minimap issue then remove bba0-beta2.pk3 from your etmain directory.
  8. How about swapping baserace with the other version you found a while ago? Baserace2 I think it was. I don't think I was here when it was swapped back, was it laggy for people or something? In games where every axis player camp the bank, attacking can be almost impossible. GALS has multiple access to it's a lot easier and that's why it's liked so much. I can see about swapping it out with Smiley's version that's currently on Jay1 if you'd be happy with that bud? Yep it's currently sitting in the negatives so that's going out next rotation. Not sure if lack of anti-rush killed that one or if it's just that no one that likes it. Either way, it's a pretty big map more suited to Jay1 so I'll find a replacement for it. I found a newer version of Chariot yesterday so I'll replace the current version with it. Hopefully that sorts the lag out on that map. It's weird that it wasn't laggy for us when we found it during map testing. Are your primitives and hunkmegs set? If I see a few others mention that they lag on Omaha I'll remove that cause I know there are people who enjoy that one.
  9. Suggesting changes is not a bad thing. Just cause the server does well now does not mean that there are things that can't be changed or improved. Ignoring suggestions and saying things like 'go play on A server if you want B or X server if you want Y' should not be encouraged in my opinion. There's always room for improvement to servers and feedback is a good thing. I know you're worried about it potentially killing the server but it's really not hard to change settings back if there are people complaining. Not too long ago Jay2 got double SMGs added because someone suggested it. After getting complaints from the regulars, the feature got removed. No where did Hipkat suggest that we outright remove M97s or poison knives. All he asked was that we reduce the number of shotguns and he didn't even mention the knives.
  10. Good post. I do know a lot people who won't touch Jay1 because of the explosion spam and poison knives so here's my opinion on your suggestions as someone who doesn't play on Jay1 nearly as much as Jay2: Lower 'team_maxGrenLaunchers [num]/[num%]' I agree with this. I don't know what the current limit is but since explosions do so much damage compared to other Jaymod servers due to no flak jacket, I think the number should only be around 10-15% of the team. Lower 'team_maxM97s [num]/[num%]' I don't mind what it is right now. M97s take more skill to use than heavy weapons in my opinion and they're balanced alright as they don't do well in battles against multiple people and have other weaknesses like the delay between shots. Set 'team_maxMG42s 1' I think 1 is a little low but I agree that too many is an issue - though I'm not sure what it's set to now. I think the minimum number of players on a team is 12 because of bots and the maximum is 26 so to me 10% would be a good number. Most of the time it will be 1 MG per team and when the server fills up it will be 2. Limit poison gas I don't know of a cvar that does this, the only things I can think of are turning off poison mines or disabling poison gas grenades. I don't mind what it's like right now though. Lower 'team_maxArtillery [num]/[num%]' I agree with this, it seems like I always get hit by arty on Jay1. This cvar restricts the number of airstrikes/artillery per minute, I'd set it to 1 or 2 personally . I recommend you ask people on the server to reply to this topic with their opinions as well. More feedback would likely result in these things getting changed but in the end it's up to DD.
  11. What would you suggest replacing it with? Map stats say that the current warmup score for the map is +22 out of 32 votes so 27 people voted up and only 5 people voted down. It has been on the server for quite a while and I've seen a couple people leave when it comes on so if you can suggest a similar map I'll replace it and see how it does. From what I gather, the general consensus is that people enjoy maps like this because it breaks up the normal gameplay of one sides attacks, one side defends so that's why I say a similar map .
  12. A few maps have been replaced on Jay2 based on feedback and warmup scores. Here's what the rotation looks like right now: arta, 0, 64, rochelle_b2, 0, 44, sp_delivery_te, 0, 40, braundorf_final, 0, 36, fueldump_revenge, 0, 64, bremen_final, 0, 42, marketgarden_et_r2, 0, 52, adlernest, 0, 36, supplydepot2, 0, 64, bloody_omaha_b2, 0, 52, chariot, 0, 52, goldrush-gals, 0, 64, praetoria_m2, 0, 64, rtcw_depot2, 0, 52, italyfp2, 0, 52, mlb_starbase, 0, 52, codename_lachs, 0, 52, et_beach, 0, 52, frostbite, 0, 36, baserace, 0, 40, warbell, 0, 52, school, 0 ,32, raid_final, 0, 32, flame-guards, 0, 64, breakout2, 0, 52, sos_secret_weapon, 0, 52, radar_summer, 0, 52, axislab_final, 0, 40, Changes: Out: 1944_huertgen_final2 (was sitting at -9) bucket_v2 (was sitting at -8) haunted_mansion (quite a few people have said this was getting stale so time for a break, it will return for halloween) venice_ne4 (was sitting at -5) In: axislab_final bloody_omaha_b2 breakout2 chariot fueldump_revenge mlb_starbase Only issue is anti-rush, some maps need it adding as bots just can't wait to destroy things. I'll try my best to replace a map either when it reaches -5 or is at 0 to -4 for a few weeks. There's a lot of new maps I'm testing from the download section that I'd like to try on Jay2, if they get massively voted down in a week then no worries - I'll just remove them. Also, I'm already working on halloween, winter and christmas rotations so feel free to leave map requests and suggestions for those and I'll get them on the server.

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