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  1. Used to play that map a lot
  2. ElEl


    Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Danielle's back? Since when?
  3. This is already the case on Jay2. The point of my suggestion is that it's just irritating having to farm level 4 medic to be on an equal footing with all the other rambo medics :P. It doesn't make sense to me that medic is the only skill that's set at 0 for newcomers.
  4. Below is a list of maps you'll find on our Day of Infamy servers. This list is intended to be up to date at all times so if there's anything that needs adding or removing please PM me or reply to this topic Custom maps have links to the Steam Workshop so our players can download the files all at once instead of waiting during the game. =F|A= Recruiting COOP #1 Bastogne – Entrenchment, Raid, Stronghold Breville – Entrenchment, Stronghold Brittany – Entrenchment, Stronghold Comacchio – Entrenchment, Raid, Stronghold Crete – Entrenchment, Raid, Stronghold Dog Red – Entrenchment, Raid, Stronghold Dunkirk – Entrenchment, Stronghold Flakturm – Raid, Stronghold Foy – Entrenchment, Raid, Stronghold Ortona – Raid, Stronghold Reichswald – Entrenchment, Raid, Stronghold Rhineland – Entrenchment, Raid, Stronghold Saint Lo – Raid, Stronghold Salerno – Entrenchment, Raid, Stronghold Sicily – Entrenchment, Raid, Stronghold =F|A= Custom COOP #2 This server utilises the Let’s Kill Bots mod as well as custom maps. Default Maps Bastogne – Entrenchment, Stronghold Breville – Entrenchment, Stronghold Brittany – Stronghold Comacchio – Entrenchment, Stronghold Crete – Entrenchment, Stronghold Dog Red – Entrenchment, Stronghold Dunkirk – Entrenchment, Stronghold Foy – Entrenchment, Stronghold Ortona – Stronghold Reichswald – Entrenchment, Stronghold Rhineland – Entrenchment, Stronghold Saint Lo – Stronghold Salerno – Entrenchment, Stronghold Sicily – Entrenchment, Stronghold Custom Maps Brest – Stronghold Carentan – Entrenchment, Stronghold Catacombs – Stronghold Causeway – Entrenchment, Stronghold El Guettar – Entrenchment, Stronghold Forest – Stronghold Harbour – Stronghold Hinterhof – Entrenchment, Stronghold Kriegsmarine – Entrenchment, Stronghold Lazio – Stronghold Lighthouse – Entrenchment, Stronghold Marketgarden – Entrenchment, Stronghold Monte Cassino – Entrenchment, Stronghold Panzer Tag – Entrenchment, Stronghold Pegasus – Entrenchment, Stronghold Pruefstand – Stronghold Reichsfarm – Stronghold Sandwall – Stronghold Squatter – Entrenchment, Stronghold Squatter Dawn – Entrenchment, Stronghold Tobruk – Stronghold Westwall – Entrenchment, Stronghold =F|A= PVP #3 Bastogne – Frontline, Invasion, Liberation, Offensive Breville – Frontline, Invasion, Liberation, Offensive Brittany – Invasion, Liberation, Offensive Comacchio – Frontline, Liberation, Offensive Crete – Frontline, Invasion, Liberation, Offensive Dog Red – Invasion, Offensive Dunkirk – Invasion, Liberation, Offensive Flakturm – Frontline, Invasion, Offensive Foy – Frontline, Invasion, Liberation, Offensive Ortona – Frontline, Invasion, Liberation, Offensive Reichswald – Frontline, Liberation, Offensive Rhineland – Frontline, Liberation, Offensive Saint Lo – Frontline, Liberation, Offensive Salerno – Frontline, Liberation, Offensive Sicily – Frontline, Invasion, Liberation, Offensive
  5. Hi new, I'm El! Welcome to the forums bud
  6. Is it custom maps by any chance?
  7. Poll for when people want to play, I think we played Sundays before and that seemed to work for everyone so this poll may be useless but oh well. Probably gonna be late GMT (9-12) unless anyone doesn't want that We're probably gonna use this site http://gulls.co/ as pretendyourexyz is down but it's probably temporary. This site also has custom packs so we can give that a go as well.
  8. Ins #1 70:2 Ins #2 161:0 Meant to post sooner but been busy
  9. Is windows scaling the size of your display? Check by right clicking the desktop and going to display settings, it should be set to 100%.
  10. I think this came from the security patch/update that DD released. I get it when I'm on Jaymod or N!tmod in the main screen. I also don't get a server list for silEnT.
  11. love isint always on tim butters
  12. I found like 5 mirrors for it, nothing to worry about. Me and Neuro are looking through them all to see which is the best. ALSO: the guy who hosted the original may be putting his servers back online.

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