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  1. It's a new game that comes out in about 2 weeks after the release date being pushed back a few times. From what I've seen of it I probably won't be getting it until the prices drops considerably but you should watch gameplay videos first to see if it's for you. Our insurgency servers are great and there's a server list on the wiki that shows their settings if you want to try any out . Here's the steam link for Insurgency Sandstorm.
  2. I'd try Beginners #2 before joining Jay2, there's a lot more bots, it's for beginners and it's also a silEnT server like where you started out. It's also the first F|A server I joined when I reinstalled ET and it worked out well for me
  3. I am not a number - I am a free man! Best song on their second best album
  4. Guess what. I got a fever.
  5. Went through all 122 pages on http://wolfenstein4ever.de/index.php/news/wolfenstein-enemy-territory/et-maps and then narrowed that down to ~80 maps and have been going through them one by one. Here are a few that I think will work well on Jay1 just from messing around in localhost. They should probably be tested with a small group of people before putting them on the server first though . Links below are for the map pages on Trackbase. 6Flags Each team starts with 3 spawn flags, winning team is the first to capture all 6. Could be nice for the TDM server too. 110_Factory Haven't played this since Tibet Temple was still around but it's a decent map in my opinion. Arta_B1 Haven't completed the objective on this yet but it's quite a large map and well designed. Blackmoon_raid_b1 Similar objective to fuel dump, escort the tank and then dynamite a generator. Winter map so good timing for Christmas coming up. Breakout2 Nice looking map, didn't get very far with the objective but seems alright from what I've seen of it. Dam_revengev2 Haven't played this map in a long time but it was nice to play it again, would like to see it on a few F|A servers. Axis attack on this map so it'll add some variety. Deadcold_b1 A really good replacement for Hydro Dam on Jay1. Objective is symmetric so it's both Axis and Allies attacking. Also winter themed for Christmas. Dingenskirchen_b2 This is one of the best looking maps I've seen in ET, would like to test it with more people first but should be good for Jay1 as it's quite a large map. Really nice attention to detail too. Also winter themed. Industry2_final Not much to say about this one, the Trackbase description covers pretty much everything. Another Axis attack map wouldn't hurt. Mitchelldown Again just another large objective focused map. mp_base The remake of TC Base by the Alienz clan, can't even remember the last time I played this before today. There's a few new ways to reach the objective so it should be able to handle a higher player count. Might need to remove a few sound files cause I imagine they'll get irritating pretty quick. tram_et Remake of the RTCW map with a few things for ET. Great map . Here are a few more that I'm not really sure about and need to play some proper games on them to see if they're any good. Canyonlake - Can't find this map on Trackbase so this links to Wolfenstein4ever instead. Codename_lachs Et_assault_beta4 Still got 15 or so maps to check so if any of those seem alright I'll just make another reply .
  6. Time to bless this new thread with some PEAK Ozzy
  7. Good stuff, been working on increasing the list to the current new maps on Jay1 and the missing maps from Jay2&3 - should be sorted by Monday, will message you on discord when done.
  8. Was this I was basing my comment on, , cheers for the new maps.
  9. Lays of Schwarzwald is a bit too easy for Allies, all they need to do is grab the dynamite, rambo and drop down I think disabling the objective until 5 minutes are left will make it a little more challenging. I've only played it a couple times but Nightmare is just not a good map, there's a massive chokepoint that a flamer can easily block and Allies can't really do much about it, the objective isn't fun either. I've not seen Haunted Mansion appear yet, could it be lowered from 12 to 0 cause it's not that big of a map. Blackwood I think is decent, the one time I played it was a good challenge but it's still doable, it should stay on the server in my opinion. Also I haven't seen anyone complain about Kerkyra before and I know there are a few regulars who enjoy the map. It adds variety to the Allies-always-attacking thing. How come UJE 00 is 20 players? Chicken Bucket is just as fun as I remember it being would be nice to see it on Fun#1 with the instant respawn.
  10. We've got a club with 112 members on the forums, surely it wouldn't be hard to set up a weekly event so we can at least get some activity on the server? Then after that people could start to give feedback on how they want the server configured.
  11. It's been a while since I've tried to do something like this but it's gotta be possible to display a message after a map has ended right? Something like 'Please make sure to vote for the next map!' might help even if just a little. If not I guess you could have it as a banner on the server. I don't usually play on HC and haven't in a while so it could already be set up like this, if so nevermind
  12. I did test both b3 and b4, the only difference I can remember was that the truck is further away from the last objective (I think it got moved into a tunnel on b4?). I thought it was far too close in b3 personally cause we have adrenaline on this server and it takes 2 seconds to get to the truck with it. I did test this by myself though so I'm not 100% sure how it would work on the server but I did think it was far too easy at the time. I'm not at my PC at the moment so I can't confirm it and could be wrong, this is just what I remember.
  13. Ya, got any suggestions? I'm a bit worried that if we add too many it might be a while before we get a new rotation so we could be stuck with them for a bit.

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