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    Mouse settings

    They usually have a very large mousepad and know how far they need to move the mouse to turn 45/90 degrees etc. I could never get used to low sensitivity myself, seems like a lot of unneeded effort to move the mouse. I play at 1600 DPI, 5 sens on 800x600 res. It's worked for me the past few years and I know just how much I need to move the mouse to do sick 360s I wouldn't mess about with m_ cvars as going back to Windows or other games would feel alien to me. I think people have m_pitch set up so that when they move the mouse in the y direction it will 'feel' like it takes as long to move in the x direction. If that's what Cheepheep told me ages ago? Just find whatever works for you and build off that, it's what I did when I left everything default. Learn how far you need to move the mouse to turn x amount of degrees and it becomes second nature.
  2. What is your r_finish set to?
  3. ElEl

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    Well this mini-gameday was fun! Thanks to everyone who showed up. Another big thanks to Mikeslayer for advertising for this thing. I put quite a bit of time into setting everything up so that it was as smooth as I could get it with things like waypoints, map testing, player counts etc. and I think it went fairly well. I've made notes of what to change for next time. Maybe in 2 weeks we'll have another one? Maybe every Sunday? Maybe once a month? I don't know. I'll make a poll or something. There's a couple things I need DD to change before next time though. Here's the rotation I had and I'll put in red what needs changing for next time: Tower_b27j, 0, 40, - Slightly less gravity? ~600-700. et_slide, 0, 50, Note: first team to get 500 points wins. uje_space_panzer, 0, 40, Timelimit might be too long, reduce by 10-15 minutes? I don't have the power to do that though. psl_koth, 0, 30, darji2, 20, 64, - Too big, either raise min to 40 or just remove. ctf_face_b1, 0, 40, - Some server script set the gravity back to 800 instead of what it was suppose to be set to via the map's script. Need DD to fix. cluedo, 0, 20, - Can probably handle 12v12 baserace, 0, 40, - No adrenaline - need DD to fix. I had this and Baserace2_b1 on the server so I could swap out between them but no one answered when I asked if they wanted me to swap so I just left it. steal_v1, 0, 40, - People didn't seem to like this map, was probably a bit confusing with which portals went were so just remove it. UJE_bathroom_panzer, 0, 40, - Some server script set the gravity back to 800 instead of what it was suppose to be set to via the map's script. Need DD to fix. nfl_b2, 0, 40, ctf_pool_v2, 0, 40, goldendunk_a2, 0, 40, Timelimit is too long for this one, maybe just 10 or 15 minutes? oldbones_b1, 0, 40, glider_panzerduel, 24, 64, - mml_minastirith_fp3, 26, 64, - mml_helmsdeep_b4, 26, 64, - The plan for these 3 maps was to move them so they loaded next when we had quite a few players already but there wasn't a good time to do that. Might just remove them in the future. UJE_lava_panzer, 0, 64, necrology_final, 0, 50, madbunker_reloaded, 0, 20, - Didn't load this one just to wrap up the gameday and get back to regulars maps. I also just realised I forgot to add Purefrag.. oops. The regular rotation is back on and over the past week or so I've been removing maps that have negative scores and maps that people don't seem to enjoy. New maps will come in a few days, I'm gonna take a small break for a bit cause I'm pretty burnt out from all the map testing and organising this mini gameday thing Thanks again to everyone that showed up, I had a lot of fun - especially on Cluedo and Necrology Hopefully next time the kinks will be sorted and we get more people interested.
  4. ElEl

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    I think so?
  5. ElEl

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    The other poll may be broken, try this one https://linkto.run/p/N51N2JDD
  6. ElEl

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    Please vote in the poll: https://www.strawpoll.me/45611909
  7. ElEl

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    What are everyone's thoughts on having the fun rotation this sunday? Maps would include Baserace, Golden Dunk/Basket Panzer, Pure Frag, Mad Bunker, CTF Pool, Cluedo, 2 Tanks, Pacman, Necrology, Steal, KOTH Warehouse, Slide, Space Panzer, Bathroom Panzer, Darji 2, Old Bones, Room Panzer, Lava Panzer, NFL, Soccer, CTF Face, ET Tower, Glider Panzerduel Minas Tirith if we get enough people Helm's Deep if we get enough people Probably a few regular maps to cool down in between some of those. All these maps are in the file section so if you don't know them just search for the name. I'm thinking it might be a bit too short notice to do it this week, I'd want quite a lot of people to know it's going on so it doesn't just flop and it's 4v4 all night. What are people thoughts? Can you all show up this Sunday? Should we move it back to next week? We'd also need someone to set people to 13 so we can have wars and stuff. Maybe @Leatherface could do it? I made a poll: https://www.strawpoll.me/45611909 Please tell me what you voted and why as well.
  8. g_fixedPhysicsFPS isn't an on/off cvar, you give it an FPS. I tested with g_fixedPhysicsFPS 333 and g_fixedPhysicsFPS 125 and found 333 was a higher jump.
  9. Read what I said. Yes the video is relevant for the FPS and physics calculations but not in regards to maxpackets. Doesn't the fact that ET handles supposedly "less calculations/second" disprove that it's due to maxpackets? I fail to see how maxpackets is relevant when the cause of the higher jump is from rounding errors. I don't trust the claim that maxpackets = calculations/second either. I'm not sure where that came from. The fact that ET has a lower max value for the cvar should show that this claim isn't true given that ET has a lot more stuff going on at a given time, it should require more calculations if anything. This is not the case. I tested this on the test server which is not LAN and I found 333 gave a higher jump arc. Back in the days of Quake 3, players used a lower rate setting, I think this is what he was trying to talk about in the video. They couldn't use rates of 45000 like we do nowadays thanks to broadband internet. From my understanding, the client sends the server information about where the client is at a rate of 20 times per second, it's nothing to do with maxpackets, it's snaps. Set your maxfps to 20 and you'll see you get no interpolation in between frames (the blue meter on the lagometer). The client calculates using the formula for jump height (which has an error depending on FPS) and sends it to the server. This is why the clientside FPS affects the height. So the fix is, force all clients to calculate movement as if they were calculating at 125 FPS. I don't know why this feature isn't enabled on Beginners 2 or NQ1, as I said I think it's daft not to have this turned on. I think the default of 125 is just from the days when people couldn't run at 333 FPS and it's just been kept at that, setting it to 333 would give a greater jump height for everyone. Exactly like I said here: The => symbol means implies. Not sure why you're telling me something I've already said To bring this back to the original point of the topic my advice is this: play on a server that has g_fixedPhysicsFPS enabled so you don't have to worry about it
  10. I just tested it on Jay1 and Jay2 with 85, 100, 125, 250 fps and the box jump from my video is possible on both servers with those FPS values => both servers have g_fixedPhysicsFPS 125.
  11. I think ET differs in that cl_maxpackets has a maximum value of 100. So I guess this shows that the video has no relevance in regards to maxpackets for ET? I tested on the test server and there's a clear height difference with g_setphysicsFPS 125 and 333. With 333 you can jump higher, not by much but it is higher. Next time supply depot is on Jay2 I'll be sure to test if the server has that setting on. I'm not sure why beginner's #2 wouldn't have it on, seems daft not to in my opinion. Is that where you recorded that video on pirates @HarryAimpotter
  12. It explains that 333 is the max jump height. It's the same video I posted in this post It doesn't explain what you said here though: Where did you find this???
  13. Do you have a source for this? 333 is the max height for servers not using g_fixedPhysicsFps as per the video I posted in my other reply. Where have you found this information? I'm trying to look into it more but what you've said contradicts what I've found.
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