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  1. ElEl

    Heavy Metal Mayhem

  2. RULES Depending on the number of entries the tournament will have 3-10 rounds. For each round you'll have a week to find a good time between you and your assigned opponent to have 3 games. The tournament starts next Monday. If you can't find a time between you by Thursday evening then you'll be given a time to play on the Sunday. I'll try my best to make the time reasonable for both players. This process repeats each week until the tournament is over and a winner has been found. Each game will be 10 minutes with no increment. 3 games means you should plan for the total time each week to be an hour long if you're going to do them all the same day. If all three games are drawn then you will have to play tie break games with 5 minutes time limit and 5 minutes increment. The player who started with black will start with white for the first tie break game and you'll alternate until the first person wins a game. That person is the winner of the match with a score of 1-0. We'll be using the Swiss tournament bracket on Challonge. Here's an example. The seed will be randomised. I'll handle everything and tell you the match-ups in the posts I make on Mondays when the new week starts. All games should be played on Lichess.org using the 'Play with a friend' button on the right. Variant should be standard. Time control should be real time at 10 minutes per side and 0 increment. Send your opponent the link via Discord or forum PM and have your games. Make sure you save the links to each game or send them to me on Discord as you're playing them. I also recommend that everyone makes an account on Lichess. You will be told which player starts with white pieces in the playoff topic which will be created on Monday the 29th of July. You will then alternate starting colour. Takebacks are allowed to be either accepted or declined but please be fair. If it's clear the other player clicked the wrong tile or accidentally made a pre-move then you should accept the takeback, this is all just for fun after all. This topic will be locked on Saturday around 7PM GMT+1 so make sure you sign up before then. HOW TO SIGN UP Reply to this topic with the following form filled out: Lichess account (optional): Discord ID: Time Zone (GMT +/- X): That should be everything. If you think I've missed something please send me a forum PM or get my attention on Discord. Have fun. Thanks to Cheepheep, Destiny, Mordecai and Mufasa for giving helpful feedback and advice for setting this up.
  3. I enjoyed it when it was on Jay2 but I think it eventually got a negative rating. There needs to be antirush on the dynamite at the end until 5 minutes are left if it comes back to Jay2 cause of how easy it is to win with adrenaline. I can't say how it'll work on Jay1 or say for certain how many players it will work for but I'd start with 0-30.
  4. Okay with the help of Destiny I found the issues with what I originally proposed. Looks like the best way to do this is with a Swiss tournament. I just can't figure out how assign colours fairly. Here Player E would get white 4 times in a row and Player D would get black 4 times in a row if the player on top would get white. I'm hoping this is just because of the seed and this won't happen regularly if future tournaments are made with Swiss. I'm planning on making the sign up page in a couple hours. I'll close it on Saturday and that'll give me Sunday to sort any issues that come up. The tournament will start on Monday. Each game played will be the best of 3 matches. Time control will be 10 minutes with no increment. Tie breaks will be 5+5 as said in the first post. The rules will be much more clear on the sign up post .
  5. Only with one pistol and still, the difference between a luger and a colt is easy to see. I remember the panzer lean thing, it works on silEnT.
  6. ElEl

    Class cfg

    I think it's trying to execute the comments so it's doing // in console. Try this instead, I've just removed the comments from what Leatherface posted.
  7. Seems to work just fine, I can push bots back when they're coming towards me now, before they just barely moved at all. Thanks. I'll let you know if there are any problems or complaints that come from this.
  8. ElEl

    Class cfg

    Ah the class command, I could never get that thing to work so I had to work around it in my config. Maybe it just doesn't work on Jaymod. I use the - key to select a team which execs either Allies.cfg or Axis.cfg which have the class select with weapons. Here's what the files look like: In class.cfg: In allies.cfg In axis.cfg There's probably a much easier way to do what I did but oh well . I sometimes forget it's even there so i'll just manually type in /team b 1 for example. I think Daredevil posted a class selector script a few years ago but I can't seem to find it, maybe that will help you out more than mine does. Edit: Found it
  9. That's the idea I was going for . Covies are easy to spot anyway if you see their guns or ask yourself 'why is my teammate running the wrong way and holding a knife?'. Only takes 1 bullet to confirm them. Even if covies get much stronger cause of this, medic is still going to be the stronger class in my opinion. I'm thinking increasing shove distance by just enough to give you room to get around the bots is better than modifying the waypoint file for every map we have. If it doesn't work, it's easy to change back.
  10. Just a few small suggestions for Jay2, would like to hear what the admins and regulars think too 1. Remove the 'disguised enemy' popup. A small improvement for covert ops players, medic is probably still the strongest class so it won't mess with balance to remove this. I think the cvar for this is flag 8: 2. Increase shove distance by a small amount, maybe 1.5x what it is now. Bots get in the way a lot especially in tight corridors like in Axis' first spawn in Gold Rush. Sometimes they decide they want to start walking backwards, I think to reach a waypoint they missed. If you push them while they're doing this, they don't really go anywhere and it's frustrating being stuck behind them. The cvar for this is g_shove. Not sure what it's currently set to, probably 100, but I can't see a small increase like 1.5x causing any major problems. 3. Admin chat colour. Letdown asked I add this suggestion and I agree: Change the colour of the admin chat from white to orange like on silEnT and Jay1. Makes the text stand out more, especially on white backgrounds like in Fuel Dump or other snowy maps. Plus who doesn't love more orange. Also just want to remind DD of the filter on the words 'bot' and 'boot' and the Alliesqsay bug at the end of maps. Cheers, El
  11. There's some sort of overlay on the minimap during desert baserace. I've played the map on B2 and it's fine there so I'm not sure why it's happening on Jay1. I'm not the only person having this issue, I asked Nerbil and Young Fox who were on at the time and they confirmed that they were having the same problem. I'd guess that it's happening for everyone else but only Chimichanga (not the bot) said he had the same issue. I've tried reconnecting and that didn't fix the issue. Tried vid_restart too but no luck. Someone suggested cg_watermarkopacity/alpha 0 which didn't work either. I can't play on Jaymod without the minimap, I look at it every other second
  12. Yep we have sprites for some things on Jay2. Just download the Jay2 pack and check the sprites folder to see what they look like and the wm_allies_chat.voice file to see what they apply to. The file names for the sprites are pretty self explanatory though . There's currently 59 sprites, some are for additional vsays which Jay1 doesn't have. They can be turned off client side with cg_voicespritetime 0.

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