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  1. ElEl

    moved house now this

    Is this resolved? If not, move down this list and see if it fixes the issue: Run ET as admin try a fresh installation of ET try a fresh installation of ET Legacy Update your graphics card's drivers
  2. I'll be impressed when you get 20,000,000 xp in light weapons
  3. I found you, faker! - Sonic Adventure 2: Battle PC - YouTube

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      I have no business commenting here but just wanted to say that this game was the shit. I spent countless hours playing this during my childhood.



  4. The title of the topic is "Jay2 New Map Suggestions"
  5. I did not make the sound pack that is currently on Jay2, that was on there before I even started playing on the server. I think Shana and Baska made it? I agree with the no ill-will statement though.
  6. Well, Rainier's told me not to make any changes to the current pack so I guess those vsays are staying for the time being.
  7. Well it's been so long since I worked on the pack I forgot what I was doing with it and I really like the vsays on Jay2 as they are now to be fair (not including these ones). My original plan when I was making a new soundpack was to remove the barely used vsays and add some fun ones but I added like 20 too many and didn't wanna trim it down cause they were all so good and then lost motivation. Give me like 30 minutes and I'll just edit the current pack and replace those 2 problem sounds with some other ones and upload it here. I should also add that I vmuted the guy you were compla
  8. Koen is the best gamer I have ever competed against. There is no competition. Shadow 2 is easy btw.
  9. Here's the topic. That would be fine and dandy if it was possible to prevent the truck from being escorted after an allied player has captured the objective in much less than 5 minutes. The only way I could see this happening is if an admin went spec and just splatted every allied that got near the truck. That's just daft. What you've got to appreciate is no engi would waste their time going to build the truck barrier while the tank is making progress towards the doors and it's so easy for an allied to sneak past axis and complete the obj in less than a minute. From
  10. We just had a 10v10 on Baserace 15 minutes ago. Anywho, removing adren for that map wasn't my decision but a group decision by the jay2 admins and DD. The meta for that map would just be to get the medic building to full and whichever team got that first would win because of the adrenaline recharge rate. I'd personally like to see the map gone because I'm pretty fed up of baserace at this point. I'd say just use !splat when you hear the objective taken before 5 mins, it's either that or have the map ruined. DD is the only one who can add antirush so maybe send him a PM?
  11. Don't use ping as an excuse for being bad at the game. Antilag balances everything pretty well for <200ms.
  12. Gotta convert more of you guys into Ghost fans
  13. Was talking about server config not client config.
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