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  1. I did test both b3 and b4, the only difference I can remember was that the truck is further away from the last objective (I think it got moved into a tunnel on b4?). I thought it was far too close in b3 personally cause we have adrenaline on this server and it takes 2 seconds to get to the truck with it. I did test this by myself though so I'm not 100% sure how it would work on the server but I did think it was far too easy at the time. I'm not at my PC at the moment so I can't confirm it and could be wrong, this is just what I remember.
  2. Ya, got any suggestions? I'm a bit worried that if we add too many it might be a while before we get a new rotation so we could be stuck with them for a bit.
  3. I'm not so sure, when the server was empty playing against bots was still fun. From what I remember, it's not a huge map cause it's fairly linear so it's still playable at like 4v4. Plus I'm biased cause I love the map and want to play it whenever I can so having it at 0 makes it appear every rotation
  4. I was awake since 4am with no wi-fi (had to use 4G) so I had nothing better to do, besides isn't feedback for everything better? Ideally we'd alternate between Axis attack and Allied attack but there's just not that many Axis attacking maps, let alone ones that are suitable for the number of players we have. Anyway, here's what the rotation I made would look like with the new map changes: https://pastebin.com/CrQT0LLp Personally I liked the other one better but it's not up to me Radar -> ET_Ice El Kef -> Missile b4 Fueldump -> Wolfsrudel Final Rommel -> X-Posed Temple -> The Port b1 V2 Base -> Flame Guards with this time fix that Buckwild made. I think the issue with this map before was that it was too long so hopefully this fixes it. Eagles 2 Ways -> Praetoria Mission 2 Raiders -> Haunted_Mansion + Axislab_Final + Bucket_V2 These links are for direct downloads. More feedback please
  5. Minas would never work on Jay2 Caen's already on the server BBA castle was removed for some reason, maybe it wasn't well received? Uje00 is really buggy from what I remember Ruins23 is also buggy and a little too big for the amount of players we get on jay2 MLB daybreak, again too big Hydro dam isn't even that popular on Jay1 is it? We should already have Baserace in the rotation but it's not showing up for some reason Warbell's already on the server too Sands of time is a decent map in my opinion but I don't think many people enjoy it Kerkyra is also on the server Egypt is again, too big Bridges, isn't this that huge sniper map we had on Jay1 not too long ago? I think it's the one with the train going over a frozen river Industry 2 I don't remember this one, will test tomorrow and see what it's like Hotchkiss is the one where you destroy the wall with dynamite you pick up isn't it? I never really enjoyed this one but maybe others do Uje the ghetto and helmsdeep, I'll have to test these too as they're not ringing any bells I don't think railgun is that enjoyable to be honest The max number of players we get is around 10v10 but that's only when Jay1 is full so we're usually sitting around 4-6 players per team, a lot of big maps just will not work. Chicken bucket I've not played in years so would be fun to play it again with people, maybe it wouldn't hurt to add one new map to the rotation instead of replacing another. Would it be better to swap out radar for ET Ice instead? I saw a lot of complaints for radar summer on the Jay3 topic shortly after I made that new rotation post. With Halloween coming up Axis Lab and Haunted Mansion are pretty good shouts. How about instead of swapping Raiders with MLB Carnage, we swap it for Haunted Mansion and also add Axis Lab to the rotation? (Now it's 2 maps added without replacements :p) I'll make these changes to that pastebin I made in my last post when I'm at my computer so everyone can see what the rotation would look like and give feedback. I'll also test those 3 maps and edit this when I'm done.
  6. The only ones I can think of at the moment are Baserace, castle CTF and Fata Morgana. I don't think the last 2 were very well received in the past, though I enjoyed castle CTF myself. Do you know of any more?
  7. ElEl


    That's amaizing (even if it's a bit corny)!
  8. means? When he joins the game on either team he seems to get stuck in the floor and can't move, he already tried reconnecting and restarting ET but it still happens. I've never seen this bug before and he only seems to get it on this server. Demo: 2018-10-12-202114-sp_delivery_te.dm_84
  9. Could you add the timer back? If I remember correctly it was on before (as well as the red bar). Having a number represent the time left is better in my opinion. Hmm can't seem to find a cvar for it, maybe I imagined it being there. Some other suggestions: Remove the autoshuffle feature, it doesn't really work. I moved someone to a team and they went spec and that set off the shuffle. I can't seem to find a cvar for it though. Maybe g_forceteambalance 1 will fix it? I can set off teammate's landmines even as a medic, maybe this should be removed? I think g_friendlyfire 32 will fix this. Add another bot to keep teams even like on most of our other servers (like 9 v 8). This probably won't be necessary if g_forceteambalance is used.
  10. ElEl

    Best ET server :)

    Gotta be jay2; the settings on there are perfect and the players are great. If not jay2 then beg2 easily, that server has a great atmosphere (thanks to the great admins and regulars on there)! Always fun playing with you guys on either server
  11. Has anything else changed since this done a while ago (except from the lean & shoot thing)? I do enjoy this server but it's always dead and in my opinion the bots are a little too difficult.
  12. ElEl

    This is weird!?

    I think whoever wrote the error message knew this too. The first of the two options on etkey.org is to install PB.
  13. ElEl

    This is weird!?

    Have you tried reading the message it gives you? It says visit ETKey.org to fix that exact error message below it.
  14. ElEl

    level 1

    Usually it's to prevent harassing and most importantly advertising via PM.
  15. Nothing you've said rings a bell for me but if you have any ideas for what the name of the map could be I can do some digging and test out a few maps with similar names.

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