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  1. If you like fast fire and adrenaline I recommend jay3! IP is jay3.clan-fa.com Enjoy
  2. Hehe no worry, you are new to the community We have nicknames for our servers so it's easier to say. F|A Recruiting = jay1 F|A Jaymod #2 = jay2 F|A Beginners #1 = jay3 Those are our jaymod servers
  3. Unfortuanatly haven't had the chance of meeting you yet on jay1, hope I will see you soon. Welcome to the community!
  4. Gelukkige Verjaardag!
  5. do commands /r_customwidth 1920 and /r_customheight 1080 /r_mode -1 then /vid_restart
  6. Chicken - Human War date: 28 July 1906 - 28 July 1906 Location: Dinner Table, Johnson Family House Participants: - CheepHeep ----------------------- - Ella Johnson (mother) - Hubert Johnson (father) - Donald Johnson (son) - Mark Johnson (son) - Mary Johnson (daughter) Casualties and losses: KIA - CheepHeep ---------------------------- Minorly Wounded - Mark Johnson (The idiot bit on his tongue) Result: The Johnson Family had a great meal.
  7. You have one hell of a wife.
  8. I love you Smelly ❤️

    1. Smileyyy

      + Smileyyy

      Love you too lawl ❤️

    2. CheepHeep


      Wait what!? I call you smelly and its rude and he gets an "I love you" back. RACIST!

  9. Can you specify which maps? And with that can you post a screenshot or demo? Thanks!
  10. Someone stole my "Tutorial Writer" award :(

    Who am I giving a !slap?

    1. CheepHeep


      I never got one for my 8 tutorials :(

    2. Sonofdoc



    3. Vindstot


      You can give me one :D

  11. Everytime I read this topic I crack up Awesome guys keep them rolling!

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