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  1. Finally found my password

    1. Xernicus


      Been wondering where you've been! How are you?

    2. CheepHeep


      Who are you again? :P

  2. Going to an Ed Sheeran concert in Ipswich, UK comming monday with my father and girlfriend. Hyped 🎉


  3. Joined ET servers for a little while today and I completely forgot how to play this game..

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Xernicus


      I know the feeling! Not that you're not guilty of being a nub  @CheepHeep xD

    3. Smileyyy

      + Smileyyy

      Ahh did I miss the constant getting shit on part :,) 

    4. D..X
  4. Tony's dead.

    1. D..X
    2. Vindstot


      Tony who?

      I just saw Prof.Tony on jay3, so you dont mean him

  5. I hate airfryers.

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    2. m00jii
    3. daredevil


      I was about to get one.. what's the issue? 

    4. Smileyyy

      + Smileyyy

      @daredevil Just posted this to get on Cheep's nerves since he was talking about good it is, frying stuff with air I cannot handle with my Belgian mind. Use oil!

  6. I have seen it and I 100% recommend it to you. I agree with your friend here, episode 4 really felt like a filler episode with some random bits and pieces. But the episode does show some interesting things that I didn't know about before.
  7. Nazi Germany transforming a city to a pile of rubble, meanwhile Soviets looking over the Vistula after they said they would support the uprising. One of the worst war crimes of ww2 for sure.
  8. Mapping huh, great to meet you. I am pretty sure you and I can learn a thing or 2 from each other, hit me up on discord maybe we could have a chance to work togheter on something Welcome!
  9. If you like fast fire and adrenaline I recommend jay3! IP is jay3.clan-fa.com Enjoy
  10. Hehe no worry, you are new to the community We have nicknames for our servers so it's easier to say. F|A Recruiting = jay1 F|A Jaymod #2 = jay2 F|A Beginners #1 = jay3 Those are our jaymod servers
  11. Unfortuanatly haven't had the chance of meeting you yet on jay1, hope I will see you soon. Welcome to the community!

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