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  1. News Welcome our new staff member

  2. I have to give this a huge +1 hahaha
  3. Hello F|A members

    Great to hear that you are having fun on our DOI servers! Welcome to the forums!
  4. Blatent lie. Looks like cheep still has problems revealing his true sexuality. And all of this might look like a beautiful story, but no no no. He forced me to do this. But all in all, I love how you got the details right. Now dude, seriously. I love you man *nohomo*. You chicken nugget has always been there for me, clearing up my head in no-time and giving me a place to laugh, and giving me life advice. I want to thank you for that bro, I really appreciate it. One of our intimate messages. Love you man, big thanks to you.
  5. +1 cause of that scar, gotta have some Belgian weapons in here!
  6. Jay 1 Lag for 30 sec two consecutive days now

    Post a winMTR 100 packets and a screenshot of your lagometer
  7. 1on1 competition

    I'm in if time fits for me.
  8. ET Server Suggestion Oil Kombinat map edit suggestion

    No source files of this map have been released afaik
  9. Happy Birthday ViP3r*

    Happy birthday bud!
  10. Hello everyone

    Welcome to the forums bud!
  11. ET Server Suggestion Desertors

    hahhahaha! Me and vindstot were also very confused tbh MX can u try explain?
  12. Happy Birthday CookieMonster!

    happy birthday dude!
  13. 3 word story

    *laughing out loud*
  14. @Hulk Here you go bud, if u want me to change something or if something is wrong hit me up. hulk.cfg
  15. What is your native screen resolution?