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  1. Will do for sure, I have been busy with my school exams and will be for comming 2 weeks aswell. After that I'll for sure start on it. I have been working closely with cito because he has shown great interest in mapping. If anyone is interested in editing maps feel free to contact me, I will help out for sure and share my knowledge. I could make tutorials but there are so many things to learn and would take ages to make a tutorial on every single thing out there. What cito does is message me if he needs help with a specific thing, then I explain it to him so he can progress, that's the way that seems most efficient. There is a written tutorial on the web that I used when I started mapping.
  2. Belgium at it again, government has been partially dissolved. Now a government runs our country that the majority of the people do not support, very unfortuanate. Elections are in May next year...

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    2. daredevil


      anh that migration stuff, I am against it as well but mine is not based on political stuff .. just history. You can't just move animals of Antarctica to deserts and expect them to do well. Same goes for humans. You can't move people from cold places like Russia, northern Canada, etc and expect them to adapt in Saudi Arabia. Weather, people, language, religion, culture, etc it's just too much to adapt. Rather make their living place better and stop all this god damm war. 

    3. Smileyyy


      Fully agree with you.

    4. Sisje


      Got to love our bullshit politicians

  3. Sorry for reviving this topic - I actually woud like to suggest a small change. For me it feels like "Downloads" should be at the tab at the top of the page so the download section is that small bit more accessible. Especially since it's a commonly used section in the forum. Something like this for example:
  4. About fa_goldrush, there is a second version comming soon (real soon), looking for a few testers to have a look at it. You seem interested so feel free to give me a PM if you feel like helping out.
  5. I'm not really into art but these are beautiful!
  6. Smileyyy

    ET problem.

    @m00bz If you'd like to connect to HC atm DL this file and put it in etmain. Should be able to connect then.
  7. Hey buck, not sure what you mean by this. Is it possible that you have a demo or screenshot so I can try and fix the issue? Thank you for reporting it btw
  8. I think he didn't ask that question because of the fact that everyone already knows the answer.. Cool interview!
  9. Big grats to both of you, keep up the good work you two!
  10. Got a party that day, very unfortuanate wish I could pop in. I'll try and sneak in for a bit, have fun everyone!
  11. I've recently bought a new pc and unfortuanatly lost all of my maps. Thought I had saved them all on my drive, guess I was wrong.. When I get some time later on I might try and do it all over again, shouldn't take too long.
  12. I might be a lil drunk :, )

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    2. Candycane
    3. LazyHippo


      Wait for hangover if you really done it :P 

    4. Smileyyy


      Unfortuanally yes

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