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  1. It'd be nice but if server is full (25v25) it will probably cause a massive amount of lag.
  2. When you graduate get your ass to UZ Gasthuisberg. People like some sexy doctors
  3. Told you so, nerd. Why you never listen. Good to see you around again. Good luck.

    1. Smileyyy


      Hehe thanks nub ❤️


  4. These are the system requirements given on its store page: MINIMUM OS: Windows® 7 Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom™ X3 8750 processor or better Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: Video card must be 512 MB or more and should be a DirectX 9-compatible with support for Pixel Shader 3.0 Hard Drive: 10 GB HD space DirectX: 9.0c RECOMMENDED Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: Video card 2048 MB or more Hard Drive: 10 GB HD space on a SSD
  5. Smileyyy


    Met you on silent, cool guy. Welcome to the forums!
  6. I agree, although the map is way too big If I'm correct dingenskirchen is about 70MB big. EDIT: On your previous comment, troop train is a little too small for jay1 fun map though!
  7. My legs hurt :,( 


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Smileyyy


      About the Stella, just drink. Keep drinking till u don't taste it anymore. 

    3. Flible


      I cycle through that part of Leuven very often during my MTB trips :) It's more suitable for horses than for mountainbikes though -.-

    4. Smileyyy


      I agree there's lots of horse paths with sand it's a pain in the ass to cycle on.

  8. Breakout was removed from the server since it was barely played.
  9. In the topic u can suggest maps, before suggested maps are put on servers it's checked if they will crash or not, works with the amount of players the server has etc. U are always free to suggest
  10. Post in this topic to suggest maps for nq1, use the format as followed: Add: Remove: Thanks
  11. Altijd goed om Belgen te zien hier, welkom!
  12. Sorry for the late response, I recently continued work on b2 version and fixed this glitch. Thank you!
  13. 1. Adlernest 2. Delivery 3. Bremen 4. Goldrush 5. Supply
  14. What a complete f***ing idiot, I wouldn't like it if someone litteraly put their arm completely into my throat either. Holy shit.

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