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  1. Hey, I have seen you around a couple of times. Good to see you here, welcome!
  2. So, how is stuff around here?

    1. D..X


      Come back and be active again and you will see ^^

    2. Smileyyy


      @D..XYou missed me didn't you? X

    3. D..X
  3. Clean, as it should be. If you have any desktop icons, you will suffer a painful death.
  4. @Smileyyy: I heard you modified several of the ET maps. If that's correct, nice job dude! Seriously keeping ET fun - keep up the great work!

    1. Smileyyy


      Hey, correct. Thanks!

  5. Was playing the sims 4 with my girlfriend earlier today, proposed my gf and she thought it was cute.. Had to be honest though and tell her it was a missclick.. 😅


    1. Night Train

      Night Train

      Next step , the real one proposing😂

    2. Smileyyy


      Or... real proposing by accident? :P 

  6. Once an African American is killed by the police Black Lives Matter goes all in on it, which I understand, it's an unjustified murder.


    But.. why aren't they saying anything about the 77 year old black veteran police officer that was shot and killed by rioters? 


    This is why I unfortuanetly can't support this movement, they cherry pick random homocides that'll get them more donation money.


    This is for the US citizens on here, if you want to make a difference, GO VOTE.

    1. Smileyyy


      They're all for de-funding the police, who is going to protect the businesses that are being burned down all over the US? Which obviously also include businesses owned by hard working African Americans. 

    2. Xernicus


      As a US Citizen, I can say that I haven't heard of the black veteran police officer being shot and killed. That's a shame, may he rest in peace.
      But I think this says a lot about our media-- they only cover what will make them the most $$$, and right now that's the riots.

      In a city close to me, businesses run by minorities were destroyed by looters. It's absolutely disgusting, I'm not sure what exactly they were trying to accomplish, but I think it's important to separate the looters from the protestors.

      As for what's going on, all I can say is from a BLM activist I saw on the news, which was basically "Donald Trump called us thugs, so we'll show him what thugs are like". Note that this was just one person, and my quote is paraphrased. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if we enter a civil war if Trump sends out the military (which is illegal).

      Hope you are well, and stay safe during this pandemic!

    3. L3ftY.


      They say the majority of protesters are peaceful - 90%. The other 10% are the instigators, thugs, looters, and vandals. Those are the criminals.


      The media covers what will get them the most viewers and most attention. Sadly, it seems the death of a 77 y.o. police veteran didn't make their list.


      Someone with leadership needs to stand up and bring the sides together or it will continue to get worse with ultimately more deaths and violence.

  7. People are asking for justice, murderer has been charged, riots still happening, 2 more people have been killed, USA get your shit togheter.


    EDIT: Congrats you brought some guys to space.

    1. LazyHippo


      A lot of countries have to get its shit together. The other day I read China is cancelling the deal of receiving all the plastic from EU and other countries that was meant to be recycled. We talking about millions of tons. Where did all plastic going now? countries need to start the same deal in their own land.

  8. Hey welcome to the forums!
  9. B3 released! Changelog: Waypoints have also been updated, install both here. If you have any feedback feel free to comment in this topic!
  10. New FA Oasis version comming tommorow. :) 

    1. Syroox


      Hope to see you as much as last time when map got released on Jay2 :D 💁‍♀️

    2. Nancy


      cant wait to see it!!

  11. Not really the plan right now, but maybe in the future.
  12. Laptop keyboard broken, will be MIA for a while untill I get it fixed, or when I can afford a whole new pc. :(


  13. Smileyyy

    ET Server Suggestion Beginners #2 - Map suggestions

    Did you add the correct version to the redirect?
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