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  1. Teuthonia, secret weapon and warbell. All 3 least played maps.
  2. Sorry for the inactivity people, world cups going on and busy besides that.

    1. Vindstot


      Whatever you are doing, good luck with that :)

    2. CheepHeep


      Nobody even knew. 

    3. Sonofdoc


      Who told you that you were allowed to take a break :D

  3. Again iceland surprising us, well done! @Afro. Khoop da we winne ma ik vrees ervoor, in de kwartfinales komen we tegen brazilie of duitsland dus da gaat moeilijk zijn lol.
  4. Spain lost all its glory, no chance for them. Argentina struggles in big tournaments, the one that has biggest chance in south america is Brazil for sure.
  5. 5-0... lol saudi arabia is awful.
  6. What are the predictions on Belgium people? I think quarter finals
  7. England has been sucking shoes lately, I'm pretty sure they won't get far..
  8. Good map, I agree. Map has 2 main problems: double jump, choke points. Double jump: allies can just easily jump over wall and rush to OBJ. (The wall u see bottom right on picture) Choke points: If allies don't rush, axis can easily defend the OBJ since the OBJ room is made out of 3 chokepoints.
  9. Hey Wazzap, thank you for your suggestions! Could you please use this form: Add: A (Download link) Remove: B Add: C (Download link) Remove: D etcetc. Here is our download section where u can find almost all the maps in the game, if they're not there just add them Thank you!
  10. I'll start working on it daily, starting tommorow. I'll fix my tunnel issue which will probably take the longest of all lol. But good point about the guns, SW oasis has this aswell.
  11. Yes figured that, if anyone has some suggestions for it feel free. I'll also try some stuff.
  12. Ok boys and girls. So next map I have in mind of re-doing is oasis. Although it's a very good map, it clearly has it issues with a large player amount. Rooms get blocky, tunnel gets blocky, AT guns are almost impossible to destroy, just an overall mediocre expierence for allied players. So if u guys have any suggestions that you would like to see in our remake for it, just go ahead. Just throw anything here. This way we can have a proper discussion about it. Let's make the best Oasis ET has ever seen!
  13. I'll be remaking oasis. Give me a while, got some issues so will take time for sure. I'll make topic later to enable u guys to give suggestions to make the best oasis possible.
  14. I'll have a look when it roles up, I got the "majority" thing from asking if people like the map.
  15. I suppose u mean gamedays? If so we do a gameday every 2-4 months, if there will be a gameday in the near future u won't miss it. We announce gamedays 2 weeks prior to the actual event.

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