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  1. I think u must pm a leader or staf For this kinda things .. Discord link is on forum , if u wanna have contact whicht some one about it !
  2. Pff what i say These gives me tears every where Its goes about a man who fight for hes freedom Because they put im in jail For shit Its a real story
  3. Hee Happy bday make a nice day of it , and i wish u all the best Stay healty and have a good one
  4. Guttentag philip Welcome back.. Enjoy ure stay here , and a very warm welcome
  5. Sorry bud tho hear that sorry om te horen over de nare ziekte en de fase die je toen had . heel mooi gebaar naar je moeder toe. het laat zien wat voor liefde je in een herrinering stop waar je altijd naar kijkt . en vooral je eerste tatoo ik heb nog nooit gehoord van die vorm van buda , maar het ziet er erg mooi uit browskie thnx voor het delen van deze persoonlijke gebeurtenis. heeft ze het overwonnen ?
  6. @DeKing I didnt knew that, but i was curius more about the story behind it ..
  7. Hi guys .. For what i know is that for the most people every tattoo Have a story .. Do u want tho show ure tattoo and explain what it means for u , ore the story behind it .. Drop them . And share ure story about it whicht uss
  8. Hi guys ive been couple day in our fa cc all by my self maybee if u guys want , is that we soon work on it tho make the cc more actief as it is now , maybe we can make some channels for idk but we need tho work on it xd
  9. Hey paket.. Welcome nice that u applied I mean for real , ure nice player , verry skilled u play obj what i personly like , and switch by ure self when it is necesary, yeah u will fit in de fa fam im sure ceep up the good work browskie see u server , Ps let me some time finish the obj lmaooo Cheerz mate
  10. Oh its a game i will check ik out.
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