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  1. amovos

    ET NQ #1 server login image

    I like it! I don't think the splash damage logo on the bottom right is really necessary though. I guess that it would be cool to have a bit more personalized loading screen for the ET servers. Would you want to use it on all ET servers? I think that the common players of each of the servers should voice their preference, so that consensus can be reached.
  2. amovos

    ET NQ #1 NoQ|#1 server lags

    YOu can check whether you have packet loss in that way, which may indicate problems on your side Or indeed what the ping is at different steps of the connection
  3. Happy newyear to all of you! May 2021 be a better year than last year.
  4. Congrats on full member!

  5. 🥳 Gz my friend, well done 🥳

    1. amovos


      Yay 😄 happiness! Thanks Siwex

    2. forestcat


      congrats :) 


  6. The almighty baby launcher, very useful if you have a baby that cries all the time
  7. Hi Hi DeKing, thanks for introducing! You almost seem to be famous, so you almost didn't have to explain haha
  8. If you are into detectives I can recommend "The Snowman" by Jo Nesbo
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