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  1. Not really what was asked but i cant seem to find the contact us or server list, anyone can point me in the right direction? figured that'd be usefull to know if needed *i found contact us, its at the bottom of the page now. Was looking in the wrong place, now to find the server list
  2. What rank are you in CS:GO

    oh if only lol, the last few matches i was the top player every time but it kept on ending in a draw becouse i played versus supremes and globals in usually a full LEM team, which made it quite hard to win
  3. What rank are you in CS:GO

    one to go
  4. Streaming on Twitch

    please be carefull with private info from stuff like listplayers and admin pm's when you stream, dont want to have that stuff get flung onto the internet for potential guid stealers n stuff. Cool to see more ET streamers though, maybe it can bring in some new players
  5. there are also a lot of discounts on ubisoft titles, so if you are looking into buying one now would be a good time to get a nice discount on a game.
  6. RPG Assassins Creed IV Free This Week

    ah already own black flag, hope they put unity up for free as i still want to give that a shot
  7. Delete Profile

    This is the rule that should cover it, although it is not really clear in this regard. I would like to add however that we recently had an increase of people posting links to pornographic sites on the servers and that is probably why admins acted faster and harsher this time. Added to this is the other thing that someone on the server linked to what appeared to be child pornography which some of the admins had to see to check (i didnt check the link so i am trusting the others on the contents of that site) the link being actually what it was or if it was just a joke, this user has been banned for a lengthy period of time. I hope that makes you understand why things like this sometimes happen.
  8. Terminology help needed

    i can help if you want the terminology you used here contains information on the game related to position and situation. Stairs blind -> enemy player on stairs (location on a map) blind (player is blinded by a flashbang) follow-up would be quite logical in that sense that the player on stairs was killed, and another player was spotted to be in jungle. From the callouts im going to quickly assume the map is mirage, this might be a usefull image to illustrate the callouts.
  9. MMORPG Black Desert Online - New MMORPG

    have been playing it for a bit, not sure if it is for me though... will have to experience a bit more to be sure but its a lot different than what i am used to on a lot of levels. Olvia1 server, username: Sakefake
  10. MMORPG Black Desert Online - New MMORPG

    im interested in playing the game from what i have seen so far, however i do wonder if i can switch servers so play on EU and NA servers for example or if characters are server locked?
  11. New Monitor

    Currently using an Asus VG248QE, so far it has been a great monitor, and has settings that you can change easily to adapt the color scheme for different games / watching movies. its around 300 euro and 144hz / 1ms.
  12. Please use automatic font color?

    exact reason why i use default, its the same for everybody which makes it easier on the eyes. Dont need no fancy font with a color and written in italic, instant skip.
  13. Happy Birthday to bigbro

    ayy congratz with your birthday!
  14. Monthly W:ET Killer of the month Award August 2017

    Nq 1 Kills 71 Deaths 3 KD/R = 71/3=23,6666667
  15. did you download it from our forums? https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/774-enemy-territory-full-version/ Might want to check if you see something weird in one of the folders in the wolfenstein - enemy territory folder, to see if there are files there.