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  1. RS & OSRS mains: Sakefake OSRS ironman: Sakefake_fer
  2. How's all going homie?


    1. Owned


      Not too bad, started working again a couple of weeks ago at a local store doing delivery prep and deliveries. Studies still on a bit of a backburner as my dad's disease is coming back and I might have to go back to hospital for another dononation, this time for t-cells which is a less invasive form for me but still not a very enjoyable experience. Will have to wait on the results before i'm sure though.

    2. daredevil


      Sorry to hear that bud! I hope all goes well and dad recovers much faster. 

    3. Owned


      Thanks, we're doing our best and trying to keep our heads up. Nothing more we can do at this point than hope for the best outcome.

  3. Owned

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

    Maps to be added: Hydro dam - similar to baserace but less objective advantages like the walls and bunkers Glider - an experiment if anyone likes the map, its an old one and i havent seen it played in forever but i think it was kinda fun Maps i'd like removed: Caen2 - Just not a fan Venice - Map layout favours axis hugely with the way its mapped, always ends in a fragfest if allies manage to get past the gate Snatch3 - Not a fan of the layout, axis has a lot of advantages that the allies have to constantly push for long distances an
  4. thanks for the help everyone! got it installed and its working so far
  5. ayy congratulations with your birthday! hope you have a great day
  6. yeah thats pretty much what I have in my pc. So in summary from what I understand: Get RAM identical to what i already have Install in slot of same color on the mobo Boot pc profit?
  7. Updated post above with specs, took some fiddling with cmd promt but i got there in the end lol
  8. Im trying to find out what mobo i have atm, the online store i bought the parts from no longer sells them and removed them from the site entirely so i cant look it up there sadly. I have my pc screwed open to see but there is a lot of dust and i'd almost bet the ID number is hidden behind a component or something as im not having much luck finding out atm lol
  9. let me find the specs, I have a list somewhere and post it here. the ram im wanting to ad is the same as is already present in my mobo. Win 7 64bit Kingston KVR16N11/8 - DDR3 8GB - 240 pins - 1600 Mhz / PC3-12800 CL11 - 1.5v Non buffered -> basically want to double this Asus B85M-G Rev X.ox - according to a site i just checked the max ram on this board is 32GB All Series Mobo, trying to find the specific model, i'm having a bit of trouble finding out which one i specifically have. The shopping list i had has been changed on the site i bought it from so i cant see atm
  10. So perhaps a stupid question but im planning on adding another RAM stick into my motherboard, however im wondering if there are any specific requirements to be met other than it fitting the board and being the same specs as the already present RAM. For example do I need to do any installs/setups after having it installer or is it more a plug and boot thing where it just works? Also for games or stuff like steam which sometimes does a hardware check for 2FA for example, does it need to get updated or should that be fine as it is a 'relatively' minor upgrade? Just want to m
  11. already in it but for good measure: ownedet
  12. I used to play online quite a bit, but have been on a bit of a hiatus as of late due to playing some other games. A crew would be cool though. *edit* As par for course i cant log in to my rockstar account, will see if i can get that fixed. I so hate having to reset passwords every once so often and then forgetting what i changed it to *edit2* fixed it and updating now
  13. Owned

    NQ hit detection

    I've had the same problem, my accuracy on most other gamemodes is around the 40% mark yet when i play on Nq i struggle to get anywhere close to 30% unless i play with sten. The same problem, i can see the puffs of smoke for hits yet do no damage, also often feels like other players have either 50% more damage resistance than I do or my bullets do less damage because of it i think. Perhaps its a fov problem for me because sometimes when players sprint I have problems tracking them, however it usually also depends on which players im against. As of late some italian players seem to hav
  14. no, and i'd suggest not playing it either at the current state: tl;dr the anticheat of their game is always on and is started when you boot up your pc. its essentially a rootkit / spyware and impacts the general performance of your pc and games you play on it. Main explaination given by Riot: Just trust us. doesnt feel right...
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