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  1. Happy Birthday Marti. Wish you all the best
  2. Welcome! Damn bro, you got big feet!
  3. Hippo


    Hey! Welcome to the forums!
  4. Sounds good for me.
  5. Hey, welcome to the forum
  6. I feel you. I'm playing as engineer in 80% of play time... Many players only play to kill, and if they can't be on a team that kills more than dies / do some obj, they switch teams or servers.
  7. Works fine for me. I love classic maps.
  8. Heeeeey everyone. I played ET about 10years ago, in last year i came back and test many different servers.. i found myself on F|A servers. Best community ever! My english is not perfect, so don't scold me too much if you found some grammar mistakes. First name: Timotej Any sort of Nickname?: Timi / Hippo Age: 25 What country are you from?: Slovenia Are you a Parent?: No, not yet How many siblings do you have?: 4, 2-2 What's your shoe size?: like 43 EU What do you do for a living?: nothing atm, i'm rich enough I worked as a chemica
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