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  1. Will you send me a PM, regarding site & email bugs which could leak certain information :)

    1. daredevil


      I am confused here - what I am supposed to say in PM? :confused

    2. Heaven:)


      I've messaged you

  2. you're such a noob


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    2. Heaven:)


      that u nub ❤️


    3. audrey


      Takes one to know one

    4. Heaven:)


      woooooooooow, why are you joining in, second nub :(

  3. Miss u 

    1. Hecken


      Damn, he's alive!

  4. This might be enough to bring me back!
  5. Both cards will be fine for 1080p, anything higher just make sure you go 390 They both beat each other in different ways, but both will be incredibly similar. & I'm not one to rely on sites like passmark and gpuboss etc since they were busted for accepting payments to say certain cards were better than others! Just look @ specs and decide, the difference will be small anyway
  6. I'm baaaaaack. Come join me in TS :(

    1. no'paine


      welcom back :)

    2. Snatixx


      Didnt even notice you left at first LOL


    3. Heaven:)


      Got bored dude!

      & Thanks! <3

  7. I'd recommend the R9 390. They're both similarly priced, but the 390 has a wider bus, more VRAM and better benchmark results. (Just take a look around and see for yourself) If you're concerned about overclocking too, it's a Hawaii pro and you'll be going around 1150-2000 on the core with a voltage bump
  8. Oh, I felt like the bots were easier. But yeah, the 32 slots aren't showing
  9. Good to hear, glad I could help you. Edit: It was just a driver problem. (Not sure whether I can post a link to the driver) It's also MoBo specific.
  10. Lol. No worries, we've seemed to fix it so far. He's just waiting on a new headset being delivered to test it.

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