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  1. ]kemon: Tilde characters are blocked in legacy to protect the user. I think that block has been loosened for 2.76. Next update you should be able to use Legacy to join FA servers!
  2. Heaven:)

    3 word story

    Species you haven't
  3. @HaZe I see you've decided to use the signature, but you've used the wrong version. If you copy and paste this link "https://media.giphy.com/media/8c6R9UKRF4W42AQM8V/giphy.gif" It'll have the full size available for you. *Sorry for double post, didn't think he'd get a notification if I tag him in an edited post*
  4. @Flible Gone for a slightly different color scheme for the background as the blending wasn't going so well. I can give it another shot if you like trying to get it similar. For this background I've burnt it so it's quite dark, but made the sprite stand out in the orangey color you like! If you like it I can make the other signature with the other name for you, if not lemme know what to change!
  5. Like this? I'll need to make it smoother etc if you like that, lemme know
  6. I didn't know you were into horses! I own 2, well.. a horse and a pony! What kind of horse was you riding? & Had it been broken in yet?
  7. Get some ideas together and post what you want, doing all sig requests tonight anyway
  8. Heaven:)

    Game closes

    He’s not on legacy. I’ll send him another message now asking if any of my solutions worked as I’ve not heard anything from him today. Hope thats a good sign!
  9. Heaven:)

    Game closes

    Gave him a couple solutions. hes going to try them later and get back to me
  10. Heaven:)


    This was my last, it’s half of my sleeve! Based on Harry Potter got 4 more sittings and the full sleeve will be done!
  11. Heaven:)


    It really is addictive, right? whats next for you?
  12. If you like that signature, I can do that specific one for you with the colours etc, doesn't have to be a template to do it. I'll show you a little trick if you're just wanting different text! https://gyazo.com/3fec16fcc12424ac357af5a7b31e428e I'll wait until you've responded for what you want until I make one Edit: On the other hand, I've recreated the same burnt colour scheme, but also *dodged* skin https://gyazo.com/31506adaa21859045cd873e4e70e6142

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