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  1. Haven't really followed the NHL much this season, especially not the final 1/3, so probably will have some picks terribly wrong 16. Preds 15. Lightning 14. Knights 13. Pens 12. Caps 11. Jets 10. Leafs 9. Bruins 8. Sharks 7. Ducks 6. Flyers 5. Kings 4. Wild 3. Blue Jackets 2. Devils 1. Avalanche
  2. Check if you have a Profiles folder in whichever mod directory you are trying to play. So for jaymod you would look under Wolfenstein-EnemyTerritory\jaymod\profiles. If it doesn't exist, try creating a new user profile when you start the game OR create the folder manually and copy etconfig.cfg from etmain and place it in your profiles folder. It's possible you are using characters in your name which the game doesn't recognize https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/30673-invalid-user-info/
  3. AMD is affected by Meltdown, which is similar to the Intel bug, Spectre. Patches have been released for both, however, so you shouldn't let either of the bugs affect your decision
  4. Depending on how much you're willing to spend, both Digital Ocean and Linode have served me well with no problems
  5. Any reason for not getting Win 10 from 3rd party marketplaces like Kinguin or G2A? Kinguin has Home for $28 and Professional for $30. Plenty of keys on ebay for cheap as well.
  6. why you check my profile and don't say hi at least!

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    2. hobbit


      I heard that Zelda on the switch is fun, but I haven't played it so don't know personally. I've been pretty well, just finished a 6 month long cyber security course taught by ex-government hackers so yea, I'm hacking just not in ET :D

    3. hobbit


      About AG, haven't talked to him in a while, I know he used to play some etpro still but I think he quit now. He's gonna be finishing school soon too I think, maybe next year?

    4. (Snake)


      Nice to hear! LOL HOBBOT HACKER!!!! :D

  7. I wouldn't mind knives keeping poison as long as there was no disorientation effect applied and the dps of each poison tick was lowered a bit. This way throwing knives aren't made useless for those that want to use them and those that get poisoned have a chance to at least kill their poisoner and attempt to survive. Healing the poison by picking up health packs from dead medics would also be nice. No need to reduce headshot damage though, 100 damage for a knife headshot is fine as long as poison damage is lowered and no disorientation occurs.
  8. hobbit

    NBA 2017 Playoffs

    I think it'll be Warriors - Cavs but I would love to see Kawhi go up against Lebron as theyre both playing insanely well right now
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