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    2. Koen


      Given the situation in the outside world (which I never venture anyways :P), I'm doing alright!


      Work is tough, but that's a good thing. Besides that there's enough entertainment around the house!


      Now then, how are you doing holy bearer of fruit?  

    3. audrey


      Good babe


      I'm forever great.

    4. Koen


      Good news all around :)

  2. Good to hear pokemon is doing well! Not into the newer regions/games, however the games up until, and including pokemon platinum were a lot of fun. Really felt like you were inside the game, exploring. Sometimes I still play romhacks of these older games. As for the anime, even though it was quite predictable, it was often wholesome and a joy to watch as a kid. @Corey you mentioning Yu-Gi-Oh seemed less of a kids game reminds me of the Yu-Gi-Oh abridged series . Still salty my parents just sold my cards back in the day!
  3. Koen


    Happy birthday osie!
  4. Usually must not mean today then
  5. Killing bots isn't really a challenge, is it.
  6. @audrey @J o N @Hecken @Daniëlle and there are definitely more. Apologies if I didn't mention you, but you know who you are :) (if you ever read this ). Shoutout to those who are still around as well<3 Thanks for the good times and sorry for the shit I caused...
  7. The troll has been fed
  8. (a+b)(a-b)/(a-b) = b(a-b)/(a-b). replace (a-b) with 0 (a = b after all) and you get (a+b)*0/0 = b*0/0. Both sides are 0/0.
  9. Actually, in the video he divides 0 by 0, which is a different story. Limits won't work either since you only have constants.
  10. Koen

    ET Jay #2 FG42+Adrenaline

    Its quite easy. Just make sure the covert ops doesn't kill you in his first magazine and you win. People calling for the FG to be nerfed just want medic to be the supreme class with no counterplay (because yes, a FG generally beats a medic 1v1 when both are full health with dren, but medic is better in every other game situation. There's a reason medic is still the most used class). And if the complaint is the playstyle (suicide rushing), why not increase the spawn time? 6 seconds spawn time makes death obsolete.
  11. Koen

    ET Jay #2 FG42+Adrenaline

    Hello, please don't nerf my child, the FG42. It prevents me from making raters ragequit. ~Written by a FG42 enthusiast.
  12. Koen


    Happy birthday!
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