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  1. Blo0dy

    ET BEGINNERS #1 Jay 3 Poison Knife

    In my opinion it should be removed how ever it’s not all about my opinion but as far as I can see there are a few players who just run around with poison knife and it’s gets really frustrating .. maybe u can make it u can heal with med packs if you are medic that would be a good adjustment since now once u get hit 1 time by a knife there is nothing u can do!
  2. Blo0dy

    Garrys mod

    Do we have people playing garrysmod rp? Let me know
  3. Hey bro I played osrs back in the days lost my account though u made a new account ? I can play but not rly time to start all over haha. There are some good servers out there though.
  4. Hey brother welcome!
  5. Here is an permanent invite link that doesnt expire after 24h : https://discord.gg/aKmFS9vEhn Everybody feel free to have a look at the FA Etpro discord and play some games with us ! Blo0dy.
  6. Hey cool you made it to the forums! Hope to see you in the servers! If theres anything you need send me a pm ! Blo0dy.
  7. Hey brother, Welcome to our forums ! If there is anything you need send me a pm ! See you in the servers ! Blo0dy.
  8. Blo0dy

    H-BDAY, coma!

    Happy bday! Have a great day !
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