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  1. As a gamer I've been playing games since the Atari days (I'm 37 now). I've been a Civil War enthusiast since middle school. This led me to buying games such as Sid Meiers Gettysburg and Antietam. Both great games and are still playable 23 years after they came out with the right patches ect. So since the 90's I've been looking for a Total War (amazing game series if you've never heard of it) style of game. Make moves on a map and fight the battles on a separate map in detail. Some games came pretty close Forge of Freedom being one. But the battle scenarios were clunky and a mess. So I've been
  2. I am not 100% positive but I do believe this video was faked. I would have to do some checking. I got one for you dink. TURN YOUR VOLUME ALL THE WAY UP
  3. Where was that video you were telling me about? I have had a few strange things happen in our house. Most of them can probably be explained logically. The one time when nobody was home but me and I was sleeping in my four-year-old’s twin size bed because his room was the coldest in our house. So I had the door closed and everything and I was sleeping and then I heard three knocks on the door. My only explanation would be that I was half asleep. But I tried mimicking the knocking on the door with my knuckles and it sounded exactly what I heard. It woke me up let’s just say.
  4. Here is one of the bids I mentioned scared the shit outta me




  5. Same here. I hear everything and don’t recall missing any sounds.
  6. Thanks for the quick answers guys
  7. Like I said it didn’t really bother me I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing out on some like cool sound effects in the game or some thing. Lol
  8. Yes I do have ET Legacy. I wasn’t sure if the sound errors were affecting the game at all. That’s why I brought it up. It doesn’t really bother me and if you guys see it’s not a big deal I will definitely take your word for it.
  9. I’ve been playing for a few weeks now and when I open up my chat it looks like this. Sorry the picture is sideways. I’m not sure what they errors are. They don’t bother me or slow my game plan down but when I’m trying to chat it comes up constantly. Any suggestion would be welcome. Thank You!
  10. Lusciousdrunk

    Can I combine them?




    Ah, I will have to send you a message to the email that you used to register the Lush* account with, and if you can use it to reply back to my FA-email, then we can merge the accounts.  It is done this way for security reasons.


    I might do a double-confirmation. :D 


    Let me get too it.  



    The message is on its way...reply to that email, and post nothing here, which is in public view. :D 

    1. RedBaird


      Nothing "private", that is. :D 

  11. The confirmation email is on its way to your old account. :D


    Reply using that email and do not answer the items here, which is open to the public! :o 

  12. Thanks man. Thanks for the help too on the server. I was surprised I remember how to put color in my name.
  13. Oh I’m not looking to join immediately. Just wanted my name out there. Like I said I still need to figure out my configs and stuff lol. It’s been a long time so I’m basically back to noob status
  14. I was a member of F|A about 10 years. Shortly after that I had my first child and moved. Soon after that my second son was born. So we recently got a desktop computer. I was downloading some games on steam. Then at work today I was thinking “I wonder if people play Enemy Territory still”? So I got home from work went on my computer and looked it up and sure enough people still play and F|A is still active. Wonderful to see. You’ll see me in the game as | Lush | or Lusciousdrunk. Look forward to fragging with you all.
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