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    All infos can be found here..
  3. Date: 01 / 02 / 2019 - 22:30 CET Size: 3on3 SIGN UP HERE Brackets can be found here Mappool: Supply Adlernest Frostbite braundorf Sp_delivery_te Sw_goldrush_te RULES: Noshows will be given 15 minutes after scheduled starting time. If your opponent is not there contact an admin Teams must provide their own server A player should only play for one team. If a team wants to use a player that has already played in the cup contact an admin and we will review the case Each team is allowed to have 1 spectator. A team will be disqualified if there has been evidence of any kind of bug abuse. (proof must be given with a screenshot/demos) The server must have the latest available 3on3 config (/callvote config global3) Side is allowed! The final will be broadcasted on www.gamestv.org In case of a double fullhold, adlernest is to be played as decider. The winner of the cointoss gets to chose between attacking or defending first The winner of the cointoss gets to chose between attacking or defending first in round 1 and 2 For any further questions, or unclear statements, contact an admin Scores are to be reported to one of the admins by team captain Team captains of each competing team have to join Discord for brackets and reporting scores -> Join Discord here or here (message =F|A=ScoOfi#6015)
  4. Here we are, in year 2019 and ET is still going strong thanks to every single one of you guys and girls, a lot of players have been asking in general why dont we make some kind of update on what is going on with ET, so that everyone who would return to ET or is new to ETPro scene would know what's the current situation, so lets get down to details and stuffs that have been happening since beginning of this year. We will begin first with general communication for every player, those who are active know that IRC is long dead and no real activity is there, so we had to find alternative and we found it in Discord program, which is definitely the main place to gather now for those who wish to play or just want to meet some old faces again. Join our discord community here Today we reached 500th member to join our ranks on discord and more are joining each day, so tell your friends who would be interested in playing again to join us, where you will be able to play daily scrims, from 3on3 to 6on6, we are using similiar gather BOT that was once used on IRC ET.Gather channel, so a lot of great games are guaranteed for you. We already had 37 6on6 games happening via our gather system and additionally a lot more which were done along side it just from beginning of the year. General informations on activity of ET So down to details: Main teamspeak that majority of community is using currently is hyperion-gaming.Net:9991 , additionally u can join as well wolfenstein.community-ts.eu One day cup 6on6 was just finished today where we had in total 11 teams, news can be found here and some of the highlighted games can be viewed on GamesTV. ETernity cup had its groups published for both 3on3 and 6on6, news can be found here If u haven't yet, fill out this survey on future plans of ET, which can be found here Next we have the most important event that will happen, ET LAN, preparations are still in plan for it, but dates were already confirmed between 17-19th of May, more can be read here and here To summarize everything, ET is pretty active in this year and we intend to future work on making it even more, but for that we need your help, share this topic and more importantly our discord to your friends, different communities you think would be interested in trying out ETPro, so we keep this old game alive a little bit longer, for one last united revive!
  5. ScoOfi


    Greetings summoners, nvm scratch that, we are still at our beloved game ET and it seems it's recent activity has brought up quite some familiar faces back to the scene again. Recent RTCW cup has been quite successful, so we thought why not making something similiar to ET, Sebhes has done the first step of creating ETernity cup, but since it's still a bit of time to play it, we decided to prepare something for all the enthusiasts to test their rusy skills on the battlefield again. I would like to kindly invite those who are not yet part of our Discord channel to join us, as it seems Discord is picking where IRC left, proper place to gather (yes, ET gather, same as we used to have once upon a time on IRC), meet new and old faces, have fun enjoying daily scrims, currently there are around 350 players and more are joining each given day. So if you feel you want to enjoy old memories again, play daily 3on3 or 6on6 scrims, dont hesitate to join us and experience all those memories again! Recent ET survey has given a lot of feedback and perfect opportunity to see just how many players are actually standing behind their votes, so this is your chance to enjoy our beloved game yet again and have fun doing it along with your mates. I present to you hopefully one of the many one day cups to come in near future. ET Ultimate Weekly #1 6on6 ODC Cup date and time: Sunday, 20th of January, 20:00 CET (GMT +1) Team format: 6on6 Signups till 19:50 CET (GMT +1) Check-in start from 19:30 till 19:55 CET (GMT +1) Click here to sign up! Additional information: Broadcast: Yes Shoutcast: No Each team captain needs to join Our discord channel and PM me to be given appropriate role. Schedule for the ET Ultimate Weekly #1 6on6 ODC is: Round 1: radar Round 2: sw_goldrush_te Semi Final: Supply, loser of first map selects second map Grand Final: Both teams pick a map from the mappool - In case of 8 teams or less, round 2 will be removed. The mappool for the ET United ODC is: Adlernest Bremen_b3 Frostbite Karsiah_te Missile_b3 Radar Supply Sw_goldrush_te Admins: Aniky ScoOf Sebhes If there are any questions that are not listed in the text above, please contact an admin. Contact: Join our discord here
  6. Hello guys, I made a survey that you can leave your view about W:ET. I woud like to start some projects for you guys, so please take 30 sec to answer the survey. http://bit.ly/ReviveET Thank you and have a nice weekend
  7. GO for it! I need 2 guys for 3o3. PM me here
  8. ScoOfi

    The ETernity Cup

    We are back. In the year 2003, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was founded by Splash Damage. In honor of our beloved game, it is with great pleasure that we are able to announce the The ETernity Cup. This tournament will feature both most popular formats in ET, namely 3on3 and 6on6. The ETernity Cup General information: This cup will feature a group stage, followed by a playoff stage which pits the top teams of each group against each other in a double-elimination bracket. The format might slightly differ, depending on the number of sign ups. To sign up, simply send one of the admins a private message including your team name plus roster. Once you have created a new team it will automatically be added to the waiting pool, which can be found right below this post. The ETernity Cup Tuesday, 8th of January - Sign ups open Sunday, 20th of January - Sign ups closed Monday, 21st of January - Groups published Tuesday, 22nd of January - Start of the first matchweek Main Maplist: 3on3: adlernest frostbite supply sw_goldrush_te 6on6: bremen_b3 radar supply sw_goldrush_te Decider Maplist: 3on3: braundorf_b4 erdenberg_t1 et_ice sp_delivery_te 6on6: adlernest frostbite karsiah_te2 missile_b3 Teams can both pick a map from the Main Maplist. In case of a decider, maps can only be chosen from the Decider Maplist. This is to avoid having the same maps during each round of the tournament. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions about the cup! We can be reached here Source: https://www.crossfire.nu/news/9095/the-eternity-cup
  9. If you're looking for games/players/teams for etpro you can pm me on Discord. I'm playing quite often in the evenings (eu) . There is often need for players. Here's the thing, though. While most of talking is going on DC, if you want to scrim with people you need to use TS and be visible on the servers so people can pick you. That's how it's been working for some time, a few years probably. Irc is pretty dead, also announcing yourself on DC even with tagging @everyone won't do much. That's my tip for those who miss some etpro scrimming, thinking it's dead etc. It's not. There are no etpro matches organised by FA members though. It's my dream to play some scrims with people I know that are playing here and knowing how etpro works etc. I do not ask anyone to pm me in order to receive any info, ips etc. I'm just telling you guys what the situation is, since no one is posting here:)
  10. Yes something around 19-20 CET. I don't know if its gonna be on GTV. Depends if we're gonna play through CGAC or just on FA server who has proper anticheat aswell. Besides that i dont know if GTV is connected towards FA servers. Dont think so.
  11. I am interested When would you start, 19CET? Matches will be live on www.gamestv.org or no?
  12. Hi Guys! Is there any interest in a 3o3 tournement? This club has 109 members and i think we can make some nice thing happend if we want. Let me know if any of you is interested and than we can set up some things. For now i just want to stick too this community. If we ask players from Crossfire the level of playing might be a bit too high for most of us. Dates -> Not sure yet, but i guess Sunday evenings would be the best for everyone. List of players: - Krepox - Swixz - Mustang - Obviousbot - valkej - Ropz - Adeby Regards, Krepox
  13. @LeFrancis I should have had sign up for this :)
  14. I was expecting @Snatixx vs @Mxt0r
  15. @Snatixx vs @Mordecai, again forced to Sunday at 3 PM CST / 22 CET.
  16. Snatix vs Mordecai: Sunday at 3 PM CST / 22 CET
  17. Yeah, I meant CDT by Central. So 8 PM for you.
  18. CET for us? It would be Monday at 2 A.M. for me Or did you mean CST? Rn here is 12:30 P.M.
  19. @Dest!Ny vs @Snatixx: Sunday at 21 CET @emaL vs @Mordecai: Sunday at 8 PM Central
  20. Hey everybody, thank you for a wonderful time in this cup. I won't finish the cup as a new life path is presenting itself to me - so I am sorry I have to leave in advance. I wish you all a wonderful experience until the end of the tournament! GGs
  21. @Tomun vs @TulsaGeoff: Sunday at 8 PM EST @Sonofdoc vs @Mordecai: Sunday at 7 PM EST
  22. We played our match just now, hadnt informed refs about the date. Sorry for that
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