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  1. miodowe lata is polish version of the honeymooners Good luck I'm glad you're into it, remember to check everything if you're not sure, there're tons of words that appear in all slavic languages but in polish, as you see, they will have a complete different meaning or won't exist at all. You can always pm me on discord, I'm on almost every day:)
  2. It will be hard, I'm sorry... As you should know, polish is completely different and very original language. There is no other slavic language like this. It has taken so much from all other languages from around the country. As always, knowing 2 or more slavic languages will help you a lot (a shame you don't know czech/slovak, as they are most similar to polish imo, at least according to grammar). In the end, you'll notice those hard sounds are actually easy part as opposed to grammar. Learning essential words, specific for polish language should be a good start. You can also start from homonyms aka false friends (words that sound the same in 2 languages but have different meanings). It's funny way to learn some vocabulary and it will save you from embarassing situations in future. Good luck! For the tv series, those are some of my favorites and I always thought they would be perfect for someone who wants to learn about polish realities and spoken language. It might be too hard for a start though, so perhaps you should stick to news for now. If you like music, there's also lot's of to choose from. - 13 posterunek - miodowe lata - ranczo
  3. I'm just rounding my total donation amount. $30 9SL32711EV696140L
  4. Hey, welcome to FA. Yeah, we know Mike and as others said, he hasn't been around for a while. It appears he was last seen about 2 months ago on FA silent1 server. You can track his ET activity with this link: http://et.trackbase.net/player/2382356/
  5. Guys - are you cooperating? http://forum.splatterladder.com/index.php?showtopic=15804&st=15&p=87787&#entry87787 Is this still a major issue for many players? Or most of ET players use /connect command now? Do you need any help from regular ET players?
  6. Hey, welcome back! Yeah, ET and FA are still alive and I believe they will stay like this for a long time. So feel free to re-apply, but I think you'll have to tell us what was your name when you were in FA clan and what was the reason you left. Anyway, have fun playing on FA servers:)
  7. There's just so many.. But I'll post some electronic classics you probably know
  8. Hey, I'm glad you signed up, enjoy your time on forums. I've seen you many times on HC and enjoy killing you a lot hehe. I'm sure your modding skills will be useful, as we are looking for people like you currently. Ask Smiley or Daredevil for more details. Have fun playing on FA servers!
  9. I can stay awake for 40 hrs without much noticeable negative effects, but I'm not into beating my record anymore... Just remember there are probably more long-term effects of sleep deprivation than you think.
  10. Hello Tosti, enjoy your time spent on FA servers and forums!

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