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  1. kajto3

    3 word story

    and crippling depression
  2. kajto3

    3 word story

    bubzle fuzzle love
  3. That could work. I have seen these maps played without FF very often and I know what it looks like, so I can't imagine it with FF right now, I might be surprised
  4. So it would be for S1 right? Frag maps seems to be better idea for servers without FF imo (nade rain etc.). Btw. are you gonna change some settings for TDM maps? On Purefrag and Fragmaze (which makes me wanna puke since it's been on polish silent mod servers for so long) there's a roof so no arty, but how about heavy weapons, spawn times (they must be like 5 sec. max and making a shot shouldn't disable your shield immediately), nade count/damage etc. If it's gonna be on Silent1 then there's isn't much I could or should suggest, as I play there much less than on HC. I could come up with more maps if I remember, but as far as I know purefrag is cool (not sure if it works for more than 10vs10 players though). Headshot mode on with single pistols on that map, that's what I could play everyday. Also, I don't think obj maps and TDM come together well, at least I would hate something like this on Hardcore perhaps it has some advantages I don't know, I'm open for a discussion.
  5. kajto3

    ETL Client Crash

    Wishing you resolve your issue asap, but I suggest that you create a new topic on their boards - you should get your answer quite soon since they are pretty active all the time. https://dev.etlegacy.com/projects/etlegacy/boards/3
  6. I'm too low to play as well (not for FA team, but some casual mixes are fine) but I love this idea and I would do my best to help making it happen.
  7. I like this idea. Could work on 1-2 frag maps like purefrag on Hardcore (many would love this, most would leave when that map is voted), but not for the whole time... It's the obj server, it's one of its best features. Perhaps for silent1, people don't play THAT hard for obj right there imo, but I might be wrong, HC is my home.
  8. Great job organizing this great event and thanks to everyone who joined, was glad to see you there. I was having fun as always (even though I was spectating all the time, but you have to trust me, I was having fun) See you @ another gamedays!
  9. Hi Max, good to see you here! I always enjoy playing with you on HC. Stick around and see you soon I hope Also, many thanks for your recent donation, really appreciate your help. edit: oh, I just found this old topic created by your friend. Looks like you've really been with us for a long time!
  10. Hey there Zero, it's always a pleasure seeing dedicated players like you coming back to this game we still enjoy and love. By sticking around with FA you agree to become ET addict for another couple of years
  11. kajto3


    Welcome back and nice to meet you, Rail! PS. It's quite strange to see someone playing ET and actually having some real friends lol.
  12. kajto3


    ET on drugs? Well, it's actually a good way to describe its condition:) you made the right choice joining FA servers, you can be sure that ET will stay alive with us for a long time! Welcome to our forums and have fun!
  13. Welcome back and nice to meet an old member! Wish you a fast recovery, FA servers need you!

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