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  1. Hello everyone!

    Hey, welcome to FA forums. It's great to see more and more ET players coming back from inactivity. Enjoy your stay here
  2. Hello everyone

    Hey, welcome to FA forums, glad you decided to join!
  3. A shame. Seems like alcohol&drugs took their another toll... RIP
  4. Hello everybody!

    Hey Sepi, welcome to the forums! Glad you found us and decided to start playing ET again. Enjoy playing on FA server and good luck with your application!
  5. Hello everyone!

    Hey, welcome to FA forums, we're doing our best:) and thanks for your support too. Have fun playing FA servers.
  6. Hi my name is daky

    Hey, welcome to FA forums. Hope to get together and play some scrims some time.
  7. Welcome back, looking forward to play on HC with you
  8. xp lost?

    Yeah, and the bots... Basically those with the most xp kept it or those that was the longest in the database I guess.
  9. =F|A= US ETPRO Server

    Will do when I get all the IPs
  10. It's been a long time

    First off, huge thanks from an ET player for your continous effort to keep the community alive for so long. I realize it requires help from all FA members, but if you left, it would soon die and we all know that. Though I've joined quite recently, I've been watching how the clan has been functioning since its early days, and I can fairly say, there's no such community that has lasted so long in such a great shape, not only regarding ET clans. I've been in several ET clans and all of them had a great atmosphere, I met wonderful friends, spent moments that I'll never forget. But they all died, even though they didn't have to pay 1/10 of expenses FA has to pay. And that's probably what I like the most in FA, it just gives me some kind of sense of security, that it won't just fall apart soon and I'll be lost again (that sounded bad ). So, as long as you exist and keep doing nice stuff that you do, I'll try to support you as long as I can
  11. =F|A= US ETPRO Server

    Nice, hope we get them populated some day.
  12. Hallo an alle

    So, a bit from me too.. (but I'm really bad at german :)) Herzlich willkommen und viel Spaß beim Spielen auf FA Servern
  13. HI

    Sup Stalker. Are u the one from HC server? Anyway, good to see you here, welcome and have fun.
  14. Hi from Koby

    Ohh Hi Koby! Good to see you finally show yourself on the forums. Have fun playing on HC & thanks for the donation.