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  1. Yeah I believe that's the best about FA that you can take a break any time you want and then come back and everything is up and running. Welcome back and have fun!
  2. Hey Chris, nice to see you changed! Don't make us regret believing in you have fun and be good man!
  3. I was referring to the Legacy mod, not ETLegacy client. True, ETLegacy has raw mouse imput option implemented but it's optional and disabled by default afaik. According to ETL wiki: Whatever that means Legacy mod though is the only mod out there that uses different FOV scaling for widescreens (16:9), so basically you're forced to use 90 if in vanilla ET your FOV is 105, that's roughly what it's about. Can't really think of anything else besides what I already posted, hope your problem resolves!
  4. There are several mouse settings you might want to check and tweak on each mod: sensitivity (general mouse movement speed) m_yaw (horizontal sensitivity) m_pitch (vertical sensitivity) cl_mouseaccel (ET mouse acceleration - higher values gives more acceleration) m_filter (another mouse acceleration) cg_fov* *While modifying cg_fov cvar doesn't actually change mouse speed, it has a huge impact on how you 'feel' your mouse. I don't know much about mouse sensitivity differences in ET mods, but there is one mod that will make your mouse move
  5. kajto3

    ET Hardcore Make Erdenberg great again

    What the hell happened there! Shoutout to my fellow teammates, thanks for your backup - no need to v23 or v35 on HC. Who should have won this map? Stories like this only on HC. /connect hc.clan-fa.com:27960 Now,
  6. I'm not really sure about reading windows error logs... Just get to Windows Event Viewer and search for ET related issues (you can read some tutorial on reading logs or perhaps someone could share some tips - Xernicus? ) You set Windows to run with safe mode on next startup via Bios (on Windows 10 it seems that option doesn't work anymore, but there is another way - again, there are tons of tutorials on this) For the 'megs' settings, the proper way to change them is here: Change the memory cvars by adding them to ET shortcut Target field (right mouse click on the E
  7. So the easiest way to access windows error logs is pressing Windows button + r and type eventvwr - look for ET crashes there Mike I don't think many applications work in safe mode, but it can be worthy trying with ET... Be sure to try running ET with Intel integrated card Phoenix! besides - I don't get how did you manage to get these condumps, so it crashes after ET is loaded or during loading? You say you actually joined a server and then it crashes, in another post you said it crashes during startup. Please make it clear:)
  8. So that graphics card shown in lastvalidrenderer thing is the one you have? Did you set ET to use nvidia in nvidia panel or it chose nvidia by default? Did u try to run ET with Intel? You can send the crash information from Windows - it should be generated somewhere if it crashes like this but I dont remember where. I will try to come up with something else when Im on my PC. The thing that it crashes the same way with ETL as well is weird - ETLegacy fixes the vast majority of incompability issues on latest systems with ET, so it seems rather like a system issue. Did u try runn
  9. HB No #2 FA pro player! May your days be filled with happiness. no #2 after me
  10. Congratz gentlemen. Wishing you all the best with your new functions. So, Hardcore is finally under a leader's wing. No one can touch us now!
  11. Hey Thorgal, welcome to the forums and good to see you enjoy the servers. Good luck with your app! Btw, are you polish? I'm asking because you have a polish name (optionally belarusian: Пётр) while on TB you got a serbian flag, just curious. Well, definitely you're a Slav and we need them!
  12. haven't grown yet edit: damn Kai:) sense to keep
  13. I'm melting.. God, wish everyone on the planet had access to such lovely songs...
  14. kajto3

    ET Suggestion Word 'pizda'

    Doesn't the latest version of silent mod actually handle it? I'm pretty sure you can enable an option to censor 'uncensoring attempts' and I remember playing on one silent server and trying to curse, it was really hard not to get censored...
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