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  1. To avoid embarrassing you, of course.
  2. trendy: should officials of tourney be allowed to play?? *cough* emal *cough* Answer: Yes, the rules are simple enough that there's not a lot of room for subjective interpretation. We wouldn't referee our own matches and Mufasa and I hate each other enough that it works out If necessary, we can designate an outside party to review anything questionable from a match of our own. Though, I'm pretty sure trendy was just giving me shit anyways lmao.
  3. Any question or discussion about the cup goes here. We might make a FAQ in the near future if necessary.
  4. Ingame name: emal Discord: JDsemblance #4781 Have you read the rules: yap, I helped write them
  5. You know that little courtyard with the tiny pond right after the old city wall? The building after that, which has a low hallway and a high hallway is such a bad chokepoint for allies. with 18 second axis spawntimes, they just camp that area (and the part directly after it, near the arch) like crazy and allies have troubles getting past. Not sure what to do with it, but Im thinking that needs the main fix. Maybe add another cave that goes into the alleyway behind axis spawn? So allies have 3 ways of getting through. Not sure.
  6. June 8th, good day! Apparently
  7. After last night's ravioli, I have a hard time believing that Mr. Boyardee is actually a Chef

  8. No game has quite captured the team-based strategy playing that ET has. Over a decade ago, I'd sprint home from middle school to play this game. I still stay in touch with people I met in this game back then-- we're even facebook friends haha. After quitting for nearly ten years, I came back and found a great sense of community with FA and find myself playing this game far more than I should. It's too bad that so many people don't know how great this game is. Happy birthday, ET
  9. Gengis, I love your avatar/profile picture. Really cool.

  10. nahhhh baserace is huge. I'm a fan of the doublejump on that map specifically. Though it changes the game quite a bit. Sudden death seems kinda dumb on that map, because if each team scores a lot, it can be extremely defensive. After 20 or 30 minutes of baserace, it should just end haha.
  11. emaL


    Thanks for the heads up! No need to be sorry, my friend. Make that money and we'll see you on the server when you're there
  12. So I think the main things are: Hardcore fills up CONSTANTLY already. (I went onto Hardcore at 5pm CST yesterday and redirected to S1, which was almost completely full as well.) This new server would bring in people who prefer smaller games, people who already don't play on Hardcore- so it would act like a bridge to bring people into the community. Smaller games = more intimate = stronger sense of community. We'd grow loyalty with this server. Any risk to HC would be reduced by channeling players back to HC if this new server fills up. Most people claim loyalty to a server or two, so it wouldn't drive people away from FA. If anything, it brings more people in. This new server would likely only be active at night in the US, so the 2-3 potential players shouldn't make a big difference on the gametracker ranking. We can always kill the server if it doesn't work out. I would love another server in the same vein as Hardcore, but smaller and a little bit more geared towards the ETPro/Hardcore community. There are a lot of us! Like I mentioned, we could always just test it out for a couple weeks (which should be very easy since Zelly already put together a server config) and shut it down if we don't like the impact.

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