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  1. Regarding playing on different servers

    Was this the thing that you had in your mind DD? Or is there more news in the upcoming days
  2. (Mixed) Scrims

    Don't forget to press the 'going' button
  3. Scrim

    (Mixed) Scrims [dd] vs =F|A= Mixes are possible aswell
  4. (Mixed) Scrims

    Yep, and we can do some mixes after aswell. I’ll get a few of my clanmates.
  5. (Mixed) Scrims

    Sure, i’ll be there.
  6. (Mixed) Scrims

    Good to hear! Its hard to manage a date where everybody is avi but i'd say Sunday evening (EU) is the most played time nowadays. If we can get a few people online @ FA discord or Scnhee heer discord we can maybe manage something.
  7. ET Server ETPRO Club

    Would also be appreciated if the server gets a password
  8. (Mixed) Scrims

    Hello guys, Our clan loves to play some scrims every now and than. We would also like to play against =F|A=. We mostly got enough guys to play a 3s/4s/5s game. Lets set up some days here and see if we can manage to play some games! I don't know if its allowed but here are 2 discords who are mostly used for organizing some games. https://discord.gg/T8UcYZ9 (this one is setup by SchNee but its a bit inactive) See you on the battlefield! Krepox
  9. Question about scrimming

    Contact me via pm and we can setup some games.
  10. PS 4 Fortnite

    You can add me on PC : NeluZ.
  11. open gl

    Copy your etkey from your old laptop, it is in your etmain folder. Than you can do a new download on your new laptop. Next step is to place your etkey in your etmain folder of your new laptop Dunno what the open gl problem is.
  12. ET Server Suggestion Jay1

    This is exactly why good topics die. This posts bring nothing to this discussion, which is a good one imo. Just stick to the discussion and dont go this way, its pretty sad. From my point of view, do you really think that players will play obj just because the only availble class is engi? I don't think so, and you will be pretty naive if you think otherwise. Im not here to whine or anything about it, dont get me wrong. I think it is a pretty good idea to transform Jay1 or Jay2 to a EU server just because 90% are EU based players.. Its simple marketing, really easy.
  13. Streaming on Twitch

    Still a few streamers around, but most of them, if not all, streaming ETPro.
  14. ET Trick Jumping

    Post that vid pls, it still hurts...
  15. ET Trick Jumping

    WuT played a lot of cups, a lot of.. http://www.crossfire.nu/user/25782/wut here you will see in what teams he has played and what he'd won