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  1. Hi! A segmentation fault is basically an illegal memory access. Most commonly an error in programming but could also happen when allocated memory is too small. 1/ If you know which process is segfaulting a core dump or strace might help find the reason it segfaults. If you don't know which process is segfaulting, you can find out which process is by using atop to log all the PIDs with an interval of 5 minutes. You might get lucky and catch the PID in those intervals. 2/ You can enable system-wide core dumps, then you can use GDB to find the problem. You can enable coredumps as root: echo '/tmp/core-%e.%p' > /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/core_uses_pid ulimit -c unlimited %e = executable filename (no path prefix) %p = PID of dumped process (more here http://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man5/core.5.html ) I'm not sure but you might have to set rlimit_core to unlimited in PHP. Hopefully this helps. Catching this bugs are both a pain in the ass and a fun adventure.
  2. This is beautiful, thanks for sharing! Let's keep this awesome game and community alive!
  3. Schmerzen

    Etpro fps drop

    My not very useful 2 cents: 1/ ET has problems with ATI video cards, I don't know why. I've seen problems with even the latest cards. I can't provide a solution since I've ditched my ATI card for a good while now. 2/ In my personal case, using an Intel video card, ETPro lags and FPS are unstable, but jaymod, silent or any other mod has smooth stable FPS for me. So weird. Does your fps drop in any mod other than etpro? Cheers!
  4. I share yout excitement, i saw this movie recently and was amazed too! It's the Church of Barnaba, here's a link on google maps: Church of Barnaba
  5. Oh boy, i remember those. What I don't miss is having a finger stuck. That hurt.
  6. Schmerzen


    Looks cool, I hope Hollywood would tone down the "dumb careless sarcastic" hero, it's getting old
  7. Lovely interview. I dance in the shower, usually break dance, but some days i feel lazier and I just salsa my way to cleanliness.
  8. I'd go for the MP40, played for many years Axis almost exclusively so I'm very used to it. That was on classic ET 2.55 and ShrubMod, I don't remember if there was an option to make the weapons available to both teams. Thompson is ugly
  9. Schmerzen


    Since it's a corn thread and we're close to Halloween, may I remind you that no one likes Candy Corn? kthxbye
  10. Please don't increase the amount of players, is too high as it is nowadays, specially on maps that are meant for pro gaming. Seawall Battery could be interesting but it's slow and tedious. The other 3 maps are way to big and will cause the server to empty. People in HC want to frag in fast paced maps. We should let the huge maps for more fun-mod oriented servers.
  11. I'm torn on Windows 10, on one side it definitely runs better than 8.1 and 7. I've upgraded a couple workstations and they do work faster. Reinstalling is a breeze, driver management is much better, etc. The Linux subsystem is amazing and getting better, and at least on my mobile work laptop I just have Win10 with Ubuntu in the subsystem. That and Powershell is all I need to administrate my servers and do basic diagnosis on the network (for the hard stuff there's always a Kali Live USB). On the other side, the Professional version is no longer Professional. It's just a Home version with the capability of joining Active Directory (exaggerating here a bit). It installs (and reinstalls) apps from the Windows Store without asking, cannot defer updates any more, reboots on my users and they loose docs (because they ignore the update prompts, mostly their fault yes but still, a OS should never auto reboot), among a good list of complaints I have experimented maintaining a handful of workstations. It has become so that, if you want to fully utilize the capabilities of AD, GPO and Windows Server 16, and want to have a clean, manageable Windows 10 installation without clutter and security, you need the freaking Enterprise version which is quite expensive. This on top of the QA problems. So, while they're doing some good stuff, they're really messing up on other sides. As an enthusiast, I welcome the changes and I like Win10. As the responsible of a business whole IT infrastructure, they keep me on my toes.

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