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  1. Schmerzen

    WinMTR issue

    Your ping average and the max/min in the yahoo and google WinMTR are well, not noticeable deviations. The ones for jaymod did have big deviations, it might be a problem on the path from your home to the jay server. You are not presenting packet loss on any of the tests. The no response from host messages are of no importance in this scenario, those are simply hosts not responding to ping, most likely packet filtering from your ISP. As long as the final destination answers without packet loss, things are good. Conclusions: 1/ From my perspective, your Internet connection looks good. 2/ Your WinMTR is working well, no problems there. 3/ Your home connections seems fine at least at the time you took the readings. Whenever you start experiencing a lot of lag on the servers, quit and redo the tests: google, yahoo, etserver and the sourceforge speed test, and let's compare results. Hope this was helpful, I'll follow this thread and be on the lookout for your replies. Best,
  2. Remove: Millenium Falcon Add: erdenberg_t1 erdenberg_t1 is a good map for obj and fast paced, would be lots of fun on HC and it's pretty popular on scrims. There's an ugly version called erdenberg_b3 which I don't think would be a good choice, please don't put that one. I have attached the erdenberg_t1 file, just in case this is considered and it's needed. Best, erdenberg_t1.pk3
  3. I didn't know any of those things about covert ops in jay1, that explains a lot of my failures as a cvops. It is annoying.
  4. Schmerzen

    WinMTR issue

    Do you mind if we do a small test? Please make a WinMTR to another host, let's say google.com and yahoo.com. Just for kicks. MTR is quite a tool, but readings can be complex. What you are seeing is not necessarily wrong. It means you're not getting a response for the ping request from the hosts in the middle. This does not mean something is wrong and packets are not being routed, in the end you can notice you are getting an answer from jay3.clan-fa.com. WinMTR has the downside, among others, of only using ICMP echo (ping). Which could be blocked. Each host in the middle could be blocking Ping (unlikely) or your router/ISP is filtering it. If you have access to a Linux of BSD machine, you could try doing an mtr using TCP or UDP but they seldom have good results in scenarios that traverse the Internet where you don't have control over both endpoints. You might not be able to test the latency at each point from your home to jay3, but does not mean your Internet is not working. The only thing I do notice is a big difference between the best and worst value, which could mean jitter, which could actually be a problem. Further tests are required, you could start by measuring with this tool: https://sourceforge.net/speedtest/ . You gotta try at different times of the day since sometimes it's down. That will help you measure and find out if you have packet loss (which doesn't seem to be the case) and the amount of jitter you have.
  5. Llegué tarde al topic, pero si necesitan traducción o cualquier cosa también puedo ayudarles. I'm late to this topic, however, if you need a translation or anything spanish related I'm happy to help.
  6. I'm so sorry Cheep, cherish the good moments. Our small companions, who are part of the family, they impact and change our life in many ways, always in the best ways. My deepest condonlences.
  7. I wonder if it will crash after 49 days of uptime. Oh my, exiting back to DOS for a good match for Wolf3D or Doom over 56k. Playing Quake 2 with a SoundBlaster and a Riva TNT2 Who could ever forget that Encarta Encyclopedia. Oh man, Multimedia was the buzz word on everyone's mouth. For me personally, I was frothing at the mouth dealing with DLL Hell, random blue screen crashes, crappy drivers and bad memory management. Nice trip down memory lane.
  8. Hi, Quite the read. There's something I don't understand. When you assign points to the difficulty, for example: Form Two Overall Difficulty: 17.1. What's the scale? 17.1 out of how many? and 17.1 is easy/medium/hard? Thanks
  9. Schmerzen


    Partially unshucked ear of corn with googly eyes and a smaller baby ear of corn.
  10. Schmerzen

    3 word story

    fallen into disgrace
  11. Schmerzen

    3 word story

    in FA headquarters
  12. Schmerzen

    I quit smoking

    Beautiful, would you mind sharing the app please?
  13. Schmerzen

    I quit smoking

    Well, that's true, quitting is easy. I've done it many times. 5 months since my last smoke, btw. Congratulations to all quitters out there, it's hard. Specially when people around us still smoke. It's a great achievement, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. A great piece of advice from an unexpected place:

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