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  1. Mr El! 

    1. ElEl


      Hello there scoobs!

    2. Schmerzen


      Hope you are doing great bro

    3. ElEl


      Thanks pal, hope all is well with you :)

  2. Mufasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssaaaaaaaaa

  3. This map took me by surprise today and honestly it's refreshing. I'm used to Oasis being unpleasant because of the short spawn times, but this map works perfectly with those. Great map, thank you!
  4. Schmerzen

    COD4 Application Turtle boy

    +1 turtle boy
  5. That thread was quite the rabbithole, it seems you are SoL if they don't change that modem. I'm sorry about that. Maybe they can allow you to bring your own modem? Some cable companies do. On the other hand ISPs can be very very reluctant to swap equipment (business and home alike). I have FTTH and the ONT (modem) they provide is OOOOOOOOOLD, and they refuse to change it to a newer model unless I get the 500/50mbps or the 200/200mbps package which is stupid expensive. Maybe if you try to cancel your service and state why, they might try to do something to fix it. Usually normal support won't do it specially if this is a widespread problem. Best of luck bro
  6. I'm not sure I understood the whole thread correctly but, if you haven't tried with cable, try it. Wireless can be very problematic sometimes and can be affected by many things. My first step would be to discard a problem caused by WiFi. Sometimes being too close to the modem makes more harm than good. If your connection is steady with Ethernet but fails with WiFi then we've found the problem! If not, then we can proceed to make tests over the ethernet to figure out if there's latency, bufferbloat, dropped packages or any other anomaly that can degrade your internet.
  7. Schmerzen

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    I can see by all the replies that I'm the minority in this opinion hahaha . My opinion is that it breaks the pace but it seems to be the actual point of the map. I have no suggestion to replace it. But hey, asking never hurts.
  8. Schmerzen

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    I have one suggestion. Take baserace out!
  9. Schmerzen

    ET Jay #2 CapTn #1

    LOOL I actually posted "Or they tap out" and then saw your posts. This is so real it hurts.
  10. Schmerzen

    ET Jay #2 CapTn #1

    You're the medic exception hahah Right, El made me aware of that. Bit better but still not good imho. Cheers for server variety hahah
  11. Schmerzen

    ET Jay #2 CapTn #1

    Wouldn't be a problem if you could recover from a poison knife attack. The only way so far is a fellow medic to heal you but that doesn't happen in jay1. Most medics never revive or heal, and with spawn times being so short it's understandable. They're garbage solely because they're overpowered. Once you get hit, aiming becomes really difficult and 99% of the time means you're gonna die. Would be great if you could heal after 2 o 3 seconds or also would be great if you could heal on health racks.
  12. Schmerzen

    ET Jay #2 CapTn #1

    My case is the complete reverse. I can't stand poison knives, that's why I don't touch jay1 with a 10 foot pole. Jay2 is good for me, could be better without adren, but is quite fun as it is right now.
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