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  1. I'm honestly blown away. You've inspired me. Thanks for the ETJump download
  2. Schmerzen


    I am seriously corncerned about this corntribution lol
  3. Schmerzen


    I couldn't corntain my tears.
  4. Schmerzen


    I always enjoy a cobfull of corn juice, it's amaizeing.
  5. Schmerzen


    I'm not picking up the corndog's crop.
  6. Schmerzen


    I'm fully cornivorous, it would be incornceivable to me to go a day without corn. Sometimes I get this uncorntrollable feel for corn. Step up corngregation.
  7. Please sign me up. What is your in-game name? =F|A= Dr.Schmerzen What is your discord user ID? schmerzen#4717 Have you read the rules? Yes
  8. Happy BIrthday emaL! It's a pleasure to share the battlefield with you. Lucky for your birthday to be on Friday, so, go wild lol Cheers amigo
  9. I used to like defending a lot, back on a server I managed and we had the 6 original maps, all I did was defend. I got very good at it as an engineer. Now I like to attack a lot! Rambo engineer is my favorite class, can be frustrating sometimes and KDR definitely hurts, but moving along the objective is, for me, the most fun.
  10. Thanks for the heads up, I didn't think of this but it makes a lot of sense. I'll stick to one install for F|A and one for other servers.
  11. I'm sorry for reviving an old post, but this link doesn't work for me anymore. Would you mind explaining what this fix consist of, please? I have one machine with this problem. r_primitives only helps but doesn't fix the problem. Thank you!
  12. That Goldendunk map really really took me back. I'd love to see it in a F|A server! Good old nostalgia. Thanks for sharing the tower and slider map, I'm going to load it on a local server today and look around!
  13. The change took me by surprise, a good surprise nevertheless. Thank you! I'll be sure to donate or buy Platinum VIP when profit sharing comes around this year
  14. I agree with the sentiment, if it's allowed it's allowed and it's part of the server dynamic. No use complaining. I admit sometimes it can be frustrating but should be seen as a challenge! Making a tantrum out of it just goes to show someone's having a bad day, or has low tolerance for frustration!

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