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  1. Except the spawn blocker's player model is just as physically capable as yours which makes it so much worse.
  2. Supply winter is awful,it hurts my eyes when i play,i legit couldnt finish a round of it.
  3. lmfao what a d*pshit.that was hilarious
  4. I would personally hire you to do this to every noob that does this everytime on supply. DM for details,thanks.
  5. Finished my new computer,fps literally never drops below 250 lol

  6. Cumquat


    im still getting error failed pure server check ui_mp_x86 dll,even after fresh install and running compatibility mode windows xp and running as admin
  7. Cumquat


    yes. i know thats what i said,i can try running it in compatibility mode,but why would I? this issue shouldnt exist
  8. Cumquat


    Still have the same problem,i cant go from one server to another without getting failed pure server check ui_mp_x86 dll. Even on the same mod,going from hc to silent1. I can try running it on compatibility mod,but i would prefer to fix the issue which is really weird in itself,i see no reason why it started happening,never changed anything on ET only run it every other weekend for the past year/s. If anything clean install got rid of garbage skin packs and stupid menus from other servers but that didnt help.
  9. Cumquat


    what files do i have to backup if i want a fresh et install,as to not lose xp and stuff
  10. Slowly gathering the components of my new pc build :D

  11. Lag lag lag,i gotta whine because i suck
  12. Is there anything tastier than cashews?

    1. Hulk


      macadamia :)

    2. Cumquat


      i cant afford them lol

    3. Hulk


      True, but they are good as well.

  13. Work -> Home -> Work -> Home, rinse and repeat infinite times.


    Whats the point?

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