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  1. hey Cumquack! :thumbsup

    1. Cumquat


      hello panzernoob

  2. Just set a time for every friday afternoon/night,easiest and surest way to get an outcome.
  3. Off topic, Why is silent1 intermission lower than hardcore? when i visit hardcore i always notice the wait is longer and thus i never forget to vote map. on silent1 its easy to forget to vote.
  4. Hola! ❤️

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. ancientmule


      Long distance relationship once again.. traveling tomorrow to argentina for a few days and then back to peru..

      and in january i will go with my gf to Orlando, Miami, for a few days :D.

      So yeah, pretty much broken and working my ass off :(


      Besides that, life itself its life! LOL


      Keep the hard work and If I go to Greece one more time, make time to come to Athens for me ;)


      ❤️ you!!!

    3. Cumquat


      Nice my man,wish you a happy and safe trip


      Why go to that shithole Athens,go to an island much better :D

    4. ancientmule


      Already returned.. it was a short trip for a few days.

      back working now.. 1 month till another flight or argentina.. and then holidays. :D


      athens is nice, tho already been there twice.. is still a nice place to stay at most 2 days :P at most.  LOL

      need to visit more islands.. Santorini, Mykonos 


      so how is your life and what are you doing?

  5. did you finally fix the toggle bug ? oh sorry wrong Jiren
  6. You can put /ignore 1 , /ignore 2 , /ignore 3 etc etc on your cfg,the moment you connect everybody gets a notification you are ignoring them You will never see any chat at all
  7. New games are bloatware,you have to spend 3 days downloading,installing,updating,making a whatever bullshit platform account,update the bullshit platform program,launch the game,download more updates then finally be able to play the game at 15 fps for 10 minutes until you give up and uninstall.
  8. Not only did somebody orally consume you,they did it on your birthday too! I cant believe someone did that to you,i feel empathy for you.. Is that a polish tradition?
  9. Im sorry that somebody consumed you orally but, you were muted because you were stealing peoples names and writing insults in main chat,and generally being a troll weather its with your own name or somebody else's that you stole.
  10. still have this problem.. if anybody could help me
  11. hmm r_overbrightbits 0 works ok,i thought the higher the value the brighter the setting? it works fine on braundorf,i will check other maps because with hwgamma 0 the map also plays a role.
  12. if i put this command to 0 my game becomes extremely dark,like even if i put my brightness all the way up the game is still too dark. all the brightness settings within et are at the highest,like gamma,overbrightbits,mapoverbrightbits etc
  13. Cumquat


    Finally i found how to automate single pistol,thanks cheep! i hate double pistols and silent always auto selects it any time you change class.

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