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  1. Please for the love of god remove the uje version of italy.I dont remember if both versions of italy are in the server but uje is dreadful. To simply put it,its just a worse version of the map. Why the hell would they put cp spawn further back,by the time you move around you lose spawn shield and if you jump down you get to down to 70hp. I agree about thud in the sand,anything but teuthonia.
  2. I figured the reason was something like that. So instead of creating something new,couldnt people try to remake those maps from scratch? I mean all those et maps are started from scratch arent they? Instead of coming out with an original idea that a lot of the times didnt work,why not try to replicate what already exists? Obviously if that were to happen it would be at least a decade ago,but im just wondering why people didnt try this when the game was kicking.
  3. So many great maps.. I would rather play: Forest than fueldump. Norway instead of that stupid capuzzino map. I assume cathedral is influenced from church. Inside maps like SWF or xlabs,castle keep were great. Obviously they are supposedly single player maps,but with a few modifications they would be better than half the et maps out there. Instead of wasting effort to make lame maps why hasnt anybody simpy made a remake of the rtcw maps? If i remember correctly i played some of those on rtcw online,like chateau,castle keep some others,so they obviously work on multiplayer.
  4. 1. Im indiferent to secret weapon,its definitely not a horrible map by any means,but not very interesting either,good every once in a while. Raid looks like a nice map. 2.Teuthonia definitely needs to be gone. Kerkyra isnt a good map.I think the producers of it confused which game they were making a map for. 3.Warbell is definitely a good map,easily the best out of the "secondary" maps. v2 base would work fine in silent1 imo. IMO: secret weapon,raid,warbell,v2 base would fit. teuthonia,kerkyra definitely not. P.S I like how they named the map Kerkyra instead of Corfu,too bad its not a good map.
  5. Are you still around? 😕

    1. Dougl@s


      sup dude!

      Yes, I am... :)

    2. Cumquat


      Are you playing  et tho?

      Come to hc noob

  6. Looks awful,i would never play that. In fact i remember a small clan's server abruptly switching to it. First i connected and saw it was the last time i joined that server. Good eye candy but it makes the game look like any other cookie cutter game out there.
  7. I like to defend only if the opponents have the advantage and are really pressuring my team,constantly going against at least 2 or more players that are in front of me. Defending when your team is dominating is lame,i stop trying. Similar thing can be done when attacking but its harder because most of the times defending team is just camping so their are prepared for you. Nothing better than killing at least 2 players while 3 or 4 are all shooting at you,but only if they are in front of you. When you get shot from multiple directions it sucks. So i prefer defending when my team is getting owned,i basically like being in fights i hate wandering around the map trying to find somebody to shoot. It should take no more than 10 seconds to get into a fight after you spawn.
  8. Everything is crocked in this country thanks.
  9. THanks! The world has been like that for a long time,nothing new. Everybody no matter their job treats it as just a job,try to get through the day till its time to go home. Its just funny,i asked him if its true that the wait times are 12 to 24 weeks and he says yes thats true. Then later he tells me he can do it in 2 weeks. He didnt talk about a bribe but you can easily come to the conclusion he does this to everybody,whoever pays gets it done,whoever doesnt sits on that list for months. I will definitely not get it done in 2 weeks as i feel my hand improving every day,i will at least wait some more and if i feel i need the surgery maybe ill go through with it.
  10. I got on the surgery list. Waiting time: 5 to 24 weeks. Doctor said he can do the surgery in 2 weeks. But im sure he will ask for a bribe,depending on how much he asks i might consider it.
  11. Looks like the doctor will ask for a bribe for doing my surgery...

    He was very vague when i asked about it.

    This is why our country is in the situation it is currently.

  12. Im posting this for krum. Add: Navarone and fuel depot
  13. EtLegacy simply didnt work on my laptop.I would get black and orange horizontal lines throughout the whole screen flashing sort of like when you recorded a tv screen with your phone back in the day. I didnt bother with it,i see no reason to use it especially if i have to research to get it working.
  14. Doctor says i will have to get arthroscopy,which they dont do in that hospital so now ill have to go to an another hospital and visit a doctor first,have him agree that i need that surgery and then plan it. I assume thats gonna take a while,1 or 2 months. He said the fracture wont get back to its place on its own so i dont have to worry about it healing in the wrong position and then having them break it again to put it in the right place during surgery. I wont wear the cast again,its pointless. I hope i can get the surgery as soon as possible and that everything goes well.
  15. This little bastard is not supposed to be there.

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