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  1. Hi (sorry for bed England).

    1. m00jii



    2. Vindstot


      Hi (I myself wish to relay a desire to be forgiven as my understanding of the esoteric English lexicon is much below that of native level)

    3. Nancy


      !Apply! I will be your guardian angel all your journey!

  2. This weekend marks a huge occasion for Wolf:ET. What could be one of the last competitive LAN events for the game is taking place in Krefeld, Germany. From Friday 17th to Sunday 19th May some of the finest W:ET teams are competing live on Twitch. Keep reading for more info: Event info: https://www.crossfire.nu/news/9125/the-eternity-lan-general-information Schedule: https://www.crossfire.nu/news/9126/the-eternity-lan-schedule Groups: https://www.crossfire.nu/news/9124/the-eternity-lan-groups In-game stream: https://www.twitch.tv/Merl1nator Out-of-game event stream: https://www.twitch.tv/ETernityTV1 Forum: https://forums.splashdamage.com/t/wolf-et-final-lan-17th-may-19th-may-2019/234085 seeing this: gave me a semi.
  3. at least they know how to work the limbo. try soldier with smg thats the real facepalm. We all know somebody like this:
  4. this is hands down the best tracker the game ever had,and one of the coolest things outside of the game to happen ever.incredible work. amazing that such a thing came out in 2019.
  5. there are only a few good maps in this game,hence they get voted the most. if there were more good maps this issue wouldnt exist.
  6. r/shittyHDR who cares about graphics.nobody in 2019 is playing et for the graphics. Anybody who joins the game in 2019/2020 because of the graphics is going to leave the game within a month,if not within the first hour of game. From a little digging i did this seems like some nobodies (perhaps a single person) are using ET's name to promote a (most likely shitty) game,as he is saying he will charge for it and it will be a different game.
  7. i was missing mp_bin thank you very much
  8. i get this error trying to connect to etpro servers. any solution?
  9. Meeting new year's on the servers woooo

    we dont about socializing we are freaks baby wooo

  10. i think the fov toggle script does more harm than good

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