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  3. RE: mp_tram So......to whomEvers designed and theatrered the Return to Castle Wolfenstein map this week on the Recruiter Server ....may the Force be with you! And, if it had played elsewhere, forgive me. It was the most awesome, and precise piece of well done map nostalgia put together I have Enjoyed on Fearless Assassin servers! And, though I can only offer an Art enthusiasts token of appreciation, and not an engineering diagramists review, I can well assure you that, after having literally spending many, many past lives and hours of scrim times on servers of 15x 15x tournament RTCW battles, of that particular mp map in RTCW, that the games this weekends progressed well along the same lines. I wasn't sure how ET would "hunt" so to speak, on that map, but it sure did! And, not to steal the whiff off Victory too soon, but I hope you will next consider mp_depot across your desk... avull! (or, something like that!) I just have to be curious, if the map, mp_tram, being open source, can be coded over, or "waypointed" for the bots? Or, the map itself must be entirely redesigned from scratch? But, I do not know more than how to play on them. Just read a bit about Waypointing. Of course, mp_depot, mp_tank, mp_marketgardens, are all RTCW artifacts that I know play well in tournament settings, from literally hours, and hours of playing them for years 2001 - 2008 Battleground Europe, where we had all reversed RTCW maps for fair play, and ran four month WWII where we refought the war. We were international, did only RTCW, and, in many ways, were ike FA, w stats and, forum. ........again, thank you gentlemen!😃 Vixen
  4. Hi Everyone. Though I know little about the actual construct of the maps, I am really an aficionado ('affection for') the old Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and Legacy maps. Albeit, there are many good ones. But, I truly miss, and have seen NO: 1) DEPOT map: First map I EVER played in Wolf in 2002, and I have never been the same since! With its great action potential, Sewers, and DF and Attack positions, I think it would be awesome to play again. 2) TRAM map: How did THAT map ever get lost in the shuffle! I see there is a half a tram on one of the maps; which is totally an awesome win, it is so creative, and forward moving. But, Tram? Come On! How much fun that map would be returning to the Stable? Just a thought. The Force be with you. Ops
  5. https://web.archive.org/web/20150906191556/http://q3map2.everyonelookbusy.net/shader_manual/contents.htm
  6. Are you interested in creating a map but don't know where to start ? splashdamage mapping forum <<< that link has a lot of knowledge basic starting point - build a box but if your after starting from scratch and building a map this thread has all the tutorials - tutorials-and-et-mapping-resources all links dead 😿 but some reference pics still valid youngfox has some good links from a box grows a world 😺 enjoy
  7. Hi ! So, I offer you different sites, which will teach you the basics! I finished working on a card and I would put online some tutorial for advanced stuff, like for example the water pump, or a generator to build +, etc ... Start with that already, it will help you a lot! https://sites.google.com/site/devilsrighthandetmapping/tutorials https://de.ws.q3df.org/level_design/common/ http://wikimapping.free.fr/index.php?title=Tuto_complet_sur_les_shaders http://wikimapping.free.fr/index.php?title=GtkRadiant --> The best for me : http://www.pythononline.co.uk/et/tutorial.htm Wiki Mapping is in French, but you can still use the google traductor extension to translate the page directly into your original language. This is what I do personally .. Don't hesitate to send me a message if you need help! (My discord is on my profile ) Cordially, Fox
  8. And this day is now ! Thank u so much man ! Fox.
  9. It's been a while sense I updated my prefabs folder So this was a little bit of refreshing from thought but I had a difficult time with GTK Radiant 1.6.6 that just came out when I used a plugin sunplug et-map coordinator in 1.5 it converted the prefab only workable with 1.5 cause I think 1.6.6 is not matching sources it worked in 1.6.5 will have to revert back to that when I have time don't like this bug. Well to keep it short this is just a script mover setup for a objective which is doable for a team wolf objective if wanted but simply just a null objective to open close a garage door etc you can get it from my prefab gdrive directory https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jBEeerew_h2jPw7JCcORWlLrlWBEyCFl It's in a pk3 so you can look and see what it does before actually trying to make your own includes specified scripts and such to be a clean pk3 Looks like this dropped it right in with my normal et game and tested it but can be changed to what ever just extract the files it includes all that is required for GTK Radiant Also the file is around 140kbs it can be reduced it only has a cm_ marker for the generator that is all the rest is default from pak0.pk3 The sounds are default as well also want to point out there is a sps file for a speaker drop from in game located at sound\maps\generator.sps if you change location of the prefab in the axis you will need to update the origins of the script movers and speaker you don't have to delete them in 1.6.6 its fixed for moving but everything below the newest has to be done manually if you do just drop a path_corner beside the entities that were moved and it will give you location origin This was also tested on ETLegacy 2.76 for any specific errors there is one based on the sound not loading from sound\scripts\gererator technically it is there but because the file is empty it presumes it is not works fine in W:ET tho This is just a good example of creating movers from script and trying to avoid paths this would be the easiest way. generator_pump is the targetname of the speaker in the sps file In total there is 4 triggers and two Stages with the trigger events the top two are the stages the bottom two are the triggers hope this helps understand scripting with sounds some
  10. The original q3map2 shader content manual http://toolz.nexuizninjaz.com/shader/ Secondary content list made by ydnar the maker of GTK Radiant just click on the image http://q3map2.everyonelookbusy.net/shader_manual/ One day someone will need these hope its soon enough

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