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  1. Thanks everyone i’ve been on Jay #2 playing figured i’d hope on the forum and join the community again. i did reapply. i had some stuff come up in life when i applied the first time. so take a look at my application.
  2. Hello y’all !! been awhile since i’ve been active wanted to say i’m back!!
  3. So ive done some poking around on google, came across this website http://wolfenstein4ever.de/index.php/downloads/viewcategory/32-et-skins?limitstart=0&order=hits&dir=desc check it out! i like the female axis one my self also heres some pics i pulled off google too for some ideas Thanks, Blazer
  4. I would love to design it, but idk how... lol or i would
  5. I think on Jay#2 and Beginners #1 we outta switch some things up and add a skin mod for Characters/Guns/Equipment. Some times its nice too see a different appearance while in game! Idk what kind of skin mods to suggest, not really familiar with any, if any one could chim in on some skin mod ideas that'd be Great! Thanks, Blazer
  6. thanks for clarify how to do that, thank you!
  7. yes go on jaymod #1 hit esc, go to jaymod, hit misc, look down theres a section called controls and theres a thing where u can bind any key for private message pop up.
  8. if i had admin level couldnt i use their number??
  9. i like the window but i do it the console way.
  10. Recently I've been playing Jaymod #2 and I've noticed the private message window doesn't popup and work like Jaymod #1 . When i press the button i have binded for the window to popup it just shows the =F|A= cursor... I can provide screenshots if needed. Thanks! K5blazer454
  11. Im glad to be able to be around this community. its great!
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