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  1. Bleed


    Welcome back! Enjoy some ET now!
  2. Those values are for ETLegacy. My bad I'm playing on ET 2.60b so r_mode -1; r_customheight 1920; r_customwidth 1080; r_displayrefresh 0.
  3. Same here 2k so r_mode 18 but I got another monitor on the way with an higher refresh rate at 1k so I'm going to be using r_more 16 for gaming
  4. I play in QHD (2,560 x 1,440) with 144Hz refresh rate on a Nano IPS Display. Your true limit should only be your monitor. I'm thinking about getting myself another monitor with which I can bring my refresh rate to 240Hz for an extra edge but it would be HD (1,920 x 1,080) only.
  5. Happy birthday Gengis! Enjoy your weekend!!
  6. Welcome to the forums! I got a question! Which part of Canada are you in?
  7. Bleed

    Hi all

    Hi @CC1! Welcome to the forums! Good to see another Canadian eh! Or somewhat Canadian but hey, you're in Edmonton? That's where I am so maybe we can go play some lan someday. Good luck out there and I hope to see you around!
  8. Hey buddy, haven't seen you on HC lately, where you at?

    1. Bleed


      Hey Cheep! Good to hear from you. I've been working out of town all this time. I got myself a new place with good inet and a great rig. Maybe you've seen me I've played with a different alias when I was home for two days trying my new setup. hydrOGEN.ca, Boilermaker.ca

      I should be back on full time once my job is done. I miss you guys 😁

    2. CheepHeep


      Oh i see. Nice! Hope to see you when you get back full time too. Some regs have been asking where you are :D

  9. Bleed

    Return from Inactivity Back & missing my F|A mily <33

    Welcome back :)!
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