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  1. Thats what I'm talking about folks
  2. You can try increasing the memory in et even under the basic menu,or the mod's menu (hunkmegs). Maybe that could help you. :3
  3. 999 ping goes brrrrrrrrrr
  4. i love to be honest with ppl :3
  5. RamboLevi

    ET BEGINNERS #1 Jay 3 Poison Knife

    You want me to describe it in one word, or should I be family friendly now?
  6. valve """""""anticheat""""""" in one picture
  7. But you also need source for it. That's why I'm active on nq
  8. RamboLevi

    ET Fun #1 Ingame Screenshots

    Once in a year where I am on fire,and maximizing all classes on EtPro
  9. RamboLevi

    ET Fun #1 Ingame Screenshots

    Have you tried the new mod for RealRTCW? The Dark Army: Uprising Remastered is the name of it. Completely new storyline, where you have 4 gamemodes with their own features. 1,5 GB. I think you should try it
  10. It was super bro! I still hate caiyu for those riflakills
  11. I think their spine doesn't want to talk..anymore...
  12. No,I've had to save Ryan and get his ass out from the trenches
  13. Replying to all of you,those 203 games go back to 1993. one of them is the original doom,of course modded
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