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  1. ET Trick Jumping

    This is such an awesome video. Lots of useful info, I really like the side by side of the different jump styles. I meant less specifically what are your favorites. I recognized piyo immediately but I have never seen colordise or abandoned. Abandoned is one of the more beautiful maps I've ever seen. I'd love a hand finding it. Is it ridiculously hard? I recorded phoenix doing one of my favorites from distillery. Someday I'll be able to do this map XD And choco is another great map but I did see you get smoked in it the other day. Although it was by vallz so...
  2. I have never looked something up in the wiki before but I am curious. XP has no in game value after a couple rounds and what you focus on. If you sit in spawn xp farming you are essentially not playing, right? Is that a kickable offense then? I can't be of use to my team mates if my special is depleted. Imagine moments in supply depot where you are battling down stairs and die at the same moment a team member takes the flag upstairs. You're useless when you respawn. I can't see why a small quirk affecting nothing but 30 seconds or so at spawn would somehow make this server anymore rambonctious.
  3. Am I the only one bothered by 6 being the maximum amount of medics? I am not sure if it is a feature or a glitch but if my medic stamina (whatever that is called) is gone when I die and I catch a 1 second respawn it is still depleated when in my next life. I certainly understand why that would be useful because a fldops could throw an airstrike selfkill and throw another one but for a medic throwing health packs it's frustrating.
  4. Achilles90

  5. ET Trick Jumping

    Welcome & congratulations Mrs. 112th post! Or 'her majesty' in the case of 'Queen of TJ' It is true though, we need your help. I'm just one noob trying to make videos of this stuff. Maybe you could show us a thing or two What's your favorite map? What's your favorite original jump? Post them!
  6. ET Trick Jumping

    My computer, apparently, is on it's very last legs. I had to turn my graphics down this week because my computer can't handle it anymore :/ Today, however, maybe it was because HC was busy or because industry isn't a great map for my fps: the game was rendered unplayable for me. So: I have resorted to making something like an informative video. This is an attempt to exemplify a quirk in the physics of this game which time run players utilize to propel them through maps. This is a concept I am relatively new to practicing but I am starting to learn the utility. If you have not had the pure pleasure, I wanted to throw a spotlight on one of our HC regulars: UP. If you get a chance: watch him play. It's art. He's a master of this stuff so while I try to rope him onto the forums, here is my infantile attempt. In the beginning I am attempting to show the varied surface angles and heights. If you run across this section you will probably not notice anything which is part of the beauty of this engine. However: falling off of ledges, even marginally higher than the ground, will be treated by the game as if you fell from any height and can be used to string jumps together only off of the ground. In this instance I am falling off the train tracks and turning the direction I am falling (which generates speed) when I hit the ground I jump which bounces me to the next track where I do it again linking the two sending me farther and faster than you could regularly jump or sprint or both. The last version of this jump there is a barrel on the ground near the track which is used as a ramp with impressive results I'm sorry for the buggy videos and the horrible graphics. It's what I'm living with -- Edit -- I wanted to mention that if you go the first page of this thread and rewatch the adlernest video there. That jump is based off of this same concept. Going down allies ramp you land on the edge of the raised platform and falling off it allows you to be propelled forward. The other day I had the chance to watch UP do magic out of axis first spawn in goldrush. Either I will get UP to do it again or I have to go learn it so I can show you guys
  7. ET Trick Jumping

    Lol not even fair. You didn't even see another soul XD Ladies and gentlemen. This is not showing off. Please watch this a few times and understand that I am NOT pro. All of you can do this. All of you SHOULD be able to do this. I can hit anywhere in this room, I can go out the door. I understand the danger flying through the air puts yourself in but why am I, constantly, the only one exploiting these things? Why don't I see more people try? I made this jump because every time we play Oasis I catch emal skulking around up here so I thought I'd do something silly. Obviously this is impossible in game. But fantastic jumps all the same @emal And this isn't the most appropriate here but for those of you who practice lnarun I've been working on this "shortcut" and every time someone specs me when I try it they have to say something. Here. It's possible. Proof:
  8. ET Trick Jumping

    I honestly had no idea that was even a thing. Never considered trying. Thought I'd post a couple videos of things that can be done with the physics in this game. Some of the hardest maps out there done by some of the best jumpers around Nice gamma map, Apex: Arctic by Madman, performed by the inimitable Vallz: One of the coolest maps in my opinion. Thoroughly out of my league though
  9. ET Trick Jumping

    I've seen you play though. You and your multiple killer of the month awards. Just like I focus on improving my aim and making sure I keep my crosshair at head height: trick jumping is very much practicing snapping your mouse back and forth 90 degrees or how perfectly you can keep a rhythm of jumping while doing consecutive 180s. Can you jump blind around a corner and land in exactly the same spot every time? For me: the worst thing in the world is trying to do prone jumps. Where you have to hit the prone key immediately after you jump. The worst. Rather than running up stairs and around corners, if you had enough sprint can you flow through a map? Can you turn obstacles and decorations into things that propel you around the map with grace? When you watch skilled players moving through the map it's gorgeous
  10. ET Trick Jumping

  11. ET Trick Jumping

    @BSM Did it so I had to go learn it Also a thing or two from braundorf. I can't remember if you can do the first jump on HC or if you splat the railing but it's cool none the less and variations of it definitely work, Also, you should know to plant the dyno there. The last jump I did gracelessly and hastily recorded anyways. Everyone knows the two man team to shortcut into the cp area but does anyone know how to do it solo? I have done this on HC fyi
  12. ET Trick Jumping

    I wanted to take a minute or two and post this new, ultra short, clip, as well as give a small status update. I have recently been making some changes to my life and schedule. I have taken a new job which is eating a lot of the time I spent on these jumps and videos and in this same time frame I have put my focus onto fiddling with radiant. I don't expect much to come out of it except fun but do expect to get at least a low quality tj map out of me. We don't have enough frag maps made for the jump minded players so it seems I have a calling. All of those things said: I am always around so just @ me on FA's discord or direct message me. I love to be friendly I was playing earlier today and realized how few people seem to even attempt this jump. There are so many variations that can be done, here, but my goodness: at least attempt them. EDIT: I wanted to point out that I did this beyond sloppy and still flew right where I wanted to go. (remember to crouch when you go through the door)
  13. ET Trick Jumping

    I find that that could quite quickly become a philosophical debate: I believe that having the ability to ruin the game for everyone, in almost any map, and continually choosing not to do so, is what makes a 'good' person in this game. It's an accolade of sportsmanship to play how we would all like others to play. I also have to say that knowing these short cuts add more to the game because now I'm on the look out for people attempting to rush the map You would be beyond welcome here! For those that are interested and have not joined, I have yet to see anyone bite. Lots of good people hanging around Thank you so much and welcome. Lots of jumps out there for me to record so plenty of videos on the way I watch almost anything from the 999 guys. I am a huge fan regardless of their applicability. I do think a couple are possible in HC but medics can adren other players right? So if we got a team together we could all shoot up and do longer jumps I have been meaning to attempt the frostbite jump that madman did. Unless I'm mistaken but the way these videos are organized is that the person doing the jump is credited with discovering it as well. A lot of those guys are still playing as well And because no one seems to ever play this map: I figured I'd put up some awesome fuel jumps.
  14. I must admit that I do not know a great deal about the kr v kdr debate. I find our current system to be roughly an accurate representation of a person's skill level. If we can improve upon it: great. Similarly I find the autoshuffle to be mostly just fine. Something I hope we can all agree on, though, is that lower ranked admins can't shuffle. So understandably as a regular, 4, I don't have those privileges but when we need a shuffle I see admins have to call votes to get a shuffle. I feel like that's a necessary power for them to have. I think the shuffle vote success rate is considerably less than 50%. This could fix the auto shuffle problem because an admin could just shuffle again if the teams are wonky. Just some thoughts If someone wants to talk about the glitch where you can't shoot after going prone that wouldn't be bad either As described in another thread: I am one of those players who plays for fun and nothing bothers them. I think I take it pretty serious as far as how much I apply myself in game but it's all for fun and I do my best to allow the quirks of the game to be quirks and not things that enrage me. I do not particularly enjoy the panzer so I don't use it. I get frustrated with 1 man panzer kamikazes but I just pity the technique rather than name calling or petitioning for the outright removal of that which I don't like. On the other hand though: I truly respect the panzer that takes out me and 5 other guys at once. Or when the guy in front of you steps out and catches a rocket to the face and he pink mists inches in front of you. That's something that belongs in the game Some perspective I've gathered about this game recently is that it's one of the fastest paced games I've ever played. With a limited selection of weapons we really level the playing field down to skill and it's chaos. My brother is a very diverse video game player and is a beast to see in overwatch and he say's this game is "frantic". I think a lot of the stuff that people complain about could be a little smoothed out, which is to be expected in an old game, but are honestly the things that make this game so unique and why we are still playing it after this many years.