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  1. hey brooo!!! :hi


  2. hey achilles bro! :thumbsup

  3. Quite pleased to see I'm not the only one It's also nice to be reassured that it can be a good look either way XD
  4. This is something I have been thinking about a lot, it's one of my favorite things to do: hang around and do some jumps, shoot the breeze and watch others jump. I also love the challenge of one-ups-manship and friendly competition to keep the fire going. Some days I don't even play I just turn on what we call "ET TV" and just watch some of my favorite players. The idea of a TJ event or game day sounds absolutely awesome. Maybe a trickjump workshop of some sort. @Yavasi I have played tons and tons of maps in that category, it's likely that I've played the one you're talking about. It reminds me of maps like piyo, just jump, or even gamma mill. Any chance you could describe the map a little more, maybe I can figure out which one you had in mind. What kind of jumps were in the map? Jumps from original maps? Maybe just gamma jumps or possible a mix of all of the above? I unfortunately have no idea why master haru is no longer with us. I hope he still secretly loves us On another note: I cannot say for certain that I "discovered" this jump but I can say that I have never seen anyone else do it and I don't remember it from any TJ videos I have seen in the past. A neat jump from frostbite off the top of the transmitter towards the stacked wood and CP which I utilized for fast travel and to return the docs This can be expanded by landing on the small box right in my path which will allow you to go farther but I was aiming for speed and the docs, not perfection I'm also pretty trash with the sten XD I have no idea why I reloaded but the double kill would have been sweet. No worries though: OBJECTIVE RETURNED!
  5. Well @L3ftY. remembered me trying this one so that felt like a challenge. I did expect to get it in 10 or 20 tries but alas that was not the case and I admittedly wish I didn't obsess over these things XD This video is a little choppy and probably mostly me celebrating: That all being said, this jump is a part of the 'easy' section of a tj map called 'Origami' made by Aciz and Sungi Awesome map and great video made by incredibly skilled jumpers. I am far too noob for most of even the easy jumps XD The jump from pirates is @ about 0:50
  6. Achilles90

    Grey by 30

    I am 28 at the moment and while I thought it was only a few grey hairs here and there it seems that at this rate of change there might only be a few brown hairs left, a lot sooner than I had imagined It turns out my dad's hair was totally white by 35 Out of curiosity: Who is beating me in this salt and pepper race? I should mention that this doesn't bother me, I am quite happy to keep the hair XD But it has been a rather sudden realization of my age
  7. I spent a couple years trading forex Primarily focused on technical analysis and peculiar betting strategies Highly interesting subjects I have spent time working with and helping friends in other industries and while I find them all similar I don't think I would leave forex, seriously, for any other vehicle. It just ticks all the boxes for me 50:1 leverage here in the US XD Obama took away our 100:1 I find stock trading unreasonably expensive and likely just a barrier to entry for the average trader
  8. In the weight lifting world that's called "bulking", very appropriate I have been steadily trying to get into better shape, undo some of the damage I've done to myself. I follow a few physical therapists on instagram and have been trying to fix my posture and some back pain following their advice. It turns out that I had 0 mobility in my left shoulder. It was just frozen in the position I drive in (very similar to how I sit when I play ET). It took a little while to figure out but once I started pushing it around I unlocked something in my back and neck. AGONY! For a week or two. Now I feel like a new man. My neck isn't stiff my back is better than when I was in my teens. I feel like I'm unraveling or unfolding. I actually stand taller, all of my lift PRs have started going up, easily, and I look better than ever. Almost literally just from stretching. I honestly never knew about things like scapular positioning or lat engagement. It sounds stupid but this stuff has changed my life I try to do this at least a couple times a week: I feel like it counteracts all the sitting and slouching I do at a desk. Don't even use a band: just put your hands up. It just hurts so right I really enjoy these guys. They're silly and always giving me useful info I figured I'd mention to OT that I have also been modified keto/paleo for the last 5 years or so. I have been serious about low sugar for a long time but I found leaning higher fat really made a difference. It seems to help me stay off the carb rollercoaster most of us have been on and lets me maintain consistency effortlessly.
  9. Random jump I have been fiddling with in decay: Just thought I'd throw this up here too. I see all the mistakes, but I hit this pretty hard while playing with @CheepHeep and thought it was worth posting
  10. I think this is more funk or something but I woke up with this in my head again
  11. As always, Master Haru to the rescue! I tend to think of trickjumping a little like drifting. You have to look away from where you are going and turn into the slide to gain speed Maybe that's not helpful The circle path is really important to learn You did post in my etjump mod thread Did you get it working? I'd be happy to help
  12. Maybe I'll go back and upload clips of some of the variations, Most of the very long jumps have easier ways The jump around 0:55 is taken directly from fuel dump but true to HeX form: they can't leave anything easy so they replaced the door with a little wooden peg. That jump is all about control and technique. Landing on the peg is hard enough but you also need a good snap to generate speed coming off it Too much speed and you wont bounce up towards the sign If you are past is and trying to jump off the curb onto the statue: that jump makes me want to cut my hands off. It feels like pure lotto for me and I usually just skip it and jump right onto the roof tops First time! I've cobbled together some clips before but this was the first time I tried to have some sort of vision of what I wanted to create I'm glad you guys enjoyed it, it was lots of fun to make. Naturally, if anyone is in the mood just @ me in discord if I'm online. I'm always excited to run some maps It's also always more fun to have a dozen people trying to run it at the same time. Or better yet, race
  13. Achilles90


    Another corntroversial thread
  14. A couple of damn good looking lobsters there! I so hoped that's who you had a photo with. You look sharp as heck and got a fantastic photo He looks so much friendlier with the beard, I think. I'm a big fan, very jealous

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