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  1. This might have been tweet driven. Someone said that it was but I haven't seen the tweet and I tend to disregard "fundamentals" The name of the game is risk management. Return to risk 7:1 I could speak at length about these but figured I should get the ball rolling and just start posting things. Nice feel-good trade, quite pleased. I usually try to document these things extensively but this was an exception. Set up was a simple triangle on a higher time frame. I am not a fortune teller, I had no expectation of this. I don't mind.
  2. This was fascinating. Truly not at all what I had expected Very informative and (I beleive that's who was being interviewed) Ed "Bongoboy" Stern was an absolutely pleasure to listen to In case no one else noticed: It looked like they were playing on one of our servers At least 2 =F|A= members were spotted in the console XD
  3. Out of curiosity: Is the Apple, being discussed, the same one involved with making the map special delivery. If memory serves? I believe there are a few tj maps with the name "apple" on them, but I don't remember which
  4. Hey! Great to see you around!
  5. Maybe you're thinking of /writeconfig melancholy.cfg After you make some changes and when you start the game /exec melancholy and it will load all your saved settings? Not knowing your country and specific situation: /cl_maxpackets 100 does seem to help a few people stabilize their connection
  6. Here's a PC Part Picker list with the changes I made: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/6kq3V6 Lol, genius Ordered. All in one box from new egg I read a review this week that said Made me laugh That's mostly the depth of my thought process here I'm building a modest work station Maybe I'll edit my cat videos My highest aspiration MAYBE would be to run minecraft someday But I do have a PS4 for that The ultratechnical direction this conversation has gone is quite fascinating. I seem to know enough to decide what affects me and be okay with what I don't understand XD I am in complete agreement. New stuff is coming and always will I'm just hoping that if DDR5 is kick ass and makes DDR4 obsolete: I can buy up a bunch more DDR4 for cheap! XD Maybe not, but I am hopeful. The same goes for any other part I remember when I thought "what would I need double digit ram for?" Now I'm wondering if I should build for 100+ GB of ram? XD Exciting times A bazillian thanks to @Mufasa He found a ton of sales and discounts I was in the right place at the right time to catch them all Please tell me where to send the beers, or other nonalcoholic beverages I think I bought something at 2 am with minutes left on the discount That being said, I ran out of time to hunt a monitor in the same box Maybe someone wants to recommend one? I admittedly know nothing. I kind of stopped paying attention when 4k came out. I started to read about one this morning and realized I have never heard of a DVI port Idk if I even have one... https://pcpartpicker.com/products/monitor/
  7. Hey Fede! Nice of you to drop by See you soon on HC! XD - =F|A=Achilles<3<3
  8. This is your current build? I'm looking at almost exactly this I got a bit lost Should I go for a B450 board or are you saying it would be better to aim for something more powerful? You were suggesting the 570 models for upgradability Should I go for a board made for a brand new chip compatible with the ryzen 5? (or some budget cpu) This isn't really something I thought of I don't entirely understand how to measure a motherboard Should I build it for a ryzen 9 someday? Should it be the #1 most expensive part in my build? Ryzen 5 vs Ryzen 7 ryzen 5 2600x vs 3600 doesn't seem to be a big difference? https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/AMD-Ryzen-5-3600-vs-AMD-Ryzen-5-2600X/4040vs3956 If I went for a 7 series it would double my cpu cost but = big speed upgrade it sounds like 1 sub $500 +/- my used parts (I have some of a computer) 2 sorry. 3 All I do, more or less, is word process, watch cat videos, and play ET. 4 myself I did try to make this coherent. I don't know how to ask 100 questions and answer them all at once without it looking like that Sorry
  9. Howdy all! I have been working on putting together an ultra-budget frankenbuild with the potential to upgrade down the road I have never built a computer before... ever I have only the faintest understanding of these things I feel like I'm trying to build my own car XD But for some reason I feel like this should be easy (or at least possible) All I do, more or less, is word process, watch cat videos, and play ET. What I need: Something that works, is upgradable, and beats what I have. Currently on a toshiba laptop 8 core (I believe) i7 processor 3630QM (whatever that means) Rated at 2.4 GHz 8 GB ram Intel HD 4000 graphics (I believe) Windows 8 Activated 11/27/2012 (apparently) In 2012 this thing was awesome (for me) I'd like to move a couple years closer to today What I have: 3 different old graphics cards, 1 must work and beat what I have today 2 different cases, both ATX cd/dvd drive (Is this even useful?) 5+ fans of assorted sizes and rgbs old power supply (seems to fit my specs)** mice, keyboards, pos little tv screen **The power supply is old and seems to be rated as trash. Brand new it's $40 This is my wiggle part: It needs a cable. It's old I'll happily throw it out for a new (better) one for security I'm not exactly trying to cut any corners just maybe build it one part at a time This is where I am at: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/7gWXCb Ryzen 5 2600x processor, 6 core 3.6 GHz (8 cores was same speed +$100 IIRC? Not worth it?) MSI B450 Tomahawk (Seemed decent middle of the road) Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory (is the 3200 worth it over the 3000? +$10, seemed fine?) 6 cores, 3.6 GHz, 16 gb ram. This should blow my current lapytopy out of the water by my understanding? The top 4 parts on the list are new, the bottom 4 are old Is this framework decent enough to buy a new gpu in the future? I'd like to run my free.99 graphics card for the next few months before I upgrade Will this work? When the ryzen 7s come down in price could I drop one into this? A little advice? between $300 and $400 is what I'm looking at I could validate another $100 maybe but I'm torn between not being certain if I even need it I'm not religious in any ways I picked these parts mostly blind and by middle of the road price points Am I out of my mind here? Does this sound like it will work Is this a stupid plan Is it a good one? What part would you tell me to buy? The powersupply in my pcpartpicker list is the one I have It's listed as compatible but I should probably replace it Should I go a little higher wattage and rating or just a better rated one? Power supply seems like the part most worth my extra $ I feel quite like I'm opting to do my own dentistry here. Please tell me this isn't a fool's errand I could just buy a $500 dell but then I can't really upgrade it Am I onto something here? My last real question is if using an older tv instead of a computer monitor will fml? It's like 20 inches so it seems appropriate for a desk? wtf do I know I've heard rumors it might hurt my eyes TL,DR: Click this: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/7gWXCb = (about) $350 +/- new power supply Will it work? Like for yes, sad face for no Is it dumb? Plz help Can I @ some people? @Xernicus @*Kiba* @Vanaraud @HOTSPUR @Mufasa @sirdutch @cookiem0nster You guys sound like you know Please get mad at me, Sorry. I'm kind of at the end of my knowledge so about ready to pull the trigger Totally blind this is almost identical to what smoky suggested to @captnconcrete: ^^ That makes me feel hopeful Considered addon: Maybe a low gig SSD as a boot drive? It's 2019, I hear I should put my OS on something that doesn't spin? I've seen plenty of appropriate options Maybe I'll pick one Thank you so much for your patience I love you all =F|A=Achilles<3<3
  10. 100% correct. I was referring to air strafing more as an aside after describing the appropriate take off. Speed is generated off of predictable angles based on trajectory, speed, AND your button(s) of choice. In the instance of using just W and S you absolutely can do arguably everything with W/S (they call this "no beat") but it's much less natural. On a take off with WA or WD you start and 90 degrees from where you are trying to go and make that 90 degree hook right before you take off. If you were to make the exact same take off holding ONLY W you would have to turn about 180 degrees instead of only 90. Hence why most people don't do it. What a coincidence, there is! If you were to run this mod and try a few WA/WD or just W/S take offs (people use A/D even) along with /etj_drawcgaz 2 you can see how the mouse angles change based on which button(s) you are pressing. No beat is used more often as a gag because you tend to have to look perpendicular to your trajectory which feels incredibly wrong BUT WORKS This game is pretty forgiving when it comes to the jump timing but there are plenty of deeper quirks on the subject that can be delved into The jump delay in this game being one of them. For those who played RTCW you might remember that, like quake, there is no jump delay and you can build speed linking jumps together right off the flat ground In this game that isn't possible, a height difference is required, but there are interesting aspects that can be manipulated. I have plans for a video discussing "corner cutting" in the future. </spoilers> Something certainly on my mind "Sponsored by Achilles" maybe XP Dear lord upload it! I don't have any maps, you're light years ahead! Beginner maps are something the TJ community lacks and something that has been heavily on my mind I woke up this morning and started to render a new couple videos about just that: maps for everyone to start with but I seem to have reached the end of my laptop's life A few crashes later and now I'm shopping for a new PC instead of uploading stuff for you guys Many thanks to you and @ElEl for the help
  11. It's really a quirk of the game and a function of running in the circle path. As inexplicable as it is, it's really just a matter of making a 90 degree turn using WA or WD NOT just W The trick is to press jump at the most optimal moment, when you generated the most speed from the turn and you're at the last possible pixel of your ledge to jump off of There is more speed and distance possible, generated when you are in the air, they call this "air strafe" For the most part though, just leaping off the ground is usually the biggest part This sort of explains why some players seems to shake their mouse side to side or snap from one side to the other as they jump through the map. There is a function of mouse movement involved in the generation of speed but I don't have any idea why However it's consistently reproducible and demonstrable as a technique I have been considering narrating a video on the subject but it's more work than just cutting a clip unfortunately
  12. When you are in spec you can press the space bar in order to fly around and watch the match, that is what you were hoping to do? It may not work for all mods but try /freecam /cg_draw2d 0 /cg_drawgun 0 (might be needed) I also use imageET to render my videos into screenshots and then virtual dub to sequence it into a .avi I don't think it's totally necessary. But ImageET let's me capture at 60-100 fps very easily but it's incredibly taxing on my computer. Capturing 100 screenshots @ 4+ MB per photo for every second of footage XD USE OBS! omg if you can run obs do it. Considerably better quality I can't seem to get it to work and definitely can't capture demo playback with it My computer hates me
  13. Introducing Distillery: from the great HeX|Fate Another incredibly difficult journey into the mapping mind of HeX|Fate. Very long, very hard jumps. Many many challenges in this map. Bugs exploited. Easy ways, hard ways. The list goes on I'm often taken by the beauty of this and similar maps (like pirates) I absolutely love. It is easy to forget that this can be such a pretty game Not a short trip. I have attempted this map many times over the last year or so and get farther and farther every time. I have never finished it. I don't think I've ever gotten halfway Something to discuss and a little self-back-patting: Last year sometime I uploaded this video of my friend doing one of my favorite all time jumps in this map: I've done it a couple time since then but almost a year later here is a video of me doing it: There are some interesting differences to note here and discuss In the first video of ph0enix I have the key presses drawn on the screen on the right side. As he jumps left with W+A you can see him turning slowly left He is a 'Half-beat' jumper though so when he starts to jump right he only uses D You can watch as he switches back and forth between W+A and D When he presses D he starts to turn right very little. It's almost like he's not turning at all. Becauses he's a right side halfbeat jumper he gives the appearance of being aimed slightly to the left the whole time Since this jump snakes slightly towards the left this feels quite natural (he's also awesome ) eT|SpeeD is also a right side halfbeat jumper. If you watch the ajbjumps video in the first post you can see that he turns left but very rarely turns right eT|SpeeD is one of the smoothest players around imo. It looks like he's just driving through that map. There are a few moments where he switches to full beat or leftside halfbeat in that video. One of the many great features of that run. Quite a skilled player All of this is to point out that I am naturally a full beat jumper so when I turn left it's W+A and when I turn right it's W+D. So when I turn right I have to turn all the way to face right. It's difficult to explain I suppose but, to me, it's more apparent by watching the two videos side by side This is the very next "jump" (sequence?) after the previous videos, in this map. This is a great example of how much complexity is involved in these jumps. A prone dive through a window, easy enough. I use X for prone so I can ONLY do it on my left side, easily Landing on a slick, sloped surface 180, slide down, generate speed too fast you hit your head and fall too slow you fall bounce on that slick platform. You can go across and use the other slope or hit your head, like I did, on the light Land onto the next slick surface (no breaks) This is the real trick This vertical fall and jump (between 0:05 - 0:07) utilizes some sort of glitch in this game dubbed a "VOB Jump" or "Vertical Over Bounce". This is performed by binding +strafe to a key and then moving the mouse slightly when you land instead of jumping I don't really understand how this works at all. (Someone please explain) It does allow you to move your player forward at 1 ups if you like, though For some reason, that does "something" After your fall: you VOB off the ground and link a couple more jumps to land in front of the door. (My game got a little unhappy rendering this, sorry) A VERY tricky jump. A Final clip of me completing the last jump of the section: Putting the key card into the elevator lock and taking it deeper into the mines... I love this map. I love turning on ET TV and watching some of the great players practice this map. I recently came across a video of someone playing this map. His channel is dedicated to playing grueling maps and us enjoying watching him suffer He's quite skilled and gets rather far. It's not the most interesting video, it's quite long, but I think it really portrays the frustration that can be felt here With appropriate respect for the skill it becomes even more astonishing to see people move through this stuff like it's easy. @Jet7Slow and I know each other There is a tool in the TJ mod called cgaz that some people love/hate /etj_drawcgaz 0 or 2 for best results @shanniii has a video somewhere explaining the differences between full beat, half beat, invert and such all side by side, using cgaz I believe. It helps demonstrate the angles required for generating speed in this game. Everything takes time to pick up

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