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  1. This shows the glide @ 4:28 but there is another one that I'm remembering
  2. The wall surrounding this box has been changed and all interactions with this crate have been modified if not entirely removed The ground in the side corridor has been altered removing some slippery jumps toward transmitter Maybe I should try to take video of this jump to explain more
  3. I wanted to bring up this map briefly ETL Frostbite v9 Currently running on silent1 I just want to say that it looks so freaking sharp. High quality remake. I don't use legacy (for no particular reason), I don't know if it looks even better on that platform but these changes really bring this map into 2020 for me I'd like to take a second to geek out about the ladders and railings: Maybe it's just my eyes (I really can't put my finger on it) but they
  4. Hey mate, was a fun time trickjumping. You should swing by Beg2 sometime.

  5. I was afk, my wife sent this to me. My cat was playing today Sometimes one of them does exactly what your cat does, blunt
  6. seta etj_drawCGaz "2" !ban Just a thought but you probably could have uploaded this here instead of THAT website
  7. Achilles90

    ET Fun #1 Ingame Screenshots

    We take mortaring seriously here
  8. Achilles90

    ET SILENT #1 unKnow Trickjump

    Teach me sensei
  9. This is the same one I use!!! It seems like a decent mouse. My brother has one of the expensive corsair models and loves it so I thought this was a great deal. .75 sens @ 1000 dpi (I had to edit this: I said 7.5 sens! XD )
  10. Happy Birthday!🎂😎

    1. Jiren


      Happy birthday! :)

    2. Achilles90


      Thanks so much!

  11. Unreal Tournament 2003 I used to play in the Shockproof clan's servers ]SP[ I started to play UT2004 when it came out but the game went for vehicles and much bigger maps and I wasn't as into it Someone from that clan mentioned that a lot of people started playing ET and some how here I am I didn't stick around this game at the time I played a lot of Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy as well
  12. I wasn't sure where to put this so here will work I'm sure. TAG SOMEONE!
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