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  1. When you are in spec you can press the space bar in order to fly around and watch the match, that is what you were hoping to do? It may not work for all mods but try /freecam /cg_draw2d 0 /cg_drawgun 0 (might be needed) I also use imageET to render my videos into screenshots and then virtual dub to sequence it into a .avi I don't think it's totally necessary. But ImageET let's me capture at 60-100 fps very easily but it's incredibly taxing on my computer. Capturing 100 screenshots @ 4+ MB per photo for every second of footage XD USE OBS! omg if you can run obs do it. Considerably better quality I can't seem to get it to work and definitely can't capture demo playback with it My computer hates me
  2. Introducing Distillery: from the great HeX|Fate Another incredibly difficult journey into the mapping mind of HeX|Fate. Very long, very hard jumps. Many many challenges in this map. Bugs exploited. Easy ways, hard ways. The list goes on I'm often taken by the beauty of this and similar maps (like pirates) I absolutely love. It is easy to forget that this can be such a pretty game Not a short trip. I have attempted this map many times over the last year or so and get farther and farther every time. I have never finished it. I don't think I've ever gotten halfway Something to discuss and a little self-back-patting: Last year sometime I uploaded this video of my friend doing one of my favorite all time jumps in this map: I've done it a couple time since then but almost a year later here is a video of me doing it: There are some interesting differences to note here and discuss In the first video of ph0enix I have the key presses drawn on the screen on the right side. As he jumps left with W+A you can see him turning slowly left He is a 'Half-beat' jumper though so when he starts to jump right he only uses D You can watch as he switches back and forth between W+A and D When he presses D he starts to turn right very little. It's almost like he's not turning at all. Becauses he's a right side halfbeat jumper he gives the appearance of being aimed slightly to the left the whole time Since this jump snakes slightly towards the left this feels quite natural (he's also awesome ) eT|SpeeD is also a right side halfbeat jumper. If you watch the ajbjumps video in the first post you can see that he turns left but very rarely turns right eT|SpeeD is one of the smoothest players around imo. It looks like he's just driving through that map. There are a few moments where he switches to full beat or leftside halfbeat in that video. One of the many great features of that run. Quite a skilled player All of this is to point out that I am naturally a full beat jumper so when I turn left it's W+A and when I turn right it's W+D. So when I turn right I have to turn all the way to face right. It's difficult to explain I suppose but, to me, it's more apparent by watching the two videos side by side This is the very next "jump" (sequence?) after the previous videos, in this map. This is a great example of how much complexity is involved in these jumps. A prone dive through a window, easy enough. I use X for prone so I can ONLY do it on my left side, easily Landing on a slick, sloped surface 180, slide down, generate speed too fast you hit your head and fall too slow you fall bounce on that slick platform. You can go across and use the other slope or hit your head, like I did, on the light Land onto the next slick surface (no breaks) This is the real trick This vertical fall and jump (between 0:05 - 0:07) utilizes some sort of glitch in this game dubbed a "VOB Jump" or "Vertical Over Bounce". This is performed by binding +strafe to a key and then moving the mouse slightly when you land instead of jumping I don't really understand how this works at all. (Someone please explain) It does allow you to move your player forward at 1 ups if you like, though For some reason, that does "something" After your fall: you VOB off the ground and link a couple more jumps to land in front of the door. (My game got a little unhappy rendering this, sorry) A VERY tricky jump. A Final clip of me completing the last jump of the section: Putting the key card into the elevator lock and taking it deeper into the mines... I love this map. I love turning on ET TV and watching some of the great players practice this map. I recently came across a video of someone playing this map. His channel is dedicated to playing grueling maps and us enjoying watching him suffer He's quite skilled and gets rather far. It's not the most interesting video, it's quite long, but I think it really portrays the frustration that can be felt here With appropriate respect for the skill it becomes even more astonishing to see people move through this stuff like it's easy. @Jet7Slow and I know each other There is a tool in the TJ mod called cgaz that some people love/hate /etj_drawcgaz 0 or 2 for best results @shanniii has a video somewhere explaining the differences between full beat, half beat, invert and such all side by side, using cgaz I believe. It helps demonstrate the angles required for generating speed in this game. Everything takes time to pick up
  3. Distillery View File Another incredible map from HeX|Fate Another very big map requiring the latest ETJump for best results Raise your /com_hunkmegs to 192 if you can included readme: Submitter Achilles90 Submitted 06/30/19 Category Maps  
  4. Achilles90



    Another incredible map from HeX|Fate Another very big map requiring the latest ETJump for best results Raise your /com_hunkmegs to 192 if you can included readme:
  5. Refinery View File The incredible refinery from HeX Best run with the latest ETJump I do believe a higher /com_hunkmegs is required to run this map A tour of the ore mines and ore refinery. A very long and complex trickjump map Allies is the hard side and very long Axis is the easy side with a time run Included readme: Submitter Achilles90 Submitted 06/30/19 Category Maps  
  6. Achilles90


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    The incredible refinery from HeX Best run with the latest ETJump I do believe a higher /com_hunkmegs is required to run this map A tour of the ore mines and ore refinery. A very long and complex trickjump map Allies is the hard side and very long Axis is the easy side with a time run Included readme:
  7. I suppose what I meant to mention here was that I was gonna try and write up a couple of maps occasionally and post them all here for you guys to enjoy I do have the smallest issue of not really knowing how to explain some of this stuff. I have always been amazed by the complexity of the maps in the trick jump world and the skill of some of the great jumpers Which I certainly am not Some of these maps exploit reverse prone bugs and multiple kinds of over bounce and fall damage quirks It's difficult to demonstrate, if anyone has any suggestions By all means You tried lnarun?! I love that map LNArun was one of the maps I started to learn to jump on. One jump at a time I would go with |SMP|Null and load up radar and learn this stuff the old fashioned way It's a difficult map with at least one or two worth while jumps to learn. the very first jump is one I have used in game many many times XD This is another great map full of originals but is full of stranger more frustrating jumps The argument takes place often of whether or not some of these jumps are worthwhile or even reasonable to practice and learn I agree, a lot of this stuff probably is a waste of time I tend to learn something hard just to learn something hard but my nature is to be more frag minded My favorite jumps are all towards the objective or across map and gameplay oriented The next map I have aimed to post maybe will be more informative but aimed to show the difficulty and depth, ideally Thank you all
  8. Hey everyone!: For those who do and don't know me: one of my passions and arenas for decompression, in this game, is the world of trickjumping. Sometimes I get on to play and there's 30 people playing in HC and the frantic pace is just a little too stressful. Sometimes my hand eye coordination just isn't there some nights and my 180 head shots sadly aren't as great as they need to be. What do I do? Personally, I focus on my movement. When I can't find crosshair accuracy I tend to focus on how I flow through the maps. I focus on speed or hitting marks in the map consistently. As someone with a wealth of interests I can't say that I am committed to anyone religion of game play. I go where my heart takes me. Some people are much more dedicated to their favorites where as I'm much happier to explore. That being said: there is a few things in each category which I considerably love and felt that it's time to share some of this with you guys. So, downloads, screenshots and videos incoming! If you had an interest in something like this: The first question to ask yourself is "What kind of jumps am I interested in?". I like them all, so let's cover all the bases. What are the basic categories of jumps? Trick Jump Categories: Originals Customs Gammas 1. Originals: This beautiful game we play happened to come with a couple maps. Great maps. Amazing maps. And 10+ years later we are still playing these maps. The trickjump community still loves these maps and even occasionally are still finding jumps in these maps. Classic examples of these jumps would be things like jumping over the wall in oasis. Jumping over the bunker walls in radar. Jumping on the roof in fuel dump. As I write this I'm suddenly reminded of how I could just keep filling this section up. There are seemingly limitless quantities of jumps in these original maps. If you play with unlimited adrenaline like in the TJ mod: the amount of these jumps which you can string together is even more incredible. The perfect example of an originals map would be: LNARUN (link) Made of 30+ jumps from original maps, strung together with fast hallways and a time run, for more stress. One of the most classic examples in this category and still, today, one of the best in it's class. Mostly easy enough jumps (with an exception or two) this is a brilliant map to learn and a punishing map to try and master. Great, classic jumps, which I genuinely do in games often, and a great exercise to improve your overall skillset. The beautiful thing about a map like this is that after a couple runs through it you can start to pick up the pace and go for a decent time. It's nice to be able to spend 10 or 15 mins practicing something new instead of hours and hours grinding away. The example I've posted in the past and forever, will always be skepty's run of this map. Stunning After years: I still love watching this video. The speed which he makes certain moves at is stunning to me. Truly an amazing run. To put this in perspective I have been practicing this map for at least over a year and I recently broke my all time record for this map. My best time currently is 6:30. Having an average time of 7 or 8 minutes makes this a really reasonable map to run, imo. A nice little exercise, not too much stress or commitment required. Something interesting about this map, a common theme. The axis side of this map has a room that you have to unlock (the keys are hidden through the map) and behind that door is a quantity of exceptionally hard gamma jumps. I have never beaten them. They are quite difficult. 2. Customs: The closest comparison to the original jumps would be customs. The lack of comparability is probably found in the difficulty of these maps. Customs are probably my favorites by virtue of sheer creativity. Map makers make their own puzzling maps with handmade jumps to get you through their maze. Usually the definition for "custom" jumps is simply jumps not taken from original maps. Refinery is obviously one of my favorite examples of a map like this. Axis side is a string of original jumps woven together with a few customs and a few HeX clan quality difficult gammas. A beautiful map With entire cities built inside of it for you to spend only 1 minute in if you know the jump, the size and scale is stunning Allies is the hard side of this map. As you navigate the maze of the ore refinery you find yourself taken deeper and deeper into the facility as you try to re-enable the elevator and find and refine your ore on your way to escape. I have seen this map run by the young master Vallz and I think (for some reason) 33 minutes is around the current record for allies side. This is an immense and immensely difficult map to master. Beautiful though, awesome jumps and brilliantly designed. Hats off to Fate and the rest of HeX. 3. Gammas: Finally we come to the category of gamma jumps. A very simple category which has a love/hate in the TJ community. Usually gamma jumps would be described as just platforms in space. Usually you are just jumping in a (sometimes) straight line and maybe there are ramps or ice for added complication. Some of these maps are exceedingly simple while others are stunning in their complexity. This is easily the broadest category in this space. We've all seen maps like this, The two classics in this category that everyone probably knows is Mr Men as well as Gamma Mill b4 Mr Men is a very simple map made of a few intro gamma jumps. Gamma mill is the one which everyone probably knows. A stack of beginner jumps in the first area as well as many more jumps from other maps all just around the corner. Gamma Mill b2 is slightly different and slightly less "finished". The most notable difference is that the first room of b2 is actually the jumps from Mr. Men. in b4 they replaced those jumps for their own beginners jumps. Really an okay map depending on your skill level and a map that seems to have something for everyone. I thought it would be more interesting to introduce something else in the gamma category though: AjB Jumps 2 Is one of the most recent additions to this category. Put out late 2018 by the great AjB This is a beautiful, purple, map made of well over 50 jumps of varying difficulty and applied skill sets. Lots of fun, lots of memes. Exceptional map. Axis is the hard side of jumps to be done in order. Allies has a lobby to pick whichever jump you like as well as the easy side run. As well as a shooting range or you can kill AjB riding in the tank: I'm a big fan of this map and the easy run is definitely worth learning. Some great jumps strung together testing many different skills. I had the opportunity on the 25th of January to watch the inimitable eT|SpeeD break his own record and complete this run, flawlessly, in 3:23:360 My best time ever is 5:20. I'm continually in awe of this run and this player. Unbelievable. To all reading this, I HIGHLY recommend playing through this map and giving it a try. I hope this was enjoyable enough to everyone. I have given you three maps to take a look at (hopefully all my downloads get approved). I hope to continue to post to this thread and give you all more insight into this world. I think there is something here for everyone and look forward to sharing more with you all in the future. =F|A=Achilles
  9. AjB Jumps 2 View File A quite lovely map that came out in 2018 by the great AjB A great easy side of 27 jumps as well as a considerably harder side made of maybe 50 more jumps A unique map with interesting jumps and ramp styles Very enjoyable to play and quite nicely done. eT|SpeeD running the easy side of this map: Submitter Achilles90 Submitted 06/29/19 Category Maps  
  10. Achilles90

    AjB Jumps 2

    Version 1.0.0


    A quite lovely map that came out in 2018 by the great AjB A great easy side of 27 jumps as well as a considerably harder side made of maybe 50 more jumps A unique map with interesting jumps and ramp styles Very enjoyable to play and quite nicely done. eT|SpeeD running the easy side of this map:
  11. As I render clips for my latest installment of ET nonsense: Some questions come to mind: ET Movie length?! What makes for the most watchable films? I, personally, say shorter clips and 5 mins is probably long enough. I will happily make multiple clips. I think 1 song is more than the perfect length sooo... What kind of music? What maps do you NEED to see? What jumps do you want to see in game? Any thoughts at all? =F|A=Achilles
  12. Long time forex trader here. I figure it's time to start filling up this section with my nonsense Ally purchased my old broker, MB Trading. They seem to offer all the same perks so I went with them. Maybe I'll be disappointed Trading FX is just like trading anything else, if you read charts, don't let people tell you different. I've also funded a robin hood account to give that a whirl and build a portfolio (likely) of just dividend payers. Expect many, many, posts from me on the subject. I'll start a thread in the future going over trades and my over all trade plan for the year. By all means shoot some suggestions for topics of discussion, this is a very complex arena which likely cannot be exhausted. Let's all lean on each other and learn
  13. I came back to this thread to like this post. But had already liked it...

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