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  1. LOL No this is a producer I follow from the NY NJ area. Cheep's an english bird But besides the great music the art he uses is hilariously appropriate
  2. Hey! Nice to have you around the forums and the servers! As your hometown you probably know this one already. I wanted the clip of radar from MASH singing it but I couldn't find it. A B C D E F G H IIIIIII got a gal, in Kalamazoo...
  3. Achilles90

    Cheep's Secret

    We all knew it had to be something Little did we know he was a master criminal Honestly though; I've followed Brock Berrigan for YEARS This guy is phenomenal This album came out months ago and I'm still so into it... Enjoy everyone
  4. lmao @ the FA perfumes XD I love it. I must admit I'm not well versed in the world of perfumes I would like to take a second to recommend scentbird.com for those who haven't heard of it. (Please use my referall link if you decide to try it : https://www.scentbird.com/r/d/scentbirduser713711 ) I do believe you will get a free one for clicking that, but I can't be sure... I am kinda new to the cologne world so I love scentbird because they offer products at an affordable entry point before you are certain you want to drop $100 on something. I have tried a few that I loved and a few that I really wasn't into. Here's my list from this past year: Chinotto di Liguria - Acqua di Parma (One of their scents of the month. Not bad) Tom Ford Noir EDT - Tom Ford (Everything tom ford is fantastic, this was no exception) Oxford Bleu - English Laundry (Very nice, clean smelling) Dark Rum - (MALIN+GOETZ) (Delicious but a little heavy for me and tilted on the sweet side) Grey Vetiver - Tom Ford (Fantastic, tom ford is the best) The Architects Club - Arquiste (This I actually wanted and hated. A unisex scent and called a 'gourmand'. This was a sweet scent that I could not stand but my wife loved and ended up wearing) Eau Monumentale - Thirdman (A quite nice citrusy scent that I enjoyed)
  5. Lol I do really love the santa hats It's never too early!

    Lnarun 5:59.28!

    I have broken the 6 min mark!


    I am rapidly approaching the realm of nolifers XD


    I was pleased :D



  7.  It's hard to do what you mean to do when you mean to do it

  8. No. I studied Elliot Wave a little many years ago and didn't find anything particularly clarifying about it. I found that it fit nicely into that category of the story about rats. As much as the explanations of crowd psychology seems to fit quite nicely I didn't find the wave patterns and semaphors (as some wave pattern indicators call them) particularly useful in anyway. I'm not saying don't do it. But I don't. I have tried 100's of indicators. Maybe more than one thousand. I don't use any. Indicators are only derived from data already in the chart. When you watch price action for long enough you begin to get a feel for when the stochastic is gonna flip. Or worse. When that stochastic reversal is a fake out that then redraws the axis within the stochastic indicator. As I was lying awake in bed last night it did occur to me that I never mentioned that the "something" I saw in that aussie chart above was price hitting a pretty (clearly) solid resistance level and pretty closely in confluence with a downward aimed horizontal channel. I want to be clear though. I believe charts are charts. I do not believe that any trading vehicle is any different than any other one. A long time ago I chose forex because I believe the intraday volume traded gives me the best/worst chance of making money. Personally, I find reading about global markets and the politics driving them to be the most interesting. I don't like corporate culture, ceos, and reading balance sheets. I find that quite boring so I steer clear of equities. Just my religious views but I have traded equities and futures and cryptos. I just like what I like. I have lost an indicator many years ago which I am trying to hunt back down. It was a custom candle indicator which let you make things like 2 day charts and 3 hour candles but I haven't found a replacement for it that I am happy with. All the latest versions are poorly coded. When I find a good one I will upload it here for everyone to try. Provided you use MT4. That being said, why would I need it? All the data is already in the chart anyways Please don't mistake me for bashing indicators though. There are a few fascinating ones out there which I would love to discuss at length. Most of them simply become a tool I learn to see though and don't need cluttering up my screen. There has been a few studies that suggest, quite convincingly, that if you were to just flip a coin and buy or sell based on the result, applying very solid money management: you would find a surprising amount of success. For some reason I think the book "A Random Walk Down Wall Street" might allege the same thing.
  9. “Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it.” - Einstein As we roll into the new week, I'll mention last week: Style: I trade very passively. Some people use big money and big risk. Some people trade big accounts and risk a lot of money. Other traders I know trade small accounts very aggressively because the money risked is not very much money to them. I don't. If I fall asleep and price goes 100 points+ against me. It wont matter. Risk management is the name of the game. Some quotes I think of on the subject: "You can only control your losses" "1. Big loss 2. Small loss 3. Big win 4. Small win Just avoid #1" I am not looking for a pip-perfect entry. I am not looking for a 3.25 point stoploss. position size = risk / stoploss All portions of that formula are flexible. My risk is predetermined, sub 1% of my account balance per "trade" with "trade" being defined as a hypothesis which is tested and proven either successful or unsuccessful. A trade may consist of multiple entries and exits but all testing the same theory within the same frame of risk. I come up with an idea. Maybe I flip a coin or read a cool article or one squiggle crossed another squiggle in confluence with something horizontal or diagonal and I click trade. I apply a formula to control my risk and I test my idea. We make a general observation and test it. This isn't rocket surgery. My rule about drawing on my charts is not to. If I see something and walk away for a couple hours and don't just see it again. I should question it entirely. This is my logic, I'm not saying you should change anything you do. So sometime monday or last weekend I was flipping through my longer-term charts and thought I saw something. Maybe you see it too? If you read charts regularly you've already noticed my mistake in editing this and you know how this story ends I do my math, I click trade. I go to bed. I think it was work in this case. As stated in another thread: I check forexfactory so I know my timeline of disruptive news events and check on my trade accordingly. I try to check at least every 2 hours and watch when the news strikes. I have my own issues I'm still working out but all in all it wasn't bad. Between my entry on monday and friday price moved close to 150 points. I took two stabs at this trade as that's all the screen time my week really allowed for and I got out wednesday at some point after the fomc meeting. Nice big move. I took about 50 points from the market for a pretty clean 1% gain. Not at all what I was looking for and without manipulating my leverage as I want but once again: passive. The markups are approximations because some things are important that I remember. The purple (thistle) box is the "stoploss" for my amalgamated position + risk which is constantly adjusted, moved, and redrawn. You can imagine my disappointment in how the rest of the week went without me The expression used in my trading circle is "building your rocketship" which is not something I got around to doing before it took off. This would have been a very easy 5%+ by my math. Even without my aimed third entry. A very nice week that would have been. Oh well, we can all, always, do better. Next time. Tools: All my charting is done with mt4. I use no indicators. I really draw nothing. I trade with my broker's (ally) proprietary software. It's kinda trash. but the execution speed is so much faster than mt4. I use an oanda demo for charting currently but watch other broker's feeds. Watching multiple brokers gives me a better image of what the charts look like since everyone's is different and I feel I have more clarity during market moves because I can see which feeds lag and lead during which times. Everyone is different, these are some of the things I am thinking about day to day. Only the market tells us who is right and wrong. Let's see what this week brings. Good luck everyone I was called...
  10. Hey!


    It's been a while since we last saw eachother. I hope you're doing well!


    Drop by HC sometime. You have been sorely missed

  11. Hey!


    Was it you I bumped into on HC late last night? Great to see you around, I hope you're doing well!


    Drop by again sometime



    1. Dodziii


      ❤️ heiii =] thQ i will ❤️❤️ 

  12. I thought it might be worth it to take some time and try to analyze the world of trading: specifically how I think about it, what my trading plan (vaguely) looks like and try to lay out some arguments and discussion points which both beginners and experienced traders can glean greater understanding from. As a personal aside: Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night with sudden understanding? Perhaps the opposite: with a burning question you've finally distilled to it's essence? I cannot help you makes sense of these things or even the things I write. I can only: as clearly as I can, explain eureka moments I have had and hope that it might spark something similar within yourself. It cannot be forced. I have read bookS, plural, about the world of trading. I have read books about books. I have read about traders. I have listened to traders. I have worked 1 on 1 with traders to learn what they do and what they see. It's not black and white. Truly. I do what I do. These are not rules nor is this a religion. How I think seems to work for me and maybe something out of my tool belt will add something to your world. I can only hope. I plan to discuss some "rules" which I run by, explain some formulas, talk about risk management and controlling loss. When I was a kid I remember my dad telling me "Son, if there was a pill you could take to stop being fat: there would be no fat people". A silly joke but an important lesson to learn. If this was easy: everyone would do it. If there was a holy grail: we'd all be rich. I hope this is helpful or at least interesting So first, a story: When planning to add this I felt it would be appropriate to describe this story as "apocryphal" as I really cannot say whether or not it is true. I have told my own variation of the story a few times as it is a tremendous lesson, which is all that really matters. I thought it would be important to share that in writing this I decided to try to find the actual quote. It was surprisingly difficult to find something akin to the origin of the story. This quote seems to be a slight variation of a story from a book called "How We Decide" by Jonah Lehrer. This is most interesting because I simultaneously learned that Jonah Lehrer's career was destroyed when it was revealed that he is an infamous maker-upper. Apparently he fabricates quotes and stories and puts them in his work to support his thesis. As hilariously coincidental as this does seem: to me, it doesn't detract from the moral of the story at all. And seeing as how all of my favorite stories are made up anyways: who cares? What can we learn from this? Paul Tudor Jones is one of the most famously successful traders of all time and the last time I heard him say it he says he only aims to be right about 10% of the time... How is this even possible? A hilarious finance meme page I followed was recently asked "How to perfect my entry strategy" his response was gold: "Don't focus on being perfect. MAKE MONEY" $s are the only thing that matters. To be continued...
  13. I check forexfactory.com pretty much everyday This gives a list of regional news events which may push markets around Obviously trump's tweets cannot be predicted but this gives a good timeline for when to expect "things"
  14. I was feeling a little nostalgic and thinking about this game recently I had it for PS2 1 million years ago I thought I should post about it here The #1 thing about this game for me was the inventory management. Soothing and frustrating all at the same time. So many times I would just run out of ammo for my main gun XD This image was titled "RE 4 Taught me to load the dishwasher" I found that quite funny There was another thread about it started in 2012 so I didn't feel it was relevant to post in Anyone else love or hate this game?
  15. This might have been tweet driven. Someone said that it was but I haven't seen the tweet and I tend to disregard "fundamentals" The name of the game is risk management. Return to risk 7:1 I could speak at length about these but figured I should get the ball rolling and just start posting things. Nice feel-good trade, quite pleased. I usually try to document these things extensively but this was an exception. Set up was a simple triangle on a higher time frame. I am not a fortune teller, I had no expectation of this. I don't mind.

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