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  1. Hey mate, was a fun time trickjumping. You should swing by Beg2 sometime.

  2. I was afk, my wife sent this to me. My cat was playing today Sometimes one of them does exactly what your cat does, blunt
  3. seta etj_drawCGaz "2" !ban Just a thought but you probably could have uploaded this here instead of THAT website
  4. We take mortaring seriously here
  5. This is the same one I use!!! It seems like a decent mouse. My brother has one of the expensive corsair models and loves it so I thought this was a great deal. .75 sens @ 1000 dpi (I had to edit this: I said 7.5 sens! XD )
  6. Happy Birthday!🎂😎

    1. Jiren


      Happy birthday! :)

    2. Achilles90


      Thanks so much!

  7. Unreal Tournament 2003 I used to play in the Shockproof clan's servers ]SP[ I started to play UT2004 when it came out but the game went for vehicles and much bigger maps and I wasn't as into it Someone from that clan mentioned that a lot of people started playing ET and some how here I am I didn't stick around this game at the time I played a lot of Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy as well
  8. I wasn't sure where to put this so here will work I'm sure. TAG SOMEONE!
  9. Something is wrong with @Odeonn I hope she's okay ... It's getting worse ...
  10. Silent 1 Erdenberg Allies bots waypoints seem to be broken They just smash into this wall for a while and then they eventually just kill themselves XD LOL XD Sorry if this has been reported already I do believe it works perfectly on hardcore
  11. @Sixxx I had mentioned this to you the other day and thought I should post it and tag you: One of the top 10 most beautiful maps in the game, easily Also tragically impossible
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