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  1. *knocks on own echo chamber*

    *no noise*


    cool ;) 

  2. Things change, yet ever so slowly; Feeling like it doesn't move at all. Stagnant and still. 




  3. Hello, we meet again.


  4. Happy Birthday deadpnk!

  5. you suck

    1. deadpnk


      That's the nicest thing anyone has said to me.


      I think I love you. :3

  6. nice avatar pic

  7. What i'm most intrigued about is how some of the responses/comments from Facebook and twitter are all about putting the blame on something irrelevant, or just plain scapegoating video games, drugs, movies or the media. We can argue for years (and we probably have since Columbine) about how these things and whatnot are a factor behind all this type of violence, but in the very end, i believe its the person (or persons) that makes the choice to kill. I play ET, i played COD, Soldier of Fortune, mortal kombat, BF3, and all these violent games(not just these games of course), but that's what they are, just games, fiction, part of fantasy. I won't start blasting and trying to murder a whole school, because in some subtle way that's a form of escapism, a way of trying to make fantasy into reality. But in this case, the shooter was known to have had a history of mental illness according to his brother; in that case i also believe that the shooter had the intention to kill his own mother. The motive behind all this i probably expect something like, the mom did something that pissed the shooter off so much, because this was all premeditated. I don't think a murderer would just wake up one day and go like--- "im gonna shoot up a school and kill the principal and a couple of kids and my mom today". As such they did find the shooter's body at the scene of the crime, so perhaps this was some kind of very personal thing between them, and in the end he felt like crap afterwards, and put a bullet in his brain. Sometimes, in my opinion, I wish that "the people's right to bear arms" from the 2nd amendment of the Constitution would just be cut off, and we just let only the military, certain security, and the police have only access to weapons but beggars cant be choosers; because we don't know for sure who can just eventually cause such shit like this--- anyone can just get a gun in some way or another and start blasting people out of nowhere. As such, its not just about putting the guns away, but like how Obama said in the 2nd presidential debate from talking of the events in Aurora, Colorado, it's about keeping these guns away from people that aren't mentally sane, and getting them some kind of proper help in anyway from professionals like psychiatrists, doctors and such. At least we won't see tragedies like this so much.
  8. either way if the films are good or not-- this is it, the greatest troll moment of our time.
  9. Hello, If you are viewing this right now, you are a stalker. Viewing my profile means you love me and you want me. :)

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    2. deadpnk


      I'm sorry, but the way he makes me feel sina, i can see why u love him LOL

      inb4 i change name to McPnk...



      and icky i haven't played much jay1 in a while lol sorry about that... i'm sure you and some other nooblets miss me... like just you. ;)

    3. applaud



    4. deadpnk


      i srsly felt a little creeped out. but flattered at the same time. >.>




  10. That isn't the same as getting noodles from Noodles.

    1. deadpnk


      ill walk 60+ miles then. :/

  11. i just had noodles earlier.... you all be mad.

  12. *gives most commented status update award* either that or alex beat you.

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    2. LostSoul


      Hope u didnt get yours the way i got mine lol

    3. Wifestein


      mine was about dirty things

    4. LostSoul


      lol not surprising :o

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