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  1. I'm seeing fallacious statements going around here, and now the bickering has gotten personal between these things. Even more so, disingenuously. I never intended for this post to stir the pot in general. (Murphy's Law, of course) I'm literally explaining as to how individuals can themselves contribute more to a problem without realizing it. there were several points made that should still be addressed: - the forum system still is pretty functional, but i'm sure DD has enough shit on his plate to reply to every single complaint that comes on his way
  2. *this is a long post, I hope you have the patience with me* There are times where people embody themselves in others, could be people - could be things (such as ideas). Where they idealized a concept based on whatever merit. These people in this kind of community, is where a lot of the frustration, ripens. Some really become martyrs and set as examples for something – unknowing that considering of all sides is helpful when dealing with problematic people. However, this could happen to anyone, or even anything else. If you are part of the community, you are p
  3. #cancelinsomnia

    1. Xernicus


      #youandmeboth #iwish #hangintherebud

  4. we are human... lest not we forget


    things done, things unsaid

    perhaps, it may just be misread

    yet, what do I know? 

    I am only dead



  5. This is a world premiere... The dreaded face of the pnk and of insomnia at last.
  6. did you used to play LZ once upon a time?

    1. deadpnk


      barely remember, i've been everywhere in the early days. :o

  7. ah damn, I forgot i even existed here. 

    1. captnconcrete


      good thing u remember eh!!!lol

  8. *knocks on own echo chamber*

    *no noise*


    cool ;) 

  9. Things change, yet ever so slowly; Feeling like it doesn't move at all. Stagnant and still. 




  10. Hello, we meet again.


  11. Happy Birthday deadpnk!

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