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  1. ASBO

    ET Game teams

    My favourite maps have allies on the offensive objective so I will always prefer them! Do prefer axis weapons though
  2. Tried and tested by jo! To be fair I died 90 times on Italy the other day trying to fix that dam truck, so anything to numb the pain of that might be useful! Noted, thanks
  3. Im a massive NOOB?! agreed I quite like it now because with bigger arm movements my shoulder starts to hurt after a while. Plus playing engi all the time im usually arming/defusing dyna or fixing/building things. It leaves me very exposed so being able to alter my aim/do big turns very fast i find beneficial. My long range shooting sucks because of it, but ah well its my sacrifice. Still trying to find that sweet spot. Been reading through this http://files.idle.ee/et/tweaks.html which has everything all listed out very conveniently. So when my new ke
  4. Sorry jo, noted! Today I tried a bigger crosshair, changed my m_pitch to 0.2 and made sure my FPS was a consistent 125. I think the crosshair did make a bit of a difference! Not sure about the mpitch I'll lower it again tomorrow though and keep trying lower ones until 0.17 I have to move the mouse about 7-8cm to do a 180 I play in high resolution, like 2560 X 1440 or something and bright, I tried it in lower but I hated the look of it! thanks again jo
  5. Not sure if this has been posted before or done the rounds but been looking at ET videos and found this, which was quite an interesting watch.
  6. @joo Thanks Jo, Sensitivity in the vertical direction are you just making sure I can never aim at you on the ground! I think I changed that when I first made my new CFG but will revisit it! the cross hair settings, not thought about that at all and look at and making sure im getting a smooth 125FPS. Was messing about with my DPI setting yesterday, I think I prefer a quite high setting as I aim with my wrist and don't move the mouse that much. Slowly learning what all the different commands do for a more comfortable game
  7. Whenever I see your name on the server it always reminds me of this classic British comedy sketch by the two Ronnie's
  8. Hello, well my cfg messed up after joining a sever today. Then after I was messing about with it and the whole things is fudged. XeRoiX* was very helpful in explains what had happened and finding a similar cfg to the one I had. So thanks again! But since the old one is gone I'm now looking to make a more bespoke one by myself. So basically my question is there anything I should be looking to try out in a new config to aid my playing style, which is basically Rambo engineer, I never really play any other class because I play to do the objective not for kills.
  9. Of course, but it was more me laughing whilst face palming I had fallen for your trap like 4 times in a row
  10. ASBO

    ET Jay #2 Difficult targets on Jay2

    Interesting comments! Every player can take damage but if you don't know their movements or quirks you won't kill them if they have killer aim and reactions/battle sense. Unfortunately this is why ET will die, I have only just come back to the game, so I knew how insanely fast people can kill you. Imagine being a newbie and walking into an Uber pro on a "beginners" server a few times in a row
  11. ASBO

    ET BEGINNERS #2 Beg2 full server

    That goldfish game was utter chaos it was great!
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