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  1. Thank you!! About to put a tuner and new front end on soon!!
  2. Nice man, welcome back!
  3. nAbish

    ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    Market Garden? Assuming there is waypoints for the bots? I know it's been on here before maybe give it another try? Big map for busy server is my thought.
  4. Welcome back! I believe I remember playing with you way back when. Glad you made it back!!
  5. Lil Valentine's dinner for my fiancé. Ribeye steak, cabbage steak, bacon wrapped asparagus, jalapeno poppers, au gratin potatoes, and sautéed mushrooms and onions. Desert posted later Happy Valentine's Day all!
  6. So I've redownloaded both old-school ET and Legacy and I'm continuously getting kicked after about 5 minutes of being on server #1. I used stock everything and it still happened.. Is it the version of windows I have? Could it be my graphics card possibly (even though I doubt it?)
  7. Not exactly sure but everything changes to what I have saved. (rendel.cfg i edited) once i connect to server. Can't edit post to remove my guid, shouldnt it be ok since it isn't the full guid? I did not uninstall old ET once I downloaded Legacy. I will try to redo it all later this evening. When I open and play with Legacy, and open with ` it shows i am running 2.76. I do believe whenever I installed legacy I used existing folder instead of creating a new one. This could be my problem. Thanks guys and I will let you all know what happens.
  8. nAbish

    Other quickness

    I agree here w the fov. I run mine at /cg_fov 115
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