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  1. People in general don't want to share their map source files, because it makes it too easy for others to edit their maps into something they don't want to see their work being in If I were to make a frag map, I wouldn't either share the source .map file if I was still working on the map myself.
  2. Does anyone know a good active instagib FPS? By good I mean something that is purely instagib without any useless crap in it. I loved to play Quake 3 back in times, ictf and idm mainly, but it's a dying genre. I've tried Quake Champions but it has those character abilities that ruin the purpose of instagib and I don't really like the game anyway. I'm up for a duel in idm too either in Quake Live / Warsow / Open Arena if anyone wants to play
  3. I lost my job today due to corona hysteria. f***ing humanity and world wide panic over a flu.

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    2. CheepHeep


      Perhaps that could be due to the amount of access to the internet people have nowadays compared to 10 years ago. Also do we know enough to say the swine flu is a lot more dangerous? Even if it is, doesn't mean the coronavirus isn't dangerous - many people are going to die, you can't deny that.

    3. ajnl


      What source do you have for that?

      Swine flu (2009 pandemic) infected 700 million to 1.4 billion, with 150000 to 575000 deaths. Ratio of death to infected is max = 0.000821

      So far corona infected 229330 (confirmed cases) with 9343 deaths. Ratio of death to infected is = 0.040740. How is swine flu more dangerous?

      Furthermore, so far the death rate of people 60 to 69 is 3.6%
      people 70 to 79 is 8.0%
      people 80+ is 14.8%


      In the link you can also see death rate for pre-existing conditions, which also range between 7.6% and 13.2% depending on which one specifically.

    4. VimpatLiukkaat


      Well f*** me, I'll stand corrected.


  4. If anyone is still interested, we've made another trickjumping mod called JumpET. It's very similar to ETJump but it has no restrictions in it, thus being more friendly to new players, as they can skip tricks they can't do and still play other tricks in the map instead of having to change the map. Here are server files if anyone is interested: https://mega.nz/#F!ANpDxAxT!Bkz0ZWxwvNVFRZGMBBmfCA You can copy your etjump config into this mod completely. We spent a lot of time and effort in making our mod have the same user settings as etjump does, just so people don't have to look up any new commands or create new configs. There are few servers running that mod, but I wont be naming them here as I suppose there's some rule against advertising other servers or something like that. Can't be hard to find via trackbase anyway.
  5. Just giving my few cents here. Holding jump down while in air actually lowers your potential speed. You should always try to press jump as fast as possible to reach optimal speed. For this reason, many players use mouse buttons for jumping because mouse buttons have lower trigger time. If you're jumping some hard strafepads and you're a tiny bit away from making the jump, usually concentrating on pressing the actual jump button faster makes the difference you need to finish the trick. I myself am too oldschool to bind jump to mouse buttons, I prefer default binds for trickjumping. Good topic apart from the HeX map fanboyism. Go fanboy sungi's maps too, that's where the true quality lies within
  6. Has map made by me in it, thus 5/5 list. I approve.
  7. Art topic without Oleg Shuplyak is just not kewl mates. My all-time favourite painter. More of his work:
  8. It seems all the cool kids share their settings in ET still, I guess nothing has changed on that part. I'm one to believe no one should use blindly someone else's config, but to meddle with the settings and figure out the best for themselves. In any case, I'm sharing mine just in case someone might find something useful from it. In the past people have said my key bindings are rather weird, but it's for a reason. When I used to play scrims, I grew tired of dying because I accidentally opened chat when I tried to press reload. For this reason I've bound the chats further away from the reload button Some scripts in there too, nothing special though. f.cfg
  9. Just giving my few cents here. I don't know anything about ET Legacy, never have used and probably never will, but at least in normal ET com_hunkMegs max value is 192. Sure, you can put like 1080 to it if you wish to, but it gives you max 192 anyway.
  10. i love your eggplant avatar.


    1. VimpatLiukkaat


      You love eggplants. Period.

  11. Roger that, sir! I'll end this with an actual eggplant recipe: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/19644/moussaka/
  12. As a man, I can quarantee I'm more used to similar shapes... ...not sizes though... ! In any case, saying you're used to eggplants is like admitting defeat already. I knew that after all this banter you just wanted to get your mouth around an eggplant and all this boasting was just a scheme.
  13. I can never wash that accent off my ears even if I tried with acid >:D nah jk shan even with her pompous, scrumptious british accent
  14. 1v1 irl gloves off. Loser has to eat an eggplant on live stream.
  15. I had a flashback of this happening before, and so I found this clip from 3 years ago doing the same. I guess it's not so rare occasion after all Quite sure it was FA server even then This is better clip cause it has shanni mumbling in it as well https://clips.twitch.tv/BloodyBeautifulMangetoutAllenHuhu

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