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  1. I leave for a while and shit goes south. Guess people are upset I left? Sorry 😐 

  2. $100.00 . thanks for all the laughs and cries. Transaction ID: 91668721V4499603K
  3. Hello all sorry for disappearing but myself and everyone here had Covid. Still getting better day by day.

    1. bell reavue

      bell reavue

      you got it again?? shit man I'm sorry :(

    2. Dink the Clown

      Dink the Clown

      Get well soon buddy

    3. bLade.


      Get well soon man! We been missing you on Jay1 :)  

  4. Backs feeling a slight bit better! Now I can finally sit in my chair and game hard! Karen is back!!!

    1. CheepHeep


      All hail King of Karens!!!! XDDDD

  5. Nice, it’s hard to stay up on the board when something is pulling ya, anywho let’s hear some good rock songs in the future from ur guitar!
  6. Amazon 120$ I’ll look for link
  7. Check out my reply post to your thread on anyone watch Ghost Adventures you will get a kick out of it 





    Dink the Clown


  8. Back pain has me on and off ET during the days , sorry guys I suffer from 3 lumbar herniated discs so I’m having a bit of a flare up . If I’m not as active for a few days now u know why lol 

    1. rambozo37


      take care man

    2. Xiahou Dun

      Xiahou Dun

      Hopefully you'll get better soon Jason! Take care about your health first!

    3. CheepHeep


      Take care of yourself Roach!

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