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  1. So down! Very cool of you to take time to do this!!
  2. Impressive my man!! Incredible core strength! Gotta say this is one of the very best ways to work out imo Bad.......freakin............A%# Dude!!
  3. Hellos!! Welcome to the most awesome Forum in all the land! my vote is +1 for I'mACoolBombTech over SofaKingDumb you worked in the field (thank you for your service!!) and I feel like that it could be a cool reggae rap song and it just sounds cool lol
  4. This may not be a motivational quote, but how bout a motivational speech from the Dinklage
  5. @MDaddylonglegs Gonna add to what yours was saying which was excellent by the way!
  6. @MDaddylonglegs One of my forms will also have some tips and tactics for this and may help. The form that has it isn't up yet, but eventually it will get up there https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/99997-cit0s-9-forms-of-et-combat/
  7. Cit0

    Bad Angel

    What an amazing story!! So awesome he married one of the nurses! This guy was one heck of a pilot!
  8. General Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck Upon being asked by Adolf Hitler to be a German ambassador, he simply replied; "Go f*** yourself."
  9. Hi there!! Nice to meet you
  10. @HiTTy @RatSpit Love the love guys When old friends reunite its always awesome! One day I hope to reunite with some of my old buddies to!
  11. Form Two Form Name: Perching Yellow Crane Drinks to much Sake! Form Class: Covert Ops Form Overall Difficulty: 17.1 Form Stats: Form Explanation: Of all the forms this one is most likely going to be the hardest of them to master. Extreme patience and Awareness are needed to reach the true potential of this form. Once achieved however, it can be used in various ways to befuddle and surprise your enemy, while still being able to work from all angles and ranges. So the approach to take here is to select yourself a sniper rifle, and use a multitude of different strategies and tactical tools to turn yourself into a Stealth Ninja killing machine. Several Tactics need to be used to appropriately to demonstrate the full potential of this form. Use a heavy amount of Stealth, mixed with Location and Concealment, keep your Sound to a minimum, basically Ninja and Trickjump maneuver to your preset Location Points on that Map you are currently using for that period of the flow of battle. Quickly move and rotate between your Location Points which should have good Concealment, possible Perching, and area's for you to use Dance Sniping, Hallway Sniping, and Lane Fire. If you are defending, then it's a good idea to set up your Location Points behind the front lines and known Objective areas. Always have more than one Location Point. You want to maneuver between these points once you have been discovered (unless using the direct engagement style of Hallway Sniping or Uni Satchel Bomber) to keep the enemy guessing and hopefully off your tail. (Stay long enough in one spot and you are gonna have a group coming for ya eventually) Hold your ground in spots as best you can, but when there are to many guns, move to another Location Point. Being the attacker is similar but of course much more aggressive in nature. You still want to use Location Point, but these points will shift a lot more often usually than defense at times to attempt different ways of completing the Objective. (This all should be dictated by the flow of battle) On defense, if you are doing well you wont have to shift much, keep your eye on the Map to see how the flow of battle is going, and shift back accordingly. Trying to be a hero and standing firm facing the wave is admirable, but at times backing up and getting properly set to be ready for the first incomers can be more effective for the team. Lane Fire is very important, and should be kept in your mental toolbox at all times which will help you choose which Location Points to use and go to. Hallway Sniping is another great tool you want to have handy as you maneuver around. Your Settings are going to need a lot of adjustments at first to get situated, and I highly suggest using the Zoom all the way in setting, and 4 levels of Zoom for this form. Perching is also one of the main Tactics to the form and should be placed into your Location Points as often as possible. Aiming with this form can be really tricky, and should be well practiced especially if your not used to the suggested higher sensitivity levels. The need for the higher sensitivity levels is due to the Tactics in this form and the Aiming style used with those Tactics. In a nut shell, you are a Perching Sniper that when found doesn't stay still, with the ability to fight from long, mid, or short ranges, while being able to swig your Sake! and go into Drunken Fatty mode when engaged. There are many other Ninja tools in your bag to choose from with this abundantly demanding Tactic heavy form. Demo Examples: coming soon!! Form Stat Explanations: Awareness: This form takes ridiculous Awareness and place of mind to keep everything running the way it should. Constantly checking your Map, always on the move, and the need to keep all the forms Tactics in your repertoire along with your Location Points in your head. Vision: Superb Vision will be needed to see the field properly to find the proper Location Points for the flow of battle, along with the incredibly difficult targeting for Aim and the Tactics. And a high call for the X Factor also lies heavily here. Aim: The Aim for this form is very precise, and takes a quick wrist and eye to preform. A very high visual acuity is suggested to be able to preform this forms special Tactics. A ton of skill and experience will be needed to Aim from multiple ranges, styles, scoped, and un scoped is gonna just take tremendous practice. Timing is absolutely crucial to get the aiming down, and your settings adjustments fine tuned, and get a good handle on Dance Sniping for it's probably going to the most commonly used Tactic. Movement: One of the main reasons for this forms overall difficulty is because of all the different needs for efficiency here in Movement. Whether it's Dance Sniping, Drunken Fatty, or moving to your different Location Points, you are constantly on the move and using your sprint is key and you must try and not use so much that you completely run out, something you should be doing all the time anyway. Caution: Using Caution will really help you get to your Location Points with little resistance, and helps a lot with Tactics like Drunk Fatty and Perching. You may find yourself crossing the back lines often and in doing so, if you see your teams mortar man you should drop smoke for them for cover as you go by, and gives you retreat zone to go to. Endless Smoke should be also used to help team advancements, and give you Ninja cover. Tenacity: Set pretty low for good reason, but a few quirks bring it to the semi low range. Tactics like Drunk Fatty and Double Tap put it up a ways. Group: not a lot of Group is needed here, this really is more of a solo support form that could use a medic every once in awhile. Tactics: One of the highest forms in overall number of Tactics, and is also one of the highest in need of using them and calculation based application. With some many Tactics to choose from, you might find yourself overwhelmed at first, but don't despair, start with attempting one Tactic at a time, and them eventually blend and implement them all into your bag. Tracking: Tracking for this form has more to do with avoiding the enemy then Tracking them down. The times you would be Tracking someone down is when you notice evidence behind your teams front line, and now it's your time to go hunt down spawn trolls and get back line attackers. Attempt a surprise attack with a Double Tap, then switch to Drunk Fatty. Timing: To find the right Timing while sniping and Shooting from the Hip is tough, and will take a lot of practice and messing with your config until it feels right. When using the Drunken Fatty tactic, I find that a small short pause in between Shooting from the Hip helps a lot for Timing and accuracy. Also with such a high sensitivity and need for Timing with sniping you may find it to inefficient at first, but once your used to Tactics like Dance Sniping, Counter Recoil Sniping, Double Tap, and Hallway Sniping, you may find it's well worth it. Stealth: Of all the forms this one by far needs the highest Stealth used in conjunction with all the tasks, tactics, and moving around the Map you will be doing. You really need to be a true Ninja running around out there to do everything needed in this form, including blowing up enemy CP's (you should be doing this as much as possible), cleaning up spawn trolls, satcheling bridges and objectives that call for it, covering your mortar man, you get the idea. Get every single uniform you come across they really really help when it's time to go get that CP and when you want to get around less scathed. Be constantly aware of your out put of Sound so your not coming up on Map and Radar, and use Concealment to get the job done. Sound: Being aware of your Sound output and your enemies output can be tough and hard to do on the frequent. Whenever I play this form I break out the headphones. It's gonna help you hear all the really minute sounds your gonna need to be picking up. This includes yours and your enemies footsteps, gunfire, grenade bounces, knife throws, stabs, and ricochets, wrench work, support fire cans, smoke and poison cans, satchel bag falls, mine drops, dyno explosions and drops, flag grabs, debris falling, and even med and ammo pack grabs (probably missing a bunch lol). With headphones on, a player can become so in tune that they can literally tell where these sounds are coming from without being able to see them, even more so that you can even tell exactly what direction XYZ you just got shot from. This should allow you to make the split second decisions you need to decide whether to turn and engage or Ninja Bail your butt out of there. Also once your set up in one of your Location Points, Perching lets say, Behind Enemy Lines, you really should rely on Sound to give you a lot of information cause your going to hear your enemy a lot of times before you see them. Ninja: Having the highest rating for good reason, in this form you truly are a Ninja out there. The hardest part is trying to keep your sprint bar from running out all the time. All the Tactics that this form has is like your bag of ninja tools and tricks. Do your best to be seen and heard as little as possible, and Ninja Bail when it's time to. Concealment: Concealment is your best friend and most of your attacks should come from the shadows. Another note to be aware of is to not always engage the enemy right away, especially if there is a group going by. Wait for that last straggler instead to move past, it also helps to be using Map and Radar along with audio confirmation, then hop out quickly and strike. If you get the kill quick enough go for a second before bailing on the situation. Never continue to use the same Concealment and Location Points over and over again, switch it up and move to new and different areas to keep the enemy guessing. Location: Using Location Points and knowing the Map and level and it's environment is key to this form and can make a difference in any ones play. Watching the map can help a lot with finding which Location Points to use, and with determining the current flow of battle. Always keep a good eye on your Perching Location Points for good times and opportunities to use them. You can rack up a lot of kills quickly this way with some well used timing. If you don't know a map very well yet, just don't know where to set up your Location Points yet, take some time in spec to look around the Map for awhile and spec some players. Get a feel for where you might think good set up spots, Concealment points, Perches, and the like are and even think about what times would be good to use them. Objective: You pretty much only have three Objective based goals here. Destroy their CP (you should do this as much as possible), Satchel bridges, ladders, and other explodable objects, and always always shoot their enemy snipers first when in open field engagements. Endless Smoke should also be used to help push your team forward when needed and should also be considered Objective based. Settings: It took me a good long while to get my config right with a lot of trial and error and tweaks until it finally felt legit. I would put up my config but what works for me won't necessarily work for others. Most of the stuff I change is pitch/yaw, cross hair pulsing, r_customwidth/height, r_gamma, and cg_fov. in the end always go with what works for you. For certain Tactics like Druken Fatty, using the single dot cross hair at huge size, or + type cross hair at large size to start, but in the end I suggest going with a customized size with one of these two types in between huge and large sizes. Radar: With all the hunting you are gonna end up doing, you are eventually gonna get hunted yourself. Either way you are going to want to glance at your Radar a lot more than normal with this form. Every split second can count and give you your Ninja edge. Also paying attention to your Radar more often will help you get used to keeping your Sound violations down. Map: Thorough contemplation of the battle using the Map can really help strategize which Location Points to use and where help is needed for your team along with all kinds of information you can use like seeing if there CP is up, who has the flag, Objectives, ect. Always have a plan, and a plan b, and an escape route in mind and the Map will help with this . One of the most difficult Tactics is Map Sniping and takes some practice but is another nice tool. Every once in awhile, when you get the chance for safety, take a break, look at your Map, and reset yourself. Make new plans and set new Locations points if you want to or feel it's needed. Reflexes: With your sensitivity set so high, and the aiming for this form being of one of the hardest of all the forms, you will need Reflexes of the highest grade to pull off a lot of these Tactics and maneuvers, like Double Tap, Counter Recoil Sniping, Ninja Bail, Hallway Sniping, Ninja Vanish, and Dance Sniping. All the Ninjaing around and Trickjumping also call for it. Think fast, act decisively, and always have a plan. If the fight is just not in your favor or more guns show up making the scenario unfavorable, Ninja Bail. Reflex to the battle itself. Trickjump: A very strong use and skill of Trickjump is needed for this form to move throughout the level less detected then normal and so you can quickly move in between your Location Points and quick hunting. Trickjump Ninja your butt to the CP and pull off flying satchels, that sort of thing, is what you want to use Trickjump in this form for. Use it in Conjunction with Uni Satchel Bomber to pull off some interesting kills especially with good use of Map and Radar. Trickjump is a key method to the art of the Ninja. X Factor: A suggested really high visual acuity will be needed to preform the Tactics and sniping methodologies, along with very high sensitivity and Reflexes, is one of the main reasons for a very high X Factor. Another would be the adaptation in a very strong sense, for the necessity to keep so many Tactics and Location Points in mind, and the constant use of the Map, the incredible Aiming and Vision requirements, your Timing and Movement skills like Trickjump, and the pure need for true Fearless Assassin level Ninja skills make this dang near a 20... but only one form will receive that. Form Specific Tactics: When sniping the open field it's good to use cover and Concealment, but when that's not available, or you are planning to move to a new position Dance Sniping should be what you use to combat the enemy. First never stay still, stay scoped using crouch and slide left to right and use this movement to assist Aim as well. This will help avoid easy shots especially from enemy sniper fire. When it's time to get moving for what ever reason, quickly go unscoped and use sprint and/or Trickjump to move to Concealment and Location Points to preform other Tactics. When preforming Dance Sniping, not a lot of mouse movement is used for the more intricate part of aiming, rather use your high sensitivity to quickly lock close to target and use your crouched movement for the intricacy. Always remember when using this Tactic that not much mouse movement is used, only to lock, and when you are actively using Dance Sniping crouched, (cause at times u may release crouch to get the shot) and you should in short intervals release crouch, sprint a dwarf's distance, re-crouch and continue Dance Sniping as part of this Tactics basis to avoid enemy fire and easy aim on you for the enemy and their snipers. Demo coming soon...  Lane Fire 3 out of 5 cross hairs: (graphic coming soon) Some levels have more open lanes then others, and that have higher traffic zones. Find yourself a spot of Concealment, and if you can a perch at the end of the lane on either side, (preferably one that has your back more covered) Get set near a window or boxes, whatever it is you are using without exposing yourself to that lane. Use your lean buttons (normally the q and e buttons) to view the lane and prep for a target by adjusting before you release your lean button(this will take practice) this should be done by placing your cross hair where you "think" it needs to be. Now release lean and do a quick premeditated movement that adjusts to where you have calculated your target and cross hairs to be located. In best case scenarios you will be already on target leaving very little response time and be instantly ready to fire, or you made need a slightly small cross hair adjustment made still leaving very little response time. Return to your lane cover when times are efficient to do so, and can be swiftly done since its' very close, and some of your body should be concealed. This works best when the opportunity is there to defend objectives with this. Demo coming soon...  Find yourself three or so points to use that will will work for the current battle taking place, and cycle between them to help in not being discovered and to keep enemy snipers guessing. I usually like to have one of those points to be a Perching point if you can get it. These points should be set places that will allow you to preform your different Tactics around the level. Use hallways for Hallways Sniping and Double Tap, use Dance Sniping and the like in their proper places. Remember you should have 3 or so in mind but have a mass amount to use around the level. Demo coming soon... Not a simple task to preform and requires very good Reflexes, a quick wrist, and a very high sensitivity to pull off. The trick is to be already pulling down your aim in Timing and conjunction with when you fire and you should be using the furthest all the way out zoom setting so that you have the easiest time countering. (You will use closer zoom's for tactics like Dance Sniping, Hallways Sniping, Double Tap, and Map Snipe) This drastically reduces recoil and makes it much easier to make the next shot. It takes some practice but a very nice tool in the bag. Demo coming soon... A difficult but savage maneuver, I normally use this in combination with Hallway Sniping, and anytime I have an opportunity to do up close sniping, for example when I just Ninja Bailed on someone and decided to do a quick turn around at a proper corner or Concealment point. I suggest having the different zoom types zoom all the way in and all the way out on binds as well for an easy efficient switch between Tactics. Place your cursor (and I am not kidding) near the groin area for your first shot, add a little Counter Recoil Snipping to your second shot and when done right, presto your on the head for the second shot. Of course this takes some practice but when done correctly it will even take out a full life Medic. [*Special note: Aim at below the knee to near the foot area and it's possible to pull off a Triple Tap!!!] Demo coming soon... _ Similar to Lane Fire in principle, but on a smaller scale. Find yourself a hallway and get set up on an end where it's opposite to where you figure you will have incoming. Use your lean (usually q and e buttons) as to not expose yourself and wait for incoming. Use your Radar in conjunction with visual from your lean and when the time is right pop out crouch and preform the Double Tap. In longer hallways and corridors that have obstructions you should use also as staging points instead of always using the end of the hallway or corridor. Demo coming soon... What you want to do here is to find yourself an elevated position that has solid Concealment that overlooks an open active area or lane to use on the current battlefield. Always have the High Ground Having the high ground as a sniper is always nice and usually gives you the first shot especially when using good Concealment and lean. Gotta make it count though, because being in a elevated position makes it easier for many eyes to spot you, and before you know it you are gonna want to bail. The further and higher away you are the better. Demo coming soon... Find yourself a nice Perch, that has a view of a known forced exit or entryway that the enemy will be using. Get you sights set on a known spot that is a must cross point in the exit/entryway that the enemy is going to have to travel. Now your set, so press your map button normally (G) and wait for an enemy to come up on the Map in that spot you are targeting fire. This can be done from incredibly long distances. Demo coming soon... When engaged in combat and usually only used at mid range fights or further (but can be used in close quarters if available and in a pinch) A Ninja must keep in mind instant escape routes and avenues that can be taken during fights. As you are running and gunnin doing your Dance Sniping or Druken Fatty, make sure your ATD (attention to detail) is up there so you are seeing entrances to a building, or any kind of alley that will give you instantaneous cover that you can cut to as you move in your dueling and take you away from the fight. When using this Tactic often it's good to double back to prevent cutoff's and cause confusion. Demo coming soon... Used mostly when attacking, this Tactic is used as a befuddlement, an escape, and in conjunction with Ninja Bail. When it's time to make an escape, and you know you are being chased, once you turn a corner toss a smoke can in the opposite direction you are going to head in. Sometimes go the way you throw the smoke, and some times don't. And a third portion is to toss the can at the wall in the middle making it either way at you could have gone. I know this may seem simple but believe it or not it works way more often then expected. Demo coming soon... This Tactic could be compared to martial art Druken Boxing but with guns. Non scoped, use obscure movements and add the 5 D's along with quick sprint bursts and sudden stops to your maneuvers, to get maverick angles to Shoot from the Hip with your sniper rifle firing in one to two shot intervals then move again in on the enemy or duel maneuver. Do normally one to two never more than three of these movements before switching to pistols and unloading for the kill. This Tactic can also be used with throwing knifes and/or a Sten as well. once you get the kill bail and get you sprint bar reset. Demo coming soon... Apply this Tactic when you team is trying to advance on or out of a spawn area when being locked down or out and should be aimed at exit and entry ways and used for Objectives that need to be taken or defended. Throw the smoke can at the exit point that your team is trying to enforce and advance with giving your team cover actually get out and engage the enemy. Progressively move the smoke forward can after can to assist in objectively moving the team forward. Cantinue to throw smoke until your team has pushed through and established a solid foothold. This also should be used when trying to move the Tank forward for the poor engies (can't push that enough) and at objective points like the bank in Gold rush just outside the room with the gold in it endlessly is a good example. Smoke cans are one of the greatest tools a covert has and should be used a lot more often then I normally see used. Demo coming soon... Similar to endless smoke in execution being that you want to blanket an area with poison smoke in the same spot endlessly. I normally use this in defense of an Objective area. Not only does it cause Vision problems [*less then smoke cans, not by much] but will do some decent damage over time as your cans begin to stack. This becomes extraordinarily catastrophic when used with more then one participant and gets worse and worse with enough soldiers and coverts to the point where if the enemy even takes one step in, when done correctly (make sure its the same spot) instantaneous death. Demo coming soon... (More Tactics still under construction)
  12. @Afro. right at min 1:28 for some reason all i could think of is this is the start of Afro's entrance music to a wrestling match! The Afro has entered the arena!!

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