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  1. 0siE.

    what happened here ?

  2. Happy Mothers Day to all you Mom's out there!
  3. Heya! Glad to have u back!!
  4. Hi there Mint Candies Glad you came to the forums! Should be a good way to pratice that English
  5. Hi there Glad you made it to the forums! Tolkien fan!! Yea!!
  6. I think they are all representations of admins and regulars here!! Freaking cool! See there's Evil Butters, DD, and DJ, and Dr.Spreadem, Panzerfaust, BuckWild, Casper, Danger, Angel, and Red Baird, Night Owl, Thommy Gun, along with many more!
  7. Hey there! Welcome to the FA forums!
  8. @Scarface06 you come in at the very end of this one
  9. Hellos Glad to have you!
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