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  1. Lol I'm not so sure you were uhh "listening" to this JK
  2. Have a Heck of a good Birthday!
  3. All Tied up! Wonder how the poll will end up Is NO Pic really gonna win? Or will Yes win out? Who wants to see C!t0's ugly mug Poll Closes 7/19/18 at 3:00pm PT
  4. once you max out Field ops on Jay 1 your perk is to be able to see enemies in disguise As for tactics like Mortar in a hallway and others, with the higher amount of people on, the tactics change with it. It takes some getting used to but once you get the flow of it, it's really quite enjoyable At least for me A ton of the players that come there are old, even ancient some of them and have a vast knowledge for all the tricks in the game. Stuff like using your compass and map really are apart of skill, and are an integrated into 1000's of hours of play and become apart of the skill necessary to combat such skilled opponents. Some of the very best FPS players in the whole world come and play at Jay1, (Usually just to have fun and mess around) and some of course on Hardcore
  5. One of Pogo's very very best! And because you gotta...... Get the Bomb Back! Get the Bomb Back! Nap Time !
  6. Cit0

    End of an era

    To me this title has a lot of meaning for what's currently going on right now. I honestly feel a new era is upon us, I know others may feel it to, and someone stepping up like this is not only amazing, but I really hope a catalyst to others and the spread of a new wave of thinking for all those who are now coming to the light.
  7. Wow! That's a lot of banging! You must have done more banging then any of us over the years then !
  8. @Smileyyy When you get a chance to do those bugs I showed ya hit me up 's I want to help ya
  9. I feel I must point out, are not some of our members ladies? I could have been misinformed, I am still kinda new here

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